Neil and Karen talk about Tyra and Anna disappearing while they are having breakfast. He says this is killing Devon and he admits it is killing him too.

At Crimson Lights Devon tries calling Tyra again and leaves a message. Lily starts telling him about the run in she had with Cane and Cloe last night. She says she must be the lamest person ever. Colleen walks in and says that would be her, explaining about hearing Daniel announce on the radio that he is still in love with Amber.

Daniel is at Restless Style talking about the jewelry shoot and then he asks Cloe if she heard him on the radio on Loveline last night. Cloe tells him no she didn’t hear but then sees Cane walk in with a gift in his hand.

Katherine tells Jill that when she mentioned Phillip it was a joke and she needs to let it go. She says one of them is perfectly lucid and Katherine says it is her and not Jill.

Daniel talks to Kevin on the phone and tries to convince him to make sure Jana forgets what he said last night, saying it isn’t kismet. He says after all he didn’t exactly say he loves Amber.

Katherine takes her medicine with some water and then when she answers the door she finds Amber standing there asking for help.

Lily tells Devon she has decided that this is over. She is done with wallowing. She decides she is not destined to a life of misery. They start talking about Dru and Tyra and then Devon comes up with their Aunt Olivia. He tells Lily that Aunt Olivia just might be the one to get her out of this mess she is in with Cane.

Cane hands Cloe the gift and she opens it and finds a stuffed koala bear for the baby. Cane tells her how incredible it was feeling the baby kick. Cloe holds the empty box up and asks if he got something for the mom too, maybe like a little tennis bracelet or something. Cane smiles and tells her to keep looking.

Karen tells Neil that Tyra’s not the woman he thought she was. She says that maybe she resents that Anna rejected her when she found out she wasn’t her biological mother or maybe Tyra has feelings for Neil so she ran and never looked back.

Cloe tells Daniel she is sorry for calling him a loser and she is sorry that she missed him on Loveline. She decides to give him some advice, telling him that it takes stones to be in love, calling him a wuss as she knocks his hat off his head. She tells him he needs to decide who he wants, amber or Colleen, and says he is worse than a girl.

Amber tells Katherine about what Daniel said on the radio. Katherine wonders why she is there with her then and not with Daniel. Katherine tells her if she wants Daniel then go get him. She tells her to call Daniel and try to make things work. She hands her the phone and tells her to push the buttons. She tells Katherine it went to his voice mail. Katherine tells her to leave a message so she tells Daniel they need to talk and she asks him to come by the penthouse in an hour.

Neil tries to debunk Karen’s theory that Tyra has feelings for him. He tells her that he is with her and Tyra knows it. Neil makes all excuses for Tyra when Karen tells him she is talking about Tyra’s feelings not his. Suddenly Tyra comes running in asking if Anna is there, she says she is missing and asks again if she is there. She tells them they were on a train back to Seattle when Anna disappeared. Neil tells her to relax and is about to call the police when an officer walks in with Anna.

Lily tells Devon that Aunt Olivia is in New York for a medical conference. She says she is going to visit her. Now she is excited about getting to go to museums, Central Park and shopping, and she is going to eat everything in sight, saying it will be perfect. She says no drama and no Cloe. As she mentions Cloe’s name Cane walks in.

Daniel remarks to Cloe that she sure got big fast and then he notices that she looks happy saying that is weird. She tells him he looks pathetic and morose. Daniel tells Cloe to shut up for one second as she rattles on so he can hear his message on the phone. He hangs up and starts to leave declaring to Cloe that he is going to get coffee, not to see Amber.

Amber thanks Katherine saying she must be the smartest woman she knows, and then she hugs her. Katherine apologizes for not walking her out saying she needs to go eat a cracker or something. Jill stops Amber on her way out and asks her if she has noticed anything off about Katherine lately. Amber tells er that everything Mrs. C says makes perfect sense to her and she leaves. Jill regrets talking to her about it and Katherine comes back in stating that there is not one thing wrong with her and then she orders Jill to drop it now. Katherine accuses her of wanting to pull the plug on her so she can have everything to herself. She calls Jill a self centered grasper and then says Chancellor Industries is lucky to have her keeping an eye on her.

The officer tells Neil that Anna knew to come to him. Neil pulls the man to the side and asks if they can keep this quiet, asking him not to report this saying she is a good kid and not a runaway. The officer agrees saying he won’t write her up because she is a good kid. Neil tells Anna he isn’t mad at her but he is happy to see her and Devon has been climbing the walls. Karen tells her that a lot of people love her. Tyra tells Anna that nothing has changed though, they are still going back to Seattle.

Lily is talking to Colleen about how much fun she is going to have in New York but all Colleen does is pouts about Daniel. Lily advises her that she needs to give Daniel a chance, saying he is a good guy. Devon tells Lily that Tyra and Anna are at Indigo so he will meet her there. As she is about to leave, she stops to tell Cane that Anna is ok and that she is going to New York. Cane tells her that leaving Genoa City is the best thing she can do. Lily seems upset that he wants her to go. He tells her he feels terrible that he took everything away from her. He says when she comes back from New York he won’t push her anymore. He says they can’t do this anymore. He says it breaks his heart to see her hurting like this. She asks if that is it, are they done now. She says good, that is good. Cloe walks in and Cane leaves with her. Colleen walks over and asks what he said. Lily tells her to talk to Daniel, it’s too late for her and Cane.

Tyra tells Neil and Karen that she and Anna need home but in Seattle not Genoa City. She says she is the Mom and she makes the decisions. Tyra tells them she didn’t want to impose on them anymore. Devon comes in and hugs his sister and Tyra saying it is good to see them.

Amber waits at the penthouse hoping Daniel will show up. She makes sure the sofa pillows are just right and then checks her makeup.

Jill scolds Katherine telling her to forget the company, her ambition and their history. She insists that she and Esther are worried about her. Jill tells her she needs to know that she is OK. She says if she isn’t then they can fix it and then they can go back to where they dropped off. Katherine realizes she did jump down her throat and that she has been cranky. She says the doctor told her that she isn’t young anymore but Jill says there is no way that that man would make that kind of a diagnosis. Katherine tells her that she resents it but Father Time’s the boss, then she calls Father Time a bastard as she goes upstairs leaving Jill standing there with tears in her eyes.

Anna tells Tyra that no one loves them in Seattle, not like here. Tyra says it is done, they are going home. Karen walks away and lets Neil talk to Tyra. He tells her she is not a burden on them. He says they all need them there. She says she will think about it but he says not to take too long. Then Neil tells Lily to go on to New York.

At Crimson Lights Cloe tells Cane she has signed up for Lamaze classes. She tells him since he gets all grossed out being too close to her, she can ask Amber to be her coach. Cane seems in another world until Cloe snaps him out of it. He says he will be the coach as he manages to even joke about it calling the baby The Little Booger Ashby.

Colleen goes to Restless Style and is told that Daniel isn’t there but the receptionist says she can try to reach him. Meanwhile Amber is about to give up at the penthouse when Daniel shows up. She tells him he didn’t come within the hour so she asks if he is there to tell her he isn’t coming. . Nope he says, he is there to tell her he loves her.

Jan Barrett

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