Eden walks in while Michael is working on his father’s case bidding them adieu. Lauren tells Michael she can’t be off to school because there is a teacher’s convention today, so there is no school. Eden says of course not, and then assures them that she is not off to break her father out of jail again. As she is about to leave Michael says she is going no where until he has a talk with her.

Victoria and Nick are worried about Nikki since she didn’t come straight home. They are wondering if something went wrong. Nikki walks in telling them their plan worked perfectly. They want to know what their next move is.

Adam finds Heather in her office. She tells him she waited up for him last night. She asks him where was he. She tells him that Victor is in Rio saying it was a party down there, with Nikki and even Paul was there. Paul walks in and tells her yes he was there. Heather asks Adam to excuse them so she can talk to Paul.

Sharon comes in from her morning jog but goes after Jack as soon as she sees him by asking him what he was doing at the Motor Arms Motel!

Michael tells Eden they are going to set some new ground rules. Eden reluctantly listens to what Michael has to say. He tells her that he didn’t ask for this but he has no regrets taking her into his home. He says he wants this to work and he is doing what he can to have Lowell come back to a happy well adjusted teenage daughter. He says that he does think that Lowell is innocent now and he was on his way to tell him that when she broke him out of jail. He promises Eden that he will do right by their father.

Nikki tells Victoria and Nick how Paul helped her down in Mexico. Nick tells her next time he will handle this and Victoria agrees. They remind Nikki how she fell off the wagon recently and Victoria says she can’t have both of her parents wanted by the law. Nick tells them it would be easy for him to leave town. He says where ever he goes he can make it look like his Dad had been there.

Paul defends his actions to Heather but she says he lied. She says that he said he was there on her behalf. She thinks he followed his friend Nikki to warn her and he let Victor get away. She tells him she will never discuss the case again with him, because now she can’t trust him. He tells her he is sorry but he never meant to hurt her.

Michael tells Eden about the man that went to prison instead of testifying against Lowell. He says when he found this man, he was convinced that Lowell was innocent. He tells her to trust him. He says her behavior might have an impact on this case. He says if she gets into trouble the prosecutor could use it against Lowell’s character. He says she can’t be ditching school or sneaking out to anymore parties. She needs to be walking the straight and narrow.

Jack pretends that the use of his credit card at this motel was a case of identity theft so he cancelled the credit card. Sharon finds it odd that it was the only place it was used. Noah walks in asking if he can meet with his friends at Crimson Light’s. Sharon offers to drive him so Jack says he cans stop and get the Mexican Tamales for dinner. When they leave Jack gets a call from Adam asking to meet him saying he has some news about Victor. He says Victor has been spotted in South America and the police are on his trail.

Heather goes out to the ranch with a police officer to talk to Nikki. She tells Nikki she’d like to hear all about her trip to Rio. She says Nikki can tell her there or she could take her in for questioning. Heather tells her by all means she can call her lawyer saying she can’t wait to get started.

Jack goes to the Motel room where Adam is waiting. He says that Robert gave him a publish date for the diary. Adam says he has more for him. He says he has been working on his expose on his father all night. He thinks it will lend credibility to the diary. He reads it aloud saying he went to meet his father because it was his dying mother’s wish. He says Victor embraced him fully but Adam saw an ego maniacal unforgiving man who’s vengeance knows no bounds.

Nikki opens the door to Michael and thanks him for coming. He tells her in a low voice that they will play this the way they discussed it on the phone. He tells Heather he’d like to get this over with quickly because he and his client have better things to do today. Nikki claims that Victor talked about the wonderful weather in Rio and not where he was going after that. Heather reminds them that Nikki is no longer Victor’s wife so she can’t refuse to testify. She says the DA will definitely press charges against her. Michael gets a call and tells Nikki saying it was Nick saying her phone must be off. When Nikki takes the phone she is shocked to hear Victor on the other end asking if she told authorities that he killed Walter Palin.

On the patio at Crimson Lights Eden and Lauren set their shopping bags down and Eden tells Lauren she loves her new clothes. She says she didn’t expect to be there long enough to need a winter coat though. Lauren tells Eden that Michael cares about her as she gets up to leave to go to a meeting. She tells her to call her in a couple of hours.

When Sharon and Noah arrive at Crimson Lights, he gripes because she had to walk him in. He sees Eden out on the patio and heads over there asking if she minds if he sits down with her.

Nikki says they have a bad connection so she stands up and walks away from Michael and Heather to talk to Victor. She whispers to him that she did not tell the police that he killed Palin. She keeps calling him Nicholas and Victor wonders why. He asks if she is in the presence of law enforcement. He demands that she doesn’t tell them she is talking to him. He says to tell them she doesn’t know what happened in Mexico. He says things will come out soon enough but they will never find him. He tells her not to interfere because any contact with him puts him in danger. He reminds her that he meant everything he said in Mexico to her and then he asks to speak to Michael. He tells Michael that this is the last time he will ever hear from him saying he is cutting off all communication.

Victoria tries to convince Nick that their father would never take a life in cold blood. Nick says he is not the same man since Sabrina died. Victoria remembers only too well how it is to lose someone, as she thinks about standing by Ryan when he was shot. She knows what it is like to want to punish someone. Nick tells her she would never have crossed that line but he knows that others would.

Adam calls his brother and sister indulged children whose lack of talent is dwarfed by their sense of entitlement. Jacks said he couldn’t have said it better himself. Adam goes on to say their only kindness was to warn him about his father, saying he wasn’t what he appeared to be. He says in time Victor proved that to be true, He said he saw a Victor Newman who was beyond cruel, and asks if he is capable of murder. He says yes he thinks he is. Jack thinks this is great. He only has one piece of advice to Adam and that is that he shouldn’t hold back.

Sharon sees Nick at the elevator at Newman and she tells him she just got her travel schedule and was thinking of taking Jack along with her for some of it. Nick jokes with her as he teases her about keeping him on a short leash. She assures Nick that Jack is OK with her going back to work for Newman and then she shows him the bracelet Jack gave her. He tells her they need to go over their schedules because he is going to be taking some trips himself. They both agree that they are impressed with Noah saying he seems normal just the usual teen age stuff.

Eden and Noah talk about the school trip that is coming up to Paris. She says a trip abroad is supposed to be an adventure. She is impressed when she sees that Noah is reading Hemingway. He says he is a guy, not an illiterate. He talks to her about going on the trip saying it could be boring or it could be an adventure. He says he plans on going saying it will be a blast. She says that is cool, so Noah asks if that means she will be going.

Heather is losing her patience with Michael being on the phone and she demands that he gets off. Michael is trying to get Victor to understand this would be a mistake while pretending to be talking to Nick. Heather figures out that it isn’t Nick on the phone that it is actually Victor. When Victor hears Heather’s voice he insists that Michael put her on the phone.

Noah shows up at Newman after he feels bad about giving his mother so much trouble for following him in at Crimson Lights bringing her some fresh croissants. Sharon asks what he is buttering her up for. She says she heard that he has changed his mind about going to Paris on the school trip.

When Eden gets home Lauren asks her how come she never mentioned the school trip to Paris. Eden doesn’t want to leave her Dad. Lauren points out that it would only be for a week and it would be a great opportunity for her if she went,. Lauren offers to sign her up. Eden says well it might not suck but she will think about going at least.

Jack tells Adam that Robert will publish the diary and Adam’s article in his next issue but they need everything together by the end of the week. Jack tells Adam he did one hell of a job. Adam says he can’t wait for the rest of the world to read it. When Jack leaves he calls Adam a schmuck and Adam calls Frank telling him that the deadline for the diary is next week. As he is leaving he bumps into Paul who asks wasn’t he supposed to be meeting with a recruiter?

Nick gets a phone call and when he hangs up he looks at Victoria and tells her that the chateau that Victor bought for Sabrina has burnt to the ground.

Victor demands that Michael puts Heather on the phone. She takes the phone and Victor demands that she not interrupt him as he speaks. She puts him on the speakerphone and they all hear as he tells her he is only going to say this once so listen carefully!

Jan Barrett

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