Amber wakes up after dreaming of sleeping next to Daniel. The phone is ringing and she is disappointed to hear Deacon’s voice telling her not to be late for their wedding. Chloe knocks on the door and is surprised to see Amber is wearing a black wedding dress. Chloe asks her if she is totally miserable then why she is marrying this guy. Jana comes in saying she knows why. She brings Amber something old and something new, her car keys for Amber to use so she can get the hell out of there. Meanwhile Deacon is visiting Ryder telling him it is his wedding day today. Ryder tells Deacon that he is a sitting duck in there as he tells him about Daniel getting in and attacking him.

Daniel knows more about Kevin’s plans of going to Detroit thanks to Ryder. Kevin tells him he isn’t going to fence the Terroni. He is going to use the reward money to get his brother out of jail and if Jana has anything to say about it he will likely donate a portion of it to charity. Daniel tells him Ryder is playing him and he begs Kevin to help him stop the wedding between amber and Deacon.

Sharon talks to her stomach. She wonders if Phyllis could have drug Nick off to Europe to keep him away from her and the baby. She says oh well they will have a wonderful life together. She tells the baby by the time it arrives she might have her act together but she has to go to therapy for now.

Victoria and Nick meet to discuss business and some personal matters. She says never mind about Colleen, she wonders where Mom could be. She says JT has been way too preoccupied to look for her and they can’t very well ask Paul to since he is the jilted fiancé. They don’t understand how come Nikki hasn’t contacted them. They say they can only pray that Patty is found before she hurts someone else.

The detectives are with Jack out at the cabin and no one can find any clues but they come to the conclusion that Patty took Colleen as hostage. They wonder how she managed to get the upper hand against Colleen though. Jack looks around and finds that his Dad’s gun is missing.

When the morning comes Patty wakes up Colleen while holding the gun on her. She tells her they have to get moving as she drags Colleen up.. Colleen says her foot is asleep as she manages to drop a piece of fabric from her scarf hoping someone will find it and see it is a clue that they were there.

Katherine and Murphy arrive at the club all dressed up for the wedding. The club is all decorated. Katherine says he has got to be kidding. Chance comes in and tells them that Chloe is going to be the matron of honor. She is confused too though because the last anyone heard Amber was trying to get back with Daniel. Katherine goes to talk to Victoria about Nikki’s disappearance. She plans to involved Chance in the investigation.

Daniel and Kevin argue over Kevin’s plans. Daniel tells him he is sure this is all an act. He tells Kevin that Ryder wasn’t in that alley, he does whatever Deacon tells him to do and he is only in this for the money. Kevin assumes Daniel hurt his brother in jail and says no wonder Ryder said all that. It was what Daniel wanted to hear. Kevin says if Ryder is mixed up with Deacon then he needs his help even more.

Ryder complains to Deacon that everyone is trying to turn Kevin against him. Deacon tells him to stick to the act. He says when Kevin delivers the painting Ryder will get everything he has ever dreamed of and Amber will have a wonderful life with Deacon.

Chloe tries to understand this. Amber is marrying the man she hates to save the man she loves. Chloe says how romantic. Jana tells Chloe not to encourage Amber. They both tell Amber she can’t do this. They say there must be some other way/ Amber tells them she knows all too well what Deacon is capable of. She says there is nothing she can do except to put the wedding dress on and marry him. She asks them to either help her or get out the way.

Sharon is happy but surprised when Nick comes to see her. He says he has had a lot to think about. Sharon asks how Phyllis took the news. Nick tells her he didn’t tell her.

JT is out at the cabin and still hasn’t learned anything after talking to the neighbors. They know now since Jack verified his father’s gun is missing that Patty is in the area with a hostage and a weapon. JT says Colleen is sharp saying she sent them a clue and she will send more when she can. Jack says Patty is so volatile so he isn’t so sure. Paul doesn’t think Patty will hurt Colleen because she has no reason to. Jack points out that she didn’t have no reason to hurt Summer either or Ashley but she did. JT reminds Paul that she even went after him with a knife.

Patty hears running water as they are hiking through the woods. She gets excited saying Kitty Kitty is thirsty. Colleen knows the area so she points the way and she manages to leave yet another piece of fabric on the path.

While talking to Chance and Chloe Murphy sees Deacon when he comes in and he tells them that is him. Colleen says well at least he is good looking and then she adds for a dirt bag. Deacon walks over to them and when he takes Katherine’s hand she pulls hers out of his and he pretends he didn’t notice it. Victoria is uncomfortable there around Deacon but he asks her to stay for the wedding. He tells her he’d be delighted to have her. He wonders now where his bride is. Everyone gasps as Amber enters the room dressed in a short black dress with a veiled hat. She doesn’t exactly look like the blushing bride.

Daniel asks Kevin if he is going to help the guy that is trying to set him up for murder. Kevin says it isn’t Ryder doing it, it is Deacon. He says Ryder is just a messed up kid. Daniel says he is a con artist and then he accuses Kevin of turning his back on Amber. Kevin says that is priceless, coming from the guy that threw her out. Kevin says Daniel judges everyone and asks what he thinks of him. Jana tries stopping them as the two friends start fighting with each other.

Chloe explains to Murphy why Amber is marrying Deacon saying it is something like he is blackmailing her forcing her to marry him. Chance says sure he can do something about this if Amber was only willing to file a complaint Katherine feels like it is worth a try. Chance goes to the bride and groom and asks about Amber’s willingness to marry Deacon. Deacon blames Daniel for the rumors that Amber doesn’t want to get married. He says some guys don’t handle rejection well. He says if he lost a woman like Amber he would lose his mind too. Chance looks into Amber’s eyes and asks if she wants to do this. She tells him yes and this is her decision. Deacon announces for them to have a wedding then.

Jana tells the guys to stop this. Kevin stands up with blood on him telling Daniel he has went too far this time. Daniel screams that he let Amber and everybody down as he runs out. Jana looks at Kevin and asks him what the matter with him is as she smacks him.

Nick tells Sharon he got to the airport in time to catch Phyllis but when he looked into her eyes he just couldn’t tell her before she left. Sharon thinks it would have been cruel. He says he can’t very well tell her over the phone either, not while she is in Switzerland while they are here bonding over their baby. Sharon says Summer needs her mothers attention now. Nick worries how he will even tell Phyllis though. He tells Sharon he hasn’t told anyone yet so Sharon suggests that they keep it a secret now.

Jack says Traci is at Brad’s house waiting in case Colleen comes home. Paul tells Jack he needs to tell Traci but understands she will just worry since that is why he hasn’t even told his mother about Patty. Jack’s phone rings and it is Patty. He tells her he is happy to hear from her as he holds his phone up so Paul and JT can hear her too. Jack asks her where she is and he tells her he wants her where she belongs.  Patty asks if that is with him and she gets excited and tells him she will come to him, and asks him to wait for her. When he asks where Colleen is Patty’s mood changes saying that is all he cares about as Colleen yells in the background for Jack to help her. Patty gets furious and throws the phone on the ground and stomps on it breaking it. She takes the gun and points it at Colleen.

Sharon thinks Nick needs to take some time to consider all of his options here. He says keeping this from Phyllis is not an option though. She explains how their previous decisions have caused so much pain for others. She asks that he doesn’t tell Phyllis because Summer needs them both. She says she doesn’t want to cause anyone anymore pain and she is prepared to raise this baby on her own. She says with him knowing the truth is enough for her. He says it isn’t enough for him though. He wants the baby to know he loves her and he won’t deny his daughter. He says it won’t be easy telling Phyllis but the three of them will find a way to work this out.

Kevin screams in pain when Jana slaps a towel with ice inside it into his hand. He asks her what is wrong with her. She scolds him for not supporting his best friend and she isn’t happy when he is only worried about Ryder. She tells him Ryder has turned him against all his friends. Kevin says he is off to Detroit. He says he thought she would be happy that the painting is going to be returned. He stops when he realizes he has lost the key.

With only a very few amount of guests watching Chloe walks down the aisle and stands by Deacon and the Justice of the Peace. Deacon nods to the pianist to start the music with Chloe looking at Amber like she is hoping she will back out of this. They all stand and everyone looks so sad as the song, “Here Comes The Bride” starts. Katherine shakes her head at Amber who takes a deep breath and then slowly walks down the aisle.

Jack, Paul and JT try to figure out what Colleen was trying to tell them. She said cow in Wisconsin is like saying snow in Alaska and they wonder could it be a landmark. As JT comes up with perhaps a dairy farm, Jack remembers that there is a dairy farm that has been abandoned about an hour from the cabin on route 12. They run out the door as JT notifies the state police.

Patty and Colleen come to a sign marked Camp Cheveyo – cowabunga! It is closed for the season. Patty says that is why Colleen said cowabunga as she shoves Colleen. Colleen says Jack is on his way. She says Jack and all the Abbott kids went to this camp. She tells Patty she just wants to go home so she could just leave her there and she can get away. . Patty says Jack didn’t hear her because she broke the phone. She says no one is coming. She says that is why Colleen pointed her in this direction. Patty says she would like to go home too but there is no one she can trust, especially not Colleen now. She points the gun at Colleen and tells her she blew it little girl.

Nick says he can see that Sharon is trying to solve all their problems from her hospital room. She says her therapist says she has a slight tendency towards over functioning. Nick doesn’t want her to have to handle this all alone. He says this baby has a father who already adores her and he plans to be there for her and her mother every step of the way. Nick gets on his knees and asks if she hears that calling the baby Faith Cassidy Newman. He tells the baby he is her father.

Ryder mutters to himself he is such an idiot, he is fed up with Deacon, the girl and the painting. The guard comes up saying Callahan, visitor. He hears the sound of high heels and recognizes the sound of his Mother. She caresses his cheek but her face is covered up.

As the wedding proceeds Amber is about to say “I Do” when Daniel barges in telling her not to do it. Deacon is mad, as he tells Amber to just finish her vows. Daniel tells her No! He says she doesn’t have to do this. When Deacon sends a waiter to go get security, Daniel says he is not going anywhere. Deacon apologizes to everyone saying this is Amber’s ex boyfriend. Daniel tells Amber that there is something Deacon wants even more than her but Deacon denies it. Daniel says oh no? Not even this? He pulls the key from his pocket and dangles it in front of Deacon. Daniel tells him to call off the wedding or he will never see this key again, he swears.

Jan Barrett

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