When Nick and Phyllis come in from the storm they continue arguing about what Phyllis wrote about Sharon. He tells Phyllis that this time he does think she is the villain here.

Jack gets off the phone with Gloria when Sharon interrupts him. He tells her he was trying to score some Packers tickets instead of saying he was talking to Gloria. Jack thinks about seeing Sharon hugging Nick. He tells her this is about them being on the right side. He said he was trying to come up with a surprise to get them back on the right path where he wants to be. He asks her if she would care to join them.

Jana talks to Kevin about the mystery of Katherine’s car. Daniel comes in and says the weather is too bad to be playing hoops, and says he couldn’t even make it home in this weather. Amber comes in with her pants torn saying puddles and high heels don’t mix. Jana looks for the first aid kit while Daniel looks at Amber’s scraped knee. Kevin comes in with a large bottle of booze and coffee saying they might be there all night.

Billy comes in at Cloe’s house saying he forgot to tell her how hot she looked last night and then he asks if the baby she is carrying is his.  At Jabot Cane rushes to catch an elevator which Lily happens to be in. When she punches buttons she realizes they are stuck in the elevator together.

The lights go out so they are talking in a candle lit room and Cloe tells Billy to take his petty issues outside. He says either that or they can hang out like they use to. She tells him the baby is not his. He thinks back to when she took the magazine on the streets in New York. Cloe reminds him that she shot him down for his last booty call. He asks again if that is his kid. She asks him if it was, what would he do, step up like his brother did?

Lily and Cane talk and she says she didn’t expect to run into him, she was only there to pick up her last paycheck. She asks if CEO’s work all night now. He says he isn’t really excited about his other option, which is going home to Cloe. Lily assumes Cloe would be sleeping saying that pregnancy makes you really tired. She brings up the subject about Colleen being really excited about the new job. She asks Cane why he picked someone who serves coffee though. She insinuates that Cane hired Colleen because she does know everything about them and she does see her every day.

When Nick calls Victoria to check on Summer, Phyllis sarcastically asks if he would like to call Sharon too, to make sure she is warm and cozy. She defends the letter she wrote about Sharon to Nick. He tells her that she beat up Noah’s Mom in print. Phyllis comes back at him saying but he sure doesn’t like Noah’s step father either. She tells him that Sharon has a husband, she shouldn’t need to run to her ex-husband for protection. Nick says Sharon didn’t run to him, he went to her. Phyllis says let her husband comfort her now.

When the lights go out Jack lights candles. He tells Sharon that Noah is at Sam’s. Sharon reminds him that Noah is grounded. Jack said he didn’t know that and Noah never told him.

Billy tells Cloe he doesn’t want to have a bunch of little Abbott’s. There is a flash back when Billy picked Cloe up introducing himself to her as Billy Abbott. He told her to admit that they had a great time together. She remembers a lot of time in bed together. Billy remembers her hacking his computer for his IP code and getting his messages and then going berserk in the lobby. He calls her a stalker and then says now he finds out she is the daughter of his Mom’s maid and married to his brother. He accuses her of trying to bag a Chancellor the whole time.

Cane tells Lily that help is on it’s way to get them out of the elevator. Lily has Cane’s jacket around her because she was chilly. She talks about a classic movie which leads Cane talking about soul mates. Both get quiet as they wait.

Nick is downstairs as Phyllis is upstairs getting into bed. Nick decides to go up there and join Phyllis. When he gets into bed he tells her he is still mad at her.

Jack is listening to old records on a wind up record player he found in the attic. He and Sharon agree that this shouldn’t be this hard. They agree that they still love each other. Jack wants the passion back so he can make her every romantic fantasy come true. Jack tells her that he feels like she is slipping away from him.

Kevin gets warnings on his laptop that blackouts are covering most of Genoa City. He tells the others that they are lucky they are inside and safe. Daniel teases by telling the others that Amber is afraid of storms. Jana brings out the tarot cards to pass the time away since they burnt the Ouija board. She offers to read for everyone.

Cloe tells Billy that she knows he hates her and assures him that this baby is not his. Billy admits he doesn’t hate her and says he likes the idea that he is not the father. He asks Cloe if she told Cane anything about them. Cloe tells Billy, he is with Amber now and she is with Cane, Billy is not the father. She says the baby is going to have two parents now, her and Cane and if he doesn’t believe her to call her doctor.

Cane and Lily wait to be rescued and they go through her purse looking for food. She comes across an old sucker filled with lint. She asks if he will tell Cloe about them being in the elevator together. He says no but admits she isn’t as crazy as she use to be. Lily tells him she can tell he really loves the baby. She says the baby must be changing Cloe and him too. Cane says he guesses that’s a good thing. Cane lets Lily know he is still not happy. He admits that he is dying inside without her. He says he loves her as much now as he did the day he asked her to marry him. He tells her not to ever think he has moved on because he can’t, she is still in his heart everyday. The maintenance man interrupts telling Cane to hang tight they almost have them out of there.

Nick tells Phyllis that Sharon is Noah’s mother and all this is about Noah only and it is nothing to do with Sharon. Phyllis says she doesn’t understand his compulsion to protect Sharon, nor does she understand Sharon’s need to whine on his shoulder. Nick says he does have a past with Sharon but he assures her that she is his woman, not Sharon.

Sharon gives Jack a glass of wine. Jack wants to dance but instead of dancing Sharon wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately.

Amber is nervous about the creepy stuff while Kevin wants the cards to tell him how to get more customers for the coffee shop. Daniel asks if Restless Amber will be picked up and made into a cartoon. Jana gives Kevin his card, the Magician which means he is playing with fire. Daniel gets the Fool. Jana interprets it as him looking for a new experience but doesn’t realize perfection is right in front of him. Daniel tells Jana to stop playing matchmaker as they all look over at Amber. Amber’s card is the High Priestess and Jana says according to the book she is hiding a complicated secret, a life she lives with that could ultimately destroy many lives.

Daniel leaves after thanking Kevin and Jana for the dry place during the storm and Amber leaves soon after. Jana wants to go over the tarot cards one more time. She is worried about Mrs. Chancellor. She says first she lost her car and then her mind. Kevin shrugs it off saying people lose things pointing out that she sees the lost and found box there. Jana says she saw how he and Gloria exchanged looks. She says the cards were clear, and she wants Kevin to change the path he is on. Kevin tells her the only path he is on leads to her.

Cloe rubs her stomach and thinks back to when she bribed the newspaper man in New York. She gives the man some money to say she is waiting there for someone, and then tells him to leave her alone. Billy walked up and starts to grab a magazine. Cloe tells him he has to be quicker than that as she flirts with him. Back to reality she talks to her baby telling him she did plan to meet its Dad, she just didn’t plan to fall for him.

The maintenance man is working to get Cane and Lily out the elevator. Lily jokes with Cane about having her check mailed to her. Billy comes to Jabot and is told that the CEO is stuck in the elevator. He hears Lily and Cane talking as they joke about her online dating name, FalloutGirl. She says she isn’t excited about meeting someone new though. They both end up kissing just as the elevator doors open with Billy standing there watching unseen. Lily runs out and Cane walks out going the other way.

Jan Barrett

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