Katherine is just about to sign when she thanks Gloria for being so kind to her. Gloria shows her where the signature line in. Suddenly Jill barges in and demands that Katherine stops and then she asks what the hell is going on.

Michael goes to see Lowell and apologizes for being late. He shows Lowell a picture that Sullivan sent him taken the day the bank was blown up. He thinks that maybe some of the people can confirm that he wasn’t the bomber. He remarks that he hopes they are all still alive and within subpoena reach. Lowell looks at the picture and is having a hard time remembering any of them. Michael asks him to try harder.

Daniel and Amber walk in at Restless Style. When Phyllis sees them kissing she is horrified. She starts to walk over to them but Nick stops her telling her to leave them alone. She walks over to them and apologizes for butting in on them on the radio but Amber and Daniel tell her not to worry that in fact she did them a favor. Amber tells Phyllis that they are back together now. Amber says they have another surprise for her too. She hands Phyllis a ring box giving Phyllis heart failure. She doesn’t want to open it but when they insist she opens it to find a key for the penthouse. They announce that Amber has moved in with Daniel so they don’t need the penthouse anymore.

Michael tells Lowell their court date is coming up soon so they need to get on this as soon as they can. He says starting with the people in the picture including THAT woman. Michael realizes as he looks at the photo that the woman in the picture is Gloria.

Jill asks if Katherine even knows what she is about to sign and Gloria says of course she knows what it is. Katherine snaps at Jill saying she refuses to be treated like a trainee in her own company and she leaves the room. Gloria yells at Jill for humiliating her mother. Jill takes the contract and tears it up and warns Gloria to stay away from her mother.

Amber and Daniel call Jana and Kevin and invite them over for dinner tonight after they announce that they are back together and Amber has moved in with Daniel. Jana tells her that they will be there and then tells Kevin that they should get them a housewarming gift.

Phyllis rants to Nick about Amber moving in with Daniel. She goes to Daniel and suggests that they stay in the penthouse but Daniel turns down the offer. Phyllis says if it is because of money, she can lower the rent but he still isn’t interested.

Michael asks Lowell how come Gloria is in this group and why is she looking away. Lowell tells him as he can recall Michael took his pants off and streaked through the room. Michael is shocked that they brought him there. He asks if he thinks Gloria could remember anything that might make a difference. While looking over the papers Michael asks how come Gloria wasn’t mentioned in any of the reports. . Lowell says it is because he didn’t want Gloria involved saying it was dangerous times. Lowell worries about how Jeffery would react if Gloria testified for him. He says he can’t ask her for anything else. Michael says but he can.

Gloria calls Kevin and tells him about Jill tearing up the contract. She says she has all the pieces and a part of Katherine’s signature. She wonders if he has the technology that will smooth the papers. Kevin tells her this is not a good time as he is walking in with Jana at Amber and Daniel’s place. He tells her he has to go and when he hangs up Jana doesn’t look happy.

Jill asks Gloria how she conned Katherine to sigh those papers. Gloria says she didn’t. She tells Jill that Katherine called her and begged her to come over. Gloria offered to let her listen to the call as she holds up the phone but Jill just orders her to leave. As she goes out the door Michael calls her telling her that he wants to see her right away so she says she is on her way.

Nick watches Phyllis playing with Summer and says Daniel needs to see this side of her. He suggests that she lets Daniel live him life. He tells her she has healthy kids, a business and a super hot husband. Nick tells her that he knows the secret to success. Cater to his every whim. She smiles as she says that sounds easy and she kisses him.

Gloria meets with Michael at the jail and she smiles when he shows her the photo. She says that was the last day. Lowell speaks up saying Gloria doesn’t remember. Michael sarcastically suggests that it must have been just one big pre-bombing party. He looks at Gloria and demands that she tells him everything. Lowell says she doesn’t have to making Michael wonder what they are trying to hide.

Amber senses that something is wrong with Kevin and Jana. Jana tells her is all the double shifts this week that she has been doing and Kevin has been busy at Jabot. She says it isn’t money problems but she doesn’t understand why Kevin is showering her with presents because she has never been into material things. She asks Amber if she has noticed is Mrs. Chancellor has been having any memory lapses. She tells her how Katherine misplaced her car but Amber says Katherine would never have done that. When Kevin walks in Jana asks him about it and he just shakes his head at her.

Jill talks to Katherine and suggests that she might just have a vitamin deficiency or an illness. Something that medication could take care of. Katherine thinks Jill is trying to put her out to pasture so she can do anything she wants to but Jill denies that. She tells Katherine she can’t imagine life without her. Jill insists on driving her home so Katherine hands her the car keys but says she hopes she can keep her house key. Jill is going out the door but turns around and hugs Katherine telling her it will be ok. When Jill leaves Katherine is on the phone telling someone to call her a cab right away.

Michael insists on them telling him everything. Gloria tells Lowell that Michael deserves to know it all so they sit down and explain it to him. Gloria explains to Michael that his father wanted to build a world that he deserved.

Nick and Phyllis are at home when she laughs admitting to Nick that he was right. She says she will stay out of it. She says Amber will screw up on her own without her help and then she kisses Nick.

Amber and Daniel are in bed when she tells him she meant it when she said she would live with rats if it meant being with him. Daniel pretends that his place is infested with rats making Amber scream. She tells him he is so mean and they laugh.

Jana is not happy with Kevin so he finally admits that he moved Katherine’s car because Gloria asked him to and he feels crappy about it. He says he is sorry he upset Katherine and that he lied to her. He promises it won’t happen again as they kiss and make up.

Jill finds out from the receptionist that Katherine got her to call her a cab but she didn’t tell her where she was going. Meanwhile Katherine is seen in a bar holding a glass up with a shaking hand and then saying to make the next one a double.

Jan Barrett

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