Ashley calls Victor telling him she heard that he was leaving town. She tells him he needs to call her because she knows how upsetting this will be for Abby. As she hangs up Abby walks in along with Nick and Noah. Noah is packing up to move in with his Mom. Abby tells Noah that her Dad will be disappointed because he loves having the whole family there. When Nick and Noah leave Ashley asks Abby to stick around so she can talk. She tells her there won’t be any welcome home party for her Dad because he isn’t coming home.

Nikki comes in to see Victor in his suites with candles and cashmere socks and she tells him she picked up his medication at the pharmacy. He tells her he appreciated it but he won’t need any of it because he is off to a rehab clinic in Belgium. He tells her that it will speed up his healing process when she looks worried. She wonders if she was chasing him away. He holds her and says he wants her to go along with him.

Jana and Kevin are ready for the dinner party when Lauren and Michael arrive. Kevin tells them all they won’t be sorry welcoming Ryder into the family. He shows Michael his new stereo. Jana tells Lauren about her and Amber’s experience with the Ouija Board and Ryder’s photo. Lauren asks her what the Ouija Board said. She says not much but Jana is convinced now that Ryder is hiding something. Her plan is to bring up the subject of dead people tonight and see if Ryder says anything. Michael tells Jana whatever she is planning, for the sake of their husbands, don’t do it.

Gloria loads boxes into a paper bag as she explains to a whining Jeffery why they are going to go to this dinner. She says it is to make Ryder feel like part of a family. Jeffery asks her if it is a free meal why they are bringing dessert. Gloria says they aren’t buying it because they can’t even afford a bag of brownies. Jeffery says yeah thanks to Victor Newman. He tells Gloria it looks like someone got him as he shows her the latest copy of Restless Style with a cartoon character of the great Victor Newman twirling his mustache on the front cover.

Billy and Chloe admire Billy’s first cover of the magazine enlarged on the wall at Restless Style. They think this will make a splash and fly off the shelves. Mac stomps in fussing with Billy asking him what he was thinking.

Victor sits with Nikki as he tries to convince her to go with him to Belgium to save him from going nuts. He tells her the kids are grown ups now when she says she would have to talk them about it first. She agrees to go with him but just to see him through his recovery. He asks if that is the only reason. She tells him she thinks it is best that they don’t think about that now. He feels like she has been avoiding the subject of them. He asks what the problem is and asks if she is afraid.

Ashley tells Abby that Victor is staying at the Club for a while. She is shocked asking if they are splitting up and wants to know what happened. Ashley says they just grew apart. Abby points out that she just had a baby. She says her Dad was fighting for his life. Ashley tells her the reasons are personal and then Abby blows up asking if it was Ashley’s idea. She asks didn’t they move to Genoa City to become a family. She says she doesn’t get it because Victor has been so good to them. She says she is going to see her Dad, because she doesn’t want to be around Ashley right now. Ashley grabs her purse telling her to wait for her as she follows Abby out.

Nick arrives at Sharon’s with a box of Noah’s things. He tells Sharon Noah will be there soon, he went to get some gas. Nick asks if that is Noah’s favorite chocolate chip cookies he smells and Sharon says yes. She is so happy to be giving Noah a real home and she is doing well moving on with her life. She says she might even have a new job. Nick tells her he is really proud of her.

Jeffery reads the article in Restless Style and Gloria swears she never let it leak out about the Cayman Bank fiasco. Jeffery says he hopes the SEC is involved so the poor souls that lost their money might get compensated by suing the Grinch himself.

Michael is having as hard a time accepting Ryder into the family as Jana and Lauren are. He decides to let his suspicions go for tonight though. Ryder comes in telling everyone how much this dinner means to him. He hopes they will all realize he isn’t a bad guy. Kevin tells him that they all want to believe that and then turns around looking at everyone asking them isn’t that right guys.

Sharon gives Nick a tour of the house and when they walk by the picture of Cassie they both remember the Halloween that Victor turned the private jet into a haunted house. She says what a great man Victor is. She asks Nick what will Summer be for Halloween this year, and Nick says she is all about princesses. Noah comes in and has the latest issues of Restless Style and tells them it definitely isn’t about Yorkies.

Mac yells at Billy even though Billy claims every word of it is true and if the family has a problem they can take it up with the mustache. He says if he is going to prevent this from being another Billy Bumble then he has to make a profit over it. Mac is worried now that Billy has started the feud once again after Traci has put an end to it.

Victor wants Nikki to give him an answer. She tells him she is afraid of opening up her heart to him again. She reminds him that a year ago he could stand the sight of her. Victor says this is true but he was just so angry them. He tells her she was right. He will never love another woman like her and that is why they keep coming back to one another as he kisses her. Abby walks in and sees them. She asks if SHE is the reason he and her Mom are getting a divorce. Ashley walks in and just stands there and stares.

Everyone feels awkward and Michael and Lauren are actually looking forward to Gloria coming in. Ryder says these little hot dog things are great. Lauren asks him how he protected himself while he was in jail. He told her he just tried to pretty much steer clear from everyone just like he did with Terrible Tom. Michael suggests that they play a game. Lauren suggests they play 20 questions. Ryder goes first asking what he is thinking of is bigger than a laptop. Jana asks if it is Dead! Lauren tells her good question because he could be thinking about someone that is dead. After more questions about his childhood, Kevin says this isn’t a game, they are interrogating Ryder. Gloria saves the day when they arrive and they ask Michael for help in making them wealthy again.

When Nikki leaves, Ashley shuts the door so Abby can talk to Victor. Abby says this doesn’t make any sense at all. She says Victor has caused Ashley a lot of pain. She says she hears the kids at school whispering how her Dad stole Colleen’s heart but she says her Dad had nothing to do with Colleen’s death. She says it was Patty’s fault. Ashley tells her that they both wanted this to work out but they decided to end it before any more pain was caused.

Billy didn’t expect Mac to be dogging him over this. He tells her that he knows she doesn’t care about numbers. She tells him she doesn’t and says this was cruel. Chloe manages to get her two cents worth in by supporting Billy and saying she is psyched by the article. Mac says good because when the Newman’s see this he is going to need all the support he can get.

Nick grabs his jacket and says if Billy thinks he can buy this magazine to attack his father then he has got another thing coming and he heads for the club to talk to Victor. Sharon tells Noah she just took a job at Restless Style but she had no idea he was going to write this about Noah’s grandfather. He asks her what she is going to do about that. She tells him the only thing she can do, quit.

Ashley and Victor try to reassure Abby that this is the best thing to do. She says no, the only thing she can count on is her family falling apart. She tells them to just leave her alone as she runs out the room. Ashley asks Victor about him leaving town. He says now he is reconsidering it but Ashley thinks he should go and give Abby time to adjust. She asks him is his leaving has anything to do with her. He tells her he has caused her so much pain that he just can’t stand it anymore. He says when he comes back he will take an active role in his children’s lives. He says he won’t take his incredible gift for granted. With that and saying nothing more Ashley walks out.

Jeffery says he doesn’t care about Victor’s new lease on life, he is going to sue him and he wants Michael to represent him. With the magazine in his hand he tells Jeffery that he works for Victor and it would be a conflict of interest. Gloria asks him if he would choose Victor over the woman that gave birth to him, making Michael laugh. Ryder tells everyone what he was thinking during their game was that he is breaking up a family when all he wants to do is be a part of it. He tells them if they have questions for him not to hide behind a game, just come right out and ask him. Lauren says OK, she wants to know about his mother.

Billy dodges calls from mad callers and then he tries to calm Mac down. She tells him she isn’t mad at him but she is very disappointed in him. When he asks her to meet him at the trailer to talk about it, she tells him no. Billy tells Chloe Mac will come around. Sharon walks in and Chloe is surprised that Billy hired her. Ashley stomps in with a copy of the magazine and clams it into his chest asking if this is what he used her money to do, to attack her baby’s father. Then we see Nick handing Victor a copy of the magazine telling him he needs to look at it.

Ryder tells Lauren he didn’t know his mother. She left him with Tom. Jana wonders if she could be dead. He doesn’t want anyone to go looking for his mother. He said he always thought he was an only child until he learned of Kevin. Jana says an employee at the coffee shop called in sick and the espresso machine is broken. Ryder leaves to go to Crimson Lights. Kevin goes back inside and lectures Lauren and Jana about how they acted tonight. He looks out into the hallway where Michael is there yelling at Gloria and asks if he needs any help. They all yell out NO at the same time. Mac arrives to talk to Kevin about Billy. Kevin tells her he loves her but unless she is there to talk about what a screw up Billy is she has come to the wrong person. She tells him that is exactly why she is there.

Ashley jumps down Billy’s throat about the article telling him it is beneath him and she asks what will Abby think about it when she hears about it. He says he knows it is harsh but Victor is the reason Colleen is dead now. He says plus he had to make a splash for his first issue. She tells him this will hurt a lot of people and she hopes his profit will be worth what her little brother will lose.

Nick says he never would have let Phyllis sell to Billy if he knew he was going to pull this. They automatically assume Jack is involved too. Nikki comes in with a copy asking Victor if he has seen this. She asks how Billy could launch an attack such as this. Nick says that the check Billy gave them was from Ashley’s account. Victor says he doubts she knew what he had planned though. Victor says being attacked by the Abbott’s is nothing new. They ask what he plans to do about it. He says nothing right now. He says Abby just found out about the divorce so he won’t have her dragged into a family feud. Nick says fine but there is no way in hell he is letting this go.

Abby goes to Crimson Lights and gives Ryder her order. She tells him she is watching her sugar intake because she is a model. She asks if maybe he saw her on the Restless Style cover before. He tells her no. She says well here is the picture as she shows him from her phone. She tells him she can send it to him and that way he will have her phone number. He asks her how old she is as he doesn’t show her any interest. She says 18. Noah walks up and says that is funny because last week she was only 14. Abby tells Noah thanks a lot. She says who cares if that guy is in his 20’s, no one else cares about the consequences. Noah just shakes his head.

As Lauren and Jana clean the kitchen up they talk about how fast Ryder jumped to take the shift at the coffee shop. They figure their questions were getting a little too close for comfort. Their mission now is to find out what Ryder is hiding. Jeffery comes in asking where the food is. Gloria says growing boys needs 2nd’s and 3rd’s and Jeffery says 4th’s too. Lauren asks Michael what all the yelling was about out in the hall. He tells her he was battling the devil for his soul and lost. He is going to help his mother sue his boss. He says no, he can’t do it legally or ethically and as he drinks down more wine he says he isn’t sure why he ever agreed to begin with to do it.

Kevin is honest with Mac by giving it to her straight which is how she wants it. He tells her for Billy, what he did was nothing. He tells her it is just one disappointment in a long line to come. He says he is who he is and nothing will change that. Mac asks if he thinks she should end things with him then. Kevin tells her he is sure Billy will continue hurting her. While they are talking, Ryder slips in the back room to make a call. He tells someone it is all going as planned.

Nikki says she just can’t believe Billy would stoop so low. Victor tells her enough about Billy, he wants to where they were before they were interrupted. Nikki tells him she needs to think. She shushes her as he opens a tiny pink box showing her a sparkling ring.

Sharon lays into Sharon telling her she just can’t get enough can she. She names off Billy, Nick and Jack. She asks is she forgetting someone else. Sharon says she is there to give her notice. Chloe says good as she walks off. Nick comes in and in happy Sharon is there assuming she is there to defend his father. Billy says no, she is there not work for him. He tells Nick the sale is a done deal and he can’t take it back. Nick tells Billy yeah he did sell the magazine but he didn’t sell him the building which Billy now has 15 minutes to vacate. He tells him to mess with his father means he is messing with him. He looks at Billy and tells him to get his stuff and get the hell out.

Jan Barrett

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