When Traci talks to Steve and she tells Jack she is hoping Colleen will be home by the time Steve arrives. Chloe comes in asking for help with Delia because she is teething. Jack can see Chloe is only trying to get Traci’s mind off of things. Traci and Billy are together giggling with Delia as Jack hugs Chloe to thank her. He tells her that banding together us indeed what family does.

While Cane is napping on the sofa Lily tiptoes past him as she attempts to go out but she suddenly starts having pain so she realizes she can’t go anywhere. Cane wakes up and assumes she is having another hot flash. Lily tells him she doesn’t want to just go for a walk, she wants to go help find Colleen. She tells him that it was just a few days ago when Colleen was ready to take Victor on and now someone is holding her hostage. She tells Cane someone has to be found before it is too late.

Patty asks Colleen what she is standing around for. She is lying on the ground as Patty tells her she has the gun so why doesn’t she shoot her. While Colleen tries cleaning the bleeding spider bite on Patty’s leg Patty grabs the gun back. She points it at Colleen and tells her that she should have escaped when she had the chance.

Adam goes up to Ashley’s room and tells her he is sorry to bother her but she just can’t tell Victor what happened that night. She says she has to. She says no one has heard from Nikki in weeks and she could have killed her that night. He flashes back to finding the envelope from Nikki. Adam says there is no proof of that. He tells her she could have dropped the cell phone. Ashley says sure and did she drop the necklace too? Adam tells her she will regret this if she tells Victor just as Victor walks in asking what is going on. Ashley says she needs to talk to Victor alone. Adam walks out and Ashley blurts out to Victor that something horrible happened to Nikki that night, she didn’t just leave town.

Victoria goes out to the ranch calling out for her Dad. Nick come in right behind her. She says she has just been at he Abbott’s and Colleen has been kidnapped. Seems they have both come to talk to Victor to ask him about his involvement which both JT and Phyllis are convinced that he is.

Lily doesn’t like having to sit around doing nothing while Colleen is in trouble. She says it isn’t like she would be sleeping anyway since she keeps having the hot flashes. She takes out her laptop when Cane suggests she do some surfing online. She says this is just about the time she would be instant messaging Colleen and they would talk for hours. She says everything is out of control as she starts crying. She says the cancer is invading her body and he BFF’s been kidnapped by a psychopath. Cane assures her that Colleen is tough and that will get her through this. She says she always thought that being Dru’s daughter could get her through anything but how can one prepare for all this stuff.

Colleen tells Patty she wouldn’t have left her and she only wants to help her now. Patty doesn’t want to be left alone and she doesn’t want to die. Colleen eases over and puts her hand on Patty’s forehead to check to see if she has fever. Patty tells her that her Mom use to do that for her.

Traci has Delia bouncing her up and down on her knee and says she doesn’t have any fever. She remarks that it seems like it was just yesterday when she was doing this with Colleen. She tells Chloe to treasure every day of this. When Paul calls, Jack tells everyone that they found Colleen’s car. Traci finds it funny that they all look at Colleen as an adult but to her she is just her baby girl. Chloe wonders what Mary Jane would even want to kidnap Colleen. They let her know that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams, Jack’s ex-wife. Chloe remembers reading that Patty had shot Jack for cheating on her. Jack explains that he felt too guilty to press any charges on her for it. He always thought she had just gone off to get on with her life. He says if he had known the sweet girl he had once known would become such a mess, he would have had her put away years ago. Traci tells him she wasn’t broken back then so something must have happened to her after she left Genoa City.

Ashley starts telling Victor about what she sees clear now of what happened that night of the storm. She tells Victor that all this time she had convinced herself that she saw someone but she was thinking it was Sabrina and she hit her with the car. She tells him how it was coming back to her in bits and pieces and the more she remembered the more real it felt. She thought she had killed Sabrina but Victor got through to her that Sabrina had been dead for quite some time. She starts crying telling him that is was Nikki that she hit that night. She tells him she may have killed her.

Nick says surely Victor hadn’t gone to bed yet since the front door wasn’t locked. Victoria suggests they just come back tomorrow since she really isn’t eager to find out the truth from her father. She tells Nick if he could see the look on Abby and Traci’s faces… She says Paul and Jack both claim that Patty was really sweet when she was young before she shot Jack. Nick wonders if Patty was brought back to Genoa City to finish the job by their Father. Victoria find that way too hard to believe of her Dad but Nick can’t help but wonder.

Ashley says she can’t blame Victor if he hates her and she doesn’t expect forgiveness from him. He says he doesn’t hate her and he will protect her. Ashley thinks those that are worried about Nikki deserve to know the truth though. She would understand if Victor doesn’t want to go to the police station with her. Victor tells her he isn’t going to let her go anywhere. He says if she hit Nikki she would have been found by now. He says someone would have seen her and taken her to the hospital by now. He tells her he will protect her and get her the help she needs. She is shocked now as she accuses him of thinking she is insane now.

Cane brings out the box of things that Neil sent over for Lily thinking surely there is something in the box that will put a smile on her face. She goes through some pictures that Colleen sent her when she was traveling. She shows Cane one taken from the Coliseum and New York while pretending to be Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany’s. She finds one taken from Camp Cheveyo, where Colleen used to go as a kid and then later became a counselor there. She reads one of the letters Colleen sent her from the camp ending it with Cowabunga, Love Colleen. Billy sends an email asking if he can come over. Cane tells her it is ok, after all it is her house too. Lily thanks him for everything.

Billy doesn’t like being reminded that he was the one that hired Mary Jane to begin with. She says he already feels like an ass. Chloe tells him to chill out, she was only saying that he didn’t realize at the time how warped the woman was. His phone beeps and he tell everyone he is going for a walk. He tells Chloe it wasn’t Mac that sent him a text, it was Lily. Chloe tells him she won’t give him a guilt trip which he appreciates. When Jack comes back into the room with Traci she is told that Billy went to see Lily. Traci says that sweet girl has been through so much and she and Colleen are like sisters.

Ashley tells Victor she just told him the most difficult thing she has ever had to tell anyone and he doesn’t believe a word she says. He suggests she just lies down. She lies on the bed but she tells Victor she wants to be left alone. As Victor leaves Adam asks him if he is OK. Victor says he sees he didn’t want Ashley to tell him because he knew it would upset him to realize just how sick she is. Adam says he is so sorry. Victor tells him he appreciates all he has done for Ashley but he sees she needs professional help. He asks him to call Dr. Taylor and ask him to come immediately and let him know when he reaches him.

When Billy comes in Cane leaves him and Lily alone to talk. Billy jokes with her about how hot she looks with her being bald. She laughs and thanks him for coming. He says he was glad to get out of the house of gloom. He tells her that Traci is smiling through a parent’s worst nightmare. He says he doesn’t want to be negative but he is expecting the worst. Lily says that is how she feels about her cancer, psyching it from doing her in. Billy looks in Lily’s box and finds photo’s of Colleen. They say she sure looks happy in the pictures.

Patty is on the ground shivering as Colleen tells her she should let her go for help. She tells Patty that she knows the woods like the back of her hand and she would come back for her. She shows Patty the lake and says her Dad died there while saving someone’s life. She says she owes it to her Dad’s memory to save her now. She tells Patty that she can let them both sit there and die or live. She says it is up to her. Patty finally gives in and tells her to go. Colleen promises she will be back as she runs off.

Victor is attacked by Victoria and Nick when he goes in the living room with questions about Patty Williams. Nick tells him he thinks he is the one responsible for bringing her there. Victor tells him he told Phyllis the truth. Victoria asks if he wasn’t behind her being there. Victor says he doesn’t want to discuss this right now. Nick tells him this is about Jack isn’t it. He tells Victor what he thinks this might be about. Victor says he doesn’t give a damn about Jack Abbott and the accusations of theirs are depressing. He asks don’t they know he is going through a difficult time. Nick says a lot of people are and mentions how his wife is halfway across the world trying to undo the damage done to his daughter and now Colleen has been taken hostage. Victor says he will see to it that she is found and he insists that he would never do anything to cause pain to his family. Nick tells him to stop dancing around their question then and answer it.

When Billy goes home he tells Traci that Lily is doing OK. He hands her some pictures and postcards that Colleen had sent her over time. Billy heads out to the pool house when he is told that is where Delia and Chloe went. Traci finds out that Victor is behind all this and she won’t let Jack blame himself. She tells him that he and Victor are blinded with hatred for one another and now her baby is paying the price for it. Jack promises that if anyone pays the price it will be Victor as he runs out the door.

Adam returns to Ashley’s room asking her if she is OK. She tells him he was right, she shouldn’t have told Victor everything. She says he didn’t believe her and he is probably making arrangements right now for her a padded cell. Adam tells her he is sorry and he wishes he had been wrong about him. Ashley says she was so sure Victor would understand and believe her now. Adam tells her that she doesn’t deserve any of this.

Nick and Victoria realize that Victor can’t deny being behind all this. Nick tells him that he never judged his Dad regarding Walter Palin but if Victor did bring Patty to Genoa City to kill Jack… Victoria asks if he knew about this and did nothing about it. Nick brings up that he did do something, he put out a reward after Patty almost killed his daughter. Nick asks Victor did he even realize he had unleashed a monster or did he only care that she hadn’t finished the job yet. Nick asks his Dad if that was it. Victoria tells him he just couldn’t let Jack win could he. Victor leaves them standing there to go upstairs to see his wife but Victoria begs him not to run away from this and them. She says they need to know. Victor tells her he is not a murderer, directly or indirectly. He says he has made mistakes that he only wishes he could undo but he can’t.

Lily calls Colleen’s cell phone and leaves a message asking her to come over for something cold to help her fight the hot flashes. She tells her she wants her to put an end to the stupid rumors that are freaking her out that she knows can not be true. She tells her to call her to let her know she is OK. Lily tells Cane she hopes Colleen is at her house in bed. Cane just nods in agreement.

Victoria realizes now that Victor is behind everything Patty has done. Nick tells her they need to get out of there. Victor just stands there as he watches them leave. Ashley is still in bed upstairs and Adam lurks when Victor answers the door only to find Jack standing there.

At the Abbott’s Traci plays with Delia while Billy and Chloe watch her. Back to Patty, she is curled up on the ground still shivering as she grows weaker. As Colleen runs off she thanks God when she finds a canoe. She slides it into the water and she grabs the oar as she starts paddling off.

Jan Barrett

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