Nick and Phyllis wake up happy that they are no longer fighting with each other. They are looking forward to their first solo issue of the magazine and can’t wait to see how the rest of the world likes it.

Jack and Sharon share how much they enjoyed being together last night. She says how good she feels and Jack wonders if she will still feel the same way once she sees the new issue of the Restless Style magazine. He warns her about the editor’s letter but Sharon tells him that Nick has already told her about it. She tells him that Nick didn’t write it, Phyllis did.

Neil calls Victoria and talks about a deal that needs to be dealt with at Newman. He says they get nervous when the guy who’s name is on the building goes AWOL.  Victoria tells Neil that she will handle it

Adam and Heather talk about him not being able to find a job. She suggests he go set Newman straight saying he is qualified for the job. He tells her she sounds like his mother. When Heather gets out of bed she asks to borrow his computer and is surprised at a photo he has on his screen. She tells him it is Tony Amato/Walter Palin and she asks what he knows about the guy. He tells her that he was on a boat that went down in the storm and he didn’t survive but the other man on the boat did. She asks who the other man was and he tells her it was Victor.

Brad sees Victoria and Nikki at Crimson Lights and says hello to them which upsets Nikki. She scolds him for setting David up in the poker tables that led to people getting killed eventually. She tells him he has blood on his hands now. He comes back at her blaming her for marrying a man with a gambling problem and knowing it and not only that but he also had a few other dead wives in his past. He says if she hadn’t been so desperate to prove to Victor that she was over him the death toll would have been a lot less. Nikki calls him a son of a bitch and Victoria pulls her away from Brad.

Adam tells Heather about what happened down in Mexico. Heather isn’t sure if there was even a crime committed, even if Victor did confront Walter. She says it doesn’t mean that Victor murdered him. She tells him she will look into the case with the Mexican police and the FBI. She hugs him and asks him to back off the Victor thing and focus on finding a job. She asks him to stop playing detective with Jack warning him that Jack can’t be trusted.

Sharon is off to the gym when Jack asks her about Nick coming there to warn her about the editor’s letter. He wants to know why she didn’t tell him. She tells him she didn’t want to ruin the evening and she has decided not to let the letter bother her. Jack agrees not to let it bother him either but when Sharon leaves he slams the magazine down in anger.

Jack calls Adam and asks if he will change his mind about fabricating and publishing Victor’s diary. Adam refuses saying he is not interested. Jack tells him he could make a lot of money from it but Adam still says no.

Sharon runs into Brad at the Athletics’ Club and they join up for a smoothie. She tells him she just finished a kick boxing class. When they talk about the editor’s letter Bars tells her that he liked the part about Jack slamming Jack but was pissed off when he read the part about her. She tells Brad it was Phyllis not Nick that was responsible for that.

Nikki reads a review of the new Restless Style issue and says it is a bit flat compared to other issues but a solid effort. Nick and Phyllis are happy with it saying it is somewhat glowing. When Phyllis calls in to check on the sales she is told it isn’t exactly flying off the walls but the sales are steady going. Nick says he can live with steady. Phyllis says she has some ideas for the next issue. Nikki asks her if it is something she will share with the rest of them this time and then smiles as she looks at Nick.

Adam goes to talk to Neil about possibly getting a job there. He asks Neil to at least quit bad mouthing him so he can find work elsewhere. Neil says he never has, he only said no comment when asked. He asks Adam if he really expected him to give him a glowing recommendation. Adam admits that he made mistakes, including firing him. Victoria comes in and asks what Adam is doing there. He tells her that the company is suffering and even though Neil is doing a great job he is not a Newman. Victoria says she has that covered and as she heads for the door she says she has had enough. Adam stops her by telling her she is a fool if she doesn’t listen. Neil tells Victoria he thinks Adam is right. He says they do need another Newman there but it should be Nick. Adam is mad saying he is a Newman too and he should be there too. Victoria tells him not to her. She says he is plain old Adam Wilson to her and he is not her father’s son. She tells him to get out. She warns him that she will have him dragged out if he sets foot inside Newman again.

Brad defends himself to Sharon saying David had this sickness a long time before he met him. She asks Brad how he could put himself into this position saying he could go to jail over all this. She says hopefully once they find Walter Palin he will be able to tell the cops that Brad didn’t have any connection in this case and it will clear him of any charges.

Heather calls the Mexican authorities and asks about Walter’s body washing ashore. She says now she needs to talk to Brad Carlton and she will do whatever it takes to get him to talk to her about this.

Nick gets a call to come to Newman from Victoria and it seems important. Nikki and Phyllis tells him to keep them informed as to what is going on. As soon as he is gone Nikki and Phyllis get into it. Nikki tells her she has been getting away with a lot of stuff and she won’t tolerate her disrespecting her son. Phyllis tells her it is none of her business and if that is a problem perhaps she should find another job. Nick would never allow that says Nikki. Phyllis tells her to keep it up and they will see as she goes back to work on her laptop.

When Nick gets to Newman, Neil and Victoria tell him that they want him to come back to work at Newman. He laughs asking if they mean it. He says he walked away from Newman. Victoria gives him her pitch. Nick tells them that Restless Style means everything to him. He asks what if their Dad walks through the door and fires him again. Victoria says they really need his help or there might not be a company for Dad to come back to. Neil says Nick’s old office is empty and pleads with him to say he will put his name back on the door.

Adam sees Nikki at the club and asks her for a second. He tells her Neil was being unreasonable and then Victoria came in and made things worse. He asks Nikki if she would help him out a little bit since she seems to have some influence over Victoria. He asks to help him open the way up for him to at least get in a few job interviews in. Nikki asks why on Earth she would want to help him. He says because of what happened in Mexico.

Heather talks to Brad at the club but Brad doesn’t seem to want to talk very much. He tells her that he can’t talk about someone he never met when she asked about Walter Palin. He says David must have put his money in Walter’s account but once they find Walter, he can verify that they never met. Heather hands Brad an autopsy photo saying Walter is dead and since David is dead too the one left holding the bag is Brad.

Brad tells Heather he has never met that guy before and he won’t answer any more questions without his attorney present. She tells him that is his right as she starts gathering everything to leave. He wonders why she is coming after him with this. She tells him that it is her job to find out the truth and by golly that is exactly what she plans to do and she walks out.

Nikki asks Adam what he knows about what happened in Mexico. He talks about what Heather is pursuing and will find out. Adam says the way he sees it is that the authorities will want to question her and Victor in this and he can get Heather to back off is she will help him find another job. Nikki won’t be threatened and says no wonder no one in the family wants anything to do with him. She tells Adam when he accuses her of hating him because he is the ‘other woman’s’ kid, that his mother was a wonderful human being and she says Thank God she is not there to see the disgrace he has made of himself. With that, Nikki gets up and leaves him sitting there.

Nick tells Nikki and Phyllis that Neil and Victoria have asked him to return to work at Newman. Phyllis tells him he can’t do that because Restless Style is where his heart is. Nick tells her that he told them yes. He says this is his chance to help all the people who made the business what it is. Phyllis is shocked but Nikki approves and understands. Phyllis asks if he is leaving Restless Style and he says no, this is only temporary, saying he will be kept in the loop with the magazine too. He says they will need to work together on this. He says he only said yes because he knows he can handle this.

Brad leaves the club and calls his attorney only to find out he is out of town at the moment. Brad tells them he doesn’t give a damn. He orders that they find him and tell him to call him right now.

Heather gets back to her suite and is surprised to find Adam there. She says that the DA’s excited that they are making headway on the Walter Palin case. Adam tells her that it is an understatement that it didn’t go well for him at Newman. She tells him she is in a hurry but they can talk about it later. When she is gone, Adam thinks more about the diary and then he calls Jack telling him he has changed his mind. Jack says he can’t tell him how happy this makes him as he hangs up.

Jan Barrett

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