Jill tries to pull rank with Cane when he lays out his plans for Jabot which includes impressive growth projections. Cane throws his weight around telling her this isn’t a sales pitch, it is just an update. When Cane and Billy leave Katherine asks Jill when will she let Cane do his job? Jill asks if she means the way she lets her do hers.

Gloria is on the phone with Jeffery arguing about the Jabot stock. When Jack walks in and overhears the conversation he teases her about Jeffery dumping her. Paul asks Adam about his meeting with the recruiter asking if it was there at the motel. Adam quickly comes up with a story that a friend of his from Kansas is staying there and tells him it is a shame that he didn’t get a chance to meet him.

Victor tells Heather on the speakerphone that she us using her position to harass his family with her power. When she tries to say something he stops her telling her he told her not to speak. He says he wonders if she is even capable of following simple instructions. He says if she speaks again he will hang up. When Nick and Victoria arrive Victor says he has committed no crime and it is his right to remove himself from his family and Genoa City if he chooses to do so. He says Michael is no longer his attorney so he and his family should be left out of all of this. Heather asks sarcastically if she is supposed to take her word that he is innocent. All of a sudden the phone goes quiet, because Victor hung up.

Paul doesn’t believe Adam’s story about a friend. He suggests that Adam call his friend and they could meet for a drink or something but Adam tells him it is too late. His friend has left town already.

Gloria tells Jack her call with Jeffery is a marital misunderstanding. Jack wants to know how badly she is about to screw him over. Gloria admits Jeffery is jealous over Lowell saying Jeffery has her heart. Jack says and evidently he also has her stock. He tells her if she doesn’t have the stock then she is of no use to him. Gloria says Jeffery left her two days ago but she knows he will be back. Jack says he has all the Abbott proxies and asks what she has. Gloria tells him she knows he can’t run Jabot himself. She says she and Katherine are close but it isn’t that simple. Jack gives her until the end of the day to get the stocks they need for the takeover and if she doesn’t get them then the deal is off.

Cane and Billy talk about what a natural model Colleen is. When Billy offers him a drink Cane turns it down saying the last time he had a drink he had one too many. He explains how he was with Lily when Cloe got pregnant and he doesn’t even remember it. Billy tells him and now he has a baby onboard. Cane tells him they had a DNA test done to prove it was Cane’s baby.

Kevin talks to Katherine about her laptop software. Kevin is uneasy when Katherine pats him on the back and then goes down to his butt. She laughs about misplacing her car at Crimson Lights saying now she remembers parking further away. Kevin assures her it could happen to anyone. When he starts to walk away he tells her to call him if she has any problems.

Kevin warns Gloria that she is playing with fire by playing mind games with her dead husband’s best friend. Gloria is interested only in the future. She tells him his technical skills will pay off in spades.

When they can’t get a trace on Victor’s call Heather says she wants that phone. Michael tells her it isn’t Nikki’s phone, it is his and if she wants itt o get a warrant for it. Nikki drops the phone then steps on it breaking it and the tells Michael she is sorry, she is so clumsy sometimes. Heather accuses them of defending a killer asking Nikki didn’t she get enough of that with her last husband. Nick tells Heather that is enough. He says after her mother gave her a job when she needed one and now she is going to treat her like this. Michael tells Heather this meeting is over and shows her to the door. She says they will find him and prosecute him.

Jack sees Jill and tells her she must have confidence in Cane to leave him alone in that big office. He tells her he is in too good of a mood to fight with her. He says maybe Katherine and Gloria will become best friends and then maybe he can get Gloria off his property. Jill says she is glad Gloria is gone from Jabot and she won’t be coming back. She says Katherine might feel protective of her but will never become friends with her.

Gloria comes into the boardroom when she gets a message from Katherine. Katherine says she didn’t leave her any message though. Gloria asks her if she forgot she had left her a message and Katherine tells her she did no such thing.

Cane and Billy talk about how great Jill is. Billy says how nice it was having her fight for him when he was exiled to Hong Kong. Cane says he really loves that lady. Billy tells him he handled her well in the boardroom then saying Jill just has a hard time letting go. Billy says he was shocked to hear that Jill had stepped down from CEO saying he guesses that sometimes you got to fight and get bloody. Cane says he doesn’t have a problem getting bloody but doesn’t want it drawn from his family.

Nick and Victoria want to know how their Dad sounded. Michael says like someone that Heather doesn’t want to mess with. He says Victor was innocent of Ji Min’s murder and he is of this one too. Nick tells them about Victor’s chateau burning to the ground and they suspect arson. He asks if Victor mentioned that. Michael tells the Newman’s that Victor would not want them interfering. Nikki discusses going to France with Nick and Victoria. Nikki tells Michael now that Victor fired him as his attorney he could tell them everything Victor is planning. Michael tells them that Victor is in France saying that he was going to sell the chateau. Nikki thinks that Victor has moved on from there but Victoria thinks that is a good place to start though.

Kevin gets some documents from the receptionist that Katherine supposedly asked for and then he goes back into the boardroom asking his mother what she was doing there. He pretends to be surprised to see Gloria there as he slips her his cell phone. He tells Katherine that the paperwork she requested from legal should be there soon. Katherine looks confused when Gloria wonders about the stock. Katherine gets furious and tells Gloria they both know she has already refused to give her that. She screams that she will not part with the Jabot stock.

Kevin snubs Billy when he and Cane come out the office but he says hello to Cane. Billy tells him it is nice to see him too, sarcastically and then he tweaks Kevin’s tie. When Billy is gone on the elevator, Kevin warns Cane not to trust that jackass.

Adam meets with Heather at her office and tells her he had to reschedule his meeting with the recruiter so he could meet a friend from Kansas. He tells her how he ran into Paul. She tells Adam about Victor’s phone call. Adam tells her that he thinks Victor is guilty. Heather promised to bring Victor back wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Gloria tells Katherine she doesn’t have to do this now saying she matters more than the stock does. Katherine tells her she never promised her any stock. Gloria goes down the line explaining all the events that led to it saying she promised her 5% as a tribute to John and then accused her of reneging on the deal. The receptionist brings in documents handing them to Katherine telling her they are the ones she requested. Gloria starts to go but Katherine stops her asking her how could this have happened. Gloria tells her that she did it., she says she signed the stock over to her. Gloria eyes tears up telling her that this means there really is something wrong with her.

Jack drills Jill about Gloria and Katherine paling around Katherine. Jill thinks that it is ludicrous saying that she’d have to be out of her mind and then she runs out leaving Jack smiling looking proud of himself.

Paul shows up at Heather’s office and gets the cold shoulder. He asks to talk to her alone so Adam leaves. She thinks it is embarrassing that Paul’s there to tell about catching Adam at the Motel. Paul says he will never stop looking after her and he won’t fight with her. He tells Heather he is very good at what he does and he thinks that Adam is up to something. Heather comes back at him saying that his priorities are with Nikki and her family. She tells him she has managed this long without him.

Cane catches Jill when she gets to Jabot to see Katherine. He tells her that he asked Billy to spearhead the marketing campaign for Starblaze line. She tells him that Billy is a natural marketer. Cane finishes saying he was warned not to trust Billy. Jill tells Cane that Billy has had a complicated life. He tells her but she had faith in him so it makes sense to him to do the same for Billy.

Billy reports back to Jack telling him that Cane offered him a sales job to get his feet wet. Billy says he would rather chew glass than peddling glitter to 13 yr old girls. Jack assures Billy that he can play this came. They need to convince Jill that Cane can not run the company.

Gloria insists that Katherine sees her doctor. She tells her if she doesn’t remember something this important something must be wrong with her. Katherine tells her to be quiet for a moment but Gloria keeps talking saying she is worried about her. Katherine changes her mind saying she wants to go see her doctor. Gloria hands her a pen saying as soon as she signs these papers she will take her. Jill walks in just as Katherine is about to sign.

Nikki, Nick and Victoria discuss the next phase of their plan. Nick says his next trip is going to be to Buenos Aires. When Nick and Victoria leave Nikki wonders if hearing their plot has compromised Michael’s position. He says he hasn’t heard a thing. She asks what if they fail and Victor is dragged back there. Michael says he will defend Victor. He tells Nikki he believes Victor and assumes that she doesn’t. Nikki thinks he did it saying he is lying and destroying himself. Meanwhile in France Victor throws his cell phone in the trash can when he walks by it.

Jan Barrett

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