Ashley has Faith dressed wearing Colleen’s Christening gown. Adam remarks that he doesn’t know what he would do if he ever lost a child. Traci says you honor them and life as she looks like she is about to cry. Adam thinks back to putting Faith in Ashley’s arms and then having to tell Sharon her baby was dead and then how he snapped at Dr. Taylor. Adam tells Ashley he has to run an errand but he will have his driver take him to the church.

Jack sits with Katherine to talk to her about Jill’s press release which she failed to even mention his name. He tells her two opposing forces guiding one company just won’t work. She tells him she knows all about Jill’s downfalls but Jabot’s sales are down and she has a track record. Jack says but so do the Abbott’s. Katherine sticks with her decision saying the glory days of Abbott control are over.

Billy and Mac walk into Restless Style and he boasts about all this being his. Chloe hands him a press release announcing that he is the new owner of Restless Style now. Billy is reminded of the Christening so he stalls on publishing the press release. He says there are a few people he needs to tell in person first. When he sees the cover on the new issue about celebrity pets we love, he asks if they are serious.

JT complains about Victoria leaving without talking to him first. She says she isn’t avoiding him she has just been busy with the Christening and all. He tells her he needs to talk to her at home. When she asks if they can talk tonight she tells him he can’t because he will be in New York for the job interview. She is surprised that he is going through with it and asks is he doing this to punish her for Deacon.

Sharon tells Reverend Bennett hello and then after a short chat she heads for her bereavement session. Ashley and Traci arrive at the church. Traci says it is a beautiful day for a Christening and she can’t believe that the blessing in her arms is really hers.

Phyllis and Nick go to Crimson Lights and are talking about how excited Summer is to go to school and how well she is doing after they helped her in Switzerland. They think now is the time for them to go house hunting. She says she wants Victor to get better but she will never be able to forget what he did to Summer. Nick tells her they have some times still while his father is recovering. He suggests that they just get through the Christening and then they can deal with the rest.

JT says him going for this interview has nothing to do with Deacon. He says Victor survived and she seems to have time for everything else but to talk to him about their marriage. She snaps at him telling him he is the one running off to New York. He says having lived on Victor’s land and having Victor sign his checks he appreciates the interest this company has shown him. He says it might be a good fit. She argues how New York can be a good fit. When Victoria is called away for business, JT can only shake his head saying of course she has to go.

Jack tells Katherine that the Abbott’s didn’t fall apart, they just lost one of their members. Katherine denies that any of this has anything to do with Colleen. She says the trouble at Jabot starts before that. She says Mary Jane was hired to fix Jabot’s PR problem and look now how that worked out. She tells him that John’s vision of his children carrying Jabot on just may not be possible. Jack disagrees saying that Ashley and Billy will be back and in full force.

Nick and Phyllis talk to Billy about the sale of the magazine. Billy asks them not to say anything to Jack about it yet or to anyone else for that matter. When Adam walks in a few are a bit uncomfortable. Billy ignores Billy as he and Mac walk off. Adam has a gift for the baby, it is a crucifix that belonged to his mother.

Jack and Phyllis talk a bit but they don’t want to talk about Victor. He asks her how Nick is doing. When they both look over at him she says he is still thinking about Sharon losing his baby. She says she can give him space and time but she can’t fix it. Jack asks Phyllis when she became such a good wife.

JT and Victoria are still arguing when they arrive at the church. He asks if it is so wrong to want to get away from all that, including Deacon, to have a life of their own for a change on their own. The Reverend asks everyone if they are ready to start. JT looks at Victoria and asks are they. She puts a smile on her face as they walk in together.

When everyone is seated the Reverend puts everyone in their right places when he says the Father can’t be there today. Suddenly Victor with Nikki on his arm walks in and he announces he is right there. He asks Ashley where she would like him to be. She smiles saying beside her. Victor asks Traci if he may hold the baby while Nikki sits next to Nick.

With the Christening ceremony starting Traci is now holding Faith with Adam standing next to her. Ashley announces the baby’s name as Faith Colleen Newman. Traci looks over at Ashley in shock. Ashley didn’t tell her. The Reverend says in the sermon that Colleen will live on in her cousin and the father of her cousin. He asks that Traci and Adam promise to watch over and help guide this child. He says let them all rejoice as he ends the ceremony. Adam takes the baby for a few minutes then hands her back to Traci. As they all go to sign the baptismal certificate Nick asks if he can hold the baby. As Sharon is leaving from her session she hears the baby and looks upset when she sees Nick holding the baby. Adam sees her and looks worried about it.

Traci walks over to Victor and thanks him for being so accommodating. She tells him she really has to get back to New York. Victor puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her this is a day no one should miss. She remembers him standing up for Colleen as her Godfather and now she is standing up for his daughter. She says  life is so full of surprises. She promises to take her role as Godmother seriously and then she cries when he places her hand on his heart. Traci tells him her girl is gone but she asks him to take care of his daughter and then she rushes off. Katherine walks up to Victor scolding him that it is way too soon for him to be up and about and that he came there with Nikki. Billy walks up to talk to Katherine. Victor just ignores him and tells Katherine to excuse him and he walks off. Billy says Son of a … Katherine stops him telling him to save it.

Nikki tells Victoria that her father gave no one a choice about his leaving the hospital. She says she didn’t encourage him to do this. She can tell something is wrong with Victoria. Mac goes over to JT that is standing by the door and hugs him. She talks about how she hopes Faith will be like Colleen. JT just agrees with her.

Victor tells Faith that he is her Daddy and he will teach her everything. Jack is sitting in the pew behind Victor and he says don’t worry she is an Abbott too and he won’t let him or anyone else forget that.

Katherine comes in at Restless Style. She tells Billy, well he did it. She warns him that it is a lot of hard work and every month a new magazine on the market fails. She tells Billy that Jack claims Billy will be coming back to Jabot. Billy says nope, he is on his own now. Katherine thinks Billy is just like her, saying he has guts. He says yeah guts as he shows them the new cover asking if this is him. Katherine thinks it is a smart angle saying the world needs a distraction. Billy asks Chloe what it would take to change this. She asks if he means the whole cover story. She tells him money and time that they don’t have and a lightning strike with something to replace it. She asks if he is really worried that people will think Billy Abbott has lost his edge. Mac asks Katherine if she is ready to go. She talks about how perfect Faith is and then tells Katherine NO she isn’t ready for one yet. Katherine says babies are life and their future and they change lives.

With Chloe at her desk Billy and she talk about business. He tells her to hold the presses because this garbage can’t be his debut issue. She asks well what will. He says a tell all about a smug old bastard who walked into a Christening battery operated by Colleen’s heart. He says he will lay it all out about how Victor Newman had his niece killed and then had the gall to take her heart. Chloe reminds him of what Katherine just said about the public needing a distraction now. He says this is what they do best as he plans to lay the smack down on some jerk who deserves it. She tells Billy the printer is waiting. He says no problemo. He says he will write the story himself and call the printer in a few hours.

Ashley tells Victor she is glad he got out of the hospital today and thanks him for not fighting her on the ranch issue so she can raise the girls there. He kisses Faith on the forehead and then walks over to Victoria who is worried about him. He hugs her and then tells her he is fine. He announces that he and Ashley are getting a divorce and Ashley will be staying at the ranch. He says he has some thinking to do and will let them know when he has made some decisions.

Adam surprises Sharon tells her he saw her at the chapel and he could tell she seemed upset. Sharon invites him in but tells him she is fine, them explains that she is a wreck. She explains that she was at the church for her bereavement session and then she hands him the little engraved bracelet blaming herself that her daughter died. Adam tells her it wasn’t her fault. He asks her what the hell these bereavement people are telling her. She is convinced that her past actions are to blame. She says if she could only take it all back. He tells her she has nothing to be sorry for. He tells her he has done things he couldn’t fix even if he tried to. She tells him he just doesn’t get it, they are not in the same universe. He tells her yes he does know and she should know. He tells her she has to know now.

JT and Victoria are still fighting as they head back to Newman. She tells him with SEC still on her back she doesn’t appreciate his lack of support and running off to New York. She tells him this is their home. He says this is her home. When she refuses to leave he accuses her of being just like her father and asks who wants to be married to Victor Newman other than Nikki. She tells JT if he takes that job he won’t be married to her any more. He tells her to kiss Reed for him and he will call her when he is checked in. They just look at each other as he gets into the elevator and the doors close.

Nick and Phyllis talk about Victor and Nikki getting back together and how subtle of Nick to ask Victor if he was coming back to the ranch. Nick slides over to Phyllis a contract offer for a job at Newman. He says he has to check out her resume and references and a little background check on her as they kiss. He locks the door as Phyllis hops on the desk which is soon cleared off.

Adam tells Sharon no only has he caused pain and damage by screwing with people’s lives, but he also screwed his gay lawyer to keep him on his side. Sharon looks sort of stunned as he tells her everything.

Jack gives Traci a good bye hug. She tells the baby good bye and through her tears she can barely talk to Ashley. Ashley asks Jack if he thinks she will ever be able to come back to all the painful memories. Jack tells Ashley Traci will come back. He says until then it is just the three of them. He says they all have Jabot blood in them. He says they are a team, it’s in their DNA. He asks Ashley if maybe she could talk to Billy about coming back to Jabot. She tells him it is too late. She loaned him the money to buy Restless Style. He is clearly upset and asks why she did that. He says this is a time they should all stick together. She tells him it is time to let go.

Victor gets a suite at the club. Nikki says is right down the hall if he needs anything. He tells her he is fine. He says his things are being sent from the ranch. Nikki still thinks he should be there but he says the ranch is for the children. He feels it is time to move on. He tells her that when the divorce is final he and Nikki… but she stops him telling him not yet.

Chloe says she lives for trash talk and gossip but the socialite on the cover is going to freak out if she is pulled from the cover. She says and not only that, they have deadlines and the advertisers won’t like it. He asks when did she become such a buzz kill but he finally gives in and says he will just wait on his expose. He tells her to go on home and he will call the printer. She tells him thanks for the almost heart attack on his first day, it was fun and then she leaves. As soon as she is gone he calls Mitch and introduces himself as the new owner and then tells him to dump the cover story and he will send him a new one soon. Then he turns to the computer and smiles saying, OK Victor, come on, let’s have a little fun.

Jan Barrett

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