Billy offers to go to Indigo with Colleen when she tells him that Lily is back. Colleen thinks it is odd that he wants to hang out with her suddenly.

Cloe complains about Esther wanting to put her hands on her stomach. Cloe says she doesn’t understand why strangers like putting their hands on pregnant women’s stomachs. Esther tells her she is no stranger, she is the baby’s grandmother.

Cloe tells Colleen and Billy that she loves gumbo when she hears them talking. Cane tells Billy the boss does get a night off now and then after all when Billy remarks him being away from the office. Cloe says he is just in time. She tells him they are going to Indigo insisting that the baby wants to eat.

Tyra tells Neil that a customer asked to pay his bill by doing the dishes so she let him. Neil jokes with her telling her ok but it will come out of her paycheck. Lily walks in and they tell her that Tyra is staying in Genoa City and she is taking her old job back as the club’s manager. Lily gives details about her visit with her Aunt Olivia then she says she missed everyone.

Cane tells Cloe he is tired and just wants to go home and relax. Esther suggests that they go to a closer Chinese restaurant but Cloe insist that she craves atmosphere. Cane takes Esther’s advice about giving the pregnant girl what she wants.

Lily raves about the Elton John Show she went to with Aunt Olivia. When Karen walks in with Anna they tell Neil that Anna misses her old room and they ask if she can spend the night. Tyra tells her not tonight and then she sends Anna to the kitchen. Tyra tells Neil that Karen is great with Anna and then asks if they plan to start a family of their own.

Noah gives Sharon a receipt for the down payment for the school trip to Paris, plus all the permission forms and medical releases that she and Nick both have to sign and return by the day after tomorrow. He apologizes saying it got lost in his backpack. He says there will be plenty of chaperones, then says that is a bummer. Sharon says she is glad he is going on the trip. He asks if she went when she was in school. She tells him no because they couldn’t afford it.

Eden tells Lauren she isn’t sure she wants to go on the Paris trip. She says she worries about being away from her dad that long. Lauren thinks the trip is a good idea and then comes up with Eden making a picture diary saying she can show her dad a picture of her in front of the Eiffel Tower. She shows her the itinerary. Lauren teases saying she’d take her place if she thought she could pass for 15. Eden says ok reluctantly and then says she will be back in an hour. Lauren reminds her that Michael asked her to keep her nose clean for her Dad’s sake.

Gloria flashes back to Lowell and Marshall’s debate about the protests Lowell confirms Gloria’s story saying he is surprised she remembers it word for word. They flash back to Marshall stomping out telling Lowell to go take care of his kid and Lowell telling Gloria he can’t go home with them. He told her he had to stay so he could try and put a stop to this confetti bomb.

Tyra tells Karen it was so sweet of her to take Anna for a pedicure. Karen tells Tyra that Anna is pretty special. Tyra asks her about having children of her own but Karen is cool with her response by saying she likes borrowing other people’s kids, then she can give them back.

Lily jokes with Colleen about shoe shopping and says she didn’t make it to a recommended nightclub. She says now that they are both manless they will have to make a girl’s night out one night. They agree it is time to love em and leave em. They laugh saying watch out, two wild single women on the loose. Billy steps in stating that he is single too. Anna is surprised when she sees Cane walk in with Cloe on his arm.

Colleen both get upset at Cane coming in with Cloe. They agree that if he had any class he’s stay away. Lily tells them all that she is fine and she just smiles at Billy when he offers to throw his big brother out like a kangaroo. Anan asks Cane how come he didn’t go see them. He tells her he didn’t know she was there. She asks didn’t Lily tell him they moved back. He tells her no she didn’t.

Eden sees Noah at Crimson Lights with his nose buried in a book. She tells him he needs to get out in the world more and experience life. Eden says she is glad she doesn’t have strict parents like he does. Noah tells her that he paid the deposit on the Paris trip. He is disappointed when she tells him she has stuff to deal with here.

Gloria scolds Lowell for leaving them because he could abandon the cause and the people he recruited to fight it. She wants to know why they weren’t worthy of his every effort. Lowell tells Michael that if he had put his family first back things wouldn’t be so screwed up now. Lowell apologizes when Michael tells him what a basket case Gloria was back then.

Billy tries convincing Lily that she should join the online dating service. She says she has had several hits on it already. Billy thinks it is possible to meet exceptional people online.

Cane gets aggravated that Cloe spends time texting on her phone and claims she is no longer hungry. When everyone looks towards Cane with frowns Karen reminds Neil to let Lily handle this. Tyra tells her she doesn’t understand, it is a parent’s instinct to protect their child at all cost.  Olivia walks in and surprises everyone. Karen is shocked to see that Neil’s sister in law is the same Olivia that was her doctor in New York. Tyra stands to the side saying it sure is a small world.

Eden’s doesn’t give full details about what she isn’t going to Paris. She tells Noah the details would just bore him. He tells her he had the impression that she was thinking about going. He starts to say that is why he was going but changes it to that is why he is disappointed that she is bagging out on the trip. His phone rings and she asks if that is his Mommy! She teases him asking if he is past his curfew. He says he has to go when he sees Sharon come in. He hurries over to her before she can jump on him for not being outside waiting for her or for not answering his phone. He says for her to Chill. She looks surprised at him and tells him not to give her attitude, then saying let’s go.

Olivia reports that she has heard nothing but wonderful things about all of them from Lily. Karen walks Tyra and Anna out so Olivia and Neil can talk. She says Lily talked her into coming to visit. She says it seems like she needed her. She tells Neil Lily is still upset over the Aussie Guy. Neil points out that the guy she mentioned is there right now. Neil tells her that is his wife that he is with. Olivia says he has some nerve coming there with her. Olivia confesses to Neil that she was thinking about him all the time.

Lily sends Colleen off when she finally convinces her that she is fine. She goes over to Cane at his table and he apologizes for coming saying he didn’t know she was back. He says they will be gone as soon as they get their takeout. Billy asks Cloe if she is stalking him. She points to her stomach saying it is obvious that she is over him now. He says he wants to hear all about Cane and Lily saying maybe they can both get what they want.

Noah and Sharon apologize to each other for the scene at Crimson Lights. He asks her why do girls like you one minute and the next treat you like dog meat. Sharon asks if he means one girl in particular or girls in general. She explains that girls like to play hard to get. It is one way of saying that they do like you. Noah is surprised and likes her answer.

Eden goes home and Lauren is proud of her for coming back on time. Eden tells her she went over the itinerary for the Paris trip and if they really think she should go then she should go. Michael is happy to hear that and then he goes out the door saying he is off to follow a new lead for evidence to help clear their father.

Gloria goes back to Lowell and thanks him for getting her off the hook with Michael. She feels guilty for not going to the police 40 years ago to help him. Lowell understands that she did what she had to do to get by. When Gloria leaves he thinks back to the happy family then falls into a chair

Karen whispers to Olivia that she hopes the doctor/patient confidentiality still applies. She tells her that Neil doesn’t know and she doesn’t want him to know. Neil interrupts them by inviting Olivia to stay with them and she thinks that is very generous of him.

Billy watches Cane talking to Lily. Cloe asks him if he has a thing for Lily. He tells her yeah, why not. He says she is beautiful and single. He says besides it would stop Cane from lusting after Lily. Billy is figuring Cloe would be more than happy to help him with his plan.

Cane notices later that Billy is talking to Lily. He tells Lily that he knows it is none of his business but he doesn’t trust the guy. Lily tells him he is right, it is none of his business.

Jan Barrett

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