Jack and Billy hold a meeting at Indigo and when they wrap things up Jack tells Billy he noticed that the bank manager turned him down for a loan. He tells Billy he isn’t surprised because it is hard for a startup to get credit these days. Jack asks him what he really needs that kind of money for anyway. Billy takes Jack by surprise when he tells him he plans on buying Restless Magazine.

When Ashley visits again with Victor things go smoothly at first. He tells her he is OK with her raising the girls at the ranch and it is a good idea to tell Abby about the divorce together. She tells Victor she wants to tell her before the christening which she had to move up to tomorrow she says. He asks her why did she have to do that and why wasn’t he told about it.

Paul seems really happy to see Nikki when she goes to Crimson Lights. Nikki tells him she does escape now and then. He assumes her being there means Victor is doing better. He tells her that he has been visiting his poor delusional sister, Patty.

Patty gets a visitor called Dr. P and she is thrilled to see her as she looks just like Patty does.

Jack can’t believe that Phyllis would sell her baby. And that Billy would dance on his grave. Billy tells him he knew how much he didn’t want to sell that magazine but it has nothing to do with sticking it back to him. Billy says he wants to bring it back to the Abbott fold.  When Jack starts in on his reasons why Billy will fail at this, Billy asks him to try just this once to give him some credit. He knows what is hot these days. Jack hardly qualifies Billy going to some good parties is the same as having the needed experience in the business. Billy knows he would never punch through the glass ceiling at Jabot. He says Colleen’s death taught him to make his own breaks. He says when he can get the capitol he needs he will run the magazine better than anyone else ever has. He tells Jack to have a pleasant afternoon as he walks out. Next Katherine and Jill walk in to talk to Jack about Jabot.

Patty starts cleaning up her cell room and tells Dr. P to sit down and make herself comfy. The Doctor tells her that the other doctor’s called her saying she would only talk to her. She asks Patty what happened. She tells her that according to her landlady, she just packed up and left. Patty starts talking about Jack and tells her to look at the home they share. She asks isn’t it fabulous. Dr. P reminds her that Jack hurt her. She says yeah but Jack is all grown up now and he asked her to marry him. Dr. P notices that Patty looks exactly like she does now. She tells her she was beautiful the way she was and asks who helped her with this transformation.

Victor isn’t happy that Ashley is having the christening when she knows he can’t attend. She explains to him that Traci is going to be Faith’s Godmother and she has to get back to New York. She tells him that the Newman’s will be represented by Adam, saying he is going to be her Godfather. She says Nick and Victoria are welcome to attend as well. Victor tells her she sounds like she is reciting off of a grocery list and then asks if this is what has come to between them.

Paul talks to Nikki more about Patty, telling her how hard it is for him to see her like this. He says if he would have tracked Patty down years ago if he was a good brother to her. She tells him not to get all stressed out over this because it isn’t his fault nor is it Victor’s. Paul tells her that the night she took off Victor went to the church looking for her but she was gone which surprises Nikki.

When Paul leaves Traci walks over to Nikki. She tells Nikki she is holding up OK and she is happy to hear that Victor is hanging in there. When Traci starts to walk away Nikki calls her back to thanks her for the brave decision she made and it meant so much to his children and his grandchildren. Traci adds and Nikki. Nikki says his family is grateful.  She tells Traci about how they donated the organs of the baby that she and Jack lost. Traci tells Nikki she knows her sister and Victor are getting a divorce but she advises Nikki to think long and hard before she gets involved with him again. She tells her she doubts if he will ever change.

Victor says he would never have imagined they would get to this point and Ashley tells him neither would she but her sister has been through hell and she news to be a part of something life affirming. She tells him moving the date up for the christening had nothing to do with him so he needs to accept that and let it go. He tells her fine but he asks if she can at least have the ceremony recorded and see if the private dining room is availably for a reception afterwards. She tells him no, this is a small private gathering and not a lavish event. She says yes Faith is a Newman but she is also an Abbott and frankly of all people him wanting to put a stamp on this is the last thing anyone needs. He questions her words, ‘of all people?’ He says he is the child’s father or has she forgotten about that.

Patty talks in a rant about her and Jack getting married as Dr. P tells her that is lovely but she has some more questions for her. She wants to know who was behind her having plastic surgery. She then reminds Patty that she and Jack were divorced 25 years ago. Patty denies it saying that is horrible of her to say. She asks how she could say such a thing to her. She insists that Jack loves her. Paul runs in when he hears Patty yelling and asks what is going on. When he looks at Dr. P he stands there stunned with his mouth open.

Patty is excited to see Paul as she runs into his arms. She introduces Dr. P saying she is from Minnesota. Emily introduces herself and admits she is having trouble with this one too. She says she has been brought in to consult. Patty tells Paul she is practically her best friend and knows all her secrets. She says she will put on some tea while they go out and talk. Emily and Paul talk about what they know that Patty remembers. He tells her she is in a fantasy world thinking she and Jack are married. Emily tells her how she met Patty who was a janitor at the university. She tells her after a few regular sessions with Patty she was concerned and worried when she disappeared. She tells Paul this has all been a shock to her. When she knew Patty she didn’t have any insurance or money so someone had to help her. She says now she would like to know how and why Patty had plastic surgery. Paul is a little hesitant to answer but she convinces she is a friend that can be trusted. She says the sooner she gets her answers the sooner she can help Patty.

Billy tells Traci that he quit his job at Jabot saying it was never a good fit and it is just too confining for him. He asks her what would she says if he told her he was going to buy Restless Style. He says it was made for him. She tells him to go for it. He asks if she is happy enough for him to loan her the money to buy it. He promises she would get a nice return back. Traci tells him she is sorry but he shouldn’t start a new venture like this in debt. She tells him so much could go wrong for him. She tells him again she is sorry but she does wish him all the best.

Jack wonders how Jill likes answering to Neil. She says she is just glad to be back. She says what she is not happy with is Jabot. Katherine says the sales are down. She realizes what the Abbott family has been through. Jack claims that Jabot has been restructuring and he is at the helm now. She tells Katherine that Billy resigned and Ashley is away on maternity leave. He says there is nothing to worry about though, he is interviewing some of the top R&D people in the business. Katherine thinks it is obvious that he needs some help so she is reinstating Jill as an equal partner. Jill sits there smiling while is it obvious that Jack doesn’t like this news and he wastes no time expressing his feelings. He says it isn’t an ideal situation. Katherine tells him to learn to co-exist starting now. When she starts to leave she tells them both to be patient. Jill says she thinks it might work but Jack says in a pigs eye. He is surprised when Jill tells him she approves what he has done so far at Jabot though.

Paul checks out the doctor and then says he knows now she is who she says she is. He thanks her for not being offended for checking her out. He says he is also grateful that she has put her writing a book on hold to help Patty right now. She tells him she knows about Jack Abbott and asks if he even gave Patty the time of day. Paul tells her that according to Jack Patty seduced him and they were together briefly. He says Patty was manipulated into thinking she had another chance with Jack. She asks by whom and for what reason. He asks if she has ever heard of the name Victor Newman.

Ashley goes back to Victor’s room asking if he has calmed down yet. She tells him that maybe they should wait to talk about this til after the christening. Victor asks, ‘Til after the christening?’ He says then he will have no input on the christening. She accuses him of trying to take control of everything without considering anyone else’s feelings. He thinks she is being a hypocrite. She says she wants her girls raised on the Newman ranch but she gets upset that he is proud to say that the girls are both a Newman. She says she won’t stand for more Newman’s vs. Abbott’s. He says he doesn’t give a damn about the Abbott’s. She shouts at him to be humble about this for Traci’s sake, the woman whose daughter died so he could live. When Billy looks in, Ashley snaps at him telling him to butt out. Victor can’t believe Ashley would come there to start a fight with him after he has just gone through an enormous heart surgery. He tells them that he wants both of them out of there now.

Katherine runs into Nikki and joins her as they start discussing Victor. Katherine isn’t all that surprised to hear about Victor and Ashley divorcing but the timing does surprise her. Nikki says it is a shame about the baby. They both seem to agree that Nikki and Victor seem destined to be together though. Nikki admits that it scares her to death now that she knows she and Victor might still have a future together.

Billy tells Ashley he can’t help but be happy that she is going to take over the ranch after all that bastard’s has done to their family. She smiles and as she hugs him she tells him he has always watched out for her. She thinks it is a good man and brother. He tells her he came there to ask a favor of her. He says he has a life changing opportunity and he is hoping that she can help him make it happen.

Jill and Jack talk about Jabot but they do disagree on the men’s line. Jack takes a call and asks why there. He says he is on his way and Jill tells him they will continue this at the office. She makes a call to Skip Maxwell telling him she has his first press release. She says the headline will be that Jill Abbott is back in charge at Jabot right where she belongs.

Billy explains to Ashley what he needs and tells her he can’t go to Katherine or his Mom. He says he has been turned down by the banks so she is his last hope. She tells him yes she will loan him the money to buy Restless Style. He gets all excited telling her she always did believe in him. She hugs him and says she predicts great things for him. She mentions how great it is that for once they both have their heads screwed on straight. She says she can now focus on her girls which is all she cares about anyway.

Katherine thinks it is wonderful that Victor wants to be with Nikki again. Nikki says she just can’t forget that not so long ago he wanted her dead. She says even Traci warned her about getting involved with him again. She says Traci told her Victor will never change. Katherine asks her in her heart would she really want him to change. Nikki says it is easy saying things when you think you are about to die.  She wonders if Victor will still mean what he said to her when he is well.

Patty calla the nurse ‘Maime’ that is there to give Patty her meds. She asks the nurse if she can hold dinner because Jack will be a bit late. She takes the meds like a good girl. When she is alone she hums to herself as she messes with her hair as she looks through the little window on the cell door.

Jack goes in to see Victor. Victor asks him what he is doing there. Jack says he was summoned. He asks by whom. Paul walks in and says by him. He tells them he has someone they need to meet. He says it will be shocking and he does hope Victor’s heart can take it. Victor tells him he can take anything. When Paul brings Emily in, Victor and Jack both look floored.

Jan Barrett

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