Phyllis is planning a night out with Michael and Lauren to go to the movies. Phyllis fixes a plate of dinner to bring to Nick and she is disappointed when she can’t get Summer to tell her Daddy she loves her. Nick tells Summer it is OK, he is just so glad she is home.

Sharon goes through a box of her things and comes across a print out of the house she and Nick were thinking of buying. Her eyes tear up as she thinks about it.

Esther fusses with Chloe about stringing along Chance. She asks Chloe why she has to be so negative about her date. Chloe complains about the terminally hick Harvest Festival that chance is anxious to take her to. Esther thinks it is charming when Chance comes to pick up Chloe he rings the doorbell even though he lives there too. She says he is picking Chloe up like a proper lady. She asks isn’t that just so sweet. Chloe sarcastically answers just Adorable!

Gloria is with Deacon in his suite where he offers her a glass of Chardonnay. She is this close to getting the Terroni. She tells Deacon she is sure she can convince Kevin is rightfully her. She says she will have it in his hands tonight and he better have her 5 million in cash waiting for her.

Daniel says the deadline is getting closer. He needs to get the painting to Deacon or he will get Amber. Amber has a better idea. She says she can keep her freedom and the Terroni can be sold for a lot of cash. Kevin insists that the painting goes back to the museum and his share of the reward will go toward hiring a lawyer to defend Ryder. While they all argue Michael walks over to them telling them he knows there was no art show in Detroit and that they found the real Terroni. He demands to know what they are all up to now.

After Nick puts Summer to bed Nick says he saw all of Summer’s work books from the clinic. Phyllis doesn’t understand it saying she was making progress at the clinic but now she has clammed up. Phyllis tells him she understands that he is exhausted with all this with his Dad and losing a child on top of that. She says thanks to Jack she knows that Sharon kept the paternity a secret because of Summer being in the hospital. She wanted to make sure that Summer had her Daddy’s undivided attention. Nick tells her it was for her sake too. He says she knew they needed to be strong for each other. Phyllis says she thinks she needs to apologize to Sharon for misjudging her. Nick says Sharon’s going through a lot right now.

Sharon is still looking through the box as she goes through the baby stuff. She thinks back to the happier times with Nick. She gets upset when she comes back to reality and she starts ripping the photo up of the house she and Nick were going to buy.

Daniel tells Michael that they are trying to figure out a way to play Deacon so he can’t blackmail them anymore. He asks them if any of them realize just how dangerous this could be and how much money is involved here. He says there could be contracts out on all of them. Kevin tells Michael he personally wouldn’t be involved if he had only agreed to help Ryder to begin with. Michael stops him and says this painting will be turned over to the proper authorities even though Daniel objects, Gloria comes in and walks over saying she hopes Michael can convince the bunch to return the painting that they stole from her. Michael says not if it was stolen so it is going to be returned to the museum and then asks where it is anyway. When no one answers he starts to walk away and tells them not to expect him to represent them when they get arrested. Amber then tells Daniel they need to get some money out of Deacon for all he has put them through. Daniel tells her no he wants to stick to the original deal and then he orders her to stay away from Deacon. She asks why should they let Deacon walk away with this after all he has done to them.

Chloe and Chance are at the Harvest Festival. Who knew there was much plaid in the world, asks Chloe. When Chance doesn’t like her looking down at everyone she tells him she warned him that this wasn’t her scene. He tells her to loosen up and live a little. OK so she says she will kick his ass at apple bobbing. He goes for it as he laughs.

Nick plays with chats with Summer saying Mommy should be back by the time the Baldwin’s come to pick her up. He tells her she is stuck with Daddy. He asks her if she can say that but she says no. He tells her it is OK. He tells her he heard she did well in Switzerland. He tells her he is so proud of her and he hugs her.

Daniel lectures Amber asking her why she thinks Deacon will give her any money now. She says never mind but she knows his weakness. He tells her that no amount of money is worth her degrading herself again. She accuses him of not trusting her with Deacon. He asks her should he trust her. She says she did that for him as she walks out.

While Gloria and Kevin argue over the painting, Michael says he needs to get back to Lauren and Fen who are waiting for him in the car. He says he just stopped off for hot chocolate, not to get involved in a felony. He says he will have his drinks to go. Kevin tells Gloria to snap to it. While she does it, Michael tries to dissuade Kevin from using the reward money on Ryder. Kevin says he just wants Ryder to have the same chance to overcome his past that Michael gave to him. He asks Michael couldn’t he be the go between with the cops and the museum. Lauren comes in to see what is taking so long and Michael tells her he got roped into playing referee. He says he will be right out. She says ok or they will miss the previews. Michael promises he will see if he can find out the best way to handle this. He warns Kevin to put the Painting in a safe place. Kevin says he will and he will make sure Gloria or Daniel can’t get their hands on it.

When Kevin talks about the heated discussion between Amber and Daniel, Daniel says he is worried about Michael going to the authorities. Gloria is upset that they never agreed what to do with the painting. Daniel needs time to see Deacon and to figure a plan where they can all profit from this. When Daniel leaves Gloria tries convincing Kevin to give the painting to her but he insists that it is going back to the museum. So she can deal with it.

Deacon welcomes Amber into his suite asking her how is life in that tiny room. He asks if she is happier there than here. He applauds Amber for still standing by her man.

Chance and Chloe seem to really be having fun as they are bobbing for apples. They are both soaked when she says double or nothing and he ends up winning. She dunks her head one more time and then demands a prize. Chance asks for the cheese hat and then places it on Chloe’s head. He says all hail to the cheese queen as he applauds her while she parades around proudly. He smiles as he tells her she looks as hot as hell.

When Michael and Lauren arrive, Nick tells them that Phyllis should be back soon. He thanks them for taking Summer. Michael says no problem and then offers to help if he needs it over at Newman. Nick thanks him but says he thinks he has it covered. He complains about a meeting coming up though. He tells them why don’t they take the kids to the movies and Phyllis can just meet them there. They ask but where is she. He says she went to see Sharon and he tells them that Sharon is back at the club in her suite. He tells them about her losing the baby. When Michael sympathizes with Jack, Nick tells him that the baby was actually his. Then we see Sharon all depressed answering her door to find Phyllis standing there.

Phyllis tells her she knows this isn’t a good time but she wanted to tell her how sorry she was. Sharon steps aside inviting Phyllis in. She listens to Phyllis go on about Summer and asks how does one get over losing a child. Sharon snaps at her telling her you never get over it. She says you learn to live with it and you move on. Phyllis tells her that she knows that Sharon sacrificed for her and her family and she is very grateful to her. She says she is ashamed that she misjudged Sharon. Sharon questions her shame and regrets, asking if she is sure that is all she is feeling right now.

Gloria says she isn’t done with Kevin. She says maybe Daniel is already giving the painting to Deacon, but Kevin says he doubts it. He goes to check to make sure. He tells her she can’t go with him because then she would know where he has it hid. When he is out of the room Gloria tells the other waitress she is in charge and she goes after Kevin.

Amber tells Deacon she can’t be bought. She asks what kind of a low life would want a woman who could be. He says he has something for her and she will want it, it is a wedding gift. When he shows her the diamond necklace she pretends not to be impressed. He moves her hair and clasps it in the back. He stands by her as she looks in the mirror. She tells him it is very sparkly. When Daniel knocks at the door he isn’t happy to see Amber there. Deacon tells him she was just trying on her wedding gift.

Chance brings Chloe home with her a large stuffed animal and her still wearing her cheese hat. He asks her where she learned to shoot like that. She tells him a fusionist showing up a trained marksman, how embarrassing. He tells her she was one hell of a polka dancer too. She admits she really did have fun and that she can be herself when she is with Chance.

Sharon seems to have a hard time believing Phyllis as she assumes Phyllis must be a bit relieved. Phyllis asks her if she is kidding with her. Sharon says Summer is improving and she and Nick are solid now. She tells Phyllis that there isn’t anything tying her to Nick anymore so now her odds are improving. Phyllis tells her she gets no pleasure, no relief or triumph in Sharon losing her baby, only sadness. Phyllis says she would never wish this on anyone, least of all her who turns away when she starts crying.

Daniel demands that Amber removes the necklace now. Amber says these diamonds are worth a fortune. Daniel says he doesn’t give a damn, and orders her to give it back. He tells her to walk out with him right now or it is over for them. When she hesitates, Daniel gets mad and says that he has had enough. He says if all it takes is a little bling then Deacon can have her. He says in fact he and Amber deserve one another. He tells Deacon he wins but the painting stays with him and he doesn’t care if Deacon does frame him. Amber tells Daniel to wait but he leaves anyway.

Kevin goes back to the coffee shop and looks for a place to hide the painting. He unrolls it and places it on the back of a cheap painting and then hangs it back on the wall. When he is gone Gloria sneaks in and gets the painting. Her eyes are glowing at the thought of the masterpiece that she now has in her hands.

Chance and Chloe kiss and they talk about how each of them are fabulous. Chance tells her to wait because he thinks things are moving too fast. She says not for her and she is only married on paper. She says oh that and then he hopes she understands why he wants to wait. She says of course she does and one day he’ll marry one lucky lady. With the passion ended between them he takes her hand and says he had fun tonight and asks to do it again soon. He kisses her one more time and then he starts out the door but comes back for his jacket only he stumbles on the step when he leaves.

Sharon tells Phyllis is was good of her to come as she walks her to the door. Phyllis tells her she knows they will never be best friends but she will never forget what she did for summer that night in the hospital. She says if she ever needs anything… Sharon cuts her off by saying thank you. Phyllis tells her she means it, all she has to do is ask. When Phyllis is gone Sharon looks happy that that is over with.

Nick apologizes to Michael and Lauren to have kept them saying Summer and Fen are done playing upstairs. They tell him it is no problem, they will just catch the next showing. When Nick tells Summer that Mommy will meet them at the movies he is shocked but happy when Summer tells him, “Bye, Bye Daddy, I love you!” And then hugs him

Jan Barrett

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