Amber and Daniel say they are dive bar specialists along with Jana who is waiting on Kevin. When he calls he tells her he is on his way. Eden and Noah are at Crimson Lights and she asks if he has plans. When he says no she grabs his arm and says you do now as she drags him out.

Victoria and JT meet with Nick and Phyllis at the tack house saying Happy Halloween. They talk about what Nikki is up to wishing she will be able to reach Victor. Victoria gets a weird feeling when she feels a draft coming from the door. She tells them surely that wasn’t a ghost right?

Colleen is dressed as a witch and she greets Cloe and Cane who is dressed as the Prom Queen and Scarface. Amber is dressed as a slutty witch and she asks where she got her inspiration. They are told that this is not Colleen’s party. Daniel teases Kevin when he arrives about his suit when Amber explains it as him being dressed as a foreclosure man. Billy Abbott comes out with the mic saying you are the audience and the entertainment.

Neil suggests that they go over to Crimson Lights to see Anna’s costume. He admits how he misses the kids dressing up for Halloween but still he is sorry for bringing up the subject about having kids. He says he is just grateful to have her in his life. He asks what more could he possibly want. When Neil leaves Karen makes a call saying “Hey it’s me. I need to see you.”

Billy gets some attitude from Kevin and Daniel when he seems to be flirting with Amber. He declares that he has no hard feelings about losing Amber to Daniel. He just wants everyone to enjoy the party. Kevin whispers to everyone to drink as much booze as they can as long as Billy is paying for it. Billy goes to Cloe and tells her she has a keeper if only she can keep him. Cloe says if she can then that gives him a clear shot at Lily. Colleen catches Lily, who is dressed as Daisy Mae staring at Cane.Lily gets a message from Sonny Crawford wondering what she is doing. Colleen suggests that she invites him to the party.

Victoria is holding onto Reed and she comments on how Nick and Phyllis found the time to decorate for Halloween with all that is going on. Phyllis gives Nick the credit. Victoria and Nick think about how Victor was the absentee father while Nikki was a different story. They tell each other what a good parent they are and both agree they will never make the same mistakes as Victor made.

Karen meets with Olivia at Crimson Lights secretly. Karen wonders if Olivia mentioned anything to Neil since suddenly he has backed off about them having a baby. Of course Olivia would never do that as Karen realizes. She likes the idea that Neil wants a baby with her saying she is more secure in their relationship now but she is still in knots over it all. Olivia asks her how much she loves Neil. Olivia thinks Karen should tell Neil the truth as they watch when Neil arrives and makes over Anna who is dressed as a cheerleader.

Devon is giving his nurse mouth to mouth resuscitation, and Colleen is so proud of Lily for inviting Sonny to the party as Billy watches them grinning.

Kevin is wearing an “I’m with Cupid” shirt humors Jana who is focusing on a large crystal ball. Billy goes over to Lily who tells him about her meeting a guy. Lily says he is funny and he is coming to the party. Lily tells him that Colleen talked her into inviting him. Billy thinks that is cool saying a love connection at his first annual Halloween party.

Outside the bar Noah tells Eden that this is a bad idea. He said he told his parents that he was meeting friends at Crimson Lights. Eden tells him well he told the truth since she is a friend. They put on their masks and go inside. They are stopped at the door and are asked who they are kidding as the bouncer lifts their masks.

Summer is upstairs and Reed is sleeping so the four adults talk about the past Halloween nights from the past. They said Nikki made some of the best costumes. They said their Dad never made it home in time from the office. Victoria wishes her was there. Nick tells them he believes in ghosts, saying he has felt Cassie’s presence before. JT says he would invite Walter Palin to join them and Phyllis would like to invite John Kennedy Jr. because he is a publisher not because he is good looking. Victoria would want to see Sabrina. Suddenly a loud bang startles them all. Nick says that was spooky and picks up a framed photo that fell. Victoria asks who is in the photo, and it was Nikki, Victor, Nick and herself.

At the party officer Wallace, the one that returned Anna, is flirting with Tyra. Who he says must be Anna’s sister, not her mother. Neil assures Tyra that the man was paying her a compliment, not saying she wasn’t Anna’s mother. Tyra tells all that they have to go and bids everyone goodbye as she is taking Anna and her friends trick or treating. Olivia says she has to go as well and leaves. Neil suggests to Karen that they go hom and hand out candy or they can go home and turn out the lights and ignore the doorbell. Karen tells him she wants to do this here. She tells him she needs to talk to him about something he deserves to know.

Noah and Eden are sitting outside the bar and he says he is glad the bouncer didn’t call their parents. Eden says her dad is cool. He understands developing independence. Noah explains to her about how his sister died in a car accident and he admits that he misses her. Eden feels bad about what she said now.

Colleen irritates Amber so much that Amber ends up pouring her drink all over Colleen. Colleen calls her a lunatic. Amber laughs telling her at least it wasn’t in her face. Colleen pulls away and snaps at Amber telling her not to touch her. Colleen tells Billy sarcastically thanks for keeping Amber away from Daniel. Kevin is on the phone with Katherine giving her computer advice. He laughs as he says he just can’t get away from her. Amber says she thinks Katherine Chancellor is an amazing woman. Kevin likes her but he will like her even more when she is gone. Amber snaps at him saying she has tons of life left in her. Kevin defends himself saying he didn’t mean when she dies, he meant when she is out of his hair. Daniel says yeah right.

Victoria stays behind while the rest of the adults take Summer out trick or treating. As she looks around she asks out loud if anyone is there. She leans over looking at sleeping Reed saying he better not ever tell his Dad she asked that. She goes into the kitchen for coffee when she is spooked when a shadow goes past her.

Karen starts by reminding Neil about her mother dying saying she stood by her watching her waste away from ovarian cancer while she was only in elementary school. She is in tears when she tells him that when she was in her 20’s she was tested for a gene and couldn’t bare the thought of being able to pass that onto a child of her own so she had a complete hysterectomy. She said she has thought about having a child with him but she can’t, no matter how much she loves him and wants to.

Cloe orders cranberry juice and stares at Billy as she thinks back when she and Billy were in bed together and they had missed their dinner reservation and all they did was joke about it.

Colleen Leaves Lily so Sonny can approach her telling her good luck. She stands there waiting when she starts daydreaming that Cane walks over to her saying that he is Sonny. She imagines him telling her that it will always be her. Cane walks over to Lily and brings her back to reality as a disappointed Billy watches.

Noah says he thinks it is time he go home. Eden says she probably should go home too. He thanks her for getting carded with her. She says anytime and then quickly gives him a kiss and then runs off.

Neil takes both of Karen’s hands assuring her that he has made his decision. Karen tells him that if he ever wanted his own child then he could never get it with her. She tells him he can’t ignore this. If he commits to her he needs to understand what he will be giving up. She says she has grieved over what she’d never have but she has thought about it long and hard before making her decision. Now she tells Neil he needs to make his. She kisses him to stop him from saying anything else and then she leaves.

Lily tells Cane he really went all out as she is impressed with his fake teeth costume. She realizes he has no idea what she is talking about so she sees he isn’t Sonny after all. She runs away from Cane only to run into Billy. She tells him she has to get out of there and says thanks for the party as she runs out.

Victoria tells everyone when they come home with a sleeping Summer about the shadow of a woman she saw. Phyllis blames Nick and JT for putting scary thoughts into Victoria’s mind with all their ghost talk. When they are about to leave Victoria notices a silver rattle rolling down the stairs. When Victoria picks it up she asks how this got here. Nick says it looks like the rattle that Sabrina gave Reed. With no explanation they shrug it off. JT takes the rattle and he and Victoria leave with Reed to go home. When they are alone, Nick says that weird things happened tonight with the picture, the rattle and the drafts. A whole lot of nothing Phyllis calls it and when Nick grabs her she jumps. When they head upstairs they tell the ghosts good night. In the dark room downstairs, a shadow passes the picture that had toppled over earlier and a woman’s voice whispers, “Victor.”

Jan Barrett

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