Sharon has some flashbacks as she hands out Halloween candy about how they took her family to the haunted house on Victor’s private jet. Victor had transformed it for the kids.

Victor goes to talk to Ashley and Abby about him leaving town going to a rehab clinic in Belgium. Ashley tells him that Victoria and Nick might understand why he is going but she isn’t so sure Abby will. Ashley claims that Abby is barely speaking to her since she found out about the divorce. Abby walks in asking if Victor is leaving.

Victoria thinks her parent’s trip together to Europe is both romantic and spontaneous. She says she is happy but part of her is so jealous. She finally admits to Nikki that she cheated on JT with Deacon. She says she is not in love with him and it was a horrible mistake and yes JT knows about it. She says that is why he punched Deacon in front of the press and now the whole world is going to know about her breaking her wedding vows.

Phyllis is online when she comes across the Deacon/Newman article with photos of JT punching Deacon. She sits back and says uh oh! When Nick comes downstairs after helping Summer get dressed for Halloween saying he doesn’t have the magic touch for the makeup. She tells Nick he really needs to see this as she shows him the article online. He stands there and says Billy Abbott, you son of a ……

Mac and Billy are at Jimmy’s getting ready for Billy’s 2nd Annual Halloween Bash when he gets a phone call. When he hangs up he tells Mac that the new issues of Restless Style is the best seller yet. Mac seems reluctant to smile but congratulates him. Jack walks in saying his little brother has spit in his face one too many times now. Billy reminds Jack that he himself never use to listen to his partners and he has just sold more copies than any of them ever did. Jack reminds Billy that he is the guy that has covered Billy’s ass in more ways than one including his gambling debts. He says he was his lifelong when he was in Hong Kong. He even forgave him for sleeping with his wife. Billy tells Jack he doesn’t give a damn why he has gone soft on Victor Newman but he vows to never forget about Colleen. Jack tells Billy he is through with him. He tells him he hopes his record sales are worth it. When Jack walks out Billy calls him back but Jack doesn’t come back. Billy looks over at Mac as she gives him one of her looks.

Victor tells Abby he isn’t leaving her for good, he will be back. He says he will return better than ever to see her graduate from high school and college and he wants to dance at her wedding and to hold her first baby. She says yeah but he has a baby now. He tells her he loves them both very much and so does her mother. He tells her to teach Faith love and respect for family. He says he will be back before she knows it. She hugs Victor and then says she is off to meet a friend at Restless Style. Ashley thanks Victor for trying and then tells him she was disgusting when she heard about Billy’s article. She also tells him she realizes she has to share some of the responsibilities for the problems they had in their marriage.

Nick realizes Victoria had an affair and now Billy has come after his family again. Phyllis says Billy is even sleazier than Jack was and he will get huge traffic to the Restless Style website this way. Nick thinks once Billy has no office space, everything will start to unfold on Billy. Phyllis just wants to hurt Billy. She asks what was she thinking when she agreed to sell to him. When Nick answers their door Phyllis starts doing her work. Adam is there for some signatures for the Carnelli deal. Nick takes his anger out on Adam when he yells asking how come he can’t just follow orders. He says Adam doesn’t make calls for him, or make deals for him, or draw up contracts for him. He tells Adam he will never have what he has.

Victoria tells Nikki that she was upset with JT and jealous of Colleen. She says Deacon was a stranger to her. She says JT knows about it but they haven’t sat down to talk about it because that would only make it too real. Nikki tells her they need to communicate with each other now more than ever. Victoria tells her mother that she hurt JT so much as she cries about the pain she saw in his eyes when she admitted it to him. Nikki tells her she is sure they love one another so they need to face this head on. She reminds her that people make mistakes and suggests she looks at her and her father. She says fighting for her marriage is worth it and then she hugs her daughter just as JT walks in.

Billy is dressed up as a football player and he doesn’t want to discuss his brother. He says he is the owner of a hot magazine and he has a hot looking genie girlfriend. Chloe walks in saying, oh look the football player is trying to score a touchdown. Billy tells her he wanted Delia there to show her off a bit. While they fight to put a football suit on Delia Chloe tells him they sold out at the Hopkins St. newsstand. When Mac takes a photo of them Chloe grins remarks, “a genie huh, I was that in middle school, cute!” Kevin comes in not wearing a costume Billy thinks he left his mascot at the dry cleaners. Kevin pulls Mac to the side to tell her that he and Jana won’t be coming to a party thrown by Billy, but he means no offense to Mac by that. He says they would love to get together with her though anytime but just without Billy of course. Mac asks him to take it easy on Billy saying he has had a rough time since the Magazine came out and because she loves Billy.

Victor and Ashley talk together and he tells her that their love for one another did save his life. She tells him it was like a fantasy to her and now she has let that fantasy go. She says it is sad but liberating. She now only wants him healthy and happy. He says having gone through several divorces Victor tells her he would like this one to be as painless as possible. He tells her that Michael will handle the details, Nick and Victoria will run Newman and Adam is getting his chance to redeem himself. She tells him she can see that him being near death has changed him somewhat. He says yes but her brothers continue their relentless attacks on him so he hasn’t changed his feelings towards them. Jack walks in and tells Ashley they need to talk. Victor asks what Jack is doing there. He says Jack he is there to visit his sister in her home. Victor says he will be with Faith as he heads upstairs. Jack questions Ashley about what is up with her good will.

Phyllis tells a reporter on the phone that she will not be a part of tabloid mud slinging. She says if the public is stupid enough to believe it she is glad she is out of the business. When she hangs up she tells Nick that made her feel better but she would much rather kick Billy in the head. Nick tries calling Victoria but can’t reach her. He isn’t sure she knows about this punk’s attack on her. He says who knows how it will affect her or Newman. He says one thing for sure is that Adam will try to make it work for him somehow. Phyllis says but for now the more important thing is their daughter needs some sugar. Phyllis says forget all this because there is nothing Adam can do to hurt Nick.

Sharon fills the candy bowls up again and is startled when she opens the door only to find Adam standing there. She invites him in and offers him a glass of wine which he accepts. They start talking about Halloween in Kansas and how his Mom used to make eyeballs out of peeled grapes and when he was blindfolded he would stick his hands in them. He asks what kid wouldn’t want to stick his hand into a bowl full of eyeballs. Sharon laughs and says why they don’t find out.

Esther is on her way to pick up Delia and Billy complains saying then he will be losing a party guest. Chloe assures him it will pick up. She tells him that he is the hottest guy in town these days. She tells him she doesn’t think the article about Victor was a mistake, she thinks it was genius. He tells her she is the only one that thinks so. Kevin lectures Mac about her ignoring his advice to her to dump Billy. She says Billy makes her nuts but he tries. She says he promised her he would do something really good with the next issue and she has to trust him on that.

Nikki says her good byes and then leaves. JT asks Victoria if they can talk now or will she use her Mom as a reason to put it off again. She tells him she is ready to talk about them and about Deacon too. She says Deacon was only defending her to the board. JT says there is more to it that that and thinks Deacon wants her. He asks why she did it anyway. He wants to know if seeing him kissing Colleen was enough to send her to another man’s bed. She explains she doesn’t know why she did it but she loves JT and wants to work things out with him. She asks him won’t he at least try. Suddenly Deacon barges in apologizing for interrupting but telling them this can’t wait.

Jack complains about Ashley and Victor parting on good terms. She says she won’t pretend she never loved Victor but he can rest assure that it is over between them. She tells him that Victor is back with Nikki, can he believe that. She says with an infant and a teenager to worry about she isn’t concerned about love and romance or about Jabot either. When Victor brings down Abby’s cell phone Ashley rushes out to find her to give it to her. She leaves Jack and Victor standing there. Jack tells Victor he heard he was leaving town and asks wasn’t he even going to say good bye. Victor tells him he has been waiting to say good bye to him for years.

Ashley runs into Nikki and they are pleasant to one another. Ashley tells her it is OK for Nikki to be happy about getting back with Victor. Nikki tells her she didn’t expect this at all when she came back and she will always be grateful that Ashley brought Victor back to Genoa City. She tells Nikki but she brought him back to her and she thinks that is exactly what Nikki wanted her to do. Nikki denies having an agenda but Ashley says it doesn’t matter because she has no regrets. She says Abby has a relationship with her Dad and she has a beautiful baby girl now. She says the only thing she doesn’t understand is why Nikki would want Victor back after what he did to Colleen and to Summer and everyone else. She says she will never understand that. She excuses herself saying she is there to find Abby leaving Nikki there thinking about what Ashley said.

Adam and Sharon take turns putting their hands into the bowl of zombie brains. They think this is so gross but the kids will love it. Sharon asks him how much longer he thinks he will have his sight. He tells her he wakes up at night in the dark and thinks this is it, I have lost my sight. He says but then he turns on the lights and then feels like an idiot. Sharon tells him that is a hard way to live life but soon the two of them are laughing again.

Nick takes pictures of Summer dressed as a fairy princess. A reporter calls and he just says ‘no comment’ and hangs up. Phyllis tells Nick that JT called saying Reed won’t be trick or treating because he has the sniffles and JT is going to Newman. Nick decides he knows he will have a mess to deal with tomorrow but he isn’t worrying about it tonight. He says it is time for them to take Summer trick or treating now.

Victor and Jack go at it with each other. Jack accuses Victor of getting back with his ex-wife while Ashley was giving birth to his daughter and then he admits the Restless Style article was all true so it wasn’t defamation. He admits the Cayman speculation was his own work and he is glad Victor liked it. Victor says Jack is fearless now knowing he is about to leave town. Jack denies ever being fearless. He says when he and Sonny boy set Victor up he had Victor right where he wanted him. Nikki comes in asking what is going on. Victor says Jack is confessing his sins. Jack says confessing hell, he will shout it on the rooftops. He says setting Victor up was one of the greatest joys of his life.  When Nikki tells Victor it is time for them to go, he tells her he isn’t going anywhere until he and Jack finish this.

Chloe tells Billy she is there to support him and not just because the Detective is on duty. She tells him to stop fishing as she points her laser gun at him. She says she is there because she wants to be. Mac tells Billy it is still early yet when he and Chloe make their way to the bar. Kevin says Mac is just saying that to be nice. He tells Billy no one wants to come to his party. Billy tells Kevin that is cute, he can drink his booze, and nibble on his food like the little chipmunks do and he has the rocks to talk to him and Mac. Kevin accuses him of taking a solid magazine and turning it into a trash talking tabloid so deal with it. Billy comes back with an even lower blow when he says he and Newman are in the same club now, since they both tried to kill Colleen. When Kevin jumps from his bar stool Mac and Chloe jump in to stop it. Mac tells Billy to take a breath and calm down and to take a deep breath and let it go.

Deacon tells JT and Victoria about Billy snooping around earlier. He shows them the photos Billy was flashing at him from his laptop. He says he didn’t sell her out. When she leaves crying JT accuses Deacon of hoping Victoria would come running to him. Deacon tells JT he isn’t after his wife and he certainly doesn’t want the Newman’s as his enemies. JT tells him it is too late for that. Deacon excuses himself to JT and walks out.

Jack brags about channeling the sociopath who thinks he controls the world whispering it all in JR’s ear. Jack says watching them both carted off to jail over that journal was a delight to him. He says getting Victor’s son to betray him wasn’t hard to do for Jack and now Victor has JR back under his wing so he warns Victor to watch his back. Jack turns to Nikki saying she came this close to getting it right with Paul, who is a man who has always put her first. Jack says his only regret is that he didn’t do a better job on the diary. He says if Victor was still in jail, Colleen would be alive today. Victor tells Jack to listen to him carefully as he is going to explain to him how he intends to get even with him now.

Ashley is calling around looking for Abby. We see her outside Jimmy’s dressed in a costume with a fake ID. Another girl comes along with a fake ID too. She says her real name is Daisy. They think it will be crowded so they should fit right in. The girl’s hands over their ID and are let in by the guard posted outside.

Nick and Phyllis take Summer to knock on Sharon’s door. When Adam answers the door Nick is stunned to see him there.

JT writes Victoria a note telling her that he has accepted the job in New York. He says he is leaving tonight. He says he loves her as much as the day they were married but something has happened to them. He tells her he is going to kiss Reed good night and then catch his flight. He says he really thought they would have been able to work this out.

Mac tells Billy she is laughing with him not at him about his lame dance moves. While sitting at the table with Daisy Abby gets worried since it isn’t so crowded there. Daisy tells her that her uncle is distracted. Vikki comes in and marches over to Billy and slaps him across the face really hard.

Victor warns Jack that he will be back. He says he and Billy can wonder how and when his payback will come. Jack tells him he has already doled out his sorted punishment and her name is Patty. Victor warns him that this is not over. Nikki reminds him that Victor took a bullet that was meant for him. Then she reminds Victor that Traci was very generous to him. She asks them what the matter with the two of them is. She tells them both to STOP IT! Jack tells her he knows what she and Victor have together won’t die, but what he and Victor have won’t either. Victor warns Jack to just wait. He asks if he thinks Patty was bad. He says he will find out when he returns back to town.

Jan Barrett

Note from Jan – Sorry I am late with this but I had to catch the beginning of the show tonight because of electrical problems here this morning. 

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