Nick and Phyllis are happy with the new cover for the magazine with no regrets. Not having Jack and Sharon around makes it even better for them.

Sharon is at home going over the designs with the interior decorator when the doorbell rings. She is surprised to see Billy at the door. He wants to see Jack but she tells him he is in New York. He says he was with him before in New York but he thought he would be home by now.

Jack calls Adam to report that he has a meeting tonight with an editor that is interested in the tell-all story on Victor. Adam says he is on his way there.

Lauren tells Michael that Phyllis called and the four of them are going out to celebrate the next issue of the magazine. Michael says he is too busy to go because he is working on his father’s defense case. Lauren tells him he has been working hard on the case but he needs a break.

While sitting at Crimson Lights another student from Eden’s school strikes up a conversation with her telling her she has a cool necklace. Eden tells her that she made it herself. And the girl asks if she will make her one and Eden agrees to. The girl notices that Eden cut class today so she invites Eden to a party at a warehouse. She said she will introduce her to all the cool kids. Noah is standing at the jukebox and he hears the conversation.

Colleen sees Lily at Crimson Lights and tells her that she saw Cane and accepted the job offer. When Lily says nice, Colleen asks her if that means, ‘That’s nice’ as in you’re moving in on my life. Lily tells her of course they will still be friends but she says not to expect her to do cartwheels for her.

Billy says it doesn’t surprise him that Jack and Ashley doesn’t like the changes she is making in the house. Sharon invites him to stay with them but he says he already has a place to stay. Noah walks in and tells Sharon about a party he wants to go to. Sharon doesn’t approve.

While Michael is trying to decide what to wear Lauren gets a call from a client of hers who is a teacher of Eden’s that called to see how she is doing since she didn’t show up at school today. When Lauren tells Michael that Eden apparently ditched school today his response was, OMG We are raising a teenager.

Phyllis makes reservations at a new restaurant. Nikki is babysitting. Nick tells Phyllis he wonders if they need to include a statement on Jack and Sharon leaving Restless Style and Phyllis thinks that is a good idea. Noah calls and asks him about the party he wants to go to tonight. Nick says this is short notice. Noah tells him his mom doesn’t like it but said to talk to him. Noah tells Nick he can call his friend’s parents and clear it with them. Nick goes to Sharon’s house and calls the parents of the kid having the party. He tells Sharon the party is being held at the family owned warehouse and says he guesses they want space to avoid things from being broken during the party. Sharon asks will there be parental supervision. Austin, Noah’s friend’s Dad will be there along with a few other parents too. After some pleading Sharon finally agrees to let him go after she gives him the list of ground rules.

Phyllis writes her editor’s letter telling everyone that Jack and Sharon are no longer part of Restless Style. She says Restless Style is well rid of them.

Adam joins Jack in New York and tells him that Victor is missing again. Jack is surprised that it has been kept from the media. He says all the better for them, now they will eat up their story with a spoon.

Phyllis calls Nick to tell him that Lauren and Michael cancelled for their celebration tonight so they decide to take the celebration into the privacy of their own bedroom, just the two of them. She tells him she just needs 5 more minutes with the editor’s note and asks him to keep the bed warm waiting for her. She makes some new changes saying they wish the Abbott’s well on their future ventures.

Jack introduces Adam to Robert telling him to meet Victor Newman Jr. They talk about how The Newman’s do not know how to sell copies of the magazine and that is why they are taking this story to him. Jack tells Robert he has the ultimate tell-all on one of America’s most exclusive billionaires as told by his son.

Lily sees Billy as she is getting off the elevator at Jabot. She hugs him when she sees him. She says she heard he has moved back to Genoa City. She makes a point of letting him know she has noticed how he has a thing for Amber but he claims he only bought those sketches to help Daniel. He tells Lily he knows about Colleen being the new Fresh Face of Jabot and he is happy for her, but he says between him and her he knows Colleen can never replace her.

Cloe lectures Colleen about taking the new job knowing how Lily will be hurt from it. She accuses her of stabbing her best friend in the back by taking the job. Colleen defends herself and says Lily knows about it and says she is ok with it but Cloe says she should know it is eating Lily’s insides out knowing she took the job. Cloe tells her that Cane only picked her for the job to bring him closer to Lily. Colleen says Cane says that is not the case and she believes him. Cloe looks at her and tells her than in that case she is dumber than she thought and she walks off.

Billy tells Cane he has a lot to catch up on. Cane wants to hang out with his brother to get to know each other a bit but Billy says he has a conference call so maybe later and he asks if he can bring a date. Cane says sure, the more the merrier.

When Eden gets home Michael asks her how was school today. She says boring. He tells her it might be more exciting if she actually attended class instead of ditching it. Lauren insists that there are rules and responsibilities now. Finally Eden agrees but says she won’t like it. She tells them she has already made some friends and was invited to a party tonight. Michael and Lauren tell her to forget it, because she cut class today. They tell her there will be plenty of other parties. Eden says fine and says she isn’t hungry and goes to her room.

Robert isn’t so impressed with Jack’s tell-all story. Jack assures him this is news, not innuendo. He says they fact checked it and it is all true, as Adam agrees. Robert tells them he wants ‘meat’ though. Jack offers a journal in Victor’s own handwriting telling him it is toe curling stuff good enough to write a book with. When asked what is in it, Jack says a look inside one of the richest minds in the country and the sickest.

When Cane comes home Cloe greets him with a “hi honey!” He tells her they have company coming tonight, his brother and his date. Cloe says she thought his brother was in Hong Kong. Suddenly Cloe tells him she is tired and suggests they do this another night. He reminds her that she was fine with it before this. She says she is going to bed even after he asks her doesn’t she want to meet his brother.

Lauren knocked on Eden’s bedroom door and didn’t get an answer but hears music on assuming it is to tune them out. Lauren tells Michael that Eden is a good kid and she feels sorry for her. Michael says he thought that they would ease into raising a teenager.

Eden has snuck out her room and gone to the party anyway. She bumps into her new friend when she gets there. She takes a beer that is offered to her to celebrate her escape from home. Noah is at the party and he is told that his brother was who Nick talked to impersonating his father and there was no supervision at the party after all.

Adam and Jack talk more about the article. Jack tells him that Robert wants to see the diary so they have to get moving on this before Victor gets back. Adam asks Jack what about a plan B but Jack says there is none. Adam tells Jack his father is in a lot of pain right now and wonders why they should make it worse. He says it just isn’t right. Hearing this doesn’t make Jack too happy. Adam blames it on the Tequila but tells Jack if he wants to go on with the forge for the diary then he will have to find someone else.

Sharon calls Nick telling him that it is past Noah’s curfew and he isn’t home yet. Phyllis is against him going but he insists that they have to make Noah see that he can’t be breaking the rules. He leaves a disappointed Phyllis alone in bed to go help Sharon with Noah.

Colleen bumps into Lily at Crimson Lights. She asks Lily if she got her text message. She says she is calling Cane tomorrow and telling him she has changed her mind about taking the job.

While Cane is in his room getting dressed the doorbell rings and he yells out to Cloe to get the door, saying it is probably Billy. Cloe has no choice but to answer the door. Billy is stunned to see her here and she warns him not to say anything about knowing her. She says to act like they are strangers.

Jan Barrett

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