Phyllis feels horrible when she hears that Sharon’s baby died. She is concerned about how Jack is taking the news since he was so excited about the baby coming. Nick blurts out that Jack wasn’t the father after all, he was.

When the nurse take baby Faith out the room Adam tries to convince Ashley that Victor needs to see the baby but Ashley keeps coming up with lame excuses such as the baby is under supervision or she hasn’t had time and she has been thinking of her sister and niece to think about.

Jack looks down at Victor as he goes on about Traci making such an agonizing decision that no one should ever have to make. He finally tells him that Colleen’s heart is his to go on living with. Victor tells him thank you in a weak voice. He says he is so sorry for the pain but is grateful for the chance… Jack cuts him off by going on with saying it is an incredibly good heart with years of life left in it. Victor says he knows the Abbott’s despise him so why don’t they just let him die. Jack says he couldn’t argue with the bastard and he doesn’t expect him to change but one death is enough. Jack says for Colleen’s sake he hopes Victor will live. He goes out to tell the rest of the Newman’s that Traci’s answer is yes!

Adam is still trying to get through to Ashley about bringing the baby to see Victor but she wants to go see Traci instead. He notices something in Ashley’s voice is different and then wonders why it is Nikki at Victor’s bedside. He tells Ashley that this baby is his blood and it might be his only chance to see her.

Nick explains to Phyllis that he overheard Sharon telling her Mother that the baby was his. He says he had planned to tell her everything at the airport but she started talking about Victor bringing Patty to town and then she said they needed to be strong for Summer and how they wanted to beat this together. He says it didn’t seem like the right time. He says it was all over by the time he got to St. Mary’s hospital and he never even got to see her or to hold his baby. Phyllis says you have to say good bye and it is wrong that Sharon didn’t even get to see her child. Nick starts with tears in his eyes and Phyllis hugs him and tells her that the baby had severe birth defects and no one got to hold her.

When Mac comes over, Cane gives her some time alone with Lily. She tells Lily that Traci is going to let them give Colleen’s heart to Victor. Lily is surprised. She says she thought a lot about death but Colleen told her to fight. Mac says Colleen is being honored as an angel. Lily says speaking of angels she shows her the angel she has around her neck that Colleen gave her. Mac says she really thinks that Colleen’s part of something magical. She says she believes that in her soul.

Nikki assures Victor that the transplant will work. Jack goes back to be with Traci and Steve. Traci hugs him on her way out to sign more papers. Jack is comforting Abby. She asks him to stay with her as she says good bye to Colleen, She tells her sister that she loves her so much and then she runs out the room crying. Jack talks to Colleen telling her he told her mother not to worry about her, saying she has a lot of heart. He says he can feel her pulse saying her wonderful adventurous, rebellious heart is still beating and will continue to do so. As he wipes the tears from his eyes he talks about the innocent people that had been caught in the crossfire of his stupid war with Victor. He says the heartache and lives have blown up. He says but he is still there and Victor will live. He says he is so sorry, he should have protected her better.

Sharon stares at the ultrasound photo she has but when there is a knock on her door she hides it under her pillow. The hospital had called her attorney. Rafe walks in and tells her that her 30 days were almost up so now she is free to go home once she is discharged from there. He asks if something is wrong. She tells him about the new Mom she saw in the hallway earlier. She tells him the mother, baby and father were going home with balloons and stuffed animals. Sharon tells him she just didn’t realize it would be this soon.

Phyllis is there to support Nick. She says this isn’t the same as when Cassie died so she asks him not to shut her out. Nick says the world still thinks it was Jack’s baby and only a few knew the truth. Phyllis tells him he can tell everyone after all it is his loss too. She tells him what ever he wants to do. He says he can’t do that, no more secrets. When Phyllis asks how Sharon is, he tells her she is numb but thinks this is fate and destiny. Phyllis says that might be easier for her to accept this than to try and figure out why this happened. Nick says he needs Summer and Phyllis to get through this. Phyllis reminds him that they made a promise to each other to always be there for one another and she would honestly do anything so he could see his daughter or take the pain away. Billy barges in and Nick asks him to stay saying there is room in there. Billy asks if he means to pray or to give thanks. He sees Nick hasn’t heard so he tells them that his Dad is going to live because Colleen doesn’t. He tells Nick the rest of the Newman’s are celebrating so is he hurries he can join them.

Nikki talks to Victor about riding Blue Smoke with Reed or Summer with him. She says he can tell the grandkids he loves them himself for years and years to come. She says she is going to find Victoria when she sees Ashley who comes over to her and hugs her telling her it is good to see her. Nikki tells Ashley that Traci is an amazing woman and then excuses herself. Ashley walks over to Victor’s bed and tells him hello. She tells him to meet his baby girl as the nurse hands the baby over.

JT goes to tell Colleen good bye but he says the thing is he doesn’t know how to let her go. He says she was supposed to be a part of his life forever and they were always going to be there for one another. He says the truth is he just didn’t get to that damn lake in time. He says in his dream he does and he explains how he saved her. He says that was just a dream but this is real and now she is leaving him. He asks what is he suppose to do now. He says he love her, her will always, always love her. He tells her that he hopes she knows that and he kisses her hand. Victoria cries as she watches him through the window.

Sharon looks at a photo of Cassie. She cries as she tells Cassie her sister is with her now. She says she can just see them now, happy and Cassie having the baby in her arms. She tells her to hold her and to sing to her and do all the things with her that she can’t do. She tells her to please let her know she is loved. Then she says they both are loved with all of her heart.

Victor looks at the baby while Ashley cradles her. She tells him she actually names her Faith saying it seemed more appropriate. Victor thinks it is a beautiful name. He wants Ashley to talk to him. She thinks he needs to rest and save his strength to honor the gift that Traci is giving him. She seems in a hurry to leave as she tells Victor that his baby girl wishes him to get well and then she says they both do. Out in the hallway Nikki thanks Ashley for bringing the baby for Victor to see saying meeting his daughter could make all the difference in the world. Ashley seems anxious as she excuses herself to walk away. When Nick and Phyllis come along, Nikki asks about Sharon’s baby. Nick isn’t able to talk about it. Phyllis tells her it is difficult for him and Sharon. Nikki hugs Nick and then tells him that his father has a second chance.

Lily uses a rag to help cool her down. She tells Cane she should be at the hospital telling Colleen good bye. He reminds her that she already did as points out that Colleen was there in her dream. He tells Lily that yes he does believe she came to her, he believes that dreams can be real.

Billy is in the chapel talking to God about Colleen. He starts thinking about the last time he was there when Katherine slips in. He had been praying for Katherine. He says that worked out but he has to question this. He is sick that the great Victor Newman gets to live. And he has a kid too. Billy sarcastically says it is as if Newman won the lottery. He says Victor took about his niece but gets to raise his new niece. Katherine tells Billy he is a funny guy and she applauds him and she asks if he is feeling better now that he got all that out. Katherine tells him she has been there, done that. He tells Katherine that he loves her but her buddy Victor… Katherine says the voice of reason as she recites from the Bible, a prayer called Open Your Heart. Billy says he isn’t fighting with God. Katherine tells him he is hiding though. She tells Billy to say his good byes or her will regret it for the rest of his life. He bursts into tears on her shoulders telling her he can’t. She looks at him telling him oh yes he can.

With the family in his room Victor thanks them all for being there, the nurse tells them all it is time for them to leave. Victor tells them one by one as they leave that he loves them. With Nikki being the last one to leave she tells him that they all love him and it will be OK. She tells him she will see him very soon as she kisses him.

The Abbott’s are all telling Colleen their last good byes telling her they will miss her forever. Ashley kisses her on the forehead and then hugs Traci before she leaves. Jack and JT give their last good byes and kisses. Finally Traci has to tell her baby girl good bye. She cries more as she leans over to kiss Colleen calling her, her sweet baby girl.

Lily looks up towards heaven as she thanks God for letting Colleen come to her saying it was a miracle. She says she didn’t understand it at the time but she does now. She says she knows Colleen is with him just like her mother is. She tells Colleen she loves her very much and she is so grateful to have had her in her life. She says “The Lord in my shepherd I shall not want.”

Sharon is now seen zipping her suitcase. She picks up the ultrasound photo and Cassie’s photo and she holds them both tightly next to her heart. Then we see Ashley’s baby sleeping in the bassinet with a card on it labeled ‘baby girl Newman ‘

We now see the machines that were keeping Colleen alive being unplugged just as Traci gives her daughter one last kiss. Next we see Nikki taking Victor’s hand and she walks along the gurney as they roll him in out past the rest of the family as they take him off for surgery. Traci does the same thing as she covers her mouth when Colleen is wheeled out as well. The two families gather together and although not really together they are all devastated for different reasons. Colleen and Victor are wheeled down the hall side by side on their way to surgery, one will live and one won’t. It’s such a heartbreaking scene.

Jan Barrett

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