Phyllis goes to Michael for some advice about her going back to work at Newman. She says working at Newman was her idea to begin with but now she is having second thoughts. She tells him that the sight of Victor makes her blood boil. She asks if she can really work for that man that almost got her daughter killed. Michael tells her that there is no doubt how sorry Victor is about that but only she can answer her questions.

Amber is trying to pitch a sales pitch with Lauren about her adding a line of boy’s jeans to go with the jackets that she designed. Lauren finally tells her that there is a problem though. Michael interrupts them saying he needs to get to the courthouse because there was some sort of screw up on Ryder’s bail paperwork. No one seems to trust Ryder and they all vow to keep their eye on him. Lauren says she has no doubt about her own instincts being right.

Jana covers her eyes as Ryder finishes dressing in her living room. When Ryder and Kevin are about to leave Jana call Kevin back over to her and tells him she has tried but Ryder staying with them just isn’t working for her.

Victoria is still ranting over the accusations made against her to the SEC and the bastard who made the call. Nick tries to calm her down, saying that Adam says his buddy at SEC can get him the name soon. Victoria swears once she finds out who it is she will flay him alive. She tells Nick to let her know when he gets the name. Adam says the investigator is in the conference room along with the stockholders. When they head towards the conference room, Adam stays behind with a stupid grin on his face as he thinks back to making that call.

Ashley is stunned when she comes in and finds Victor in the living room at the ranch. He says he came to see Faith and to pick up some more of his things. Ashley tells him the ranch is hers now so she suggests they have some ground rules like Victor calling before coming to her home and she thinks he should knock on the door when he does come. She says he can’t just wander in and out when he wants to.

Victor doesn’t like the idea of having to schedule visits at his own ranch. She tells him it would be common courtesy. Victor tells her they were a family once and now she is transforms him into an intruder. He tells her he owns this damn place and will come and go as he pleases. He suggests that maybe she is the one that should leave. She asks if he is going to throw her out and the baby too. Victor insists he won’t be banned from his own place. She says she wants to be treated with respect and after everything that has happened she doesn’t feel that is too much to ask from him. Victor stands there and takes a few deep breaths and then tells her he didn’t mean to upset her. She asks if now he is thinking that she is irrational. She tells him since she had the baby she has been just fine.

Lauren disappoints Amber by telling her that the jackets aren’t selling like they use to and perhaps it is with the economy being like it is and she is sure things will pick up. Amber says OK but she still has to find a way to pay her rent so she asks if she has any openings for a sales position. Phyllis walks in warning Lauren that she doesn’t want to do that. Lauren tells Amber she is sorry but she has a full staff right now and Phyllis whispers that was a smart move. Lauren swears to be telling the truth. Phyllis tells Amber she knows Daniel doesn’t have a job now because he has been too busy trying to stay out of jail because of Amber’s boyfriend, Deacon or rather her fiancé. Amber tells Phyllis she was trying to protect her son. Phyllis starts walking towards Amber but Lauren steps in between and sends Phyllis away. Lauren then asks Amber some questions about Ryder. Amber tells her she will never trust Ryder.

Jana tells Kevin never mind about her own doubts, their apartment is getting crowded with Ryder there. Kevin tells her it won’t be for much longer. He says Ryder is already saving his money for his own place. Jana picks up a photo that was on the floor that was torn. She holds it up against Kevin and tells him that the boy in the pictures kind of looks like him when he was that age. She looks on the back and it reads “Ryder with … fall of 93”.When Ryder comes back in for his jacket he gets upset finding them holding the photo and asking them what they are doing with his stuff.

Adam chases Michael down and tells him he has a number of who made that call to the SEC. He tells Michael he needs his help connecting it to the person. He says reverse look up didn’t work. Michael tells him he won’t help him gain access to anyone’s private anything. Adam tells him that is too bad and he bets his Dad would be disappointed to hear Michael has refused to help him. Michael laughs and tells Adam he will just have to find other ways to score points with his father. He tells Adam that is what this is all about isn’t it?

Nick and Victoria talk about all the rumors that have been going around. The SEC agent tells everyone that Victor had a seizure that very morning of the meeting but Victoria claimed he was in good health. Victoria says she had every confidence that he father was recovering and she tells them to look, she was right. Nick is about to end the meeting when Deacon walks in and introduces himself as a Savaneur stockholder who has also had some dealings with Ms Newman. He says he has got something to say to the other stockholders.

Ryder takes the photo and shoves it into his duffel bag. When Jana asks him who was it in the photo with him, he says he doesn’t know, it was torn when he got it. He asks why they care anyway. Kevin tells him they were just curious that is all and then tells him to take it easy. Ryder apologizes and says he just isn’t use to living with someone. He says he will adjust. He apologizes to Jana again and then he and Kevin leave. When they are gone, Jana checks out the photo once again.

Nick tells Deacon he hopes he can prove he is a shareholder. Deacon tosses papers onto the table for the proof. Victoria explains her connection with Deacon was art and they certainly never discussed her father’s health. That is true says Deacon and he has no knowledge of accusations. He says he has come as a character witness and that Victoria is a straight shooter with a soul of integrity beyond reproach. He says if she said her father was getting better than he was. He says he has every bit of confidence that his investments are in good hands. Victoria thanks him and says she appreciates his confidence. He tells her she has earned it. Nick marches out without saying a word. Victoria just sits there, looking at everyone, while Deacon just sits there watching her.

Adam accuses Michael of protecting who ever made the call to SEC. Michael isn’t worried about Adam going to Victor. He says Victor trusts him and not Adam as much. Adam says he is working on gaining that trust back. Michael says yes and that really worries him. Nick walks in and tells Adam to take it to Connie for the phone records. Michael and Nick both suspect it was Adam but they can’t jump to that conclusion especially not in front of Victor.

Victor can tell Ashley is more confident now but he has to ask if her insecurities are fully gone now. She tells him yes they are. She says after months of worrying about her baby, the unbearable guilt, the dreams of Sabrina, Ashley is relieved that Faith is here and healthy. She says she can relax now except when Victor is there in her face confronting her. She thanks him for giving her Abby and Faith but now all she needs is for him to leave her alone. Victor agrees saying he will do that as he walks out the door.

When everyone from the meeting is gone Victoria asks Deacon since when was he a Savaneur stockholder. He tells her since he heard that she was in trouble. He says he doesn’t hold a grudge against her after she cost him a fortune by blowing a deal for him. He tells her he has respect for her. He says perhaps his act of kindness will get him back in her good graces and they can be friends again. She tells him they were never friends. JT walks in and it looks to him as though Victoria is having an intimate conversation with Deacon.

Phyllis goes out to the ranch to pick up a package and when she sees Faith she talks about how great she looks. She says she really looks like a Newman. Ashley complains about her relationship with Victor now saying the cost of being a Newman is too high for her. She says she wants her daughter’s to have the advantages of being a Newman but she doesn’t want them anywhere near that dark side at all. Phyllis tells her from her own experience that isn’t possible. She says if you want the good, the bad comes with it.

Victor tells Michael he is going to be making some drastic changes in his life. He says he has done a lot of thinking about the company, his health, his family and especially about Ashley’s well being. He tells him it is hard for her to recover from the breakdowns and nightmares and anxieties. Michael tells him he hopes he isn’t feeling responsible. Victor says regardless of who is to blame he knows that it is best for his daughter’s to have a happy mother so he is going to leave Genoa City for a while.

Amber goes to see Jana with a gift for her. She tells Jana it is a gift for her but it is for her to help Amber and neither one of them want anymore surprised. Jana is all excited when she sees that Amber has brought her a Ouija board. She tells the board she certainly has a question for it as she pulls it out.

Kevin is training Ryder at Crimson Lights when he asks Lauren what is he favorite coffee drink. She tells him tea. When Ryder goes to wait on a customer Kevin tells Lauren he is so proud of how well he is doing. He asks her what it would take for her to give Ryder a chance. Ryder calls Kevin over for a phone call and then while Kevin is on the phone he goes over to Lauren. He says it is cool, he doesn’t expect her to be all warm and fuzzy with him. He says he is just happy that Kevin has given him a second chance. He tells her not to worry, Kevin won’t ever regret it.

Victor is heading off to a cardiac rehab program. He says he is still having some pain from the surgery like when he sits and crosses his legs. He says it will mainly depend on Ashley’s recovery and his own as to when he will return. Michael promises to watch over Ashley for him. Victor says Newman will be in good hands with Victoria and Nicholas but he wants them to give Adam a greater role. Michael is worried about that but he thinks the kids will be able the handle the whole thing beautifully. Michael doesn’t seem quite as convinced as Victor seems to be.

JT walks over to Deacon and tells him to get away from his wife. Victoria tells him not to do this. Deacon tells JT he was there doing his wife a big favor but before anything else can be said JT gives him a right hook. He tells Deacon not to ever let him catch him near his wife again. Nick pulls JT off with Deacon left on the floor with cameramen snapping their cameras all around him.

Jana wants to hurry and get this done before Ryder comes back. She says he will think she is trying to hex him or something. When they start Amber goes first. She asks how long before her career will take off. The letters D – E so Jana thinks it means December but Jana says wait, it wasn’t done. Now it spells D-E-A-D. Amber disagrees and then asks will Daniel love her forever, once again D-E-A-D. They start to think this is a faulty board. Jana asks her question. She asks who the missing person in the photo is, and one again it spells D-E-A-D.

Michael has a lot of trust in Nick and Victoria but obviously some reservations of Adam. He asks Victor why he doesn’t wait til he returns to reinstate Adam, so he can keep an eye on him to avoid the chance of conflict. Victor says he has promised to give Adam a chance to redeem himself. Michael continues to express some concerns over it when Adam walks in and announces the call to the SEC used a company phone. Victor looks at the report and is disappointed that it is from an assistant that he trusted. Michael excuses himself and calls Phyllis out in the hallway and tells her that Victor is leaving town for a period of time and he thinks Nick can explain it to her but he wants her to call him.

Michael calls Nick next and tells him that Adam claims to have found who the traitor is, claiming it is from someone inside at Newman. He tells him it is someone they never suspected. Nick tells him he is on his way. Before Nick leaves he jumps on Victoria about the deal with JT and Deacon. He says surely she has to know how this all looks. She tells him she had no idea and when Nick tells her he is working on a deal in South America that he wants her to take care of to get her away from this til this blows over, she doesn’t like being shipped off like that. She says she doesn’t like running away. He says she won’t be running away she will only be lying low. She tells him she won’t be marginalized as she walks off.

Jana and Amber come to the conclusion that who ever was in the other half of Ryder’s photo must have died. They figure it must have been Terrible Tom which could be why Ryder was so touchy about it. They wonder though why the plastic pointer on the Ouija board is positioned at the word “NO” when neither of them put it there. They both ease back away from the board.

With Deacon clearly showing up with a black eye he goes to Crimson Lights and complains to Ryder about his brother bailing him out. Ryder raises his voice to be sure that Kevin and Lauren can hear him when he says that Kevin used the reward money from the painting that Deacon tried to steal to get him out. He openly refuses to serve Deacon. Kevin walks over and says they are all out of espresso. Deacon looks at both of them and says the hell with them and walks out. When Ryder thanks Kevin for backing him, Kevin says of course he would, that is what brothers are for. When Kevin goes back to Lauren she admits maybe she has been a bit hard on Ryder and agrees to have more of an open mind about it now. She asks how about they all have a family dinner and she will host it at the Fisher’s place.

JT tells Victoria he didn’t know the press was there and he wasn’t trying to embarrass Victoria but he says the guy had it coming to him. Victoria tells him she had no idea Deacon was going to even be there and he was only there trying to help with the SEC situation. She tells KT it wasn’t anything personal but the SEC thinks it was now thanks to what JT did. She tells him she is in so much hot water now. She tells him that Nick has even asked her to step aside from Newman. JT tells her that he got the job in New York and it pays a salary big enough for him to support his family. She tells him the decision might be hers but she doesn’t like the idea of running from things. He tells her then don’t run from it.

Phyllis checks her messages on her phone while Ashley goes on and on about Victor constantly showing up there. Phyllis suddenly says OMG Victor is leaving Genoa City.

Nick tells Victor about what happened with Deacon at the meeting. Adam wants to know how Victoria got mixed up with a character like that anyway. Nick says if JT hadn’t have interfered the SEC would have backed off. Nick tells Victor that Victoria wants to stay and fight it though. Victor says he will talk to her. He tells Nick that he wants Adam to get a bigger role at Newman. Nick tells him but right now they are in the middle of a crisis mode. Victor makes it clear he is not asking him, he is telling him. He insists that Adam gets a chance to redeem himself. Nick asks what if he stabs them in the back again. Victor warns that that wouldn’t be a very good idea.

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