Victoria has Reed in the office dressed up as a pirate for the Halloween party for the kids in Daycare there. JT comes in and tells them that their homes are now bug free. Nikki says that they need to find a way to help Victor.

Nick gets home and Phyllis welcomes him home. She tells him that JT removed all the bugs inside there. He says now they can speak freely and he tells her about his trip. He notices papers about Noah’s trip on the table and she tells him that Sharon brought them over saying that he must have forgotten to tell her about him going to see Sharon before he left.

Katherine calls Amber saying it is an emergency so Amber runs over to Crimson Lights to meet her. Katherine calms her down telling her that a publisher is interested in her memoirs and especially loves the chapter about how Jill stole her husband from her.

Heather tells Brad and Jill that the prosecutor’s office has decided that since Walter and David are dead they are dropping the charges against Brad. Jill says now maybe things can get back to normal around there now.

Amber and Katherine talk about dirty deeds that Jill has done and how soon the whole world will know. Katherine says after all she and Jill went through they ended up being mother and daughter but they did work their way through that. When Amber goes off to get a drink Katherine calls Marge who is at a bar drinking.

Nick teases Phyllis about being jealous over Sharon but she denies it. She explains that Heather was implying to her that he was sneaking around behind her back seeing Sharon. Someone is at the door and when Phyllis opens the door Sharon is standing there. Sharon comes in and she asks Nick how was his trip. He says his trip was terrible which is not what Phyllis thought.

Katherine left a message on Marge’s phone to please call her back. When Amber comes back in she asks Katherine why she looks so sad. She tells her to talk to her. Amber admits she knows about her misplacing her car. Katherine admits forgetting things lately but she says that isn’t what she is worried about. She says she is worried about a friend that has a drinking problem.

Marge orders another drink before a man walks up to her asking if the seat next to her is taken. Murphy has been looking for her since she turned her phone off and she missed another shift at work. He tells her that Joe posted up a Help Wanted sign in the window. Marge yells that her job is all she has as Murphy eases her out the door.

Nick tells Sharon about the authorities thinking that Victor is guilty of murder. Sharon is shocked and asks if Phyllis knew about this. Phyllis answers yes she knew, she is family. Nick says it doesn’t matter what he thinks the important thing is to keep authorities away from Dad. Sharon asks if there is anything she can do. Nick just wanted her to know in case this comes out in the news. When Sharon leaves Phyllis asks Nick how come he told Sharon. Nick tells her he trusts Sharon.

Nikki, Victoria and JT talk about the great time Reed had at the Halloween party and that Nick should be back in town now. They say it is time that they plan their next move. They think that France is the next place to start. They call Heather a pit bull. Victoria gets a phone call and tells them all that speaking of the pit bull, guess who is here to see her.

Sharon ignores a call from Jack to talk to Brad. He tells her that all the charges against him have been dropped. Sharon is all excited for him and tells him they need to celebrate.

After breakfast Nick tells Phyllis that she has nothing to be jealous of with Sharon. He swears to her that he will never cheat on her. Then they race off to bed to be together but Summer cries out stopping them both in their tracks. They both agree that they will pick up where they left off.

Heather goes into Victoria’s office and is pleased to see Nikki. She says this will save her a trip. She tells them she is onto their plan. She knows that Victor never was in South America. She tells them if they would tell her where he is they’d be helping him. Nikki reminds Heather that all she wants to do is prosecute him. Heather says they will bring him in with or without their help. She says all they want is the truth. Heather knows about the chateau and now the French authorities want to talk to Victor too about a suspicious fire. She says so they can see they are not as clueless as they think.

Amber is amazed when she sees all the newspaper clippings that Katherine saved over the past 50 years. She has all the clippings of wedding announcements from all her weddings. Katherine comes across one clipping and she hides it. It was about a kidnapping of Katherine Chancellor and about her being rescued by Doppelganger.

Murphy tells Marge she doesn’t need more to drink, she needs coffee now. She looks around and says she had never seen his home before. She says the truth is she doesn’t know what she would do if he ever stopped coming into the diner because he is the only friend she has.

Nikki tells Heather to listen in and follow them until their hearts are content. She says she has no more proof that he set that fire than they do that Victor killed Walter Palin. Heather says this is like Donald Trump robbing a bank and running off to Europe. She says this story isn’t going to go away. Nick walks in and hears that Heather wants to save Victor from himself. She says bring him in safely reminding them that the European authorities aren’t so gentle. After Heather leaves Nikki is more determined now than ever to find Victor. She gets an idea and leaves without telling Victoria or Nick what she is planning.

Jill comes into the boardroom where Katherine and Amber are. She is pleased to see Katherine going through newspaper clippings but isn’t so happy when Katherine mentions her book. Jill is against her printing it. Katherine tells her the book has already been written and a publisher is interested in it.

Brad is happy that Sharon isn’t worried about being seen with him in public. He admits he was worried that the FBI would have found out about his true identity, George Kaplan. He says how lucky he is and how much he appreciates her standing by him in all of this. Phyllis walks in as they clasp hands.. Phyllis remarks how it is freezing out there but says it looks like it is pretty steamy in here. Phyllis remarks that it is a good thing Jack isn’t the jealous type, first Nick and now Brad. Phyllis teases saying she can’t even recall the last time she saw Sharon out with her husband and then she leaves.

Nikki doesn’t have time to explain because she has a plane to catch. She says she won’t do anything stupid or dangerous. She hands Nick a sheet of paper and asks him to arrange for her to have a meeting with the person on the paper tomorrow saying to make it look like a legitimate Restless Style meeting. She tells him not to worry because she knows exactly what she is doing as she rushes out the door.

Murphy catches Marge snooping around looking for liquor. He tells her she is wasting her time and then he says she needs to stop that drinking anyway. Marge says she knows that but she just can’t. Murphy wishes he could help and then he suggests one of those places where movie stars go to so they can dry out. She says that would cost a fortune though.

Jill wonders what Katherine hopes to accomplish with her book. Katherine Chancellor stands for class, why would she want to tarnish her reputation by airing dirty laundry like this. Katherine yells at Jill telling her not to treat her friends like that when Jill tells Amber to zip it as she was trying to defend Katherine’s actions. Katherine says there is a bidding war over her book right now. Jill says there is no way she is going to let her publish this book. Katherine says she is sorry but the book will be published so she better deal with it. Jill stomps out the room and grabs a phone calling a doctor making another appointment for her mother.

When Brad gets off the phone with Abby he tells Sharon she moved to London with Ashley who is doing some consulting there for Forrester. Brad asks Sharon if she and Jack are having problems. She says they are in a rut right now. Brad tells her she can call him day or night if she needs him, he will be there for her. When Sharon has to go Brad grabs her and hugs her tight while Phyllis watches from inside.

Nick and Victoria are at Newman and they are both wondering what Nikki is up to. JT suggests that he could follow her. Nick says no, she asked that they trust her. He says hopefully she does know what she is doing.

Nikki gets on the plane and the stewardess asks her if this trip for her is business or pleasure. Nikki responds by says it is just something she has to do.

Jan Barrett

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