Heather tells Adam that the word is out that some diary in Victor’s handwriting is set to be published. She says it apparently states that Victor killed Walter Palin. When Heather leaves the room Adam calls Jack and repeats over and over for him to pick up.

Jack ignores the phone ringing which makes Sharon suspicious. They start arguing again . She says it is hard to stay married to someone who doesn’t trust her enough to share what’s going on in his life. She tells him his lies are demeaning. Jack begs for a chance to fix this. He tells her he was merely trying to help Adam but it backfired. Sharon tells him she doesn’t believe him anymore then walks out telling him she will talk to him later.

Jill is told about a meeting that was set up by Katherine regarding a merger. At Crimson Lights Katherine is happy when Nick pops in to order coffee for them both. She asks Nick what Nikki is up to since she can’t seem to locate her. Nick says he is sorry but he can’t go into it with her except to tell her that they aren’t sure if Victor is ever going to come home.

While Victor is in church praying, Nikki is on the phone in London saying of course it is important. She says she wouldn’t have crossed the Atlantic if it wasn’t crucial, asking to please meet with her. The priest interrupts Victor to invite him to join him for lunch or perhaps or maybe for just a walk in the fresh air. Victor thanks him but declines the offer saying he prefers to be alone.

Nikki pleads to please don’t let them down, they have got to come. She thinks back to when Victor lashed out at her when Sabrina died. And then about how he wished she were dead in Mexico and then back to when she broke into the ranch. With tears in her eyes she vows not to give up.

Nick says he isn’t sure where Nikki is but he assures Katherine that she seems to have it together. Katherine gets a call from Jill who says she needs to see her at Jabot now. Jill calls the legal department and requests to have an attorney draw up a petition immediately.

While Heather is on the phone Sharon comes to her office apologizing for showing up without calling first. She tells Heather that she isn’t a Newman anymore but she just can’t imagine Victor killing anyone. She says that isn’t what she came there for though. She tells Heather that her husband and Heather’s boyfriend have been spending a lot of time together and she asks if she has any idea what that is all about.

Adam tells Jack the news about some magazine publishing the diary and the DA is salivating over it. Jack thinks it only means that the diary has been authorized. He says who wouldn’t want to read the downfall of a ruthless billionaire.

Victor is praying out loud in the church. As his eyes tear up he puts the prayer card aside and asks God if he is going to help him. He says he feels so alone.

Nick gets a call from the priest telling him that a deeply disturbed man arrived at his parish that might be his father. The priest says he didn’t say he was Victor Newman but he is quite famous. The priest tells Nick that he can’t betray his confidence but he felt the need to call his family. Nick claims that his father was in bad shape physically and mentally and he has been missing for weeks and the family is worried sick. Nick finds out where the priest is located and then thanks him for calling him.

Katherine meets with Jill asking what the big emergency is. Jill reminds Katherine that they weren’t interested in this merger.  So she cancelled the meeting. Jill tells Katherine that it’s up to her to watch over Chancellor Industries and her. She tells her mother that she has not been herself Katherine argues saying she is just fine and asks how she can prove it. Jill asks her to see a neurologist. She sets up an appointment and tells Katherine to keep it this time.

Jack tells Adam he doesn’t see the problem, not for them anyway. He asks Adam what he is worried about. He says isn’t this what he dreamed of. Of course Adam wants to stick it to his father but now the cops are involved. He asks what if the feds learn it is a fake diary. Jack says they must have authenticated it. Jack assures Adam that it can’t be proven that they were involved in this saying for a Harvard Man Adam sure lacks imagination.

Heather doesn’t like hearing that Adam is associated with Jack and she was told by someone else that Jack’s helping Adam. Sharon asks her is she thinks that is odd. Heather doesn’t think Jack is trustworthy but says no offense. Sharon thinks the same about Adam. Sharon watches as Heather excuses herself to read papers from a large envelope delivered to her, labeled Victor Newman.

Katherine snatches the papers from Jill saying how dare her try to throw her out of her own company. She doesn’t think Jill is just concerned about her. She tells Jill for once in her life be honest about her motives. Seems Jill only calls her mother when she wants her to go along with her with something, otherwise all she is to Jill is a miserable old bat. Jill says well based on how she is acting now what does she deserve to be called.

When Heather returns to tell Sharon she has to go a messenger comes in with an envelope that was just delivered. Sharon asks to use the phone to make a call to her son before she leaves. Heather says ok and walks out the office. Sharon calls and pretends to be Heather and she orders more copies of the journal facsimile telling them to leave them on her filing cabinet. When Heather comes back she looks suspicious when Sharon leaves.

Nick calls Nikki to update her on the priest’s call. Nikki is glad to hear that Victor is safe at least. Nikki says she sees no point in her going to France now. She says she knows Victor doesn’t want to see her. She tells him she’s gill him in on her plan if it works. She asks him to trust her and not come to France. She says there is only one person who can reach him.

Victor is reading the Bible when the priest comes in with some food for him. He wishes he could help Victor with the burden he is carrying. Victor talks about the night his vibrant young bride died and how she was carrying their baby. He questions why God would let this happen. The priest says God is merciful and loving and having confessed and admitting his sins, Victor will soon find the solace he is looking for if he continues on the path towards God. Victor wishes he could believe that.

Jill does have an agenda for getting to the bottom of what’s going on with Katherine. Katherine thinks it is that she wants complete control of her company. Jill reminds her that she thought Phillip was alive and he has been dead for over three decades. She begs her mother to let a doctor examine her and get some answers. Katherine says she won’t let her push her aside saying she will fight her. Jill says if word gets out that Katherine is losing it unscrupulous people will take advantage. She points out that she was about to sign over stock to Gloria. Katherine says she might not be as bright as she use to be but she still won’t tolerate being harassed. She tells Jill if she takes this petition to the stockholders her days in this company will be over.

Adam sees Heather and an FBI agent looking over documents. The agent shook hands with Heather telling her good work. Adam asks about his father she asks him why would he expect her to tell him what she knows when he hides things from her. He asks what things. She tells him about Sharon’s visit. She tells him that she thought he was done with Jack. She tells him she didn’t tell Sharon about his trip to Mexico with Jack but she wants to know what he and Jack are up to. Adam tells her he has been working on a little project and Jack has been helping him out with it. She thinks for a Harvard man he is a bit too naïve. She asks why Jack would help him. She tells him to clean up his act and show him that he is serious and then maybe they will have something to talk about as she leaves.

Sharon lurks around Heather’s office until she sees the copies she ordered placed on Heather’s filing cabinet. Nervously Sharon slips the papers into her purse and runs out.

Marge is sitting in a bar when she calls Katherine and asks for her help getting sober. She swears she will do whatever it takes to kick the alcohol. When she tells her that she needs her help, Katherine tells her then she will have it.

When Heather gets back to her office she announces to her associate that they are about to issue an international warrant for Victor’s arrest. She says with what they have on him he won’t get away this time.

Jack joins Adam on the patio to update that Robert’s legal department determined the diary as the real deal and because of the leak which probably came from his office they have moved up the publication date to this issue of “The Sophisticate” saying it will hit the newsstand tomorrow morning. Jack congratulates Adam saying there is a fat paycheck and a book deal on its way right now. Adam is excited saying he can’t wait. Adam says it isn’t about the money though, he wants people to read this and the last entry.

As they think back to when Jack was dictating Nick has Sharon with him and they are reading the journal as it describes Victor killing Walter, holding his head under the water. Meanwhile Victor is seen packing his bags as he leaves the parish.

Nikki is in England in her hotel room looking out the window with tears in her eyes when someone knocks at the door. When she opens the door Ashley is standing there. Nikki says she is so glad she came.

Jan Barrett

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