Sharon wants to make sure she heard Adam correctly when she tells him she wants to get this straight, she asks if he said he seduced a man. He says yeah he did but he swears he is straight as an arrow in his sexual preferences at least. He tells her this is who he is. He calls himself a liar and a manipulator. He tells Sharon it makes him sick too.

Victoria thinks about how she talked to JT and decides to call him. She leaves him a message asking him to call her and then she tells him she loves him. When she meets with Michael at the club she reads to him from a blog on her phone how the Newman heiress pulled the wool over the shareholders eyes, lying about her father’s health. He thinks this one should go to Newman’s legal department.  Katherine walks in asking about how Victor is doing. Victoria explains her inbox is full and she is having experience with bad press. Katherine advises her not to lose any sleep over it.

Nikki puts Victor’s clothes that was sent over away for him and now she says she needs to let Dr. Swift know where he is and she wants to inform the club’s manager about transplant rejection symptoms just in case. Victor tells her all that stuff can wait. He wants to know what is going on with her these days. She tells him she found out about him going to the church looking for her the night she left Genoa City. She asks why he went after her and what did he want to tell her.

Emily tells Paul she has a lot of stares and whispers about her now famous face. Paul tells her that imitation is the highest form of flattery but he guesses that Patty should have asked her before stealing Emily’s face. He appreciates her not being mad about it though. She says she holds nothing against Patty but she is furious with those that orchestrated this. Paul says he just wants his sister back and he thinks Emily is the one that can accomplish that if he can only convince her to stay.

Billy is busy typing away when he asks members of his staff to get a head shot of Victor Newman, warts and all. Jack walks in with champagne asking who he is stringing up now. When Billy tells him Jack has to ask if he has lost his mind.

Victor asks how she found out he went looking for her. She tells him Paul and then she reminds Victor that he turned her away so what more was there left to say. He tells her he feels she is avoiding talking about their future. She asks what future. He tells her the one they were meant to have. She gets up and tells him she has some other things to take care of but she will be back.

Jack says the champagne isn’t for celebrating, it is to help numb the pain for Billy when he losing everything at Restless Style. When Jack asks what he is working on right now, Billy says he is scoffing at Phyllis’s celebrity pet story. Billy says he knows what the public wants, which is justice. Jack asks for whom. He tells Billy he can’t be revive Restless Style by taking on Victor Newman. He sits down and reads what Billy wrote but then telling him he has it all wrong. He says if he wants to bring down old Mumbles watch and learn. He tells Billy to watch and learn, he will show him how and he starts typing.

Michael wonders who would benefit to call SEC anyway. Victoria is distracted until Victor walks in and Michael gives him his seat. Victoria tells him nothing important is going on but he can see there is a problem when Michael tells her that Victor should know about this. He tells her it is his company. She tells him about the SEC and the need to fight them. She asks isn’t that what her Dad would do.

Adam continues on a tell all to Sharon who isn’t judging him for the wrongs he has done. He says his lawyer was a nice guy but Adam just pretended to have feelings for the guy. He says it was wrong but it got physical too fast. Sharon asks if that is when Heather found out. He said he hurt the only two people who ever gave a damn about his, talking about Heather and that poor kid. Sharon is shocked when she hears that the lawyer is Rafe Torres. She tells her that Rafe is her lawyer which now Adam is sorry he told her about this one.

Sharon tells him there are no sides to be taken. She has acted out too. She stole, she slept with men that she shouldn’t have and that is why she didn’t even know who fathered her baby at first. She says they both have done their time though. She tells him to move on for the family’s sake. She encourages Adam to just think about his new sister and how much he loves her. She admits that giving him the benefit of the doubt isn’t the hardest thing in the world she has had to do.

Nikki goes to see Katherine and asks her why she assumes she is there to talk about Victor. She finally admits she did and says she asked why he came to look for her. Katherine asks what he said to that. Nikki admits she walked away before he could answer. She says things have been kind of simple since she came back from Colorado. She admits she can see a difference in Victor now. Katherine sees that it is the same dance and that it is time to get off the dance floor and get on with life, she stresses HER LIFE though. Nikki says she knows where it will end up, crying, fighting and maybe drinking. She tells Katherine she knows because she has seen it.

Victor asks for Michael’s opinion. He warns Victor if Victoria goes after the press with guns blazing it will appear like she is protesting too much. Victoria asks if she is supposed to sit back and take it. She says the Newman’s don’t fold, they fight back. Victor agrees with her but says you can’t deal with the press when you are angry. He tells her she has to get a thicker skin. He agrees she has done a wonderful job but he will take over now saying he knows how to deal with these media hacks.

Jack tells Billy to keep typing as he talks about the Caribbean bank that took some wealthy people down 24 hours after Victor withdrew his money. They wonder was a psychic on his payroll or is this just another story of an insider trading info. Billy asks why Jack’s change of heart. He asks why is he so eager to roast Victor after he agreed to give him Colleen’s heart. Billy tells him the day he declared war on Victor was the day Victor came out of surgery. Billy says Victor basically killed their niece. Jack wants Patty’s name kept out of this though. He says if they talk about what happened at the lake then the public will forget his other crimes including bringing Patty back into town. He’s be made the hero that took a bullet for Jack. He tells Billy if he includes Patty he will stop the story in its track, and then threatens Billy to try him if he doesn’t believe him.

Emily tells Paul that she has been asked to return to teaching. She says she would like to help Patty but she needs to go back. Paul admits that he has a lot of people in Genoa City that care about him but not about his sister. He tells her just the thought of Patty being holed up in that cell for the rest of her life thinking she is married to Jack still breaks his heart. He tells Emily she is all he has left to help. She agrees to stay a few more days but she says it won’t be long enough to undo the damage that Jack Abbott and Victor Newman have done to her.

Katherine wonders were Nikki would be if she was married to Paul. Nikki says she knows it would have been the wrong thing. She says she went too fast from Victor to David and then to Paul. She tells her waking up in the mountains was much better than staring into the bottom of a bottle like she did in Mexico. Katherine says she has no idea what the future holds for her and Victor but she thinks she should cut the crap and make a decision and get on with it already.

Victoria tells Victor she won’t have him fighting her battles. He says if he gives a statement her integrity won’t be questioned. Michael thinks it would be a good idea but she refuses. She says she wants the chance to prove what she has always been told, that she is like her father. She says she will defend her own name, she can fix this. She only needs her father’s blessing.

Katherine agrees that she doesn’t know how to cut to the heart of the matter. She asks isn’t that why Nikki came to her to begin with about this. She says she can see that Nikki becomes this naive young girl around Victor who is her wealthy prince. She asks but what happens after the ‘happily ever after!’ Nikki doesn’t think Victor will ever subside. She says he has given her everything including her children and her grandchildren. She says she doesn’t want to be helpless waif who bats her eyelashes and say “Oh Victor, what did you want to say to me that night you broke my heart?” She says yes Victor might choose her but that choice will come at a price and she isn’t sure she wants to pay that price anymore.

Victor tells Victoria that she may have inherited his best qualities and he is proud of her but she needs to let him handle this idiocy with the press. He says not because he doesn’t think she can handle it but because she is above it. She tells Victor she is so glad her Daddy is here and she agrees to let him take care of it with one condition. She says when they find out who ratted them out to SEC she wants no holding back. She says that lowlife will lose everything that they almost did.

As Adam heads towards the door they joke about how they always end up having heavy conversations. Adam asks Sharon what she is going to do for Thanksgiving. She tells him she is going to skip the holidays this year but next time either of them is on the edge of a cliff, about to do something stupid they need to call one another.

Jack insists that Billy leaves Patty alone and to stick to Victor’s business manipulations like the viral video and the Cayman Bank. He warns Billy that anything else will come back and bite Billy in the butt. Billy doesn’t agree saying that Victor literally twirls his mustache as he preys on young women. Billy says offshore accounts are fascinating stuff but he finally agrees with Jack. Jack says as he is leaving that maybe Billy Abbott’s Restless Style won’t be the disaster he thought it would be after all.

Nikki meets Victor at Newman and tells him all that she has sorted out for him. Victoria thinks it is cute that she is acting like his wife again. . Nikki says speaking of husbands how is JT. Victoria sadly tells her that he is in New York for a job interview but not for Newman. She says JT wants her to make a choice, their marriage or Newman Enterprises. She says either way… Nikki finishes it for her saying either way she loses as she hugs her daughter.

Victor thanks Michael for drawing up transfer papers so fast. Michael makes it clear that he doesn’t agree with Victor’s decision to hand Ashley the ranch so quickly but if it is what Victor wants. Victor signs the papers with no hesitation. Victor tells him he has some other business to discuss. He asks if Michael still has his last will and testament that was drawn up before his transplant surgery. He says the kids all know where they stand at Newman. He tells Michael he is getting his ducks in a row and is about to make some big changes in his life, some very big changes.

Billy reads his article out loud about the flowery prose about Patty pointing the gun to rid the world of one of its most hateful scourges while his Goddaughter drowns. He says Martyr my ass and then says sorry Jack, he is calling the shots this time.

Jack says he will never get use to seeing that face when he sees Emily. She tells him she is glad she ran into him. She tells him she would prefer he stop visiting his patient. Jack tells her that her name is Patty. Emily says she knows what her name is but Jack no longer needs to know it. She tells Jack she will never cut him a break. He says besides Paul no one wants to see Patty get better than he does. He says maybe she can stop giving him the evil eye whenever she sees through him. She says there is o evil eye and maybe that is just him projecting his own guilt. Jack thinks that after all he has lost this year, he has paid his karmic debt. He says he does own up to what he did to Patty and he is trying to grow from it, so maybe Emily can ease up on the judgment.

Billy is on the phone saying he just sent the file in PDF and JPG format. When they ask about a VSF and a PSD file he gets frustrated when he doesn’t understand. Sharon shows up and saves the day as she shows him what to do. When he hangs the phone up he says hi and by the way thank you. She tells Billy she is there to ask for a job. Billy says Whoa, as he pops the cork on the champagne bottle. She says she is tired of being home alone feeling sorry for herself. He is surprised she would want to work there though. She tells Billy she misses the job she had there itself. He admits he could use someone to show him the ropes. They toast to his first issue and first official hire as they both drink to it.

Paul comes back for his phone that he left behind when he bumps into Katherine. She tells him he did a wonderful thing he did, and he asks if she means by reuniting the woman he loves with her ex-husband. Paul tells Katherine he isn’t punishing Nikki for how she felt, he only wants her to be happy. Katherine hugs him thinking that is so sweet.

Nikki offers some motherly words of advice for her daughter. She tells her that JT loves her. She tells her it is about family and dancing. She says yes dancing. She goes on saying it can be exhilarating and exhausting but at the same point you have to take one another’s hand and go home together.

Adam sees Victor at the club and says he has seen the press on Victoria and he has talked to his contact with SEC. He says he won’t let them down. He thinks maybe Victoria should lay low and let someone else handle the media. Victor excuses himself to make a phone call. Michael asks Adam who does he suggests to handle that with the media, him? Adam tells Michael he isn’t that stupid, he is just the bastard some fresh out of jail. Michael says he isn’t stupid either, he just watched Adam trying to remove his sister from the company.  He tells him that they see his game and he might think he is about to get everything he wants but he is there to ensure that that doesn’t happen. Adam asks if that is threat. Michael laughs as he says, “With one hand”.  Victor walks in and asks if everything is OK.  Michael tells him yes, he was just telling Adam they have it covered. Victor is glad that Adam understands and sees it his way.

Jan Barrett

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