Jack reaches for his phone to call the police when he sees Dr. P thinking she is Patty. Paul stops him telling him she is Dr. Emily Peterson, not Patty and she had ID to prove it. When Jack is over the sudden shock, he looks over at Victor and asks if he gave Patty her own doctor’s face.

Ashley makes a phone call and when she hangs up she tells Billy that he can pick up the check on his way to Restless Style. Billy tells Ashley it has been so long since anyone in the family has had any faith in him. She tells him when he is a success at this she knows Jack will be impressed. She says she is in this for the shoe samples he will get. She tells him to remember she wears a size 8. When Billy leaves Adam comes downstairs bragging about how good he is at putting Faith down for a nap. Ashley is so happy that her baby will grow up having a bond with her big brother. Adam remarks how odd it is that he is a brother old enough to be her Father and they are al living together. He says what a weird but happy family.

Sharon goes to the church and talks to her baby Faith. She tells her it is going to be longer than she thought before they can meet. She says one day she will be able to hold Faith in her arms. She tells Cassie she knows she is out there looking after her two baby sister but she says not to worry about her, she will get through this. She tells her she got a new home and is meeting with a bereavement group.

Chance ordered a big box of goodies for Chloe with a card too. When he hears Billy is planning to buy the magazine it wipes the smile off of his face. He is even more upset that he is hearing about it from Mac instead of Chloe.

Phyllis and Chloe are working on an article about celebrity pets that they love. He asks if there has been any word from Billy. He wonders if maybe he has changed his mind. Nick asks Phyllis if she is having second thoughts, she asks him what he thinks. Nick remembers how the four of them started this whole thing but now they have all moved on and graduated. Phyllis says except for her and Nick says now Billy is ready to hand her a diploma or is he, she wonders. Nick says bottom line is he approves of them closing this chapter of their lives anyway.

The Reverend show Ashley where everyone will be standing during the Christening and when she tells him Faith’s father won’t be able to attend because he is in the hospital, he tells her he is sorry. When Ashley sees Sharon she excuses herself to talk to her. She hears that Sharon is heading to a bereavement group meeting that is just down the hall. Sharon can see they are planning the Christening.

Victor asks Jack what the hell is he talking about saying he has no idea who this woman is. Jack asks if he is kidding. He tells Victor he created this woman. He says it wouldn’t be like Victor to let someone else pick who Patty was to look like. Victor tells Jack he can believe whatever the hell he wants to believe. He tells the doctor she will end up in a cell next to Patty but she swears she was not involved in this. Jack tells her well she is now and then turns to Victor giving him a list of names of people that Victor’s plan ruined including this poor woman. Emily says this poor woman can speak for herself thank you. She says she is there because she owed it to Patty and she is there to tell Victor that Patty was making progress and she wasn’t a ticking time bomb like he wants everyone to think she was. She says she spent months in intensive therapy with Patty and she was motivated to get well and then suddenly she disappeared and she is presuming that is because of what Victor has done. When Victor objects Jack tells her not to be intimidated. She says she knows Victor is a wealthy and powerful man but there are some things he can’t control and he can put her in that category.

Mac tells Chance the sale might not go through since Billy is having a problem getting the money. She says that maybe Chloe was just waiting to say something until it was a done deal. She says to just to imagine them working together. Mac thinks it is a great idea. She says Billy is finally passionate about something. Chance can understand why she would be supportive as she has something to be passionate about. She looks at though this is news to her.

Nick tells Phyllis it wasn’t easy for him to leave Restless Style. She said it did make it easier knowing he had something else to go to though. While they talk Billy walks in and shows them a check. When Phyllis and Nick don’t look so happy he asks if there is a problem.

Sharon and Ashley talk when Ashley tells her she wasn’t sure she should call her. Sharon appreciates the note she sent and assures Ashley she is getting through this. She congratulates Ashley on the baby and Adam watches them through his blurred vision.

Chance says he thought Mac enjoyed her volunteer work at the shelter. She says she does but the bar takes up a lot of time. She says it will get better once Cane gets back, then when she thinks about Lily she feels guilty for complaining. When Chance tells her it is OK she says it isn’t. She says she is a horrible person. Chance says then he must be too. He just knows that it is tough when your high hopes for something and then they don’t pan out.

Billy and Chloe wait to see what the hold up here is while Nick and Phyllis talk about the sale. She asks what if Summer wants to go into this business and she has sold her legacy. He tells her if she is still passionate about the magazine he will kick Billy out right now, if not it is time to pass the torch to someone who is. She looks over at Billy and suddenly she says she knows what she is going to do.

Paul says yes he checked this woman out. He says the well know Dr. Peterson is on a sabbatical leave from the University of Minnesota. Victor can assure that he sterling reputation will be gone after this. Emily doesn’t like being threatened. Paul realizes that Victor doesn’t want the doctor to admit Patty was doing well before he got involved. Victor tells him his sister wasn’t doing well she was a psychopath. He asks who the hell does this Dr. P to talk about qualifications. He says she was Patty’s shrink and she didn’t realize how dangerous she was. He asks if she is utterly incompetent or is she lying to save her own ass. Emily says she was aware of Patty’s violence but there was no indication. Victor tells her to stop BS-ing him, Patty’s best friend was a stuffed cat. He asks what that says for her. She tells Victor to go ahead and try having her license revoked. Jack jumps in telling her she can bet Victor will. He tells her to come to him if she needs a friend against this bully. She says yeah right, Jack is the last person she would go to if she needs a friend. She says Mr. Newman may have taken advantage of a damaged soul but Jack is the once who inflicted that damage. Her words leave them both speechless.

When Adam walks up Ashley goes back to talk to the Reverend. Adam tells her he will be right there. He explains to Sharon that he is the baby’s Godfather. She seems surprised but says that is exciting. He tells her it helps make him feel more like a part of the family. He doesn’t know if Victor is happy about it or not though. HE tells her he hasn’t seen Victor much lately. Sharon tells him he should. He thanks her again for her great words of advice.

Emily scolds both Jack and Victor by telling them that between the two of them Patty didn’t stand a chance. Jack realizes his role in all this but she continues to scold him for going on with his life as though Patty never even existed. She says Patty tried to erase herself from existence with a little help from Victor. She says now she is worried that this woman that was loved by so many may actually be lost forever. Victor asks her if she will be involved in Patty’s treatment. She says yes she will and now that she has taken up enough of their time she excuses herself. Jack jumps on Paul telling him he could have given them a little warning. Paul says he is right, he could have and she stands there. When Jack takes off Paul tells Victor he has one question from him and he wants a straight answer.

Phyllis walks over to Billy and tells him he has something that belongs her. He hands her the check and them she tells him the lawyers will take care of the rest. She gets the staff together and thanks them all for their hard work. With tears in her eyes she says that they now have a new boss, as she introduces Billy Abbott. She tells them that their jobs are safe so she asks that the help him out. As she ends her little speech everyone claps for her and then Nick hugs her.

Chance tells Mac he likes his job as a detective, saying he likes being out in the field. He doesn’t care for the office work with stacks and stacks of paperwork as much. Mac understands saying she will figure this all out one way or another. Billy calls Mac telling her to come over to Restless Style. Chance congratulates Mac and then he calls Chloe. He asks her how her day is going and if anything exciting happened but she fails to mention to him about Billy buying the magazine. When he hangs up he gives the box of goodies to a couple of the customers there and he walks out as he rips up the card and throws it in the trash.

After Billy meets all his new employees at the magazine he props his feet up on the desk. Mac walks in with a bottle of champagne telling him congratulations. He tells her he has to address his staff now. He says it again, “My Staff!” He tells her it is great to have a staff. He invites Phyllis to stay for a glass of champagne, she declines. She tells him this is his baby now. Nick tells him to take care of it as he and Phyllis leave.Phyllis turns for one last look around before she gets on the elevator.

Ashley shows Adam where he will have to stand and then he says he will take his cues from the Reverend. Adam decides to take Sharon’s advice and go visit his dad. Ashley tells him she didn’t realize he and Sharon were friends. He says he has only met her a few times but she is easy to talk to. Ashley tells Adam her heart breaks for Sharon. He says he finds it hard to believe that such a sensitive woman was married to Nick. He admits Nick and Victoria aren’t cutting him any slack. He worries that the ceremony will be hard on Victor, Ashley tells him not to. She says Victor Newman always comes out on top. Adam reminds her but right now he is flat on his back, alone and miserable.

Paul seems to take advantage of the time to be able to rant at Victor. He asks if Victor’s plan was to give his sister a face that belonged to someone else. Victor tells him no. Patty was in complete control of her actions which means no one else can be responsible. Paul thinks how convenient for Victor. When Paul starts to walk out Victor tells him to wait a minute as he calls him back.

Billy holds his first staff meeting and it ends in applause when he tells them that work can wait for tonight so they can all celebrate tonight. Chloe is surprised when Chance shows up. She tells him yeah the sale went through. He tells her he already knows but not from her. She tells him she was going to tell him, she just… she changes it to saying who knew some sucker would trust Billy with responsibility. Chance explains that some people are good at that. He asks her when she was going to tell him. When she hesitates he tells her he doesn’t want to hear it.

Ashley welcomes Sharon when she arrives with a box of things for the baby. She was wondering if Ashley would like to have them. There is a lot of bottles and some onesies and a stuffed animal from Noah. Ashley says she isn’t upset, she thinks it is sweet of her. She is so sorry their daughter’s won’t grow up together. Both look sad when Ashley finds a little bracelet with the name ‘Faith’ engraved on it.

Victor wants Paul to get in touch with Dr. Peterson. He doesn’t want him to deliver any messages he wants to hire her to treat Patty. He asks before or after he has her license revoked. Adam pops in and apologizes for interrupting but he is asked to stay. Victor thinks it is remarkable that Patty chose to look like her doctor. Paul doesn’t think that is exactly the word he would use but regardless Victor wants her to treat Patty and he will pay her salary and living expenses at the club of course. Paul asks if he means in the same room as he set Mary Jane Benson up in. Paul wants to know what is in this for Victor. Victor says he only wants to help his sister. Paul thins it is because Victor feels guilty but he tells Victor to keep his money and his guilt. When he is gone Adam asks if he heard right that there are two women out there that looks just like Patty Williams. He says he sure would hate to be her right now.

Jack joins Emily at the club’s bar. He doesn’t deny following her there. He says he didn’t like the way things were left between them. As she sips her glass of wine she listens to what Jack has to say. He claims he is no longer the boy Patty described to her. He admits he was a despicable man that treated Patty with utter contempt. He says he sent Patty flowers only once but even then the truth is he had his secretary send them to her for him. She tells him if it matters to him that she does believe he is sorry for how he was but she asks why does it matter. He says he wants to explain himself. He explains how he met and dated Mary Jane. She sees it that he is casting her as the other woman this time and she walks off.

When Phyllis and Nick walk in she notices Jack drinking alone. Nick doesn’t want to worry about it because they are celebrating. As they sit Phyllis likes the idea that she doesn’t have to get up in the morning. Nick says he doesn’t have to get up either because of the baby’s christening. Phyllis says so they can stay up late and just sleep in. She tells him she is going to like her new life.

Ashley is holding the tiny bracelet when she tells Sharon that Nick told her they were going to name the baby Faith. She tells her maybe she should keep it. Sharon says maybe Ashley is right so she takes it back. She tells Ashley this isn’t too painful, after all she has been through this before. When she is about to go out the door they hear Faith crying from the baby monitor and as Ashley goes to check on her Sharon stands outside with the bracelet in her hand looking so sad.

Chloe asks Chance if he is going to make a big deal out of this. She says she doesn’t get it. She says the guy is insane. Then she says she thinks it is cute that he is a little jealous. He backs away from her and tells her to stop. He says he isn’t jealous, he is just done. He says she hasn’t signed the divorce papers and she flirts. He says their arguing may as well be foreplay. He says he isn’t blind and he can see that Billy loves it that Chloe chases him around like she does. He says but the thing is that is all he loves about her. He tells her to enjoy her life and he walks out. She looks over at Billy and Mac celebrating and kissing and Chloe looks sad.

Adam tells Victor he thought that the dead stuffed cat thing was weird but stealing someone’s face? He calls Patty a freak. Victor would rather change the subject. Adam talks about how he will stick by his father like Victor stuck by him. When he starts talking about getting past all of this Victor tells him he hasn’t even begun to make amends for the things he has done. He says he has only served part of his sentence and in the lap of luxury at that. He says he hasn’t paid back a dime of the money he owes. Adam is surprised to hear Victor’s words and especially when he says Adam has still got a long way to go to earn his trust again. Adam agrees with Victor but reluctantly. He says he will continue to prove himself and won’t let Victor down. When Victor tells him he needs to rest Adam starts out but stumbles on a chair on his way out.

Jan Barrett

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