Michael is informed that Lowell has escaped from the hospital just as Michael was about to tell Lowell the news that he’d been granted bail.

Eden meets with Lowell in the alley but his ankle is sprained. They hurry inside an abandoned warehouse so the police don’t see them as they search for Lowell.

Gloria is upset that Jeffery is telling her that he has had enough and he is angry that she apparently chose Lowell over him.

Sharon attends Billy’s welcome home party but she tells Jack she can’t stay long because she is worried about Noah. Jack tells her he is sure Noah will be ok for a few hours alone. Jack is anxious to celebrate Billy’s return and he wants to mend some fences.

Heather introduces an agent from the AFI and another one from the FBI to Nikki, Victoria and Nick. Nikki tells them she would be happy to speak to the Mexican agent but talks to Nick and Victoria first. She tells them to put their plan into action by letting them know they know what Victor is up to and then leading them on a wild goose chase. She whispers to them to trust her.

Adam sneaks into the ranch so he can go through Victor’s desk to find something written on paper in Victor’s handwriting and a matching pen.

When Jack asks Jill about the SEC scandal she comes to her defense and then turns the tables on Jack by mentions his leaving the magazine. Katherine asks Sharon if Jack and Jill will ever grow up. Cloe makes her entrance telling everyone that she has evening sickness too in this pregnancy.

Lauren informs Michael that all of Eden’s things are gone from the apartment. She says they must have planned this and probably are not planning on ever coming back.

The sirens that they hear are for something else and they pass the warehouse up. Eden is concerned about Lowell’s sprained ankle. She tells him she will wrap it for him. She also has some food and water in her bag. When Lowell comments on her being so smart she tells him she learned from the best. She tells Lowell she wishes she could have said good bye to Michael. Lowell tells her he did in a note he left for Michael.

The agent gives Michael the note from Lowell. Since Lowell is Michael’s client the officer didn’t read it but he tells Michael that he is sure he will tell them if it is anything that would be of interest to them that he will let them know. When the officer leaves, Michael reads the note and it says Lowell is going underground again.

Lowell admits to Eden that life on the run is no place for a kid so he wants her to stay with Michael and Lauren. She insists on going with him so he gives in and agrees but says they need to rest for the long trip ahead of them.
Michael continues to read the letter when he reads Lowell mentioning Jeffery’s visit to him. Michael calls Jeffery a materialistic, opportunistic jackass. Michael runs out the door saying he is going to make Gloria a widow.

Jeffery is packing telling Gloria he has had enough of Gloria’s games. He accuses her of being in love with the father of her son still. He tells her she made her choice and he has made his. The phone rings and it is Lowell telling Gloria he needs her help.

Nick, Victoria and Nikki walk in and find Adam in a dark room at the ranch and ask him what the hell he is doing there. They ask how he got in and he admits he still has a key as he hands it back to Nick. Adam says he came there for some important files claiming he is not snooping. Nick tells him he isn’t going anywhere and then tells Nikki to call the police

Sharon and Cloe talk about the baby. Cloe says she and Cane are learning to put a face on things. Sharon says that sounds like a typical marriage. Jill makes a toast to Billy and Cane, then Billy toasts to Jill and Cane for proving that anyone can make it to the top of Jabot. Cane laughs and makes a toast to his brother Billy who might be looking for a new job soon. While having dinner Katherine has a story that will fix the rivalry between the two brothers.

Gloria doesn’t tell Jeffery it is Lowell on the phone, she pretends it is Lauren. When Jeffery leaves the room, Gloria yells at Lowell for taking off and begs him to call Michael for help. Lowell begs her to come get Eden for old times sakes. Gloria asks him if he wants to leave her again with another child. He tells her that he trusts her with his life. Gloria gives in and asks where he is.

At the dinner table Katherine interrupts the talk with her story of Adam and Eve and their two sons Cane and Able. She says God saw the evil in Cane and banished him from the Garden of Eden. Even though Jack keeps adding jokes, Katherine continues saying brothers are always rivals, don’t let it get too serious, and then she asks them to promise her it won’t. Cane and Billy both agree not to let that happen.

Lowell is hiding a gun when Gloria comes in and she tells him he needs to turn himself in. She tells him Michael is so close to getting his freedom for him. The sirens get closer as Lowell wakes Eden telling her to go with Gloria. Gloria grabs Eden and then tells Lowell that Michael will figure out a way to get him out of this. Lowell tells her to go and to take Eden with her as he shoves them out the door just as the cops pull up.

Sharon announces at the dinner party that she is the new spokesperson for Beauty of Nature and then she says she has to go home early. Billy thanks Katherine for a great party. Katherine sees the devil in Billy and warns him to stay out of trouble. Billy promises to be a good boy as he makes Katherine laugh.

Heather walks in at the ranch with the cops with her. She tells Nikki she didn’t come there for Adam but would like to know what all of them are doing there. Nikki looks at Heather and tells her they came in and found Adam there snooping. Nick says this isn’t the first time they have caught Adam trespassing there. Nikki doesn’t want to press charges against Nick and Victoria’s wishes. She tells Nick she doesn’t want to give Heather reason to search the house but Heather says she will have reason for that soon enough. Heather then tells Adam to come with her and they leave. As they are going out, Nick takes a piece of paper from Adam’s pocket saying that belongs to his Dad telling Adam nice try. When Heather, Adam and the police leave the Newman’s wonder what Adam is up to.

Gloria takes Eden back to Lauren and Michael’s apartment. She says she can’t tell where Lowell is and neither can Eden. Lauren begs them not to do something they will both regret. She tells them that Michael went to confront Jeffery about what he did to cause Lowell to break out to begin with. The phone rings and she tells the caller that Michael is not there. When she hangs up she tells Eden and Gloria that the cops found Lowell.

Jeffery tells Michael that he didn’t do anything to Lowell that he didn’t ask for. Michael tells Jeffery that he doesn’t care if he is married to his mother. He plans to do everything he can to make him pay for what he has done to his father. Lauren calls Michael and tells him that the police have found Lowell and have surrounded the warehouse that he is in. She also says that Lowell has a gun.

While still at the Chancellor Estate Cane covers Cloe with a blanket but she points out to him that he can cut the act since everyone else has gone. Jill tells Cane to come join her and Jack in the dining room so Billy sits to talk with Cloe. He tells her she seems to have this Mom act down good, and all the identities. He says she was more fun though before his brother knocked her up.

Cane says he would be happy to continue Jack’s family tradition. Jack wishes Cane the best of luck as he leaves the party. Jill tells Cane that Jabot is the one thing that Jack can’t control and he hates it. She starts wondering where Katherine is and Esther says she hasn’t seen her in a while.

Victoria reads the note that Nick took from Adam’s pocket and asks why he would want this. She wants to know what will happen if Nikki’s plan on this backfires on them. Nikki insists that she knows what she is doing here. When Nick leaves to go see Noah, Nikki wants to go over their plan with Victoria. She tells Victoria that they need to help her father now. Victoria is still having a problem with Adam being there and she just can’t figure out what he could have been looking for.

Adam tells Heather that he was trying to help her figure out what Victor was doing in Mexico. She thinks it was pretty dumb of him to break into the Newman ranch regardless of whether or not he had a key. He asks her if she still has the letter that Victor wrote to him. She says yes and she knew he’d want to keep it so she goes to her room to get it saying she will be right back.

Jill looks for Katherine and finds her admiring the lovely evening outside.  She tells Jill to come in. Esther is going to be serving dessert. Katherine says she wants to hold off on the dessert though until Phillip gets there saying that she knows how much he likes chocolate. Jill softly says to Katherine, “Mother?” but Katherine tells her not until Phillip gets there.

Billy offers Cane a cigar but he turns it down saying he doesn’t smoke and he can’t stand the smell of them. Billy ignores that and lights up one anyway. They talk about how Katherine told that story of Cane and Able and how they never heard it said quite like that before.

Nick stops by the Abbott’s home to see Noah and Sharon says her new boss is welcome there anytime. She tells Nick yes she is going to accept the job offer. Jack comes in saying hey to the two of them. Nick thanks Jack for supporting Sharon’s decision to go back to work at Newman and then says he is there to see Noah. Jack tells Nick he is glad that they wanted Sharon back. When Nick leaves Jack tells Sharon that Cane spent the evening needling him but he took it on the chin. Sharon tells Jack that he is her man and then kisses him as she heads off to bed.

Nikki explains the first part of her plan to Victoria saying they need someone they can trust and that the cops won’t suspect. Victoria is sure that JT would understand saying he knows how much Victor means to Nikki. Nikki tells Victoria she will be fine there alone. She says everywhere she looks she sees Victor. She admits that she misses him and that she will always love him.

Adam meets with Frank and hands him the letter to show him the handwriting of Victor’s. Frank says it is an interesting style saying he is a complicated man. He says the pens he got might match to make the forgery impossible to detect. Adam tells him he will be dictating to him what to write.

Jeffery calls Gloria from the pool house telling her his last good bye. She asks to see him before he goes. She tells him she needs help with something important and tells him to stay put she is on her way. He says good bye and hangs up. She tells Lauren that Jeffery is leaving her because she helped Lowell. Lauren tells her she is doing the right thing but Gloria runs out to see if she can catch Jeffery. Eden doesn’t understand why she wants to be with Jeffery after he hurt her father the way he did. Lauren tells Eden everything will be ok as Eden cries.

Michael gets to the warehouse and thanks the cop who called him. They update him saying that Lowell has a gun and is refusing to come out. Mike asks for a chance to talk to him and try to get him to come out. The detective decides to give Michael a chance and gives him 5 minutes.

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