Victor wakes up in bed and is happy to find Nikki there with him with her hand resting on his chest where she can feel his heart beating. Victor tells her he is so grateful for the gift of life and that she is going to Europe with him. She tells him someone has to make sure he checks into that cardiac rehab center. He looks at her new ring and says a promise to take one step at a time together.

Victoria is taking calls about the SEC while Adam listens in. He tells her he was wondering if there was anything he could do to lighten her load. She tells him that she heard their Dad wants him to take on more responsibility so she gives him some time consuming work to do.

When Jack can’t find Billy he talks to Ashley complaining about Patty being mentioned in Billy’s article. Katherine comes in with a copy of the magazine and complains too saying she is so disappointed in Billy for this. Ashley tells her they all are. She says she is going to give Billy a peace of her mind. Jack tells her to get in line.

Billy is on the phone talking to Mac about his 2nd annual Halloween party. Nick comes in telling Billy he is supposed to be gone. Billy tells him according to his lawyer, Nick has no right to kick him out. He says he will publish the magazine even if he has to do so from his car. Nick tells him he will not let this go and gives him til the end of the day to get out.

Jack tells Katherine he is upset as well but doesn’t think there is anything he can do about it now since it is out on the newsstands already. Katherine wonders how Victor will take this when he finds out. Katherine thinks perhaps it wouldn’t be a good idea for Billy to come back to Jabot now. Jack assures her that he and Ashley can handle Jabot just fine. Katherine tells Ashley to take her time that her job will always be there waiting for her.

Nikki cleans Victor’s bandage for him and then says now she has to talk to the kids before they leave to make sure they don’t need her. Victor is sure that Victoria can handle the SEC but wonders what the press will think of him leaving. He tells her it feels so good and so right. He says he has some things to do and will meet her over at Newman.

The magazine article has put Nick in a bad mood as he thinks of it as another punk attacking his Dad in print. Adam tells Victoria that he can understand why Billy would lash out at Victor like he did. Nick snaps at him saying he just bets he does. Adam says Billy thinks he is getting his justice but he will find out it always comes back to bite you.

A guy shows up at Restless Style and shows Billy some photo’s of the incident at Newman at the Savaneur stock holders meeting. He gives Billy a short version of what happened at that meeting and then offers Billy an exclusive for the story and the photos. Billy takes the offer and doesn’t even think about it first before handing the man cash money for the story. Once Billy is alone he goes to his computer and types as he asks Mr. Deacon Sharpe, who are you?

Victor goes to the cemetery and put flowers on Colleen’s grave. He kneels down and says a prayer with tears in his eyes.

Katherine serves Nikki a cup of tea and she notices the ring on her finger. Nikki tells her it is a gift from Victor but not an engagement ring. She agrees that it is similar to the emerald ring Katherine gave her to honor their friendship. Katherine tells her she knows it wasn’t over between Nikki and Victor. She says there is too much love there between them.

Victoria gets good new, the SEC has a weak case since it is all hearsay. She says now that their Dad is out of the hospital it won’t be an issue. She tells Nick see! She was right to stay. Nick still wonders what made JT go after Sharpe like that to begin with. She tells him it was just a misunderstanding and now luckily the worst is over.

Billy finds Deacon at Jimmy’s who says sure he knows who Billy is. He asks Billy what he can do for him. Billy shows photos to Deacon and asks if he cares to explain it to him. Deacon says maybe JT was confused. Billy says the guy pops him once in the face and tells him to stay away from his wife and he thinks he was just confused? He tells Billy he has nothing to tell him so he can’t help him. Billy tells him that is OK while he gathers up the photos, the photos say it all and then he walks out.

Jack followed Ashley home telling her that Katherine needs to see that the Abbot’s are a united front. Ashley tells him she is not coming back to work especially now with Victor going out of town.

Victor talks into a camcorder that he has set up on a tripod. He starts talking saying this message is for his Dear Faith, telling her how much her birth has given many of them such joy. He says he is leaving town so he can focus on his health but he will return a stronger man. He says since Faith won’t have the chance to get to know him the way her brother’s and sister’s have, he is going to explain his version of all the stories she will undoubtedly hear about him.

Nikki asks Katherine to come along with her when she and Victor announce to the kids their plans. Katherine is all for it, she says she can’t wait to hear what they are going to have to say about it.

Victor talks about the orphanage he grew up in and how as a teenager her left to make a new life for himself. He tells the camera he changed his name to Victor, promising to be victorious and a New man. He thinks back to when Katherine signed the document that made him in charge of her company. He says from there he did what he had to do to build his empire, He thinks back to the beach where he was shot with a harpoon gun, with Nikki screaming as she ran to his side. Then he thought about when he was married to Julia and how she locked her lover, Michael in the dungeon. He says yes he has done some things he isn’t proud of but he has no regrets.

Jack offers to let Ashley work at home part time but she wants nothing to do with it. She says she needs to be a full time Mom now. He is disappointed but is glad to see she has so much confidence in herself again. She tells him that Abby has been through so much. He says Uncle Jack and Billy will look out for her. Ashley sarcastically says yeah, that sure is comforting.

Victor now talks about the Abbott/Newman feud. He says he always respected John but not so much Jack. He thinks back to the argument that ended with Jack throwing Victor’s chair out the window tells him to have a seat on him. There was another fight where he told Jack he can’t begin to understand the power of Victor Newman and as he smashed a picture of Jack and Brad he said he will crush them. He says Jack blamed him for the death of his son. He says it was an accident that he is really sorry for but Jack came after him with a poker so he defended himself with his fist. He says last but not least, when Jack stood over him while he was lying on the floor after having a heart attack. He says Jack paused for a minute and then he stepped over him to walk out. He tells the camera that as misguided as Faith’s uncle may be, he and Jack are similar though, they both protect the ones they love.

Billy talks to the housekeeper at the club trying to get information from her. She tells her he is supposed to find the maid that cleans Deacon Sharpe’s room to give her a tip. He asks her if she ever sees her as he flashes a photo of Victoria.  She starts to tell Billy she isn’t supposed to say anything until he shows her some money. Suddenly her memory becomes clear.

Nick talks with Victoria and Nikki about the SEC dropping the case. Nikki says that sure is a relief. They are surprised to hear that Nikki is there to meet Victor. Nick thinks his dad is ready to come back to work so he calls Victoria on a bet they made. Nikki tells them it isn’t what they are thinking.

Now Victor wants to talk about real friends. He names off Neil Winters and another of his real friends was Colonel Austin. He says then there is Katherine Chancellor herself, saying she is the one woman with the guts to talk to Victor Newman that way. He tells Faith he loves her and her sisters and brothers. He thinks back to when he held Victoria as a baby and then Nicholas, then back to when Adam was a baby. He thinks of Abby when she was a youngster and then became a snotty teen. He remembers Victoria being all bent out of shape over his relationship with Sabrina and then back to Adam as the black sheep of the family. He speaks of Nick as his snot nosed son that betrayed his own father. He says well the moral of all this is that no one can hurt you deeper than family but no one can bring greater happiness. He talks more about his children and then tells his sweet Faith to remember put family above all.

Victor talks about the incredible women he has loved in his life. He thinks about how he and Ashley saying no two people in the whole world could be happier unless it would have been him and Hope riding a horse through the mountains. The phone rings and it is Nikki telling him that everyone has gathered together and they are waiting for him. He tells her he will be there soon but they all have to wait til he is done thinking back to kissing a young Nikki. He says he sure has knows great happiness and pain. He says all that has made him the man he is today. He gives Faith some advice. Never quit, or close her heart. And don’t cross Victor Newman because whoever does is in really big trouble, whether it is Nikki or the kids. By God the world will know that Victor Newman was there. He looks into the camera and asks, “You got that?” He tells his beautiful Faith that he will love her always no matter what. He blows her a kiss and then shuts off the camera.

Billy gets a new start on Restless Style’s next issue. The new one is going to be all about Deacon and the Hellstrum’s. He thinks the SEC should know that Mr. Sharpe’s holding a lot more than just stock.

Ashley tells Jack he better just accept that she isn’t coming back to work. She and Victor have two beautiful children together but she will never ever lose herself to someone again.

While waiting on Victor to come in they all start guessing what this big announcement is. All they can get Nikki to admit is that it isn’t bad news. When Victor comes in he tells them all thanks for coming in. Nick asks his dad what is going on. Victor puts his hand on Nikki’s shoulder and just smiles at them.

Jan Barrett

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