Noah goes to see his dad and tells him he isn’t so much upset about not being told that Nick was the father of Sharon’s baby as he is over the fact that he has lost yet another sister. Nick hugs him as he tries to console him.

As Jack holds baby Faith, he tells Ashley that Billy, Traci and Steve are making all the funeral arrangements. He says poor Traci and then Ashley says she can’t believe how lucky she is to have Faith. When Jack looks at Faith he tells her she is a miracle, Ashley tells him he will have his little miracle soon. When Jack breaks the news that the baby wasn’t his but besides Sharon’s baby was born stillborn.

When going in for a doctor’s appointment, Sharon spots Adam and calls him over to her. He tells her how sorry he is that she lost the baby. She tells him she is hanging in there. She tells him she thinks it is weird that she hasn’t heard anything from the funeral home about the ashes yet. She starts crying and as he offers a comforting hand she apologizes for having a hard time keeping her emotions under control.

The funeral director talks about the various choices of coffins with Traci, Steve and Billy. He asks if they want a closed or open casket. The man asks if they have a florist and then Billy asks if they can just have a moment. Billy comes up with an idea of something more than a morbid tear fest which Traci thinks is a perfect idea. She asks Billy if he can handle it.

The doctor tells Nikki and Victor that he can be released in a week or two but it looks like the new heart is doing fine. He credits Victor’s devoted wife that has stood by his bedside through it all (talking about Nikki). Victor says they all have their crosses to bear and then he says he has something to say that she needs to hear.

Traci encourages Billy to take over with the plans of Colleen’s funeral. When the others support the idea, she says there is no one she would trust more with this than him.

Sharon gathers her wits and tells Adam she appreciates his concern. He says he knows they don’t really know each other as he admits he doesn’t have too many friends to talk to. Sharon knows the history between him and Nick but she thinks Adam should be grateful for a second chance with his father. She tells him she has to go see Victor and then find the mortuary. Adam calls her back and tells her he meant it when he said he was sorry about her losing her baby. When she is gone he realizes that now he has to come up with some ashes.

Victor tells Nikki that she set all this in motion by sending Ashley to him. He says and now, here they are and there is a new life in the world because of her selflessness. He tells her without her there would be no Faith.

Ashley tells Jack she wishes she had been there for him. She says she thought she was going insane but ever since Faith was put in her arms she has been feeling great and will soon be ready to go back to work, at least part time. Jack says that is the best news he has had all year. She says she plans to take care of her girls no matter what life throws at her. She says Victor is Faith’s father so he will always be in her life. She says never mind that though as she sends him to go see Traci. When Jack leaves Adam goes in to see Ashley and hears that Jack feels bad about Nick and Sharon losing another child. He asks her where the nearest funeral home is. He says he’s like to get his driver to take Nick and Sharon there. She wonders why he suddenly wants to help them. He says he feels he has been given a second chance so from now on he wants everything to be different. She thanks him for stopping by but she gives him a suspicious look. When he gets out in the hall he calls his driver telling him to pick him up out front quickly.

Noah talks to Nick about being the father of his Mom’s baby. He says he doesn’t understand how come she didn’t tell Nick. He says he knows he has behaved like a spoiled brat but now he wants to help both of them. Nick thanks him but he tells him that he and his Mom don’t want him to stop living his life.

Adam talks to a funeral director telling him that his niece was born a few days ago but unfortunately she didn’t make it. When he spills some water (on purpose as a distraction) the man goes to get some paper towels to clean the mess. Adam grabs an urn labeled Baby Doe and shoves it in his bag and hurries out. Billy spots him as he is leaving and calls out his name.

Nikki goes in to see Ashley’s baby. She tells Ashley they haven’t had a chance to talk. Ashley agrees and tells her she would like to clear the air about the night of the storm. Nikki thinks back to that night when she confessed to Victor of her love for him and how she was sure he would never love another woman like he loved her. Nikki says OK, they can get this all out in the open.

Jack is happy to hear that Billy is doing the planning for Colleen’s funeral. He tells everyone he has some more good news. He announces that Ashley is going to be joining her brothers back at Jabot soon. He says now if only Traci would move back to Genoa City. Billy asks if he can speak to Jack alone for a minute, and they excuse themselves. When they get in the living room Billy tells Jack that he is resigning at Jabot.

Adam arranges for a package to be delivered to Sharon’s suite. Then he looks in and listens as Sharon tells Victor about losing the baby. Victor promises Sharon that she will always be a part of his family. She tells him he needs to focus on getting better. She tells him the world, then changes it to her world, wouldn’t be the same without Victor Newman.

Ashley thinks back to her driving that night in the rain and then she tells Nikki that Patty had her seeing ghosts and what she did wasn’t intentional. As Ashley goes on and on, Nikki asks what she is talking about until it hits her? She asks Ashley if it was she that was driving the car that almost hit her that night. Nikki is in shock.

Billy explains to Jack that he needs something that is his and not his Dad’s or Jack’s. He says he isn’t running away. Mac walks in and has to ask what is going on. Jack complains that Billy is leaving the security of a multimillion dollar company and asks for what, to run away and join a circus? He has to ask if Billy is making a rash decision because he is grieving. Billy says no, he has been thinking about doing this for quite some time now. When Jack notices that Mac isn’t eager to talk Billy out of this he gets mad and says that she will feel different when Billy is back in his bar stool at Jimmy’s every night. Billy tells Jack to keep the job as he goes out the door.

Ashley tells Nikki she knew she hit something that night. Nikki says yes she was in the road that night and she was a wreck after dumping Paul and her chat with Victor. She said she was waiting for her cab when she says the headlights coming towards her but she dove out of the way and only got a few scratches. Ashley tells her she is so sorry and she realizes now she could have killed her. Nikki assures her that she was safe and sound in Colorado and she says she had sent some letters but they told her no one got them. She says it is too bad because it would have saved Ashley a lot of guilt. Ashley tells her that she told Victor she thought she had hit Nikki. Nikki says that will explain the reaction Ashley had when she saw her at the hospital. Ashley tells her she thought she was haunting her. Nikki tells her she is so sorry and they are both glad they got this cleared up. Ashley says she wants to put this whole horrible summer behind her. Nikki tells Ashley her daughter looks just like Nick did when he was born, as she is leaving which puzzles Ashley.

Noah tells Nick he missed his little princess while she was in Europe so he’d like to spend some time with her. Nick knows what it is like growing up with parents in a messed up relationship. Noah says it is no secret that his grandpa has done some terrible things to Nick. Noah says he watched him while waiting to see if his grandpa was going to make it. Now Noah says if Nick can forgive his Dad for all the bad things he has done them there is no reason he can’t forgive his. He says he would like to be at the service to say good bye to his sister. When Noah is gone Nick calls Phyllis telling her he is going to visit his Dad.

Adam listens in as Victor reassures Sharon that all the family is behind her. She feels bad for that trouble she caused in Nick’s marriage but she knows now he needs to focus on Phyllis and Summer. Victor says he knows there are different kinds of love and what Nick feels for her will never go away. He tells her that she is the love of his life. Sharon tells Victor to get well soon as she gives him a soft kiss good bye. When Adam sees that Sharon is gone he gets a call confirming that the package delivery arrived at the club.

Billy goes to see Ashley. She says so no black tomorrow and he says screw tradition. He knows Colleen would have approved. He tells Ashley he could have called her to tell her about it but he wanted to see the little munchkin. He tells her that Jack is pissed at him for leaving Jabot. He says he needs something that he can be passionate about. Ashley tells him she understands the difference between love and obligation. She encourages him to follow his path and make himself happy. She says Jack will come around and he will be there for him. When she is alone again she says she hopes Faith can forgive her for what she is about to do and then she takes off her diamond wedding ring.

Nikki calls out to Adam and asks him to join her in Victor’s room. He tells her she doesn’t have to be nice to him. H says he knows she thinks he is a creep. She tells him she knows he has done some terrible things but Victor loves him and wants to forgive him. She says he has been given a second chance. She tells him it is up to him to prove he deserves it.

Victor wakes up and finds Nick sitting there. Victor asks how Summer is. Nick tells him she is good and with Phyllis at the movies. Nick brings up the terrible things he said the night his father got shot. He says he meant it then and now. With his voice breaking up he tells Victor that he and Sharon lost the baby. Victor tells him that Sharon came to visit and told him. Nick tells Victor it is happening all over again as he starts to fall apart. He says with him facing the loss of another daughter he just can’t stay mad at him. He says he needs his Dad right now as he leans over to Victor and cries.

Jack apologizes for being so rough on Billy. The brothers then agree that Colleen’s funeral comes first, before anything else. When Billy hangs the phone up Mac tells him they can pick their stuff up at the party store in the morning. Steve comes in and says he called everyone on the list and asked them all to wear something colorful. Traci is OK with it all but can’t help but think of all the loss they have suffered without falling apart. Traci says she should be curled up in a ball but instead they are planning a party to celebrate Colleen’s life. She says Dad must be looking down at them with Colleen and Brad saying way to go kids.

Nikki walks in as Victor is assuring Nick that Cassie is giving his baby girl the grand tour of heaven right now. Nick has a lot to be grateful for… his Mom is back, his Dad is alive, Noah has his head on straight now, and Summer is improving. He says but he is mourning not being able to hold his baby. He asks why he can’t have one more miracle just as Ashley walks by the window carrying Faith.

Sharon is on the phone at the psychiatric facility trying to track down her baby’s remains. She is shocked to hear that there was no Dr. Taylor there on staff. When she hangs up there is a knock on the door with a delivery for her. She opens the box and finds an Urn inside with ashes in it from the mortuary.

Adam is back at the ranch looks pretty depressed. He thinks back to when his Mom sent him to Harvard and how she told him she was so proud of him. She told him he was a good man with a good heart. She said he will do wonderful things with his life. He starts going upstairs and then he collapse as he cries out that he is so sorry he let his Mom down.

Jan Barrett

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