Nick tells Phyllis how good it was to see his Dad up and walking around but she isn’t as impressed as he is. She tells him with things going crazy over at Newman she could work over their temporarily and get things in shape. He asks but what about her work at Restless Style. She tells him she got an offer from someone to lighten her workload there permanently.

Mac and Billy are ready to go back to their bed which was delayed. When they start kissing Chloe interrupts them asking if he has told Mac the big news. She tells Mac that she is the reason Billy wants to buy Restless Style and then says clearly Billy just can’t get enough of her.

Lily seems uncomfortable at Indigo. Cane brought her there so they could celebrate her good numbers and the fact that they have decided to try again on a future together. She tells him she knows that her family won’t be very happy about it and who could blame them

Kevin and Michael argue over Ryder. Kevin tells Michael he won’t give up on Ryder, it is just that simple. Then we see Ryder in jail when Deacon shows up and complains about Ryder’s Mom jerking him around. He says he has been left with nothing so he is done with Ryder and his old lady, saying their relationship is done as he hits the table. Then it flips over to Amber waking Daniel up telling him they need to do it again. She can tell what he thinks she means but she says no not that. She wants him to put the ring back on her finger.

Nick is wondering if Billy’s offer is legit or is he just trying to get back at the Newman’s on Colleen’s behalf. He tells Phyllis that this magazine is their dream. She tells him yes it was their dream! She says a lot has happened since then and now she doesn’t have a moment to breathe and with Nikki being gone now too it hasn’t been easy. She asks how he feels about it. He tells her not to do it.

Mac asks Billy how serious is he about buying Restless Style. Chloe answers that Phyllis thinks it is a lame idea. She says why Phyllis would give Billy her dream. Billy tells Mac he has seen Phyllis’s expression at many a poker table. Mac snaps at Chloe asking her why she is even there. She says because Restless Style is her turf and it is best for everyone if Billy takes a job at Jimmy’s where he can stalk his girlfriend instead of his ex wife.

Ryder says he has no sympathy for Deacon who has been living the good life in a nice hotel while he has been stuck rooming there in that hellhole with a heroin junkie. Deacon tells Ryder he wants out saying she doesn’t own him. Ryder looks at him and asks if he wants to bet on that.

Kevin tells Michael and Lauren that Michael never gave up on him even when he robbed a bank. He asks can’t they reserve their judgment until they get to know Ryder a bit more. When Michael and Lauren walk away, Kevin looks at Jana and tells her that Ryder is a good kid and he thinks they should invite him to come live with them. He asks her to at least think about it before he goes off to the police station. Jana talks to Michael and Lauren about it but Lauren says there is something that she feels that isn’t right about Ryder but she can’t put her finger on it yet.

Cane tells Lily he can’t blame Neil and Devon for not being for their reconciliation. When Roxanne walks up, Lily looks really happy to see her. She tells Lily she was meeting with Devon there so they could go visit her. When Devon and Cane go for some water, Roxanne asks Lily if she and Cane are back together. Lily tells her sort of. She explains that they are committed to each other but they are still sleeping in different bedrooms. She asks Lily what changed her mind. Lily says being sick put things into perspective for her. Roxanne thinks it is great and then says nothing has happened between her and Devon. She says she has totally forgotten about some notes for her chemistry lab so she has to run. She tells Lily it was good to see her but she runs out. Lily asks Devon what he did to Roxanne. He tells her they broke up and Lily wants to know when. Cane goes to get coffee as Lily drills Devon for cheating on Roxanne calling her an amazing woman. She is even more shocked when he tells her it was with Tyra of all people. She asks him didn’t he hate Tyra because she broke up their Dad and Karen. She asks him if their Dad knows and he says yes and that is why Tyra left town like she did which she is doing well there. He says if only he could take it back, he would.

Nick tells Phyllis he isn’t against selling Restless Style to Billy, he is against selling it to anyone. He says he loves the look in her eye that her dream gives her. He says there are other ways of easing the pressure on her at the magazine. She wonders if he will be coming back. He says no but he can find her a solid coeditor. Phyllis tells him that she just wants her family to come first and the rest is cake. Nick is now wondering if that means she wants to sell or not.

Chance calls Chloe and she tells him she was just thinking about him. Billy get Mac alone to see what she thinks about him buying the magazine. She says she is all for him having his voice heard on what is going on in the world. She advises him to think about what he would be taking on though. He gets a text telling him what a magazine of this size would cost. He says that price is a bit steep. He is sure he can get a loan for it though. He tells her he is sure it is perfect and it is right just like he knew Mac was right and he kisses her. Chloe walks back over and states that Chance is one of those boys that you just want to clone. Mac snaps at her asking her can’t she take a hint. Phyllis calls Billy telling him her and Nick would like to talk to him at Restless Style.

Amber pressures Daniel. He tells her he loves this ring because it is like her, bright, beautiful, solid and forever. He tells her that is what it stands for and that is what he wants for them. He tells her that she never gave up on them even though he was ready to. He tells her he will never let her go again. She laughs and cries as Daniel asks her to be his now and forever and then kisses her. She says yes! She says that was beautiful and they are getting married. She starts talking about an Indian theme reception. He says but wait, shouldn’t they save their money for a new place, a grown up place with a bedroom or maybe multiple bedrooms with multiple bathrooms so they won’t have to keep fighting over one. She asks if Daniel wishes he had kept the reward money. He says well $25,000 would have helped find them a new place as he looks around the room.

Ryder tells Deacon he just might want to play some mind games with his mother but Deacon says he is out of it. When Ryder asks about little D, Deacon says he is safe where they can’t find him. Ryder tells Deacon Mommy has a new job for him and slips an envelope into his pocket telling him to get on it. Deacon yells for the guard to come let him out.

Jana tells Lauren and Michael about Kevin wanting her to let Ryder live with them. They all seem to think that would be a big mistake but Jana says maybe in this case it might not be a bad idea to keep the enemy close by.

Ryder is on the phone reporting that he gave it to him. He says Sharpe thinks he has a choice though. He also reports that Kevin should be riding to his rescue any day now with that reward money and hurries saying he has to go and hangs up. He tells Kevin he was just trying to call him just as Kevin tells him he just posted bail for him.

Daniel is eating out of a plastic container in bed. He says maybe it is about time Amber starts cooking for them. He thinks they should find some other ways to cut corners as well. He says maybe it is time they both get jobs. He is in no hurry to go back to his painting but he thinks there are other options to express his creative genius. She thinks together they can make anything happen even without money. They have each other and they are the lucky ones as they kiss.

Cane sits with Mac out on the patio to talk about Lily. She isn’t surprised to hear that Lily has forgiven him but Cane knows that forgetting is not the same as forgiving and he isn’t sure Lily will ever get over what he did to her.

Lily jumps on Devon for destroying Roxanne asking what was he thinking. She tells Devon that she and Cane are back together. Devon says as long as she is happy he is OK with it. She tells him she is very happy about it.

Chloe and Billy arrive at Restless Style at the same time and she listens in as he talks with Phyllis and Nick about him buying the magazine. Nick asks him why they would sell it to someone that has pretty much shirked responsibility his entire adult life. Billy says OK then starts to leave but Phyllis stops him telling him they only want to know what he brings to the table. Phyllis says if he buys he has to keep the current staff. They know he doesn’t have a clue how to publish a magazine. Chloe steps in saying she agrees but Billy is the most plugged in guy that she knows and she reminds Phyllis that he did get them that quote. Chloe says she thinks that all they have to do is say yes. He shows them the price he will be offering them and when they see it both Phyllis and Nick say they will take it.

Cane explains that it was a huge leap of faith for Lily to take him back and then it was like all the bad things that had happened had disappeared. He says but this morning Lily seemed to be having second thoughts and there is nothing he can do to make this go away. He asks if this is what he can expect to come. Mac tells him that it is just the toll that the chemo has taken on Lily’s body. She says the hormones and the meds can really mess her up. She says he felt that same way about Billy but now she and Billy are surer of their future together more than never. She says Lily will come around, he just needs to give her some more time.

Kevin brings Ryder to Crimson Lights and Michael congratulates him for getting out. Ryder calls Kevin his hero and says he is so proud of him. When he walks off Kevin says he wished that his family could at least pretend to be happy for Ryder. He can see by Jana’s face how she feels. Jana finally agrees to let Ryder stay with them on their sofa but only for a month, and if there is even an ounce of trouble from him he has to go. Kevin also wishes there was a way to expedite Ryder’s court case. Michael finally agrees to represent Ryder for Kevin’s sake but he tells Kevin if Ryder runs out, Kevin is not to run after him. Kevin tells Michael he is the best brother, next to him.

Lily is happy to know that Devon is OK about her reconciling with Cane. Devon tells her he wishes Roxanne could be as forgiving with him as Lily is with Cane. Roxanne walks up and asks Devon if they can talk. When Devon asks her how come she came back she told him that it was something Lily said to her about letting go and moving on and now she thinks that maybe they do have a chance. Cane comes in and Lily asks him if he can redo their first dance. He and Lily get on the dance floor in one another’s arms.

While Daniel’s busy kissing Amber, she keeps going on her rant about maybe taking a job back at Fenmore’s and maybe he could go back to Restless Style. He tells her to be quiet as he kisses her more.

Billy finds Mac out on the patio and tells her the Newman’s are willing to sell to him but he is concerned about how fast they jumped on his offer with no bargaining. He can’t help but wonder if maybe he offered too much for it. He wonders now how will he come up with the money?

Chloe thinks Nick and Phyllis made a wise decision to sell. Phyllis tells her she knows she is happy and she knows why. Chloe says yeah she is pretty happy about it and will need that spa day Phyllis promised her. When Phyllis is alone she denies having second thoughts to Nick. She says but she is out of a job so she wants to know if there are any openings at Newman. She asks him what she has to do, as she kisses him.

Jana and Michael aren’t too happy with the commitment Kevin has made to help Ryder. Ryder apologizes to Lauren to he thinks likely thinks of him as a wuss for blubbering like he did. She warns him not to mess with Kevin or anyone he is related to including her husband he will regret it. At Indigo, Deacon opens the envelope Ryder gave him from his mother and finds a picture of Michael and Lauren. Deacon rips it up as he says, “No way!”

Jan Barrett

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