We can see it is daylight now and we see the canoe drifting upside down. Colleen is under the water trying to turn it over when she butts her head on the boat which knocks her unconscious which causes her to sink slowly. Back where Patty is she checks her watch and sees it is 6:20 as she appears to be pretty weak. She sits up next to the tree and suddenly she asks Kitty if it heard that. She tells Kitty that Colleen has gone to get them some help. She doesn’t think she will let her die.

While at a ranger station JT gets pretty discouraged at ever finding Colleen but Paul is still being optimistic. He thinks with some more daylight and more coffee they will find her. JT says yeah well Colleen is smart as hell and clever, it’s like a secret weapon for her. He says if anyone can get through Patty Colleen can. Paul says God bless her for that because no one else has been able to.

Jack is right when he assumes that Victor already knows about Patty taking Colleen as her hostage. Victor tells him he doesn’t want to disturb Ashley and Jack agrees. He says one sister in hell is quite enough. When Victor asks him to come in he tells Jack that he has added his resources to join in the search. Jack asks if that is a press release and then asks if he doesn’t think that is kind of cold. He tells Victor they have found Colleen’s car and no sign of the two women and there is a gun missing from the cabin which Victor says isn’t good and Jack agrees again. Jack tells him an innocent girl with an unstable woman with a gun can’t be good. Jack asks Victor how it feels being the one responsible for all this. Victor says he is behind the family but he won’t tolerate all the accusations. Jack accuses him of bringing in an unhinged woman to do his dirty work for him. He says who knew Victor Newman could be so gutless. Victor warns Jack to keep it down telling him do not awaken his sister.

While Jana and Kevin are about to open Crimson Lights they hear about Colleen being kidnapped on the radio. Kevin says “Holy Crap!” Then we see Abby going in to see her Mom but she can’t tell her why she is so upset. Ashley keeps asking her what is bothering her and why is she so sad. Finally Abby admits to her that it is about Colleen.

Lily and Cane drink orange juice as they talk about her hoping Colleen will call. Cane thinks Lily needs to get some sleep. He promises to let her know if anyone calls. She says she can’t sleep. She feels so helpless and frustrated because she just can’t do anything.

Traci welcomes Steve by hugging him. She tells him there is still no news. He tells her he is sure they will hear some good news soon. Traci finds a book of Colleen’s favorite nursery rhymes. Steve says that to think about all the Abbott hands that it has gone through. Billy laughs as he teases that the jelly stains aren’t his. Traci starts reading out loud as we see Colleen floating with bubbles being released from her mouth. Lily appears beside her in the water and then we see them both on land. Lily tells her about her own fight saying she isn’t ready to die and neither is she. She tells Colleen whatever the odds are she can’t give up. She says so fight because there is no other way. Then we see Colleen in the water again with her opening her eyes as she looks around. She sees Kevin now in the water with her. He talks to her about how she treated him like he was a human being and she forgave him. He tells her he isn’t broken anymore because of her. He says she turned him from a monster into a friend. He tells her there is nothing she can’t make happen.

At the coffee shop Kevin and Jana talk about this crazy woman Patty. They think back to the horrible things they did to Colleen who was only trying to protect her friend Lily. Jana doesn’t want to think about what she did to them and that walk in the freezer. She says Colleen survived and she even forgave her. Kevin says she will survive this. Jana says while they are on the subject of forgiveness, she isn’t sure she could be so gracious to this Mary Jane/Patty person.

Ashley calls Billy fussing at him for not telling her about Colleen. She says Colleen is her niece too. He says she is right and he promises to keep her in the loop from now on. Ashley tells him she will check in later. She tells him Colleen will be OK before she hangs up.

Victor tells Jack if he wanted him gone he would be gone right now. He tells him that they both know that. Jack tells him that he is the one guy Victor can’t beat and that gets to him so he brought in someone he knew he’d never suspect. He says he knew Patty would blow up, saying this was all part of his plan. He asks Victor was his wife and Goddaughter part of this plan too.

Lily decides to make a scrapbook for Colleen for her birthday. She says this can be the perfect project to keep her busy during her chemo treatments. She wonders what she did with one of the pictures. When Cane is trying to help her find it, Lily snaps at him telling him to stop or he is going to mess up the piles. She finds one of Colleen with JT and remarks how happy they were together and how he was her first love. Then we hear a young girl’s voice reading the story. JT appears to talk about how he fell for Colleen only to have his heart broken. He says she knows it is OK now though. He tells her to make him smile again by coming back to him.

Back with Paul, he notices that JT seems distracted. JT says he has it, north. He tells Paul he is fine. He says so was Colleen the last time he saw her. He says she got a job offer and was really proud of herself. She was looking forward to spending some time alone out at the cabin, where she apparently ran into Patty. He says she could have called anyone but instead of someone else she called him. He says that will not be the last time her hears from her.

Patty is really hurting now as she figures by now that Colleen abandoned her and Kitty Kitty. She figures she has gone to the police by now. She tells Kitty that they need to get themselves out of there. When she fights to stand up picking the basket up with her she collapses. Her watch shows the time at being 6:22.

Victor accuses Jack of never giving a damn about Patty. He says if she had killed him he would have deserved it. Jack tells him to be careful because that sounded like a confession. Victor tells him how dare he come into his home and make these accusations. He says he has no proof in what he is saying. Jack says but there is proof out there and it must be scaring the crap out of him. Jack tells him he slapped a bull’s eye on his forehead. Victor tells him he doesn’t see him as a Goliath or the big man he can’t beat. He says he is the bastard that stole his company, the bastard that left him for dead on his office floor and the bastard who forged a journal that framed him for murder. He says then he dragged his son into the mire. Jack asks his son Adam? He says the one he treated so badly that he was happy to throw him under the bus. Victor suggests they compare their sins and crimes and put them on a table and then see who will be left standing.

Kevin thinks he should head out to the lake to join in the search but Jana doubts they would want civilians out there involved. He looks at his watch and says it is 6:23 so it is probably too early to go to the Abbott’s. They say they will find a way for them to help even if it is from there.

JT and Paul talk to Billy who is not impressed to hear that Victor is financing the professional search team. He tells them that Traci in barely hanging in there but Steve is there with her now. Billy blames Paul for letting Patty escape from the church. He says instead of her being locked up where she belongs she grabbed his niece. He tells Paul he appreciates all he is doing but he says it never should have come to this and then he hangs up.

Now we are back in the water with Colleen as Billy appears next to her. He tells her that he and she are connected despite all their faults and flaws. He admits ok they were mostly his but they don’t matter. He tells her they are a team. He asks her to come back to him and they will kick some butt and have a whole lot of fun. He tells her to say OK Uncle Billy. He tells her again to say it and not leave him hanging. Colleen just floats motionless.

Ashley strokes Abby’s hair as she lies in her lap. Abby says Patty hates all of them, Ashley, Summer, Zapato and now Colleen. Ashley tells her that Patty is confused and lost. She remembers Patty as being a kind and gentle person. She says maybe Colleen can reach Patty. Abby says it feels like when her Dad was missing. People kept telling her he was strong and he’d come back but he never did. Ashley tells her that sometimes people do come back. Next we see Abby with Colleen talking to her about how they are the ones that have to keep Brad’s memory alive. She tells her she wants to go home but with her.

Paul checks hi watch with a sigh, it is 6:24. He realizes Billy is angry with him. He admits he did have Patty right next to him and all he could think about was how he could keep her safe. She wasn’t Mary Jane, she was Patty who is someone she needs to be again before things get worse. Back with Patty, she wakes up on the ground with rosary beads wrapped around her hand. She holds them tight as she prays to God to please help her.

Jack tells Victor his niece, which is Victor’s Goddaughter, is in peril right now, probably scared out of her wits by now. He says one sister is praying for God to undo the mess he made and another sister as he points upstairs, is destroyed while he sat around and watched her fall apart. Victor reminds Jack that Ashley chose to be with him. He tells Jack that his useless brother dragged her out of there but she came back. Jack asks how that is going. He asks if she is sane or happy and enjoying her pregnancy. He says it is hard to tell who Victor screws over more, the people he hates or those he claims to love. Victor calls Jack a hypocritical son of a bitch.

At 6:25 Lily is happy when Cane finds the photo she couldn’t find of Colleen and JT together. She talks of how happy they were. She says this will definitely go into her scrapbook. She says she and Colleen have been friends for a long time. Lily regrets being so hard on Colleen when she replaced her as Jabot’s Fresh Face and then complains that she doesn’t have nearly enough photos of the two of them together. Cane says he is sure that she will get a chance to take more.

Steve goes to talk to Billy about how much easier it is for him now that he is closer to where Colleen is. Billy says at least they are together.

Victor argues with Jack about vomiting his garbage about how much he loves his family. He reminds him that he was the one that manipulated Colleen into taking to board seat and watched her sink while he sat back and did nothing when at least Billy tried to help her. And mentioning the fragile Ashley, in the depths of her despair again he didn’t nothing to show support. Instead he cornered and pestered her. He tells Jack not to come into his home and talk about family love and family values. He says if his wife and daughter weren’t upstairs he’d put him through the wall.

Still in the water Colleen can hear Victor and Jack fighting as they blame each other. Then she hears Ashley shouting at them to stop it. They all three are on land now. Victor says he can see now that Colleen is no fragile flower. He says he knows she isn’t proud of some of the thing’s she has done. Jack defends her saying none of them are but that isn’t the point. Then Ashley starts talking about forgiveness. John Abbott appears then and tells her he will take it from there. He says it is about moving on and letting go. Colleen now knows what she needs to do next.

Jana and Kevin holds hands across a candle lit table asking the spirits to protect Colleen and bring her home safely.

The clock on the coffee pot at the ranger’s station has 6:28 on it. JT grabs a map and says he is ready to go.

Jack sarcastically asks Victor if he was going to put him through a wall. He asks him if he is sure he isn’t going to hire a woman to do his dirty work for him. Jack says he just wants his niece back. He tells Victor to look at her, a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her. He frowns as he looks at the photo and notices it was taken at Camp Cheveyo – Cowabunga. He suddenly says he knows where she is and he runs out.

Patty is sitting next to the tree when she hears twigs snapping. She points the gun out and asks who’s there.

At 6:26 on Ashley’s alarm clock Abby screams out Colleen! She tells Ashley she was begging Colleen to come home but she wouldn’t answer her.

Cane says he thinks Lily making this scrapbook is a genius idea. Lily tells him she is planning to buy something girlie for Colleen that will make her cry some happy tears. Suddenly Lily is almost in tears saying she just got this awful feeling.

Traci gasps for breath. Steve asks her if she is OK. She tells him something is wrong as she looks over at the grandfather clock which happens to have stopped ticking.

John is walking behind Colleen. She turns around and runs to her Mom’s arms. Traci tells her it will be OK. She tells Colleen “I love you my baby, we all love you, always and forever!” Colleen turns around and sees her family with JT, Lily and Kevin there smiling over at her. Now she is back in the water as Brad appears. He takes her hand and smiles down at her peacefully.

Jan Barrett

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