Daniel is on his computer and Phyllis is on the phone but it doesn’t stop Phyllis from over hearing Amber talking on her phone as she makes a call. Phyllis picks up her saying Billy home soon and wants to know what is going on. She says since Amber is living on her property it is her business.

Kevin talks to Jana about buying cheaper coffee for the café and about a way to cut the staff working there without them hating him when Jana tells him the news about Lowell escaping and on the run again.

Michael walks around in the warehouse whispering to Lowell telling him he is there alone. Lowell tells him to get out and go away. He tells Michael that the gun isn’t real. Michael tells him that the cops don’t know that though and they could blast him away which Lowell thinks that is what Michael wants anyway.

Jill is confused by what Katherine told her about waiting for Phillip. Katherine tells Jill it is a joke and she shrugs it off. She says she thought about it after Jana talked about séances and connecting with the dead. Jill decides to go back inside but tells Katherine not to stand out there too long. Lily and Colleen go over the usernames and messages that Lily received. She gets a message from someone called Sonny Crawford. It reads, you stole my profile and will be hearing from my people. They both think that is cute. Billy texts back saying, your move Falloutgirl with Cane watching assuming Billy is text messaging his girlfriend.

Lauren calls Kevin with an update on Michael and Lowell. She tells him not to worry. Michael is use to this sort of thing. She tells Kevin to stay put and then she says she has to go so she can talk to a girl who thinks she will never see her father again.

Lowell talks to Michael about his 40 years on the run with all the fake names and fake lives. Michael tells him that he is injured and hurt. Lowell says he can’t stay in jail for 40 years. Michael scolds him for running out on Eden now. Lowell says he failed her and put her life in danger. Michael tells him to stop it, that he does have options here. Michael tells him he knows he is innocent and that he didn’t kill that man.

Daniel and Phyllis wait for Amber to admit that Billy move in with her but she denies it saying she didn’t give him any closet space. Amber asks Billy why he cares anyway. Phyllis tells her that Daniel doesn’t care but she sure does. She tells Amber she is giving her two weeks to get her tacky belongings off her property. Amber looks at Daniel and he gives her that “nothing I can do about it” looks so Amber storms out.

Lily tells Colleen that she sent a message back saying see you in court. She then says she is not ready for a relationship. Billy calls Colleen and she asks his opinion when she asks if you have to marry someone to exchange emails with them. Billy tells her he will think about it and give her an answer when he gets there. He tells everyone he is going to Crimson Lights and leaves. Cloe decides that she wants to go there too for a scone.
Nikki is at the ranch packing some things when she notices the sketch of Sabrina. She thinks back to times with Victor who declared their souls being intertwined.

Michael tells Lowell how Howard went to jail rather that lie or testify against Kite. He tells him now they do have a real defense. He says either that or he can fall in a hail of bullets and miss a lifetime with Eden and Fen. He begs Lowell to put the gun down and let him clear his name. Lowell gives in and Michael helps him out.

Phyllis tells Daniel if Restless Amber is distracting him from his work then she has to go. Daniel comes back at her with, firing her and evicting her? Phyllis says yes she would do that for her son, all he has to do is say the word. Daniel mumbles that it is too soon for Billy to move in with Amber. Phyllis starts talking about how he is dating a super model now. Daniel snaps at her saying he isn’t worried about Amber so drop it now.

Kevin and Jana show up at the penthouse to cheer Amber up. When they start talking about Lowell escaping, Kevin admits that he is worried about Michael. Amber pours them a glass of wine and then tells them that she got fired, plus she got a note from Billy saying ‘don’t wait up’. She says her life is so screwed up.

Michael walks out of the warehouse with Lowell. When they put him to the ground to handcuff him Michael tells them to be careful. The arresting officer tells Lowell that his lawyer just saved his butt. Michael is on the phone with Kevin telling him they are both fine.

Nikki is still in dreamland when she spots the photo of her and Victor. She thinks back to when she was fighting her addiction and Victor promising her that he will never abandon her. She holds the photo close to her chest as she cries softly.

Phyllis hears Marina on the radio complaining that Herve’s mother is a full on bitch. She looks up the number for Loveline and demands to be patched in saying she knows Marina.

Billy is with Lily and Colleen at Crimson Lights when Cane walks in with Cloe. Billy notices Lily’s reaction when Cloe mentions excitingly that the baby kicked. . When she grabs Cane’s hand and held it to her belly he responds by saying “My God!” Billy shakes his head when he notices Lily feeling uncomfortable.

Katherine tells Esther that she is just tired. And that the doctor told her she was just fine. She was just having senior moments. Later Jill talks to Esther and asks her if she has noticed anything different about Katherine. Esther admits that she has been worried sick about her.

Michael goes home and Lauren hugs him and praises him for what he done. Eden walks in and Michael tells her Lowell is ok. He tells her that they will visit their father when they are allowed. Eden is so happy that she runs to him and hugs him.

Cane takes Billy’s hand and puts it on Cloe’s belly telling him to feel that. Lily can’t listen to all this anymore so she gets her stuff together and walks off. Colleen is out on the patio listening to the discussion on the radio as Daniel and Amber yell at each other.

Nikki is still at the ranch having flashbacks about Victor. She remembers back to when he proposed to her while she was on her death bed. They both vow their love to each other. When she comes back to reality she takes the sketch of Sabrina and places it inside a yellow envelope and puts it inside the suitcase. She is crying as she closes the suit case.

Cane follows Lily as she walks over to the counter and apologizes to her. She tells him she is fine, but he tells her she doesn’t have to be brave for his sake. Meanwhile Billy tells Cloe that she will have to work harder to keep Cane.

Jill yells at Esther when she finds out that Esther has noticed other things going on with Katherine. She scolds her as she asks how come she didn’t tell her. She says her mother lied to her face. She says Katherine is not private, she is scared and Jill admits this scares the hell out of her too.

Lily tells Cane she doesn’t want to talk about their last kiss and then she leaves when Cloe walks over to them even though Cane asked her for another minute alone with Lily. Billy goes out on the patio with Colleen to listen to Amber, Daniel and Phyllis on the radio. Colleen explains to him that it is her boyfriend and his girlfriend talking to one another on the radio. Daniel is asked how come he hasn’t moved on Phyllis and Amber both want to hear his answer. He blurts out that maybe he is still in love with her, asking them if they ever thought about that. Colleen looks shocked and Amber drops the phone as she is surprised to hear his answer.

JT is at the ranch with Nikki and she hands him the suitcase. She asks him if he knows what to do. JT replies, “Exactly what we talked about” and then he leaves. Nikki just sits there sitting all alone looking so sad.

Jan Barett

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