Just as we see Colleens shoe sinking in the lake, Lily wakes up Cane telling him he should go to bed. She says she would like some time alone and besides she says he does have a shift to work later. When Cane goes to lie down Lily prays to God asking him to watch over Colleen and her family.

Abby talks to Ashley about Colleen being kicked off the board. She wants to know if it is true about Victor not wanting her there. She asks why he doesn’t like Colleen. She says she is his Goddaughter, and she is Ashley’s niece and Abby’s sister. Ashley tells her it is really complicated saying this all goes back to the rivalry between Victor and Jack. Abby says well that rivalry has hurt someone she loves. She is finding it so hard to believe that Colleen has been kidnapped. Ashley tells her she will take her to see Aunt Traci. She tells Abby not to worry about reaming Uncle Jack out, he understands. Ashley is surprised to hear that Victor isn’t home and she wonders where he went at this hour..

Traci can’t help but feel something terrible has happened. Even Steve is finding it hard to stay positive now. Billy blames Victor Newman saying this is all his fault. He says Victor brought Patty to Genoa City. Traci tells them that Ashley is on her way and it is best not to enlighten her. Billy thinks Ashley deserves to know what kind of man she is married to. Traci insists the subject of Victor and Patty is strictly forbidden.

Jack is in the wooded area around the Camp Cheveyo. He calls out for Colleen and finds a piece of her scarf but in the background you can see the overturned canoe but Jack doesn’t notice it. He calls Paul and tells him where he is saying that cowabunga was the camp’s slogan and he did find a scarf piece and thinks it must be a trail. He isn’t certain he is on the right trail so he tells Paul for the search team to continue where they are for now. He says he will call if he needs them. When he hangs up he notices the canoe and he circles the lake calling out for Colleen. He finds another boat and shoves it into the water and he paddles out. Patty wakes when she hears Jack calling out for Colleen. When she looks around she sees him rowing the boat out. She gets excited and weakly calls his name out.

Traci tells Ashley that Jack left there in an uproar. She says he has been out all night so she assumes he is out there looking for Colleen. Paul calls Billy and on a speaker phone he says that Jack is following a hunch of his out at Camp Cheveyo. Ashley asks if anyone has heard from Victor but Paul has hung up already so he didn’t hear her. She says it is so unlike him to be out so early or to disappear without saying anything. Billy silently bites his tongue to keep from saying something.

Jack finds Colleen and gets her to shore. He lies her down and does some CPR. He tells her to come on and breathe for him. Jack takes his phone out and starts dialing Patty shows up with the gun aiming at him telling him to put the phone down. She tells him she doesn’t want to be blamed for this. When Jack’s phone rings he tells her it could be Paul who is worried sick about her. He asks her to let him answer it but it stops ringing which only frustrates him more. He begs Patty to let Colleen live.

Lily opens her door and finds Colleen standing there soaking wet. She tells Lily she fell in the lake like an idiot. She shows Lily how she left a trail with pieces from her scarf and says ingenious huh. Lily sits her down and gives her a blanket and wraps it around her shoulders. She asks nice and toast now huh. Colleen says she is mush better now but asks Lily what is wrong. She tells her they all thought she was in trouble and they should call everyone to let them know she is OK. Colleen wants to wait saying she wanted to see her best friend to tell her that she loves her and that Lily isn’t going to die.

JT and Paul wonder how come Jack isn’t answering his phone. JT is frustrated but when Paul starts blaming himself for not turning Patty in when he had the chance JT won’t let him do that to himself again. He says if anyone is to blame it is Victor. Paul says they will find her. JT hopes so and admits there is a connection between him and Colleen. He admits he felt it when he saved her from the fire at Gina’s and then again when Brad went missing. He says of all people Colleen always turns to him. He says she knows he will never let her down. Since her Dad died she feels like he is her guardian angel. He says he knows he shouldn’t care so much since he is a married man. He says maybe they shouldn’t be that close. Paul sees nothing wrong with JT being concerned and says they just need to bring her home safely.

Jack tells Patty he is just going to call Paul because he wants to help her. Patty isn’t falling for it saying as if he cares about the pain she is in. He tells her Colleen wanted to help her so he begs more to please let him make one call. He tells her she can go ahead and shoot him but he won’t let his niece die because some crazy bitch wants to get back at him.

Paul answers when Jack calls but Patty warns Jack she will shoot Colleen if he doesn’t hang up by the time she counts to three. She counts 1…2… and Jack says fine and he throws her the phone. He tells her to call Paul then. He tells her to just push redial. He tells her that Paul would be proud of her. He screams No, when she throws the phone away. He yells that Colleen could die. He asks if that is what she wants. She tells him she didn’t ask for any of this. Jack says Colleen didn’t ask for this either. He tells her that Colleen went to get her some help and that she is a good girl. Patty says just like she was. Jack says he can forget he ever saw her. She asks if he means just like he forgot their marriage, at least the part to forsake all others. He begs again to please let him help Colleen.

JT tells Paul the car is gassed up and he is ready to go. Paul tells him about Jack calling or at least the call came from Jack’s phone. He only heard Patty tell him to drop it or she would shoot her. They come to the conclusion that Jack threw the phone away to do as Patty told him to do or… They both rush out the door.

Lily admits to Colleen that sometimes she thinks she will die. She says like when she is alone and scared or feeling lousy from the chemo. Colleen talks to her about hope telling her to remain positive no matter what is going on. Lily smiles at her saying she has always been by her side. Colleen only says “Well, duh!” Lily says she is serious. Lily tells her that everyone told her to follow her heart and if it hadn’t have been for Colleen she would have sent Cane away and then regretted it for the rest of her life. She says how she will always be grateful for Colleen’s support and she believes Colleen when she tells her she isn’t going to die. Colleen tells her she had a vision of what’s in store for Lily and it is going to change her life forever.

Steve says Traci is getting Abby settled in upstairs in the guest room. Steve wonders why no one has gotten back to them by now. Billy snaps at him for his whole voice of reason thing. Steve comes back at him asking him who he thinks he is talking to. He says he raised Colleen and he loves her as if she his own daughter.

Paul calls again only to put on the speakerphone to update everyone that Jack called but his phone cut out. He says they saw Victor’s car on the side of the road. The doors were locked but no one was in sight which worries Paul. Ashley says Victor is probably out looking for Colleen but Billy hangs the phone up. Steve asks didn’t he do that kind of abruptly. When Ashley brings Victor’s name up again Billy lets loose. He blurts out that if Victor is out there it isn’t to look for Colleen, it would be to make sure his pet psycho finishes the job she was hired to do.

Colleen tells Lily about her fantastic future saying someday she is going to be holding her baby in her arms. Lily things that will be impossible saying the chances are so slim with the frozen eggs. Colleen is sure the baby was Lily’s. She says she is so sure that is why she had to come so she could tell her. Lily tells her she loves her so much and she had thought she had lost her. Colleen promises her she will never lose her. She says she should get going now though. Lily begs her not to go asking can’t she stay so they can cuddle together. Colleen says OK.

Ashley asks what Billy is talking about. She wants to know to finish what job. She claims Victor barely knew Patty. Billy thinks Ashley deserves to know the truth even though Steve and Traci try stopping him. He sits Ashley down and explains it all to her. He tells her how Victor brought Patty to town and had her face fixed and all. Ashley thinks this is ridiculous. She brings up that Victor even put up a million dollars of his own money for Patty’s capture. She asks if Billy has forgotten that Patty even tried to kill Victor’s granddaughter. She asks what his motive would be to have done this. Billy looks at her and says to finish the job he started years ago, to kill their brother.

Patty aims the gun at Jack while he is next to Colleen. Patty says she has seen the way he looks at Colleen and the same look at Sharon and Phyllis. She says he has never looked at her like that. She says all she ever got was a knife in her heart. He tells her he was wrong. She tells him she loved him when she married him and when she came back. She says this was all about him. She admits she still sometimes gets that flutter and wants him to just hold her but sometimes she just wants to put a bullet through his heart. He admits he did treat her bad and he wishes he could take it all back. She tells him that they had a second chance, this is it. She tells him her aim is better than it used to be. Just as it looks like she is about to pull the trigger, Victor pops up telling her to put the gun down.

Lily finally realizes she is talking to an empty room. She calls out for Colleen asking where she went. Suddenly Lily wakes up startled. She looks over at the chair and sees the blanket she used to cover Colleen but it hasn’t been moved from the chair. She run to the front door and finds a hose out and the tiles on the sidewalk are wet. She hugs the blanket around her as she cries. Cane come up and takes her in his arms telling shhh it is alright.

Ashley thanks God her daughter didn’t hear what Billy said about her father. She questions him calling her husband a would be murderer. She says she doesn’t think so/ Billy thinks Abby is old enough to hear the truth about what kind of monster she is living with. Traci and Steve won’t back Billy’s theories up without proof. Ashley says she doesn’t want to hear anymore. Traci hugs her and says she is so sorry. Ashley grabs Traci’s head and looks into her eyes as she asks if Traci believes any of this. Traci says they don’t know the facts on why Victor brought Patty back to town. Ashley needs some air and says she wants to be alone. She fusses at them all saying she needs some time, asking why can’t any of them hear her. When she takes off Steve goes out to follow her to make sure she is OK. Traci looks at Billy and asks if he is happy now!

Victor tells Patty again to put the gun down because it is over. Jack tells Victor to go away and to stay out of this. Victor says it is too late for that and he and Patty both know that. Victor offers Patty some food, medicine and money, saying they created Mary Jane together didn’t they. He says she can get a new identity if only she will hand over the gun. Patty says he can throw money at her and he thinks she won’t be a problem anymore. She tells him she is a real person and asks didn’t either of them even think of that. She says that is why Jack didn’t even realize she was his ex-wife and she asks Victor if this is what he meant by a happy ending for her. She says here is another gun and this time Jack would be dead.  Jack brings up that Colleen needs to get to a hospital. Patty just ignores Jack saying this was Victor’s plan all along. She says she could make him proud and shoot his enemy, bang bang. She says since this was Victor’s party to begin with maybe it is his time to bleed as she points the gun at him. He stands there and tells her not to do this.

Lily insists to Cane that she didn’t dream that Colleen was there, she says it was so real. She says Colleen was soaking wet. She said she had fallen into the lake. She says she wrapped her blanket around her to get her warm. She starts to say then she told her… She says My Gosh! She picks up a fragment of Colleen’s scarf saying she was wearing it in her dream. She says Colleen wasn’t hurt but she was there comforting her. Lily cries more as Cane holds her. She tells him she can’t shake the feeling that something is really bad happened.

Billy wonders why they haven’t heard from Paul again. Traci only tells Billy that he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say to him. Billy says he is sorry, maybe he shouldn’t have shot off at the mouth but haven’t they tried to get Ashley away from that monster. He says he is sorry if he has hurt Ashley but if it will get her away from Victor it is worth it.

When Ashley goes back to the ranch she cries over a photo of her and Victor as she thinks about when he proposed to her. She throws the pictured frame on the floor and stomps on it. She sits down and cries some more.

Patty points the gun at Jack and then over at Victor. She says eeny, meanie, miney … MO. Who will be the one to go? With Paul and JT in the woods they find a piece of scarf with some dried blood on it and they realize that someone is hurt. Steve calls Paul asking him to please tell them something. Paul tells him that they are about 100 yards from the lake and they will call them when they know something. Suddenly they all look scared when they hear gun shots.

Jan Barrett

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