Sharon tells Nick how the baby died without taking a breath even though she could have sworn she heard her crying. Nick is so sorry that she went through this all alone. He tells her he should have been there. She tells him there was nothing he could have done. She says it just wasn’t meant to be.

Jack and Abby and Ashley announce that Ashley had her baby who is a little underweight but she is fine. Ashley is feeling like herself again and she doesn’t think she needs to go back to the psychiatric facility. When they ask her about Victor she just ignores them saying she came there to see Colleen. She says she heard that Colleen and Victor are a match. Traci says she still hasn’t made a final decision though. Abby leaves to go check on her Dad as they wonder what Colleen would have wanted.

When Adam joins the others in Victor’s room Abby announces that Colleen and Victor are a match so now Traci is trying to make her decision. Abby offers to talk to her for the family. Victor tells Abby he is fine with whatever Traci decides to do.

Nikki says it is incredible that Colleen is a match. When Abby and JT walk out to get a drink the others talk Victoria out of calling Nick saying he needs some time alone. Victor is happy to see Adam. Adam apologizes for no being there earlier. Nikki says she is relieved that Traci is at least considering her request. Nikki wonders if she should talk to Traci. Victor asks her not to pressure the Abbott’s. He says Traci has lost her daughter.

Billy approaches Traci and makes her start crying all over again when he asks her how she could even consider saving the life of the man who killed her daughter.

Sharon explains how there was a lockdown so she couldn’t call Nick when she went into labor. She says she passed out and didn’t even realize she had been transferred there until she woke up. Nick says she must have been scared. She tells him her pregnancy was going very well and she wasn’t aware of anything at all being wrong with the baby. She tells him she was told that the baby had severe defects and never stood a chance. She says like the baby that they lost 8 years ago. She says she never saw the baby because her doctor advised her against it. She thinks she is better off with the picture perfect baby that she thinks of in her mind. Nick says he wants to see her. Sharon says she is sorry, she wasn’t thinking clearly at the time but she has already had the baby cremated. She cries telling him they just have to accept their fate.

Traci decides she needs to go out for some air but before she goes she tries explaining to Billy why she is even considering saving Victor. She says he is Ashley’s husband, Abby’s father and their new niece’s father. Ashley says she trusts that Traci will make the right decision. Traci realizes there are other families waiting for a donor as well so that means someone  gets another chance of life and someone else will die because of her decision.

JT stands by when Nikki and Victoria try to keep Abby from going in to see Victor right now since Adam is in there with him now. Abby says she has some news. Her Mom had her baby. Nikki and Victoria just smile.

Adam tells Victor he doesn’t want to hear any farewell speeches from Victor. He says he won’t give up on finding his Dad a heart. He tells Victor about Ashley having her baby last night and she is fine and in the maternity ward there. He tells him about Ashley losing it while he was in surgery so Jack jumped on the opportunity to check her into the psych ward. He says he went along to help protect Ashley and ended up delivering the baby. Victor asks who she looks like. Adam says she is cute and wrinkly. He shows Victor a photo of the baby that he has on his phone.

Nick tells Sharon he wishes he could have held the baby just once to say good bye and to tell her they love her. Sharon thinks they still can by going into the woods by the cabin where they made love and scatter her ashes there where Faith’s life began. She tells him she’d like for him to be with her when she goes.

Victoria doesn’t think her father should have to deal with the news of a new baby right now, saying it is bad timing. Nikki thinks it might be a good thing for Victor but she wonders how come Ashley didn’t come and tell him herself. Nikki tells Victoria about Victor declaring his love for her but Victoria thinks Nikki didn’t believe him. She says she just thinks it is a shame that it took Victor to be on his death bed to realize it. She says she doesn’t want to talk about the future right now anyway. Suddenly Phyllis comes in She flew in with no one knowing she was coming because she figured Victor’s situation was much worse than Nick was telling her. She says Summer is passed out at Victoria’s place. They tell her that Nick stepped out for a while and Phyllis says good but she is anxious to see him.

Traci goes to see Ashley and really makes over the baby. She tells Ashley seeing this new baby is exactly what she needed right now. She tells her this child represents hope and possibility. Ashley is feeling guilty with Traci losing her daughter but Traci tells her there was no need, she could never resent the baby that means so much to Ashley. She starts crying as she asks Ashley how she can do this. She doesn’t know how she will go without her daughter. She falls apart when she realizes after this surgery her little girl will be gone forever.

Nikki and Victoria tell Phyllis what is going on with Victor and with Colleen. She tells them that Nick never let on to her how bad it really was. She says she can’t imagine the torture that Traci must be going through to have to make this decision. She says she isn’t sure she could ever be that generous. Victoria tells her if that is how she feels then maybe she shouldn’t be there. Phyllis says Victor needs support and so does her husband.  And that is why she is staying.

Adam remembers watching his mother fade away and he says he refuses to let that happen to his father too. He tells Victor if he loses him, he will lose everything. He tells Victor he isn’t ready to let him go and he wants to be a good son. Victor tells him he already is and he appreciates all Adam has done for Ashley and her baby. Victor tells Adam he can see his mother in him and he is glad he is his son. Adam tells him so is he.

Phyllis wants to know if everyone has forgotten the role Victor had in her daughter almost dying. Nikki tells her of course not but they are all just a bit emotional right now. She says she doesn’t want to argue. Victoria runs off after telling Phyllis to stay away from her father because he doesn’t need her negativity. Nikki understands how Phyllis feels and Phyllis understands this isn’t the time or the place for this. She takes her phone out when Nikki explains that Nick went to check on Sharon.

Sharon was told that she needs to stay there for a while to recovery but she thinks that Nick needs to go be with Victor. He tells her not to worry about him. He tells her he feels like he is drowning right now and he knows she must be feeling the same way. He wonders what he can do to help her.

Abby tells JT if he had married Colleen he would still be her brother in law. She asks isn’t that weird. She says he is the only one that doesn’t think she is too young to handle all this. Victoria listens in as JT tells Abby how he met Colleen at Walnut Grove. She complains about how she had to go from two dads to potentially none. She says she loves her new baby sister. She can never take Colleen’s place but she wants her sister back. She says she just can’t lose anyone else and in a bizarre way if Victor got Colleen’s heart she would still have Colleen in her life. She says knows about the Abbott/Newman feud and all about the things that are said about Victor online but she knows he didn’t mean to hurt Colleen and she doesn’t want to lose her Dad.

Billy complains about the injustice of Victor getting Colleen’s heart. Jack says after years of wanting Victor to burn in hell, he wanted him to burn for eternity but now he feels there is more to it. He doesn’t want the burden of being judge, jury and executioner to Abby’s father and to Ashley’s husband. He says this is Traci’s decision and she is the one that will live with it for the rest of her life.

Traci is in the chapel talking to God asking how she can forgive Victor. She can’t help but still hate him for dragging her daughter into this feud with Jack. She asks if Colleen and Victor being a match was a sign or a test. She says Colleen was always better at forgiving. She forgave Kevin after that fire and then she gave her life to try and get help for the woman that was terrorizing her. Traci says she is so furious with Victor that she can barely think straight. She asks what she should do, give her beautiful daughter’s heart to Victor or to someone that is so much more deserving.

Phyllis tries to understand what is going on. She says Nick left his fathers deathbed to be with Sharon while she had Jack’s baby? She says of course he didn’t want her to be alone. She says of course Sharon had to call her husband instead of the baby’s father.

Sharon tries to get Nick to go back to see Victor but he wants to help her. She tells him he has a family of his own to look after. She says there is nothing left for them, their child is gone. She says they have to put aside any thoughts of what might have been. Nick says he can’t believe she can set aside her feelings just like that. He won’t accept that the baby in his dream was Summer. Sharon tells him she will let him know when she is going to the cabin and after they say good bye to their baby he can go back to Phyllis and Summer to be the husband and father they deserve.

When Adam leaves, Victoria goes back in with Victor. He tells her Ashley had the baby. Victoria congratulates him and says she can’t wait to see the baby. She thinks it is a good omen that he will be around to see her grow up. She tells him there is still no news from Traci. Victor says whatever happens he is prepared for the worst.

Traci comes back and tells Jack she has made her decision but she needs his help. He tells her whatever she wants, he is there. She tells him she needs him to tell Victor because she can’t bring herself to tell him herself.

Ashley talks to the baby saying she isn’t sure if her father will be around to see her grow up. Adam peeks in just as Ashley says she will be strong for the baby and for Abby. When he goes in she tells him she hopes he doesn’t mind but this baby will need a lot of Faith so she has decided she wants to name her Faith instead.

Sharon starts to go out in the hallway for a walk but she is heart broken when she sees a woman being wheeled by her with a newborn baby in her arms. When she goes back to her room she slides to the floor as she starts crying over the loss of her baby.

Nick finds Phyllis in the chapel. He tells her his Mom told her she was there. She tells him she missed him. He asks why she didn’t call him and tell him she was coming home. She whispers to him that she is here. Nick starts crying in her arms.

Traci holds Colleen’s hand with Steve next to her and she says she hopes she has made the decision that Colleen would have wanted. Out in the hallway, Billy tells the Newman’s he has no idea which way Traci is leaning towards in her decision but if it were up to him… Victoria cuts him off saying yeah they know what he would do. Just as Abby lays into her Uncle Billy, Jack comes over to them and even though Nikki tries calling his name out to get his attention, he just ignores them all and goes into Victor’s room. He looks down at Victor and tells him that he has Traci’s answer. He tells Victor he has no idea how much she struggled with her decision. He says she couldn’t even tell him about what she decided herself.

Jan Barrett

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