Michael is going over all the paperwork for Lowell’s case when he tells Lauren he has found one witness and he is waiting on the call from him. He says he hopes Lowell keeps his big mouth shut before that but Lauren says it is too late for that. She hands him a magazine where is reads on the front cover, Lowell Baldwin speaks out from behind bars. Lowell states “I’m a political prisoner”. Michael grumbles as he reads it saying someone shoot him.

Gloria tells Jeffrey that she is this close to getting Katherine’s 5% stock and that she has a brilliant plan that won’t fail. She says she is off to see Michael saying she is worried about him. Jeffery says he is not sorry for turning Lowell in and he would do it again if he had to.

Heather interrupts Nikki as she is talking to Katherine about Victor being gone again. She asks Nikki if she can have a minute with her in private. When Katherine leaves Heather tells Nikki she wants to talk to her about Victor’s possible involvement in the death of Walter Palin and she shows Nikki the autopsy photo of Walter.

Victoria tells Karen about how good it is to have Reed back in daycare there at Newman again. Karen hands papers to Victoria of sales figures on BoN, the company that Adam named. Victoria gets Karen to hold Reed so she can run out the room for a minute.

At Neil’s apartment Devon reads a letter from Anna. He tells Neil and Lily that Anna hates school. Neil suggests to Devon needs to set Anna straight about school saying she would probably listen to him since he is the brother that she worships.

Nikki tells Heather she has never seen this man before but Heather reminds her that she met him with David there at the club, saying the staff there has confirmed it already for her. Nikki snaps at her saying if she says so but indicates she doesn’t remember him. Heather explains to Nikki how Walter died and then she questions the so called boating accident. She tells Nikki that protecting Victor by not telling her what she knows could lead to her being arrested with accessory to murder after the fact.

When he is about to leave for work Neil tells Devon he should call Tyra. He asks Lily if she got any hits on her dating profile. She says she got two that were of no interest. He reminds her of predators and about her past experience with meeting Kevin online. He tells her Mr. Right is out there, to be patient.

When Victoria returns she sees Karen playing with Reed. Karen tells her that she loves kids and then mentions how close she was to Anna. She admits that sometimes she thinks about having kids of her own but she knows she and Neil will never have any. Victoria assumes that Karen doesn’t really want to talk about it but Karen tells her she wouldn’t mind it.

Michael scolds Lowell for his interview in the magazine. Lowell was pretty impressed with it saying his old lawyer had arranged to have it done. Michael asks if he is insane and what planet does he live on. Michael yells that the ravings of a radical bomb throwing psychopath with be used against him and get him convicted. Michael tells him life is not fair and if he would grow up he would know that.

Nikki tells Heather that Victor is not a killer. She gives her the photo back saying that this is ridiculous and tells her to leave Victor alone, he has been through hell. Heather tells Nikki what the Mexican police think happened. She says they think Victor killed Walter and dumped his body overboard. She says they are working together on this with the Mexican police and hopes that Nikki and Victor would be more cooperative. Nikki stands up and tells Heather as she grabs her arm to leave her family out of this.

When Reed falls asleep Karen and Nikki talk more. Karen tells her that she made a decision a long time ago not to have any children because she believed in her heart that she shouldn’t have them.

Lauren assures Gloria that she is not to blame for Jeffery turning Lowell into the police like he did. Gloria tells her that if Lowell had stayed home with her and Michael instead of going to that rally, who knows, maybe they could have been a happy family.

Michael thinks that their one chance of winning this case for Lowell is to show him as a loving parent and a hard worker and a responsible guy. He tells Lowell no more interviews or radical nonsense. He says Lowell’s vendetta against the establishment has been over for 40 years. Lowell asks Michael how come he is defending him. He tells Michael to look him in the eyes and tell him that he thinks he is innocent. Before Michael can answer his phone rings and it is Howie arranging to meet Michael at the Athletics Club.

As she rubs her arm, Heather tells Nikki that apparently she has hit a nerve. Nikki apologizes but explains the pressure that Nick and Victoria have been under. Heather seems to think Nikki is hiding something that she hasn’t told her children. Nikki accuses Heather of trying to avenge her boyfriend, Adam. Heather assures her that she is just doing her job and resents Nikki insinuating otherwise. Nikki tells her whoever trashes Victor can go straight to hell and she walks over to the bar and sits with Katherine, who asks what that was all about. Nikki says she can’t talk about it saying it would betray Victor. She sees Michael and whispers to him that Victor could be in legal trouble but Michael tells her that he can only agree to pass along her message to him. Nikki says thanks a lot as he walks away to meet with Howard Sullivan.

Jeffery goes to talk to Lowell. Lowell tells him to mellow out. Jeffery accuses him of ripping a family apart and he accuses him of being a fraud. Jeffery says the rest of them will be better off with his ass locked up in prison.

Karen tells Victoria that she lost her mother when she was only 12 years old. To ovarian cancer. She says she carries the same gene and just knowing she is carrying it is torture to her. Karen is scared that she would get it too and die at an early age or that she could pass that gene onto a child of her own. Victoria tells her that she thinks her giving up motherhood is noble of her. Neil walks in and asks Karen if she is ok. Victoria tells him that they were commiserating about the drop off in business. She gets Reed and leaves the office.

Devon tries calling the school where Anna is but gets nowhere with it. He is told to call Anna’s Mom. He thinks this is more than the school just being protective saying something just doesn’t sound right here.

Katherine’s phone rings. She tells the caller no that she didn’t know about it but she will look into it right away. She tells Nikki she has to run an errand as Nikki watches Michael. One more time she asks Nikki is she is ok, and Nikki just says she is fine.

Howard tells Michael that he was busted for possession and looking at 20 years. He said he was just a scared kid and took a deal and became an informant. He tells Michael that Lowell didn’t plant that bomb that killed the janitor and he thinks it is time that someone told the truth. He tells Michael the story behind it all and says in the end he refused to testify against Lowell. He says he can’t help with corroboration of his story but asks Michael to say hi to Lowell for him as he leaves for another meeting.

As she is going through the papers Gloria finds something. OMG she says as she reads the memo from the investigator to the prosecutor aloud. She reads that Sullivan won’t play ball, scuttle his deal and cut him off the witness stand list. Gloria asks Lauren if this could be what Michael has been looking for.

As Karen and Neil work on the sales figure for the board Katherine walks in telling Neil that Anna’s school is sending a rebate check for unused tuition. Neil knows nothing about it but asks if Anna is no longer a student there. He says he had no idea and doesn’t know what is going on. He tells Katherine that he will look into it and let her know. She tells him that her offer still stands though. Neil calls Devon who tells him that he can’t reach Tyra or Anna either and the school was acting weird with him.

Victoria is walking past heather when Heather stops her. She tells her she needs to talk to her about her father. She asks Victoria what happened between Victor and this man ( she shows her Walter’s autopsy photo) in Mexico. She tells Victoria that she couldn’t get a straight answer from Nikki so she is asking her now.

When Michael gets home he sees that Gloria has organized his files and he thanks her for it. She stands up and hands him the memo that she found asking him if that is what he was looking for. He laughs and tells her he just met with Howard Sullivan who was an FBI informant that refused to testify against Lowell.

Lowell is allowed two minutes to make a phone call. He tells the person her calls that it is him. He asks them if they remember when they talked about when things got out of hand, well he says he needs their help now saying he is getting out of there tonight.

Neil calls the police in New Hampshire asking them to check out Tyra’s apartment. They say it is closed up like they are out of town or something. Neil says this is not like Tyra to be so irresponsible. Devon is worried that the sister he just recently found out he had might be gone now.

Victoria looks at Walter’s picture and tells Heather that her father was in Mexico but has been back now for a couple of weeks. Heather says but he disappeared again, adding that she wishes Victor’s family would quit covering for him. Heather tells Victoria to talk to her mother because she knows all about what happened in Mexico and adds to that for her to tell her mother to cooperate with her if she knows what is good for her.

Katherine sees Nikki leaving a message for Victor. Nikki says My God, his phone’s no longer in service. She says she can’t even warn him now. Katherine agrees not to pressure Nikki if it would only compromise Victor but she tells Nikki that the kids need to know what kind of danger their father is in. Nikki looks at her and whispers that she just can’t tell them.

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