Billy is welcomed home with open arms by his mother, Jill. She is absolutely delighted when she finds out he isn’t in town just for a visit, that he plans to stay. He asks her since she made her other son CEO would there be anything available in the mailroom for him at least?

Cane approaches Colleen about taking over the Fresh Faces position. Colleen wonders if he is only asking her to take it so he can use her to get messages to Lily. Cane insists that it is strictly a business decision. He asks her to do some tests shots.

Lily calls Kristin to tell her that she has resigned from Jabot’s Fresh Face girl and she tells her that she will miss them all saying it was a lot of fun. When she hangs up on the phone she thinks back to a moment with Cane and she has a sad look on her face.

Karen comes to Neil’s apartment when Neil is on the phone talking business. He opens the door and motions for her to come in with her stuff. When he hangs the phone up he kisses her and them shows her to her room. When she looks nervous she brings up that they did try this before. He tells her but this time they are going to do this right.

Daniel tells Amber that he sold another one of his sketches to a guy from Scottsdale. When Amber mentions that she was there in New York, Phyllis hears and she and Amber bicker over Amber being there and not Phyllis to support Daniel. Phyllis reminds Amber that she is in charge there and she might suddenly decide they don’t need a Restless Amber anymore and she storms off. Daniel tells Amber she never should have done that, saying she will only make things worse for herself.

Phyllis tells Nikki she did a good job booking Ruby Aldridge for their first cover shot with the Abbott’s. Phyllis is surprised that Nikki blames her for Victor taking off like he did. Nikki insinuates that Nick blames her too. Nikki tells her to focus on the magazine since she knows what she is doing there, unlike when it comes to her family.

Jill tells Billy that this is like a dream come true for her. She tells him that his work with House of Kim has been impressive so of course there is a place there at Jabot for him. Billy makes sure Jill knows he knows about Cane moving straight to the top at Jabot without working for it. Jill assures him that even though Cane is CEO she still runs Jabot.

Colleen agrees to do a test shot for the Fresh Face girl at Jabot but later feels guilty so she talks to Lily about it. Lily is shocked. She asks if Cane was offering her, her job. Then Lily asks her what she said. Colleen tells her she said yes. Lily snaps at her to go for it then, it’s a great job and then she walks off.

Devon tells Roxanne that he is working on a song for him and Anna to sing together. She starts digging in the gift bag from Devon and finds lingerie that was suppose to be a gift for her and then she kisses him for it.

Karen tells Neil that she hopes Tyra and Anna will come for Thanksgiving to visit. Neil is happy that she and Anna really took to each other telling Karen she would have made a terrific mother. Neil can see something is wrong and she confides in him that she lost her real mother when she was 12 but she is really close to her stepmother now. She said she is childless by her own choice and the reason is because she never wanted to take the risk of putting her own child through that. Neil brings Karen a glass of wine and then closes his laptop saying his emails can wait. He tells Karen she is number one tonight and they cling glasses together as they say cheers.

Ruby Aldridge comes in asking if she looks French enough. Amber introduces herself and Daniel to Ruby telling her they are big fans. Phyllis interrupts when Amber tries telling Ruby about her designs. Phyllis tells Daniel to keep Amber away. Nikki thinks the models wardrobe is too sexy but Phyllis disagrees saying it is sophisticated, chic, vintage erotic meets haute couture. Nick agrees with Phyllis and they agree to go with what they have there.

Jill invites Billy to dinner but he can’t make it. He tells her he already has a place lined up to live. When Cane barges in wanting to talk to Jill about the new Fresh face model, Jill stops him and introduces him to his brother, Billy. Cane is all excited to meet his brother and hugs Billy. He says he can’t believe he has a brother. Billy tells Cane he is happy to be there and he has been away too long.

During the photo shoot Nick’s mind strays to finding his father unconscious. Phyllis brings him back to reality when she calls his name out saying to pay attention to the model since she is letting him look. Nick says she is great and then walks away not interested at all.

When Amber and Billy exchange test messages together she wonders out loud what exciting things Billy has lined up for them to do tonight. Daniel seems annoyed and then says to have a blast and that maybe he and Colleen will run into them as he leaves.

Lily joins Devon and Roxanne and tells them about quitting her job. She is annoyed because Cane offered Colleen her job already and says she is so tired of being the bigger person making everyone else feel better, enough is enough.

Billy tells Amber he would like to stay at her place because no one at the Chancellor Estate is as pretty as she is. She has no problem with that and then asks if he wants to go out to eat or order in. Billy says the hell with dinner, he has other things on his mind right now.

Cane is still excited that he has a brother. Jill tells him she is looking so forward to them being a family now. Cane says so is he but he does want to discuss business right now. He suggests using Colleen as the new Fresh Face girl but Jill doesn’t think she is the better choice. She says they need a professional model because there is no time for a learning curve. Jill tells him this is not a power play but she is trying to pass off her experience in this. She tells him if he wants to be successful he should take her advice and not go with Colleen.

Lily talks to Colleen and admits to her that she does have a problem with her taking the job at Jabot. Colleen tells her it isn’t her job anymore since she did quit. She admits she would love to have the job. Lily says she isn’t telling her not to take it, she is just saying if she does she doesn’t have to like it and it will effect their friendship. When Lily leaves Colleen doesn’t know what to do now. She doesn’t want to lose her best friend but she would love the job. Daniel thinks their friendship would survive it. Colleen isn’t so sure. She says this is an amazing opportunity but there are other jobs out there too.

Lily goes over to Neil’s only to be surprised to find Karen there and they are about to go to bed. Lily looks upset when she says she guesses that Karen has moved back in.

At Restless Style Phyllis tries to cheer Nick up but doesn’t do a good job at it. She tells him if he is mad at her to please at least tell her. She asks is he is blaming her for talking him into committing his father. Nick tells her he doesn’t blame her. He tells her he can’t get over the vision of his father collapsed. He says his father needs help, what if it happens again, will anyone be there to pick him up.

Nikki makes a call to Victor and leaves a message for him. She tells him she needs to talk to him. There is something she must say to him.

Karen tells Lily they decided to try again with her moving in. Neil says they are going to make it work this time. Lily says she is happy for them and then announces that she quit her job. She wastes no time telling them that Cane offered her job to Colleen already. Neil sympathizes with Lily and Karen tells her she is sure they will patch things up. Lily tells them she is too tired to eat but offers what she brought in for dinner to the two of them as her treat and bids them good night but when she goes out the door she looks so sad. She leaves Karen and Neil worried about her.

Cane calls Colleen and tells her she has the job if she wants it but he does need a decision right now. Colleen can’t believe they made the decision already. She says yes she will take it right away.

Amber fills Billy in on how Cane has been leading his life since he came to Genoa City. She tells him about Cane getting someone else pregnant breaking him and Lily up. She says it is killing Cane not being able to be with Lily now.

Victor is seen listening to Nikki’s phone message telling him that he lost Sabrina but he hasn’t lost everything. She tells him that his children want to help him too and they are suffering too because they need their father. He sets the cell phone down and shows no signs of emotions at all.

Jan Barrett

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