Katherine sits with the woman that looks like her in a bar. She says talk about a blast from the past. Marge tells her she didn’t think she’d come. Katherine tells her she owes her her life. Marge tells her that she is still slinging hash at the same old place. Katherine tells her she is glad she found her so they can settle the debt she owes her.

Jack gets irritated when he finds out that a professional forger knows his name and cell phone number. He sarcastically thanks Adam for that. Adam tells him if there is any heat in this he is not going to go down alone. Adam insists that Jack is the one that gives Frank the money. He tells Jack to figure a way to fit it into his schedule and leaves.

Nikki stares at the signed piece of art but she has no idea what it could be or why it was sent to them. They wonder if maybe it belonged to Sabrina. Victoria said well maybe Jana would know.

Jana admires the picture of Lowell with Gloria and Michael that Gloria has. She says she is still bitter because Lowell abandoned her and Michael but now she blames Jeffery for running Lowell off. She tells Jana that Jeffery thinks she still has a thing for Lowell. She says it is hard to work it out with him when he won’t even listen to her. Jeffery walks up and tells her to try giving it a shot.

Esther goes to Jabot to ask if Jill had heard from Katherine. She tells Jill that Katherine could be in serious trouble.

Katherine tells Marge it is time she gets sober. Marge laughs and says her gold tooth fell out while eating chicken but she says she has kept up with the blonde hair and nails. She says it is a curse and a gift to look like Katherine. She says she really thought it was her ticket to the mansion. She swears she didn’t know Clint planned to kidnap her.

Gloria and Jeffery talk and she calls him a pig headed fool and then she says she hasn’t been visiting Lowell in jail except for the one time that Michael dragged her down there. She tells him that she loves that he is jealous and territorial, saying they need to go home.

Frank is in a bar having a drink with a date when Jack calls him and tells him to meet him at Crimson Lights. Frank tells him he will see him soon. Jack hangs up saying “that’s what you think” As soon as Frank leaves his date to order a drink the lady makes a call to Jack saying Frank’s on his way. He asks if she got it and she says of course she did, smiling as she takes out a wad of cash.

Gloria tells Jeffery what has been going on with Katherine. She says she is on the verge of giving her the 5% and has been having a lot of senior moments. She says she has been helping her through them. Gloria tells Jeffery she could have used his help in all of this. She says when they join forces they are unstoppable.

Marge coughs over the coffee Katherine got her and says this stuff is going to kill her. They talk about their past together and how much they disliked each other. Marge tells Katherine she was a spitfire and Katherine responds that she still is. Marge waves her empty glass at the bartender requesting another drink.

Jana told Victoria and Nikki that Victor gave Sabrina the Koon’s egg to when he proposed to her. She says it was her favorite possession. Jana says Sabrina’s engagement ring was inside the egg when Victor gave it to her. Jana is upset hearing about the fire at the chateau and that the police are looking for Victor. She can’t think of anything that might help them. Nikki just asks that she keeps this conversation between them

Victor is seen in a church kneeling before the candles. The priest gives Victor a card. On the back are prayer offerings for the Saint of childbirth, children and oddly enough the falsely accused.

Meanwhile Jack searches the desk and finally found a tiny tape. His phone rings and it is Adam wondering where he is. Adam tells Jack that Frank is there. Jack tells Adam he left the money there in the pocket of a jacket he left behind. Adam reminds him that he isn’t off the hook yet because it was his voice on that tape. With a magnet Jack erases the tape as he tells Adam to thank Frank for him. Adam gives the money to Frank but he wants the tape for safekeeping.

In the church Victor continues to pray. The priest tells him it is getting late and asks if Victor has a place to stay. He tells him there is a room off the rectory, warm and quiet. Victor thinks about it.

Gloria and Jeffery make love and after while in bed he admits to her that it feels good to be there. He reaches under the bed and hands Gloria a note. It was a note from William saying ‘if anything happens to me don’t let her get away with it’. She hands the note back to him and he tells her yes he does still have the face cream. He warns her not to screw him over. As long as she behaves and doesn’t screw him over all will be fine but if she does the letters go to the authorities and she will be charged with product tampering or even murder. Gloria suddenly has a headache and needs an aspirin. Jeffery looks in Gloria’s bag and finds the picture of Gloria, Michael and Lowell.

Marge remembers back and she tells Katherine that everything in that blessed house would have been sold. Katherine reminds her of how it ended though saying that she came through for her. Katherine thanks Marge telling her she is a decent soul. She says the booze is pulling her down. She tells Marge to know what the damage that booze can do but it can be beaten. She thinks that is why Marge called her to begin with. Katherine takes Marge’s keys with Marge fighting her for them. Katherine gives the bartender money telling him to use it to call Marge a cab and not to give her another drink.

Frank takes Adam back to his place. And wonders where his keys are. He grabs a spare set about the door frame. Adam is anxious to hear the tape saying the voice better be recognizable. It’s an hour recognition software will prove it. Frank is sure that they got him as Adam smiles while pocketing the tape. Jack slips out on the patio at Crimson Lights and throws the jacket in the garbage, and then he wipes down the keys and them in the trash too.

Nikki tries to convince Victoria that it is no coincidence that Sabrina’s wedding gift ended up at the chateau and then burned down to the ground. When Nikki recalls how erratic Victor was when he left, Victoria urges her to go to France. Nikki tells her she can’t go because he doesn’t trust her anymore. She says in fact there might not be a person on this earth that he can trust now.

Victor is in his room for the night as he sits on the bed he reads the prayer given to him by the priest.

Gloria knocks on the bathroom door looking for Jeffery. When she doesn’t get an answer she looks on the bed and sees her picture ripped up and thrown on the bed. Her eyes tears up and she whispers, “Oh Jeffery!”

Jill is still looking for Katherine when Katherine walks into the boardroom and casually explains that she has been with a friend. Jill tells her that she and Esther has been looking everywhere for her. Jill scolds her saying this is the second neurologist appointments that she has missed. Katherine yells back telling her it is none of her business which friend she was with, saying it was a private matter. She tells Jill if she doesn’t like it then tough.

Jeffery happens to go into a bar that just so happens to be where Marge is. When he sees her he thinks she is Katherine and thinks to himself senior moments his ass, Katherine’s drunk!

Jan Barrett

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