Nick and Phyllis arrive at the Carlton home with Noah and are the first to arrive. They are dressed colorfully as they say they heard about Billy making all the plans. Nick says with his father doing well he can never thank Traci enough for what she did for his father. When asked about Summer, he says she is doing better every day. Phyllis goes to help Murphy set up chairs while Katherine hugs Nick telling him how sorry she is to hear about his and Sharon’s baby.

Sharon talks to her mother telling her that she has no urge to o anything self destructive. She says Faith’s given her the gift of strength. She wishes she could spare Nick the pain but he has Phyllis to do that now. She says their grief over Cassie brought them back together and she has no regrets but she can now accept that she and Nick aren’t meant to be together anymore.

Neil and Devon go over to Lily and Cane’s and they notice right away as they go inside that Lily looks sick. She tells them it is just a hot flash but Cane insists that they call the doctor.

Billy and Mac thank Murphy for all his help while Katherine is with Traci. Jack announces that they got a card from Maime. Ashley can’t read it saying it will make her cry again. There are flowers delivered from their Mother, Dina. They say how typical is that. They think it is probably best that Dina didn’t cut her cruise short to come to the funeral. They say she never did understand the special bond that Traci and Colleen had together. They think it is amazing that daughters could become such great Mom’s after the childhood they had. Then they credit their Dad for raising them as he did. They are all thankful John didn’t have to suffer through this but it is a shame that he never got to meet Faith.

Mac isn’t sure she should open the door to Chloe who comes with a large box of goodies from Jill. Chloe asks her if she needs a secret password or something to enter. Billy doesn’t seem to mind that she stays even though she and Colleen were never close. Chloe tells him that she can’t help but remember how Colleen stood up for her as he Maid of Honor and says she was a class act.

Nikki and Victoria are worried a bit when the doctor increases the dosage of the anti-rejection drug that they are giving Victor but the doctor assures them that on the overall Victor is making good progress.

When the doctor arrives, Neil, Devon and Cane are anxious to hear what he has to say about Lily. He thinks it would be too risky for her to go out. Neil offers to go in Colleen’s place but she objects to it saying it just won’t be the same. She says Colleen was always there for her and she wants to be there for her.

Billy and Mac admire a big framed portrait of Colleen that is hanging on the wall. Katherine tells Chloe it can’t be easy for her to be there and Chloe says not as hard as this is for Billy. Murphy walks up and they start talking about Delia and they say it is too bad she will never know her cousin. Billy comes up and says she will know of her because he will tell her all his stories.

Kevin thanks Traci for giving him time to say good bye to Colleen and he vows to live up to her expectations. Jana says Colleen was an inspiration to all of them. Daniel hands Traci a sketch he did of Colleen which brings tears to her eyes. When Ashley walks up she comments on how nice the sketch is. Traci wonders if Colleen knew how many people truly loved her and then she comments that it is too bad that Adrian couldn’t get away to attend.

Sharon is still talking to her mother as she says she is going to the cabin to spread Faith’s ashes. She isn’t telling Nick about it. She says that Nick has a lot of people to look after right now so she is going to do this alone. She tells her Mom to trust her and that she loves her as she leaves.

Abby hugs Nick and talks about feeling left behind now with her Dad and sister gone to heaven. Phyllis tells her that they will leave her messages. Nick’s phone rings and it is Doris calling to tell him that Sharon left for the cabin where she plans on spreading Faith’s ashes. She tells him that she thought he should know.

Cane and Lily are home alone now. When she takes her medicine she complains about not being able to go to Colleen’s funeral. Lily is miserable and says she hates this and tells Cane she just wants to be alone so he leaves her alone.

When Neil arrives, he tells Daniel about why Lily couldn’t come with him. Phyllis tells Nick he should go be with Sharon telling him it was his baby too. She tells him the Abbott’s know you are grateful as well and she will stay there to represent the family. Nick starts to leave when Noah says he wants to go but Abby needs him with her. Phyllis tells Nick to go.

Nikki is with Victor as she checks her watch saying that the service should be starting any minute. Victor wonders how the Abbott’s will react when they hear what he has done. Nikki tells him that they will understand that it came for the heart.

As everyone takes their seats outside Phyllis asks where Amber is. Daniel says she was never close to Colleen. Billy starts talking about how Colleen wasn’t without tears but she was about joy and about making them laugh and cheering them all up. He says that is why they are doing this her way, with smiles and laughter. Traci hugs Billy and then she steps up to tell her stories about her daughter and how she was born in this very house into Brad’s waiting arms and now she is handing her baby over to Brad once again. She tells them about the other organs that were donated including to a 16 year old girl who won’t have to plan her life around dialysis ever again and to a father that has never before now seen his own children. She says her angel has done that and she is making miracles.  She asks if anyone else has any stories they would like to share of Colleen. Victoria stands up and says she has a letter from her father that she would like to read out loud.

Billy stands to object as everyone turns towards Victoria. He says this isn’t about Victor who has already gotten more than he deserved. Traci interrupts and tells Victoria to read the letter.

When Victor seems to be breathing harder Nikki assures him that he has a strong Abbott heart inside him after all these years of feuds with the Abbots. Victor worries that the Abbott’s will be reminded of Colleen’s death every time they see him. Nikki tells him it wasn’t just Traci’s decision, that Jack had a say in this too. She says she can’t help but wonder if the situation had been reversed could they have been that generous.

Victoria reads Victor’s letter out loud. It starts out saying their family joins with theirs in mourning and they share their sorrow but they are filled with gratitude that they found the strength and compassion to spare their family and many others the same pain. He says they are her living legacy. He says Colleen will never be forgotten. He says every time he holds his newborn daughter he will think of Colleen. He ended the latter with “I will hold her forever in my heart”. Jack turns and gives Billy a look.

Cane brings little Humphrey over to Lily to try to help cheer her up. He tells Lily he scrubbed Humphrey from head to toe so he is clean. He says he also has one more thing that should make her fell better.

JT tells everyone that he and Colleen were dating everyone was worried that poor Colleen had gotten herself into something bad. He says but it turned out that he was the one in way over his head having no idea how much she would change his whole life. Everyone in the room seems touched by his story except for Victoria.

Jack tells every one about a story when Colleen tried to get him into exercising with her doing the Zumba, which is Latin dancing. They all laugh asking him to show them his moves. As Jack shows them some of the moves they all seem to be smiling and laughing.

Ashley talks about how much Abby loved her sister. Traci goes over to Ashley as they all seem to gather around with a hug. Abby stands to say she promises to be as good a sister to the new baby as Colleen was to her.

Neil talks to Traci in private first and then talks to the group. Devon has his phone on so Cane and Lily can hear from home as Neil starts talking about the stories of the two BFF’s, Colleen and Lily. He talks about how supportive Colleen was with Lily encouraging her to fight this cancer. He says the best medicine was sometimes gossip and ice cream. He says they shopped together for wigs even. Lily smiles as she curls herself up next to Cane while they continue listening. When Neil is done he touches his lips with his finger tips and then touches Colleen’s picture. Traci thanks Neil and then Lily whispers thank you!

Abby is worried that she will lose her Dad too. Victoria tells Abby that Victor is doing well and he will take good care of her sister’s heart.

Victor doesn’t want Nikki to call for the doctor because he thinks it is only a dizzy spell. He asks her what was in the paper about him and he insists on seeing it. Hen Nikki starts to leave to get the paper Victor starts going into convulsions. Nikki screams Oh My God! And then she runs back to his bed. Then she yells out into the hallway that they need a doctor.

Mac thinks Victor’s letter was amazing. JT thinks it is amazing that Traci even let Victoria read it. He says he wouldn’t blame Traci if she told Victoria to take that letter and shove it. He says everyone knows Victor was out to destroy Colleen and now he is alive because she isn’t. JT turns only to be facing Victoria who just turns around and walks off without saying a word to him.

When Katherine is done with what she wanted to say Billy asks if there is anyone else there that would like to speak. When Kevin stands he says he would and he walks up. Kevin tells them he thinks Victor was right about Colleen giving people a second chance at life. He says he knows this because that is what she did when she was there. He says she didn’t write people off even when they deserved to be and he is tremendously grateful.

As they all mingle around, JT goes over to Victoria and talks about what she overheard him saying. She tells him it is OK because she knows he loved Colleen. JT says he realizes he shouldn’t have said what he did. She tells him her father wasn’t trying to destroy Colleen. She says he went to the lake to save her life. JT says yeah and she ended up saving his instead. Victoria says she knows it is tragic and unfair but she can’t be sorry that her father is still alive. She says he isn’t an easy man to love but she does love him and she needs him and right now he is fighting for his life.

At the hospital the doctors are working on Victor to hold his convulsing down with a lot of yelling and ordering going on, Nikki manages a question asking if he is rejecting the heart.

Mac hands out red balloons while Billy talks about an art gallery that Colleen took him too. With tears in his eyes he tells everyone to be like Colleen was, help others offering that helping hand and see the good, then he says she won’t really be gone. Her spirit will live within them, even as it rises to something more beautiful with more joy.

Sharon is at the cabin as we hear music in the background playing a lullaby. She is looking at the urn of ashes. When she opens the door and sees Nick standing there she seems happy to see him. Then we see Nikki running to Victor’s bedside. His eyes meet hers until a nurse takes Nikki away and makes her stand against the wall so she won’t get in the way while they work on him. She can see his eyes roll back while he continues in convulsions. Then Neil brings a balloon home to Lily and he and Cane watch her release the balloon into the sky as they watch it go up. Now at the memorial they all get together and as though they were making a toast to Colleen they touch the balloons together and releases them all at the same time and they watch them all floating off as though they are heading up to heaven.

Jan Barrett

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