Amber and Daniel wake up happy as larks. They have both worked up an appetite so Daniel finds a jar of peanut butter so they both dip their fingers in it to eat. Daniel tells Amber that he has to catch a flight to Detroit and if that painting turns up in Tom’s safety deposit box they can have their lives back.

When Gloria and Jeffery get home at the penthouse they find that the cable TV, electricity or water have all been turned off. She whines that they can’t even wash off the ink. Jeffery suggests they boil some water over the fireplace. She tells him this isn’t the Walton’s John Boy. She says she should have known that blackmailing Victor Newman wouldn’t have worked. Just as she says that Victor let’s himself in using Phyllis’s extra key. He demands to know where Mary Jane is. He tells them she is not at the cabin. They pretend they know nothing about Jack going out to the cabin too but Victor says it was them that took Jack’s money as well. He tells them that they double crossed him but they say he is the one that double crossed them by booby trapping the money. They claim they did their part so now they want their money. Jeffery threatens to tell Ashley everything if he doesn’t give it to them. Victor looks at Gloria and tells her that her idiot boyfriend doesn’t know who he is dealing with. He tells her to tell Jeffery what will happen if he goes near his wife.

Ashley says she is going for a walk. She can’t help but worrying that it could have been Nikki that she saw that night in the storm. Adam offers to go with her but she tells him there is no need. She says maybe next time.

Nick goes to see Sharon saying he bears gifts. He brought her some corn chips, some fresh OJ, some ranch and guacamole dip, and some foot cream that he use to use on her feet when she was pregnant with Noah. Sharon tells him she knows about Mary Jane being Patty Williams.

Patty gets a drink for Kitty Kitty while Colleen complains that she is hungry. She says they can’t stay in those woods forever. Patty says she knows that. She realizes she looks a mess and wonders what if Jack saw her like this. Colleen asks why she changed her face. Patty says for Jack. Colleen tells her she must love Jack a lot to go through all this just for him. Patty asks her what she, a kid, knows about love. Colleen tells her more than she thinks.

JT is on the phone saying they need to try some pet and grocery stores. He says they already have the gas stations covered. He says he is running on empty right now but he is trying to keep his mind off some other stuff. Paul tells JT that he has the make and license plate sent out. Victoria comes over and is told there is still no news. Jack tells her that Billy is upstairs with Traci. JT thinks back to Victoria’s admitted her infidelity. Victoria hugs Paul and asks what she can do to help. She says she would like to help in any way she can as she glances over at JT.

Sharon wonders is Patty is the one that stashed Victor’s wallet under her mattress to frame her. She says Patty would have had to be well connected to be able to fake such a good resume and she asks where she would have gotten the money for the plastic surgery. Nick relays Phyllis’s theory that Victor is responsible.

Victor’s threats gets to Gloria who decides it is time to quit and just be happy that they aren’t in jail. Gloria tells Victor they won’t talk to his precious Ashley but she hopes one day they can still do business together. Victor just turns around and leaves. Soon after Victor leaves, Jill comes over wanting her $100,000 that Jeffery promised her to keep her quiet. They tell her she is going to have to wait now until they get their money. Jill notices all the blue all over them and she says it looks like they already have. They fill Jill in on the news that Mary Jane Benson is really Patty Williams. Jill is surprised.

Patty still has Colleen tied to a tree as she talks about her marrying Jack when she was only 18. Colleen tells her she can relate to that saying that is sort of like her and JT who she still misses every day. She tells Patty that JT’s wife used to be her evil step mom. Colleen tells her she tries not to listen to the voice that is always telling her to rip Victoria’s head off. Patty looks interested as she asks Colleen how she stops the voice. She says she just knows if she ever slips and listens to it she knows JT would never lover her. Patty asks if she thinks Jack feels the same way about her. She wonders if Colleen could talk to him for her. She says she isn’t a terrible person, she just doesn’t know how to stop that voice. Colleen says she can try for her. Patty starts playing with Kitty Kitty while Colleen secretly uses the piece of glass to cut the ropes around her wrists.

Victoria goes over to JT and says she knows he didn’t go home last night. He asks if she is there to ease her guilty conscience. He tells her if she is so worried why she doesn’t start by going to her father and asking him where Patty is. Abby comes running in and demands to know what happened between her Mom and Uncle Billy last night. She is shocked when they tell her the latest news about Colleen. She looks at Jack and tells her first he tries to lock her Mom up in an asylum and now his girlfriend kidnaps her sister. Abby swears she will never speak to Jack again. When she runs out Victoria tells Jack to just let her go for now. Jack shouts that they have just got to find Patty.

When Amber wishes Daniel didn’t have to go he tells her he wishes so too. He says he has got to find that painting. He asks her if she could be the best girlfriend and run some errands for him. Not really happy about it, Amber agrees to do the errands as Daniel hands her a list of things he needs her to do. When she leaves Daniel says that will buy him a little time as puts a blank canvas up on his easel.

Jill figures it all out. She realizes the Bardwell’s have double crossed Jack, Victor and now her too. She says she is done scheming with the likes of them. She says she has lived on nothing before so she can do it again and she says yes at a nail salon. She says by next year she will own a string of them as she walks out.

Adam squints at the mail as he goes through it. He finds an envelope that he thinks is interesting but he hides it behind a cushion when Ashley comes in. She says this is unbelievable. She found a cell phone in the spot where she thought she saw Sabrina that night. Adam sees it is dead so he offers to charge it up for her. She says there is no need. She says she has one of those handy universal chargers upstairs. She says with any luck this might tell her the truth about what happened that night. Adam pulls the envelope out and sees it is addressed to the Newman Family from one Nikki Newman.

Nick thinks about the possibility that his Dad was involved in this mess. He and Sharon agree that Victor would never intentionally hurt his granddaughter but Nick says to think about it. Patty was Paul’s sister. Victor claimed he didn’t care but it must have been tough with Victor seeing Nikki so happy with Paul. They figure this would have been aimed at Jack but Nikki and Paul were like an added bonus. Sharon says she just can’t believe that. Nick says he wishes he had her faith in his Dad. He says the more he thinks about the more it looks like his Dad could be guilty.

Paul mopes around with a photo of Patty. Victoria asks how he is doing. He says Traci won’t talk to him and says not that he can blame her. He hands her the photo and tells her that Patty really was the sweetest and now she is out there being hunted like an animal. He thought he was getting through to her at the Church saying how he used to tease her like crazy but she was just way too trusting. He talks about how he used to protect her but now he feels he is letting her down. Victoria tries to comfort Paul as he says he really feels he could get through to Patty is he has the chance but now he is afraid he never will.

Colleen works hard to try and win Patty over. She tells her that she could go back to her life as Mary Jane. When Colleen tells her to untie her and they could go back to Genoa City, Patty realizes Colleen was trying to trick her again and calls her a liar. When Patty stands up she suddenly she steps back yelling “Ow, Ow!” Colleen asks if she is OK. She says no, she isn’t OK. She tells Colleen she just got bit by a stupid spider. She screams that she should be with Jack, not in the woods with spiders and a stupid little girl. She tells Colleen she is a liar like her Uncle Jack is. She points the gun at Colleen and tells her as she shakes that she is not going to get away with this.

Ashley gets the phone charges but she screen on it is cracked so there is no display. She wonders if maybe she can access the voice mail. Adam walks in when Ashley hers a message from a worried Victoria. Ashley screams that she hit Nikki. She says Nikki was there.

Paul says even if Nikki hadn’t have left him like she did this whole thing with Patty would have come between them anyway. Victoria thinks that JT has it in for her father so she asks Paul for his fair minded opinion about her father’s involvement. He tries explaining Patty’s life. He says someone gave his unstable sister a whole new persona, then she was unleashed on a man she tried to kill years ago. He says he doesn’t just think Victor did it, he is certain that he is behind it. Meanwhile Abby calls Victor to meet her at the club. She whines at him about that freak holding her sister hostage.

Colleen asks Patty what is wrong with her. Patty tells her that he stomach hurts and she is dizzy. Colleen tells her they need to get her to a hospital. Patty cries to Kitty Kitty telling it that Mommy is sick. Colleen works faster trying to cut the ropes on her wrists.

When Amber comes back from running Daniel’s errands he says he has been inspired to paint. He uncovers the canvas and shows her his new painting. It spells out the words, “Amber Will You Marry Me?” She starts crying and asks if this is for real. He tells her that he wants them to have their wheelchair races when they get old together. He gets down on one knee and has the video taping it as he declares his love for her and he asks her to do him the honor of marrying him. She says oh my God! She falls to her knees and as she cries she tells him yes and then kisses him.

Sharon talks to Nick about his Father being like a father to her. She says Victor would do anything to protect his family and he would have said something after Summer got hurt. Nick isn’t so sure thinking that with this feud with Jack anything could have happened. He doesn’t know what to do. Sharon tells him yes he does. She says he needs to confront Victor with it.

Abby tells Victor that the cops are at her Uncle Jacks and JT told her that Colleen had been kidnapped. She wonders why Mary Jane would do that though. Victor tells her Mary Jane is a very troubled woman. Abby begs him to help find her sister. Victor can only tell her he will see what he can do.

Amber tells Daniel she feels like she needs to tell him about her past and that he should know everything. Daniel thinks he knows all he needs to know now. He says she is talented, and sweet and beautiful and so hot. He never thought he would say this to anyone but she is truly his soul mate. He says he doesn’t want to live a single day without her. He says he has to go to Detroit right now but he wants her to stay away from Deacon while he is gone. He says he loves her. On his way out the door he drops his bag and runs back for another kiss from her.

When a customer walks in Jill says without looking up for them to pick out a color and she will be right with them. When she looks up she sees Gloria standing there with some of the blue still on her. She asks Gloria if she came back just to humiliate her some more. Gloria says no, she is there for a job. Jill says she has to be a licensed nail technician and they already have a receptionist. She says but there is an opening she’d be perfect for. Gloria takes the broom and tells Jill like she said from the ground up.

Adam hides the envelope behind his back when Ashley serves them some iced tea. He is worried they will think she is crazy and lock her up. He says he won’t allow that. She says she has to do the right thing and tell Victor everything tonight. She tells him she will be in her room as she runs upstairs. Adam jams the envelope in hi pocket as he leaves the room.

Nick tells Sharon he doubts going to his dad will get any confessions out of him. He says even though it probably won’t help she is right though. He needs to talk to Victor.

Paul runs in at Jack’s telling him that Colleen’s car had been found near Twin Lakes. Jack and JT jump up. JT asks Victoria if she will be there when they get back. She says no she needs to go see her Dad. JT tells her she knows he did this. She says she needs her Dad to look her in the eye and tell her he brought Patty back to Genoa City.

Abby tells Victor that she blames her Uncle Jack for all this. She says if something happens to Colleen she will never forgive Uncle Jack. Victor promises her that they will find Colleen.

Colleen manages to get the ropes cut with the glass and then she escapes from the tree. She grabs the gun and stands over Patty pointing it at her. Patty is lying on the ground like in pain begging her not to abandon her saying she doesn’t want to die which leaves Colleen to decide what to do next.

Jan Barrett

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