Paul accuses Victor of doing things to his sister. Victor tries to hush him up so he doesn’t disturb Ashley. When Adam starts asking questions about Mary Jane Victor tells him that she is really Patty Williams. He says JT told him about it. Adam goes in for Victor’s defense by asking Paul if he can prove any of his accusations.

Gloria tells Patty of course there is going to be a wedding. She says Jack is probably picking up the bouquet right now. Patty knows how she is planning to sell her to the highest bidder. Gloria tells her no honey, Jeffery and Jack are securing their future.

Sharon tells Jack that her secret is out now and there will be no more lies or awful tension. She says they can breathe again. Jack says he never had problems breathing, he just wanted to be the baby’s father.

While at the airport Summer asks Phyllis about her daddy. Phyllis explains that he won’t be able to make it but she says they are big girls, they can do this on their own. She hugs her telling her they hang tough. Suddenly Summer yells out Daddy! Nick comes running to them with Mr. Big Ears. He says he used Summers old medicine and the Newman name to get through security. He tells Phyllis he needed to see her.

Mac is not all that happy about going to the trailer. She tells Billy he needs to be single and alone right now.

Cane finds Lily’s fever is up to 105. She tells him she could die, that is the reality of the chemo. She doesn’t really know though how high a temperature can go before it is that dangerous. Cane goes to call the doctor to see what he should do.

Jack tells Sharon no one was ever going to know. Sharon agrees saying she thought that would have been the best too but Nick overheard her talking to her mother about it. Jack says he lied to Nick too but not to hurt him even though he did it for his own selfish reasons. Sharon says she knows this baby would be lucky to have Jack as a father but he’d always know the truth. Jack says he could have lived with that and so could have Sharon. She says well now things are going to change.

Phyllis smiles as she watches Nick play with summer. She says she is glad he is there because they needed her. He says he needed them too but he wants to know what happened between her and his Dad. Phyllis tells him that Mary Jane confessed to Jack and she is his ex-wife, Patty Williams. She is Paul’s sister. Nick says this is all insane. She tells Nick someone brought her here and according to Jack that someone is Victor. Nick says no way. She changes the subject telling Nick she hopes the doctors in Zurich can help Summer. She says but if they can’t it is because of his dad.

Adam demands from Paul proof of what he is saying about Victor. Victor thanks him for his concern but he says he can handle this and sends him away. Paul talks more about his poor sister saying she has a new face and a trumped up resume now all so Victor could get back at Jack. Victor tells him to pin this on someone else. He says someone that is actually involved. Paul uses JT’s note as proof. He says Victor knew Patty would spin out of control but he didn’t care as long as he could use her to make Jack pay. Victor asks how Jack has paid. He says if anyone has it is his family and they have been terrorized. He tells Paul he better find her before he does.

Patty now thinks her so called guardian angels are disgusting and vicious people. Gloria doesn’t understand how she can say that. She asks her didn’t she let her bring Kitty Kitty along with her and feed him. Gloria tells her to calm down and offers her some iced tea. She says Jeffery isn’t sleazy, he is romantic and wants Jack to plan the perfect wedding. She looks in her purse for pills to help knock Patty out. Patty grabs her from behind and calls her a murderer. Gloria lies to her telling her that the pills are for her. When Jeffery walks in Patty throws the glass at him and then she tries to run off.

Billy has some soda and chips and says he will let Mac pick out the game. She tells him she won’t be charmed and it just won’t work. She says he is single wearing an elastic waistband. Billy says he loves all of Mac’s moods even when she is mad as hell at him. She isn’t laughing though. He tells her life can be great, together. When the microwave beeps he says mmm Salisbury steaks and she breaks out with a smile.

Cane hangs up the phone and tells Lily they don’t have to go to the ER. He says they called in a prescription for her and he will have it delivered from the pharmacy. Lily complains about her whole life changing. She says she hates complaining all the time. Suddenly she gets a hot flash and yells Chemopause! She says she is only in her mid twenties and she is having a hot flash. She says this is ridiculous.

Nick asks Phyllis what his Dad said to her. She says what could he have said. She says he said he would do everything to make Mary Jane pay. She says she is running loose. Nick says he is glad she and Summer will be safe. Phyllis adds that Sharon will be safe too. She says apparently the hospital has good security. Nick tells her before she gets on that plane there are some things she needs to know.

Gloria screams out that Patty bit her as she shows teeth marks and all. They get Patty tied to a chair. Jeffery says he wasn’t able to reach a buyer for this slice of crazy. Gloria gives him her disposable cell phone with a camera and tells him he better be calling Victor. She says Jack will nail them to the wall if he sees the caller ID. Jeffery needs to take a picture to send to Victor. Patty refuses to take the pills Gloria wants to give her. She tells Patty to take her meds so Jeffery won’t kick Kitty Kitty out on a mouse hunt into the woods. Fine Patty agrees to take the pill but Jeffery better keep his word. Jeffery feeds Patty the pill as Gloria uses a drink to wash it down for her. Jeffery says to leave everything to him, he has it all under control.

When Sharon comes back after her doctor’s appointment she finds Jack in her room waiting for her. He asks to see the ultrasound photo. He is almost crying saying she is beautiful. He hands it back to her saying Nick will want to have it. He says it feels like this is a good bye when they realize now that the secret is out they have nothing left tying them together. Sharon asks aren’t they still friends. Jack tells her to take good care of herself and then he walks out the door.

Nick tells Phyllis they need to talk about the lock down and the time he spent with Sharon. Phyllis doesn’t think they need to talk about it. She says they are together stronger than ever. He asks her if she is still with him. When she says yes he says good because they are going to need that more than ever now. When Summer calls for them they both run to her and Nick tells her Mommy and Daddy are right here as he looks straight into Phyllis’s eyes.

Victor understands that Paul is upset but how can he talk about family. He tells him he didn’t even recognize his own sister. He tells him he failed as an investigator and as a brother. Jeffery calls Victor who has something or someone that he wants. When Victor hangs up Paul accuses Victor of making Patty a loaded weapon and pointed her at Jack and that is sick. Victor finally tells Paul to leave his home and go find his sister.

When Jeffery gets back to the cabin he tells Gloria Victor gave him the brush off so he is going to call Jackie boy. He says he only came back to make sure Patty wasn’t spitting pea soup. Gloria tells him to go on and call Jack but not to let him know where they are. Patty calls them mean people. Jeffery just laughs as he walks out. Gloria talks to Kitty Kitty in the basket telling it not to worry that she will take good care of it.

Billy jumps up as he asks Mac if she is ready for a brew dog. Mac says OK he has made his point but the big problems are still there. Billy says so what that he hesitated for a split second over his divorce but everything in his life is all about Mac. She tells him she isn’t so sure they can endure the day to day tedium of reality. She says what if they have nothing to say to each other. What if what they have isn’t so special after all. She leaves the trailer and Billy runs after her.

Paul meets with Jack at the coffee shop. Jack asks what he can do to help. Paul says Victor broke his sister in half and he could care less. Paul doesn’t doubt it was Victor that did it. Jack gets a phone call from an unknown caller. Jeffery tells him he has something that he wants. He tells him to check his inbox. When Jack checks it he shows Paul the picture of Patty looking really tired. Jack tells Paul that Patty didn’t run, she was kidnapped as he shows Paul the picture.

Adam’s new lawyer comes in and Adam introduces him to Victor as Dean Hunt. The lawyer asks if perhaps his high profile father can make an appeal on his behalf. Adam says no, he doesn’t want to bother Victor who offers to sign the papers telling the lawyer to just draw them up. Adam asks him if he is serious. He says yes he is serious. He says Ashley cares about Adam and him being set free could help Ashley.

Nick tells Summer that he will miss her. He says both his girls will do great over there. Phyllis says she knows they can do this and they will get Summer well. Nick tells her he knows she has enough strength for all three of them but he promises he is here for her too. He says they will deal with whatever comes up and move on. She has tears in her eyes as she says she believes him. She no longer feels alone. She says she knows he will protect them and not let anyone come between them again. She says that is why she will love him for the rest of her life.

Cane gives Lily the medicine when it is delivered but he says he is not leaving her to go to work. He tells her when she asks why not, that the kids at the beer only talk about beer pong and darts. He asks has she seen how much gel the kids wear these days. She has to laugh at him.

Jack tells the unknown caller that he is still offering the full 2 million and no cops. He asks where she is. When Jeffery tells him he will be in touch and then he hangs up and answers his other line. Paul says that jerk has his sister. Paul vows to find this guy and tear him apart. Jeffery is now talking to Victor. He asks him if now he wants to deal with him. Victor says yes he does. He tells him to bring Mary Jane to him and the money is his. Jeffery says OK, let’s deal my friend.

Mac tells Billy that everything is a joke with him. He says he understands that she is scared and so is he but the two of them work together. He says he makes her laugh and she makes him think. He says they will never have nothing to say to each other unless he gets lost in her eyes and words don’t seem to matter. She tries to resist when he starts to kiss her. When he kisses her anyway she says no fair. He assures her the magic they have between them will never change.

While Patty is finally sleeping, Jeffery and Gloria whisper to each other. She asks if he has made the deal yet. He says sweet cheeks he has made all sorts of deals.

Sharon lies on her bed talking to her belly telling the baby that Mom has made some mistakes but this baby is already loved by two wonderful men. Back at the airport Nick isn’t sure he has time now to tell Phyllis what he wanted to tell her. He flight is boarding. He tells her he loves her and to take that with her. He says he will be there loving and missing her. She tells him she loves him and he tells her he loves her very much. He tells her to be safe and call if she gets scared or lonely. He hugs Summer and tells her Daddy loves her so much. Nick looks worried as they board their plane.

Jan Barrett

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