Daniel stands in front of Deacon waving the key asking which one does he wants, Amber or the key, because he can’t have both. Deacon apologizes to everyone for the interruption and then orders champagne for them all as he and Daniel leave the room to talk about this.

Cane brings in some stuff from Lily’s Dad only to find her sitting there looking at herself in the mirror. She is upset when she sees that her eyebrows are starting to fall out.

Traci goes to the Abbott home with Mac and Billy right behind her. She thinks JT knows a lot more than he is saying about Colleen and she wants to know what it is. He tells her if he had some information he would tell her. She says he does and then she orders him to tell her with Billy by her side doing the same.

While playing with Kitty Kitty Patty tells Colleen she is not planning to stop for food and take the chance of Colleen trying to tip someone off. When she hears two officers talking she slaps her hand over Colleen’s mouth so she can’t scream out.

Lily and Cane go through the box that Neil sent over for her which was supposed to make her smile. They start laughing as they go through it. She tells Cane the meaning of the dolls and stuffed animals in the box. When she finds a video of her Dance Moves she tells him he can’t look at it. Suddenly she gets a hot flash which ruins the moment as she is back to reality of her being sick.

Jana and Kevin are arguing as Jana tells Kevin that Daniel is only trying to save the woman he loves. Kevin thinks Daniel is trying to screw him out of the reward money he would get for the Terroni. He says he needs that money to save his brother. She tells him that they have been friends with Amber and Daniel for a long time and he hasn’t known Ryder that long. She says Ryder still hasn’t answered any of her questions either and asks doesn’t that bother him. She asks him when he stopped caring about Daniel anyway.

Daniel teases Deacon with the key telling him how nice and shiny it is. He gives Deacon his choice, the key and whatever fortune it might hold or his beautiful bride to be. While Amber talks to Chloe and Murphy she watches Daniel talking to Deacon and she can see the tension. Katherine says whatever it is that Daniel is up to, she sure hopes it works.

JT finally admits top Traci, Mac and Billy that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams and she has taken Colleen as her hostage. He tells them that Paul and Jack are trying to track her down right now. Traci starts to panic as she realizes her daughter is in danger. She asks how come JT isn’t out there looking as well which he explains he is on his way out right now. Billy tries calming Traci down by telling her he is sure they will find Colleen and bring her home soon.

The cops look around while out on the dock and they have no clue that Patty is holding Colleen under there with a gin to her head saying she just might have to hurt Colleen.

Kevin doesn’t understand how come Jana won’t give Ryder a chance. She says she wishes he was everything he claims to be. Kevin thinks it is all really simple, Ryder is his brother and he is his priority. Jana says Kevin is her priority and she just can’t watch him getting sucked into all this. Kevin asks who else poor Ryder has. She tells him he has Deacon who is the reason Ryder confesses to killing Balfour. Kevin says he doesn’t believe anything Deacon says. Jana says but yet he does believe everything Ryder says. She goes over all the lies Ryder has told. She asks can’t they just help the friends that has been there for them. Kevin doesn’t want to hear this right now as he rushes out the door passing Deacon and Daniel.

Daniel tells Deacon he is not trying to play hero here, he is just trying to give Deacon his financial bliss. He tells him he will even do the legwork for him and deliver the painting to him but he warns Deacon that if he doesn’t leave Amber alone he will get rid of this key where Deacon will never find it. Deacon gives Daniel 72 hours to bring him the painting but if he doesn’t he says he will have to console himself with Amber on a nightly basis for the rest of his life. Daniel tells him that he doesn’t make the rules anymore but Deacon still insists on giving him only 72 hours or he will marry Amber and just for his own pleasure he will destroy Daniel. Daniel tells him says he will destroy him right back as well. They both agree on the 72 hours but Daniel makes one more demands (but we don’t hear what it is). Daniel goes inside to where Amber is and picks her up and carries her out past Deacon who doesn’t try stopping him.

Lily tells Cane all her childhood memories are held in this box. Cane says someday she will be able to read to her own children. As they watch Lily’s dance video they both start laughing again. She mentions this was in the 80’s as she watches her and her Mom dancing Ballet. When Cane goes to get some water Lily stands and tries a few ballet steps but stops when he comes back in. She tells him it is ok to be scared together as he hugs her.

Everyone that arrived for the wedding are overjoyed about Daniel and Amber’s romantic exit. They all figure Daniel offered something more important to Deacon apparently than Amber was to him. Victoria and Katherine talk to chance about him getting involved in helping them find out where Nikki is. JT comes in telling Chance he needs help finding Patty. Victoria says she does care about her former step daughter but right now her main priority is finding her mother but it is quite clear that JT is only interested in finding Colleen. She stands there and says well isn’t that just great!

Ryder starts acting worried when Kevin comes to see him and isn’t showing the usual brotherly love. Kevin tells him he wants to back up and talk about the things that Ryder always seems to gloss over like how Ryder found him to begin with.  He asks did Ryder really shoot someone or not. Ryder tells him Deacon turned him away from a job. Kevin asks about before that. He claims he did odd jobs here and there and he would crash on friend’s couches. Kevin just stands there shaking his head saying Jana was right. Ryder has been playing him from the beginning.

Traci talks to her husband Steve and he is flying into Genoa City to be with her. Mac and Billy look through the photo album to get the most recent photo of Colleen to give to the cops to identify her. Billy is feeling guilty because he was the one that suggested Colleen go to the cabin to begin with. He asks what if something happens to her. Traci tells him all this will be over soon and Colleen will be home. Chance comes in with Chloe and Billy jumps on him for the cops losing Patty to begin with at the church. Chloe interrupts saying they are all on the same sides here. Chance gives his word that they won’t underestimate Patty again. Mac thinks they need to go tell Lily about Colleen so she doesn’t hear about this on the news. Chance tells Traci that everyone is on high alert so there is no need for civilians to get involved. Traci gets really scared when she is told that Patty is now armed with Traci’s father’s gun.

Daniel tells Amber that he has 72 hours to get the Terroni from Detroit. Amber asks what happens if it isn’t there. Daniel says at least he has her back and that is never going to change now. She tells him she was always his but if he can’t get the painting she is going to have to marry Deacon to protect Daniel. Daniel says he won’t walk away and he is not going to let her marry Deacon. He tells her he stole the key from Kevin who probably hates him now for it.

Kevin is now questioning if Ryder is even his brother saying maybe Deacon fixed the DNA tests. Ryder says no, they are really brothers. Kevin says he was so happy to have another brother, someone who knew what it was like being abused by Tom. He says this was his chance to be the hero like Michael was to him. He realizes now that Daniel was his brother and he turned his back on him for Ryder. He tells Ryder that is over now. He tells him that he and Deacon are done messing with him and his family. He looks at Ryder and asks if he got that.

Amber tells Daniel that Kevin loves him and she is sure he will get over this. She says they have all done some crazy stuff that they wish they could take back. Daniel tells her he won’t let her think about what happened with Deacon as he grabs her and kisses her.

Murphy and Katherine are happy that Amber and Daniel have their lives back together. Murphy says he can swoop Katherine in and save her but she tells him he already has and she thanks him calling him her hero. Murphy laughs saying he doesn’t think his back could handle carrying her off but he can get the pianist to play Let Me Call You Sweetheart and they both dance in each other’s arms.

Kevin goes back to Crimson Lights to try and make up with Jana. He tells her he was a jerk to walk out on her like he did and that she was right about Ryder. He says he may be his brother but he isn’t family like Michael and Lauren or like Amber and Daniel. He tells her he really had trusted Ryder though. Jana understands as usual saying he is a giving spirit. He tells her she makes him better and smarter than he’d ever be if he was on his own. He says besides she lets him be an ass too. He says he is so lucky to have her as he hugs her and eventually the two of them head for the back room.

Deacon visits with Ryder telling him that Daniel is going for the painting and the wedding is off. Deacon says Kevin is irrelevant. Ryder admits these guys are smarter than you give them credit for. Deacon asks if his big brother said something to hurt his feelings. Ryder is worried that all this can blow up in their faces. He says it is all up to Daniel and Kevin now and his Mom thinks they are taking their sweet time. Deacon isn’t too happy to hear that Ryder’s mother visited him in jail last night.

JT tells Victoria that Colleen is in danger and he asks if she resents her for that. Victoria asks if he thinks this is about her being heartless. He says if she isn’t then how is it. He tells her he can’t read her mind, saying they used to be in synch with each other. He tells her that Colleen is no threat to their marriage. He swears that she is the one he loves and wants to be with not Colleen. He tells her he wants what they have or rather what they had saying he needs her. She says he just doesn’t get it, it isn’t about Colleen. She says she is sorry and she doesn’t care about him. She says she is so sorry and his name is Deacon Sharp and she doesn’t know how or why it happened but she would take it back if only she could. JT just stands and says everyone is counting on him, the Abbott’s, Colleen and Paul. She asks him to please don’t go and she tells him she loves him so much. He just looks at her asking if she loves him and then he walks out.

Mac and Billy go to see Cane and Lily. Lily asks right away what is wrong. She wonders if someone has been hurt. They tell her it is about Colleen and that there was an accident out at the cabin. They tell her how Patty took Colleen as her hostage and they don’t know where they are. Lily is told that the police, Paul and JT are all on the case. Lily is upset saying there is nothing she can do. She tells Billy she is so sorry and she knows how much he loves Colleen. Billy says yes he really does.

Chance gets a recent photo of Colleen from Traci. She begs Chance to please find her baby and bring her home. Patty and Colleen are out in the wood and Patty ties Colleen to a tree saying it is time for dinner. Colleen says she needs some real food and asks can’t they go into town. Patty has a can of cocktail weenies to feed to Kitty Kitty. Colleen says she hasn’t had those in years, saying again how hungry she is. Patty tells her this isn’t for her as she feeds them to Kitty Kitty. Patty says she is tired of hearing Colleen talk so she jams her scarf into her mouth. When Patty starts back with Kitty Kitty Colleen finds a piece of glass and takes it into the palm of her hand to hide it.

Kevin and Jana are doing some heavy panting in the back room while Amber and Daniel are in their apartment making some moves of their own as they make it to their bed as they are kissing. Murphy still has Katherine in his arms as they dance closely together.

Jan Barrett

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