Adam thinks back to when Jack was making the recording as he pops the tape in. He anxiously says let’s hear that voice. He hears nothing but static when he turns it on. Adam screams out damnit and then he rushes out spitting out a few words.

On the airplane Nick calls Phyllis on the disposable phone that he got her saying he was indeed followed. He says she should be in Buenos Aires soon. A man walks up and looks at a badge in his face. He asks if he is a Mexican Agent smiling. Nick remarks that this plane is going to Argentina though. The agent smiles back saying he will see him when they land.

Gloria tells Kevin that Jeffery is still mad at her and he still has the face cream. When Jeffery walks in she tells Kevin she has to go. Jeffery asks who that was and she avoids answering by asking if they can talk.

Jack comes in asking if anyone is home. Sharon says she was just on her way out to Nick’s to get him to sign a place on Noah’s forms to go to Paris. Jack asks to go with her but she suggests he stay at home and when she gets back they can spend some time together. He apologizes if it seems like he has been neglecting her. She tells him to just promise he won’t run off to take care of some irons in the fire. She says no more excuses and for him to be there when she gets back. He says he has been an inconsiderate oaf then he kisses her promising to be there when she comes back.

Adam goes to see Frank and yells at him asking what did he do to the tape. Frank denies knowing what he is talking about. He realizes that he was played by that woman Crystal, at the coffee house. They say that is why Jack wanted them to stay at the coffee house.

Gloria and Jeffery argued and he tells her about seeing Katherine drunk. She tells him that Katherine doesn’t drink. She is happy to hear that he is still interested in taking over Jabot with her. She says she knew he really loved her. He brings up the picture of Lowell and Michael and her that she had in her purse. Kevin calls and tells her that Katherine just walked in. Gloria asks if she looks drunk. She grabs her purse and says she is sure that Jeffery will change his mind once she gets Katherine’s stock.

Heather goes to the tack house threatening to charge Phyllis with obstruction of justice. Heather suggests that maybe Nick is off to see his father and they are trying to lead the cops in the wrong direction. Phyllis says yeah with two jobs huh? Phyllis tells her they have no time for Heather’s games. Phyllis’s smile drops as soon as Heather tells her that Nick went to see Sharon Abbott.

Gloria gets to Crimson Lights and picks up a copy of the stock transfer agreement from Kevin. Katherine stumbles in and Gloria and Kevin try helping her. She yells at them to leave her alone.

Phyllis says her husband spending time with his ex wife is nothing. She asks Heather if she wants to talk about relationships. She tells her that Adam has no job or trust fund and she asks if she is supporting him. She reminds Heather that Nick’s son, Noah lives with Sharon. Heather points out that they were in the house alone for a long time. Sharon walks in looking for Nick. She says he did stop by but missed a form that needs to be signed. She asks if everything is ok. She says she will just leave the form and then she leaves. Heather asks if she nervous about Nick spending so much time with his ex wife. Phyllis says she trusts her husband.

Nick is on the plane and he is sitting besides the agent following him. Nick invites him to join him for dinner or something once they arrive in Buenos Aires. He asks the agent how is it that he knows when the Newman’s are traveling.

Gloria gets Kevin to leave her and Katherine alone. Gloria tells her she understands why John considered her a friend. Gloria brings up the stock that she agreed to sign over to her. Katherine accuses Gloria of using her memory lapses to her own advantage. Gloria asks her how she could accuse her of such things. Katherine yells that she is sick and tired of everybody telling her that she is losing it!

Adam goes to the Abbott Mansion and asks him what happened to the tape. He plays it and Jack says he hears nothing. Jack pretends he knows nothing about it. Adam gets mad and grabs Jack by the collar and asks him if he thinks he is going to let him get away with this. Adam says to think again buddy. Sharon walks in and hears them arguing. Adam tells Sharon that her husband is a snake. Jack asks if they can take care of this another time but Adam says no. He says if this thing goes South he is taking Jack with him and then Adam leaves. Sharon wonders if Adam is right about Jack not being trusted. Jack tries to smooth things over when Jeffery walks in wanting to talk to Jack now. Sharon asks them to please tell her what is going on. Jeffery leaves and Sharon says there’s nothing going on, she must be imagining things.

Heather pries more with Phyllis saying she wonders if Sharon knows more about Nick’s so called business trip than she does. Summer comes downstairs telling Phyllis she is scared of the bugs. Phyllis tells her there are no bugs, she must have been dreaming.

Nick talks more to the Mexican Agent on the plane about Buenos Aires. He tells him he bets he is good at his job. He asks if he ever lost a guy when tailing him. The agent says never. Nick bets him $100 that he could lose him. Nick says to come on, it is just a friendly wager. Then he says ok make it $200. The agent shakes his hand for the bet. When the plane lands Nick quickly handcuffs the man to the armrest on his seat and runs off.

Katherine laughs at Gloria’s concern for her health, shoving that stock transfer paper in her face the other day and now again. Gloria tells her it was her idea to give her the stock to honor John. She says she could never take it now, since she is so unclear on things. She says John wouldn’t like that. She says the only way she would take the stock now would be if Katherine was 100% clear, 100% certain. Katherine starts looking confused.

Sharon and Jack argue, she tells him she tried giving him the benefit of the doubt. She says but tonight he confirmed her suspicions. She says she chose to keep her mouth shut when faced with his explanations and vague excuses. H=Jack says he was trying to protect her. She asks from what. She says all he did was put more distance between them. She tells Jack she need the truth and she means all of it. He admits he was mentoring Adam, who erased dictated material and now blames him for it. He says the guy is like a  loose cannon. Sharon thinks it is sad that Jack just doesn’t get it. She tells him he thinks he has just opened up to her. She says she trusts her own instincts, not his lies.

Jeffery comes in and Kevin tells him he thought his blackmailing days were over. Gloria is still with Katherine out on the patio. She encourages Katherine to go to see a doctor. Katherine thanks her and then confides that she fears over forgetting things and she is scared that her freedom will be taken away. Gloria assures her that they would have to go through her first. Katherine smiles and says maybe John was right about her after all. When Katherine gets a call Jeffery teases Gloria accusing her of starting to feel sorry for Katherine. Gloria stops him saying for him not to talk about her like that saying Katherine is no fool.

Phyllis thinks about Heather’s words before Nick calls. He tells her he is there safe and sound. She tells Nick about Heather being there and about what Summer said. HE told her not to worry, they don’t know where his Dad is and that is all that matters. Nick says he will be home tomorrow. He tells her Happy Anniversary and that he loves her. She says she loves him too and then hangs up.

Jack tries to fix things with Sharon. He tells her he can’t blame her for feeling the way she does. He promises everything he told her is true. He says she has stood by him, supported him, through a disastrous partnership, failed political career, and her love never wavered. He admits he took it for granted and he let her down. He says he is so sorry for letting her down. Sharon says his words are pretty but they don’t match his actions. She says she is off to pick up Noah. She makes it clear that she is now worried about the future of their marriage. She says a boat doesn’t go anywhere with only one person paddling. She says she is tired of spinning around with him and she isn’t even sure if she wants to be in that boat anymore.

Jan Barrett

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