Victoria goes to see her mother and tells her that JT’s plane has landed but she says this is taking a big risk. She wonders if there is an angle they haven’t thought of yet. Nikki tells her nothing will go wrong. JT is then being seen unpacking a suitcase while wearing gloves.

Heather tells Adam that she doesn’t know where Victor is and she will take it easy once this case is settled. She tells him she will have take out dinner tonight at her desk. Adam tells her all he has plans for the night is a long run and then a cold shower. Heather apologizes for not having much time for him but she can’t talk to him about who might have killed Walter, and then she tells him she has to go.

Anna says she wasn’t running away, she was running to them. When Karen takes Anna to the kitchen Tyra starts making her plans for the next train out. Devon wants to know why she doesn’t want to stay, while Neil thinks back to what Karen had to say about Tyra having feelings for him.

Colleen listens to the tips she is getting from her two uncles. Billy and Jack agree that Jill should have made Billy CEO of Jabot instead of Cane. Billy asks Colleen if she has seen Daniel. She says no and then she asks him if he has seen Amber. He said she was sleeping last night when he got home.

Amber and Daniel are at the penthouse kissing. Daniel stops saying he can’t. He says he has to break things off with Colleen so they can make a fresh start together. He says he has rules. No more lying, no cheating, no sex with anyone else but him. Amber happily agrees to all the rules. Billy walks in and interrupts but tells them not to stop on his account. Daniel tells Amber he will see her later as he hurries out the door. Amber tells Billy that they need to talk.

Heather introduces Paul to the FBI agent and another man from Mexico. They want to interview Victor in the death of Walter Palin/Amato. They ask Paul if he can convince Nikki to cooperate with them to find Victor.

Victoria tells Nikki she wants to go with her when she sees Nikki packing. Nikki tells her she has a baby to tend to and besides she is just going on a trip. Nikki tells her not to tell Nick. She says to tell him protect Newman and she will protect Victor.

Tyra says there is a train leaving at midnight and she can’t impose on them any longer. She insists on making it on her own. Neil offers her the old job back managing Indigo. A waitress comes out complaining about the Chef saying someone needs to go tell him he is not a God. Neil tells her to do her a favor, asking that she take care of that for him. Devon asks that they stay the night with her and Lily at least. Finally Tyra agrees but only for one night.

Once the FBI is gone Paul tells Heather that Nikki and Victor haven’t been on speaking terms for a long time now. She tells Paul solving this case could make her career and assures him that it has nothing to do with avenging Adam. She says it was not a coincidence that Victor and Walter were on the same boat in Mexico. She tells Paul all she is doing is asking for his help.

After she is finished packing she tells Victoria that the only person that can know where she is, is JT. Nikki tells Victoria to tell Nick that JT used the company credit card to book a room in Rio under the name Christian Miller. She says that when the detectives figure that out they will find Victor’s razor, toothbrush, clothes and enough DNA to prove he was there. She says they have to lead them as far away from Victor as they can.

JT is in the hotel room and he orders dinner from room service including wine and cake. He tells them if he is in the shower when they arrive to just leave it there for him. When he hangs the phone up he takes Victor’s ID and leaves it on the table along with his hairbrush.

Jack and Adam go over the timeline from the day Victor disappeared to the day Sabrina was buried. They don’t know when exactly he went to Mexico. Adam tells Jack that according to Heather they suspect Victor but they don’t know where he is. Jack starts speaking into a recorder doing his best to sound like Victor. Adam seems impressed. Jack tells him he hasn’t seen anything yet.

Amber tells Billy that she and Daniel are back together again. Billy says that is fine with him so she doesn’t have to worry about him, saying they were just having fun together anyway. She tells Billy he will have to move out though because she has been evicted.

Daniel sees Colleen at Crimson Lights and tells her about him and Amber. He tries to let her down easy by telling her that he didn’t mean to hurt her. He says he hopes they can still be friends though. She says she isn’t so sure about that. She looks at him and says she doesn’t make promises that she can’t keep and then she runs off.

Nikki is surprised to see Paul at the door out at the ranch. She asks what he is doing there. He asks her if she has heard from Victor and he tells her that the authorities are looking for him. Nikki tells Paul she doesn’t know where Victor is and she hasn’t heard from him. She asks if this has anything to do with his daughter’s investigation.

Karen tells Neil they need to talk before they order dinner. She says she likes Tyra and adores Anna but he invited them to live with them without talking to her about it first. She says she feels like she doesn’t matter. Neil apologizes and asks if there is anything he can do to make it up to her. Karen gives in and forgives him but she does have something in mind that he can do to make it up to her.

Devon and Anna try talking to Tyra about staying in Genoa City. Devon gives Anna some money to go buy breakfast with and when she is gone he asks Tyra how come she doesn’t want to move back there. He tells her that she has a job there and a home and friends. She seems surprised to hear that Neil and Karen are now living together. She tells Devon that Lily might not like it if they move in with them.

Paul asks if Nikki thinks Victor killed Walter. She denies it saying she thinks nothing of the kind. She asks Paul if he is there as a friend or for his daughter. Paul tells Nikki not to get caught up in this and be accused of obstruction of justice. He tells her not to let Victor drag her down with him. He asks if they are still friends. And she smiles and says always. When he notices her suitcase he asks if she is going somewhere. She says no, she is just moving some things into the house. When Paul leaves he tells her to think about what he said.

Room service arrives and they leave the tray in the room. When they leave JT comes out of the bathroom and takes Victor’s reading glasses out of the case and sets it on the night stand. Then he takes the sketch of Sabrina and props it up on the table by the bed up against the lamp.

Jack is dictating into the recorder when he stops it asking Adam how Victor got to Mexico to begin with, by bus. Adam tells him to run with that. As Jack continues Adam tells him he is scary good at this. Adam brings in soda cans of coda from the vending machines saying he can’t believe how good Jack is at this. Jack tells him that he can’t remember a time that Victor wasn’t making his life miserable. He says he knows how he thinks and what motivates him. He says he can hear him mumbling in his sleep and then Jack starts dictating once again into the recorder.

Paul tells Heather he didn’t get anything from Nikki that could help her case. He thinks Nikki might not know anything. Heather tells him about charges Nikki could face if she doesn’t cooperate. Heather says she is having them all watched so if any of them make contact with Victor they will know it.

JT picks at the dinner to make it look like someone tried eating it. He puts some sauce on a shirt and then places the shirt into a bag. He takes the hairbrush and messes the bed up scattering hair from the brush all over the pillow.

Victoria is at the ranch checking up on Nikki. Nikki tells her about Paul coming by. She tells her that they know about Walter being dead. She says Paul’s concern was genuine but she doesn’t want him to be caught between them and the DA’s office. She says she has to go alone so it will look like she is sneaking off to join Victor. She says she owes this to Victor for destroying his life and his last chance for happiness. When Victoria says she didn’t do that, Nikki disagrees saying she did do that. She says he had a chance to start over with a woman that loved him unconditionally. She says now she will do anything she has to to make that up to him. She tells Victoria that as long as she has breath in her she will protect her father.

When Neil comes back to the table Karen tells him she sent it back because it got cold waiting on him. He apologizes saying there is always a fire to put out, staff/supply shortage, or equipment malfunction. Karen starts telling him about a quiet little place that she knows of with a great view and no interruptions saying he wouldn’t even have to dress for dinner. Neil leans over and kisses her. The waitress interrupts again saying the ice machine is broken. Tyra arrives just in time to rescue hi, saying she will have the bartender check for a kink in the water line, is not she will send out for some 20 lb bags. Neil is thrilled to hear that she and Anna are moving in with Devon and Lily, and then he welcomes her back with a huge hug only to have Karen sit there and pout.

Billy and Colleen talk at Crimson Lights. Billy shrugs it all off but Colleen is still bruised about Daniel announcing on national radio that he loved someone else. Billy assures her that Amber and Daniel will not live happily ever after.

Amber is all excited when Bill comes back to the penthouse. He tells her that she spoke to Colleen and she informs him that she has talked to Billy too and all is good. She says there is nothing stopping them now from making out and they start kissing as they fall back on the sofa.

Heather tells the agents that Nikki Newman was no cooperating with them. They all agree that it was her last chance to cooperate so now the game is on.

Victoria tells her mother to be careful just as JT calls. He says he just wrapped up his meeting and they talk about Reed. JT asks how her mother is doing. She tells JT Nikki  is leaving now and then says her Mom says hi. JT tells her he is going to go to bed and he will see her tomorrow. He puts on his baseball cap and his leather jacket making him look like Victor as he grabs the bag with the shirt in it and leaves the room. He puts the ‘do not disturb’ sign out and leave the bag outside the door for dirty laundry and then he leaves.

Nikki heads out and a man steps out from the bushes following her.

Jan Barrett

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