Phyllis and Chloe are having a fit saying they are going to press. Jack brings in some donuts saying it is a sugar rush/bribe. Jack asks that despite it being so close to the deadline but he wants to know if they can add a note to donate organs in Colleen’s memory. Phyllis agrees to put the note in the magazine. When Phyllis asks Jack if he had been taking care of himself he tells her that he has been too busy helping his sisters to. She tells him he has to or who will. Chloe and Billy start bickering about the cabin again. She asks Billy what she has to do in order to prove to him that she is over him. He asks her how about her signing the divorce papers.

Michael shows up at Newman to help Victoria with the SEC. She tells him that they are there because they got a report that she misrepresented Victor’s health. She said she refused to answer any questions without her lawyer and asks him if she is in trouble. As he looks through the papers Michael tells her that it certainly looks like someone is trying to cause some trouble for her for sure.

Sharon tells Adam that yes it was Nick that turned Victor into the feds and it did tear the family apart. Adam asks how they reconciled. She says they always manage to work things out. She says Victor has this great capacity to forgive the ones he loves. She tells Adam he is Victor’s son and he should never underestimate a father’s love.

Nick holds Faith and asks her if she remembers him. He tells Ashley that Faith is a beautiful name and that was the name he and Sharon had picked out for their baby. Ashley tells him she is sorry, she didn’t know. He tells her it is OK, it is a perfect name for a perfect girl. Ashley takes the baby back and says it is time to take her to see her Daddy. Nick tells the baby good bye as he watches them walk off.

Nikki tells Nikki that he meant it when he told her he wanted her to be by her side. . She tells him she heard his words but she just never imagined to. He encourages her to put the past behind them and think of the future. Ashley brings Faith in for Victor so Nikki leaves so they can have some privacy. Ashley hands the baby to Victor as he tells her that she and the girls are welcome to stay out at the ranch as long as they like before they move out. Ashley tells him she wants to talk to him about that, she says she and the girls aren’t moving out. She tells him she still wants a divorce but she wants the ranch as part of the divorce settlement. Victor looks shocked.

When Traci meets with Jack he brags that he got the organ donor tag into Restless Style just in time. Traci tells him she went o the cemetery today and Steve has gone back to work now. She tells Jack that she has decided to it is time for her to head back home. She says she needs to get some distance from the memories of Colleen and get back to her routine. Jack understands her decision and says her routine if the best way for her to heal. She says she isn’t so sure she will ever heal but it is time to go.

The man fro SEC tells Michael that they received a call accusing Victoria of misleading Savaneur’s stockholders about the CEO’s health. Michael says he doesn’t see a problem and he stands by the statement that she gave at the meeting. The guy asks for Mr. Newman’s records to verify it but when Michael asks who made the call the man won’t reveal who called. Michael tells him in that case he can’t help him and this meeting is now over.

Billy asks Chloe if she needs a pen to sign the papers with. She tells him no she will sign them when she gets the chance. He tells her from what he has seen she won’t be getting the ‘Chance’ anytime soon. He teases her telling her to admit that him finding out about chance being a virgin ruined her plan of using Chance to try and make him jealous. He has a laugh at his own jokes as he says “Fat Chance!” Chloe tells him he is the one with the problem, certainly not her.

Sharon left a message for Nick telling him she needs to talk to him about Noah. Phyllis kisses him and says she is happy Victor is doing better. Nick gets a call from Victoria telling him about the SEC guy coming so he tells Phyllis he has to go, they have the SEC breathing down their necks. He tells Phyllis he’ll text the quotes to her from his car but she tells him never mind, she is a journalist, she can make them up herself.

Ashley agrees that it is a little premature to discuss the details of their divorce but she thought it was better he hear it from her than her lawyer. He asks why she would want that big place. She says it is beautiful and she wants to raise her kids there, like Nikki did with Nick and Victoria. She says she didn’t mean to upset him but she has to go meet with the minister about the christening in two weeks. She tells him she hopes he will be up to it.  When she is gone, Nikki comes back in and can tell by Victor’s look that something happened. He tells her that Ashley wants the ranch. She thinks that is ridiculous but she doesn’t want him worrying about it now. She tells him to leave it up to the lawyers.

When Nick comes in Michael and Victoria explain to him what happened. Nick says he was afraid of this the second Victoria put a positive spin on their Dad’s health. Michael says renal insufficiencies are hardly minor complications. Victoria tells him to make this go away besides she doesn’t see the big deal. They wonder who would do this and then asks would it be one of the stockholders or someone from the hospital. Michael tells them to call him if the SEC man even steps foot in the building again and not to make any more public statements.

Billy hears Chloe and Phyllis saying that they don’t have a quote from ‘Biz Stone’ and then tells them he can get one because he knows someone in his office. While on the phones he hears Phyllis complaining about Restless Style not being any fun anymore without Nick there with her. She says it is a job that she isn’t even sure she wants to do anymore.

Adam looks at Cassie’s drawing in the frame as he tells Sharon his vision is like looking through a blurry donut hole. He says eventually he will go completely blind but he could be like this for years. He tells her he is really sorry she lost three daughters with the most recent one so close to the anniversary to one of the other’s death. He tells her he had no idea, and she asks how he could have known.

Victor calls Michael over as Nikki goes to see Ashley. She asks her how she could do this to Victor. She goes on about Ashley wanting to take the ranch from Victor. She asks if she is trying to kill him. Ashley talks about all the things that Victor has caused. She tells Nikki she isn’t doing this to punish him though. She claims she really cares about him. Nikki can’t imagine why Ashley thinks the ranch belongs to her now and reminds her that Victor still owned the ranch the whole time she lived there raising the kids. Ashley says she wants her kids to have the same treatment that Nick and Victoria had. Nikki tells her Victor will never give her the ranch. Ashley says she guesses that it will be up to the judge then.

Nick goes to see Sharon who tells him that she has moved into Colleen’s house. He asks what Noah thought about it. She tells him that is what she wanted to talk to him about. When Adam walks in Nick just looks at him as they both greet each other only by saying each of their names.

Traci scolds Jack and Billy when they start talking about Ashley and Victor’s divorce. She tells them that there is nothing about divorce that can be good news especially when there are children involved. She walks off to answer her phone when Jack tries to convince Billy to stay on at Jabot. He says together they could take on Newman blindfolded. Billy says it is tempting but he wants to move on. Jack asks to move on to what. Billy says he wants something completely different, something that interests him. He asks Jack to release some of his trust fund money to him but Jack says that is not going to happen.

Nick has no problem with Noah living there with Sharon. Nick asks Adam if he needs a ride but Adam says he will summon his driver. Sharon thanks Adam for bringing Noah’s homework to him. He tells her he appreciates the talk they had about forgiveness telling her it helped him. She tells him anytime as he leaves.

Someone on the phone is asking Phyllis about Billy and she says yes he is adorable and then she says someone is on her other line so she has to go. She tells Chloe that Billy’s connection came through. She wonders what is going on between Chloe and Billy. She won’t buy that the two of them have moved on. She says that is impossible when you share a child together.

Jack says he isn’t trying to pull a power thing with Billy to get him to come back to work at Jabot. He says he just isn’t responsible and mature enough to have access to that kind of money and he won’t let him squander Delia’s future away. Billy tells Jack he can see that he has little faith in him. He admits to Billy that he would love to be proven wrong though. Billy says fine then he will just find another way. He stands to leave and tells Jack thanks for nothing and then walks out.

Adam tells Victoria that he delivered Noah’s homework to Sharon and asks her is anything is wrong. He tells her he heard some gossip that the SEC was there and asks what they wanted. She admits that someone claimed she misrepresented Victor’s recovery to the shareholders. Adam thinks back to when he reported it himself, but asks her who would do such a thing. She says she has no idea but she isn’t worried about it since she didn’t do anything wrong.

Michael talks to Victor about the SEC guys and wonders who could have made the call. Victor says he has had a long career and has made lots of enemies. Michael says the hospital administrator is looking into it. They realize the sooner Victor is released and out in public the better it will be. Victor tells Michael he has some other business to talk about, his divorce. He says Ashley has made certain demands and he wants Michael to take care of it.

Nikki calls Ashley a hypocrite for trying to take the ranch from Victor. Ashley tells Nikki that she overheard it when Victor professed his undying devotion to her. She says imagine that, she just had the man’s child too and there he was professing his love for his ex-wife. She says it was over between her and Victor anyway. She says it would be funny if it just wasn’t so damn sad. She says every time one of them are on their deathbed pretending or not, they always end up back together again. She says but then again they were never really apart. Ashley says she is so over it and done with the both of them. She tells Nikki to get out of her house NOW!

Adam asks Victoria is there is anything he can do to help admitting he has an old classmate in the SEC. Victoria thanks him saying that would be great. He says no problem, it is the least he can do.

Sharon tells Nick that Noah is out running some errands to pick up some shampoo that Eden likes. Nick asks if it is like that smelly stuff he use to wear. They get a laugh as they talk about the aftershave that Nick used to wear. Nick says he is happy that Sharon is moving on now. He admits being worried about her. She tells him there is no need for him to worry. She says she is much stronger now even after losing the baby. He tells her is she ever needs anything… she tells him she appreciates his concern but what she needs in her life is him acting like she can’t manage without him. She asks if he really wants to help her, and then stop helping her.

Another issue of Restless Style is off to the press when Phyllis stops Chloe from saying the word deadline. Phyllis says there are no celebratory cocktails for her after work. She has to pick Summer up from pre-school but remembers that she does owe Chloe a day at the spa. When Billy comes in her asks Phyllis if she really meant it when she said she doesn’t want to run Restless style anymore. He tells her he isn’t asking for a job, he wants to publish Restless Style. He asks her to sell it to him. Chloe looks shocked when she hears Billy asking Phyllis.

Ashley takes the baby to the church and is looking forward to the christening. She tells the minister that she has chosen the Godparents. When Jack and Traci come in Traci says she needs to get back to New York soon, so Ashley says she will take the first available date. The Reverend asks her how about the end of the week.  They all agree as Adam walks in apologizing for being late. He says next week is fine for his Goddaughter. Jack questions it asking if Adam is going to be the Godfather?

Nikki goes back to the hospital and finds Michael there. She tells him she hopes he isn’t there to discuss business. He says that Victor has asked him to handle his divorce. Victor says Ashley can have the ranch. Nikki tells him he shouldn’t have to give up his home. Victor says it is just a piece of property so if Ashley wants it she can have it bless her soul. He says perhaps it would be best that he gets away from all the memories there and start fresh anyway.

Jan Barrett

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