Chloe is with Chance When Mac comes in she she goes to ask about Colleen. Mac tells him that it has been a rough 24 hours for the Abbott family.

While Billy is on the phone making funeral arrangements for Colleen, Noah tells Jack that Victor is still in surgery. Noah gets a call from Sharon. She tells him she is out of the hospital and back at the club and she asks if they can talk about it in person and then she hangs up. He tells Jack something is wrong with his Mom.

JT goes to check to see if he can get an update on Victor’s condition. Neil comes in asking Nikki about Victor and then asks where Ashley is. Then we see Ashley in her room holding the baby when she asks the nurse if she can get an update on Victor for her. She tells the baby that he has to make it after everything her sister has been through.

Chloe tells Chance she wasn’t close to Colleen but she is sure that Billy is a mess right now. When Billy comes in Chloe gives him a hug asking if he is OK. Chloe shows how much against she is at Victor getting Colleen’s heart with Billy agreeing with her. He tells her it turns his stomach but he wants it to work so Colleen won’t be gone for good. Billy thanks Chloe for understanding how he feels but turns down her offer for coffee as he gives her a quick kiss and then goes to join Mac out on the patio. Chloe watches them hugging as she looks disappointed.

Victoria checks in with the babysitter and then reports to Nick that Reed has been fussy. She tells him that at least his baby has not been born yet. When she catches Nick’s eyes tearing up she asks him if something is wrong. He tells her that Sharon lost the baby. Victoria tells him how sorry she is as she hugs him. When she tells him he should have said something he says with their Dad in surgery he decided to wait since there was nothing they could do about it anyway.

Nikki talks to Phyllis about Summer being in the hospital and tells her she had prayed for her. Phyllis tells Nikki that she is praying for Victor too despite what he did. Nikki thanks her telling her she knows it can’t be easy for her. Phyllis says it isn’t but she is doing it for Nick who has suffered so much loss recently. Nikki is sorry that Phyllis had to find out about Sharon’s baby being Nick’s the way she did saying that must have been hard on her. Phyllis says for Nick’s sake she would do anything to bring that baby back even if it wasn’t just long enough for Nick to say good bye.

Sharon hides the photo from the ultrasound when Noah arrives. She wipes her tears from her eyes, as Noah and Jack is with him. Jack notices Sharon is no longer pregnant and looks confused. Sharon tells him that she lost the baby before she could even take a breath. After hugging his Mom, Noah tells Jack it was his baby too. When Noah leaves to go check on Victor Jack asks how come Noah wasn’t told the baby was Nick’s. Sharon doesn’t want Noah to hate her after losing Cassie and now the baby, he is all she has left as she cries.

Jack tells her that Noah could never hate her. Sharon remembers that Noah tried to file for emancipation so she isn’t so sure he would take her lies to him very well. She tells Jack that Nick knew the baby was his and it was devastating to them both that they didn’t get to hold the baby. She says she can only picture holding her baby Faith. Jack is surprised to hear her call the baby Faith. He tells her that is what Ashley names her baby.

Neil goes to see Ashley and meets Faith. Neil isn’t so sure that Victor considers him a dear friend now that he is working for the competition. Neil thinks about Lily when she was a baby and Ashley realizes he has been going through some bad times too himself. Neil says he is very proud of Lily saying she has taught him about grace through rough times. Neil assures Ashley he is sure that with both Victor and her there to console Abby, she will be just fine.

Phyllis tells Nikki that Nick barely had time to get use to the fact that he was the father of the baby before he has to grieve it and she doesn’t approve of Sharon keeping this from him. Nikki asks if she is not angry with Nick for not telling her about it. Nikki tells her she is happy to hear that she and Nick are in a good place. When JT comes in Nikki rushes over to him to see if he found out anything yet but he hasn’t. Nick decides he is going to go see his new baby sister. He tells Phyllis he is up for it, he would like to see at least one good thing that happened last night.

When Chance talks to Chloe about their next date Chloe pays no attention. All she does is gripes about Billy saying first he says she gets him and then forgets all about her when Florence Nightingale comes in. Chance finds it unbelievable. He says he isn’t talking about Billy, but she is so bent out of shape about a guy who isn’t her husband anymore. Chloe looks at Chance and then quietly tells him that’s not exactly the truth.

Billy is irritated when he gets a text message about some Jabot stock being stuck en route. He complains that he is just a glorified shipping clerk that carries no weight in the family especially when it came to Colleen leaving this world. Mac tells him it is a hard time for everyone now.

Jack wants to know what he can do to make things better for Sharon but she reminds him that he is not responsible for her anymore. She tells him that Traci needs him. He says yeah but he thinks it would be a good idea for Sharon to talk to Traci. She asks who is taking care of Jack right now. He tells her he is fine but she asks how can her be fine with his niece’s heart going to his worst enemy. Jack says he is OK with is because a part of Colleen will live on. He realizes he said the wrong thing but in her tears she knows he is right as life does move on. She says she needs to remember that especially now.

When Nick goes to see Ashley she tells him of course it isn’t a bad time to meet his new baby sister. He tells her the baby is beautiful as he stares at the baby. He looks so sad as he looks at the baby.

Chance doesn’t understand. He says Billy and Chloe live apart, they both see other people and technically she is still his wife? She laughs and says yeah she is. She says there was a glitch in some of the red tape as she explains it to Chance. He asks her isn’t she tired of the crap. She says yeah yeah that’s the deal. He asks when, she says tomorrow. She asks where they are going tomorrow on their next date asking if it is a surprise. She asks if he is taking her to New York City on the company jet. He says no, it is better than that. He tells her they are going to the Harvest Festival right there in town. Chloe looks very disappointed.

Billy is surprised that Mac doesn’t lecture him about how good he has it at home and at Jabot. She tells him she is the last one to tell him he needs to stay in family business, after she gave up the corporate ladder to run a dive bar and serve soup at a homeless shelter. She says he needs to be happy and fulfilled and appreciated. Billy tells her that what he feels with her right there. He tells her he loves her.

Victoria stands while waiting for some news until she just can’t stand it anymore. She says there is no sense in JT going to check for an update. She says she is sure nothing has changed. She apologizes for snapping at him. Phyllis walks up asking if they have heard anything and Victoria says he is still alive. Phyllis apologizes saying Victoria was right. She says it isn’t the right time or place for her issues regarding Summer. She says she is praying for Victor. When neither JT nor Victoria reply she walks off to call the babysitter. JT tells Victoria that was a first, with Phyllis apologizing. Victoria says she understands why Phyllis is so upset since Victor did betray her. JT tells Victoria he understands why she was mad at him over the photo of him and Colleen but why didn’t she come to him about it before doing what she did. He tells her he would never have done that to her. She tells him she was scared and is sorry OK. She asks if they can’t wait to talk about this after they know if her father will survive. He says fine they can deal with this later as he walks off.

Nick asks if it is strange that he feels at peace looking at the baby. Ashley tells him that Traci felt the same way. She says a new life amidst all the sadness is what they all needed. He tells her there is still no news about his Dad and he understands why she would be mad at his father too because he is upset too because of Summer. He tells her he won’t keep Summer away from Victor though. He says there is nothing worse than to keep kept from your child. Ashley tells him she would never do that because Victor is still her father.

Nikki calls Neil back into the chapel with him saying it is a place they have both spent a lot of time in over the years. He tells her that despite Lily’s cancer, his family is healing and it will be the same for Victor. When they start talking about God’s plan Nikki falls apart. She says she has never seen Victor like this, it is as if his guilt has taken his will to live away. She says as she cries that she is scared to death that Victor just might be human after all.

Noah goes back to Sharon and Jack to report that Victor is still in surgery. When Jack leaves Sharon assures Noah that she will be OK. She tells him she is so lucky to have him when he promises to take care of her. She tells him she won’t have him sacrificing his life for her. He tells her he loves her and he is sorry if he ever made her think otherwise. He promises he will always be there for her as they hug.

Nick can’t believe that Noah was ever that small. He puts his finger inside the baby’s fist and then talks about how strong Noah’s grip was. He says but this baby has even a stronger grip but he says don’t tell Noah that. Ashley asks him if he wants to hold her.

Jack is surprised to find Phyllis back in town. She tells him she flew back because she had a feeling Nick needed her. They talk about Colleen and Traci and then Phyllis asks why he is still there in this depressing place. He tells her to see Ashley but Phyllis says she is on a different floor. He admits he is really there to see if Colleen’s heart is still beating. She tells him that Victor is still in surgery. She starts crying as Jack does and they hug. He cries to her that it is so unfair, it’s just not fair.

Chance sounds excited as they talk about bobbling for apples and the pancake eating contest and all the other exciting things. Chloe stops him telling him that she only attends festivals like Cannes and there is no way she is going to risk mucking up her shoes with manure. Chance says he is tired of always having to do what Chloe wants to do. He says it is his turn. He asks that she at least gives it a chance. He thinks she might even enjoy herself hanging out with Murphy and his funny hat wearing cronies. She finally says ok but she refuses to wear gingham. Out on the patio Billy decides he is going to give Jack his resignation after Colleen’s funeral and then he and Mac can talk about their future.

Jack mopes around as he thinks of his plan to groom colleen to take over the world, well Victor’s world. Phyllis tells him he can’t blame himself. She also tells him she knows the baby didn’t make it and that Nick was the father. She asks how come he didn’t tell her. He says because he promised Sharon she wouldn’t, saying keeping it from Nick made sense to Sharon. Phyllis says it doesn’t to her. She asks why Sharon would give up the chance to be with the love of her life. Jack tells her that Sharon did it so Nick could be there for Summer and Phyllis.

After she gets a shower Sharon finds that Noah ad room service to deliver all her favorites. He says see, he is going to take good care of her. She tells him she isn’t sure she deserves such treatment. She tells him to sit down, there are some things he doesn’t know about. She is hoping he will forgive her. She tells him that Faith wasn’t Jack’s baby, she was Nick’s.

Nick talks to Faith telling her she was going to melt her Daddy’s heart while he is holding her. He asks what she named the baby. When Ashley tells him Faith he looks so shocked.

The doctor finally comes out and tells the family that Victor is out of surgery and being prepped in recovery right now. He says they will still have to wait and see if his body will accept the new heart. Victoria runs over to the gurney when they roll Victor out and tells her Daddy that he is her hero.  She says they are all there for him. Jack looks up to heaven with tears in his eyes and says, “Way to go kid!”

Jan Barrett

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