Sharon is unpacking as she turns up the stereo and starts dancing around. When Jack visits, she tells him she spent the night thinking about Brad and Colleen but she says it is all good today. She says she promised her baby that she would live her life differently now and she plans to keep that promise.

The doctor tells Victor he is so pleased with his progress that they might soon be talking about a release date for him. Nikki is happy to hear this and she assumes Victor is happy as well. She tells him he will soon be able to go home. He says home, that sounds nice.

Ashley is getting the furniture rearranged so she could fit the baby’s bassinet in there. She tells the maid that she can move the end table into the office, Mr. Newman won’t mind. When she is alone Ashley she takes the first photo of her and Faith out that she had framed and hangs it in the spot where Sabrina’s portrait was hanging. She thinks this is the perfect spot for it.

Victoria and JT meet and she tells JT she isn’t walking away but she is getting an important message about her meeting yesterday. She promises he will have her complete attention tonight though. Disappointed JT makes a call telling someone he hasn’t had a chance to talk to his wife yet but he will have an answer tonight for them.

Adam is dictating notes into a recorder for Dana but he adds some information to it claiming he doesn’t know why Victoria didn’t include it in the meeting. Nick walks in and overhears him and jumps on him, asking who Dana is anyway. Adam says an intern Victoria hired to do his typing. Nick tells him well the intern does not need Adam’s personal thoughts added and he orders them to leave the personal comments out. When Nick walks out Adam hits play again and instructs Dana to scratch the last part. He thinks back to his argument with Nick at the hospital when he said it is only the beginning but he just doesn’t know it yet. Adam says he will do this the boss’s way, for now.

Victoria gives an intern dome instructions and then Adam walks up handing over his Savaneur analysis. When she is surprised that he has it done already, he tells her well it wasn’t brain surgery. He tells her if she doesn’t have anything else for him today he is going to call his driver. She thanks Adam for getting this to her so quickly and asks if he had seen Nick. He tells her that Nick had a lunch meeting. She says that Noah’s school sent some homework that he missed while spending time at the hospital with Victor. Adam tells her he is heading back to the ranch and he would be happy to drop it off. She tells him she would appreciate it and says it is nice of him to offer. He tells her he is doing his best and it would be nice if she would meet him half way.

Jack tells Sharon he has some time before going to see Ashley at the ranch so he can help her out as he rolls up his sleeves. She is curious why Jack hurries up and closes a box that he grabbed and opens. He says he realizes he was trying to protect her again. He opens the box and pulls out Cassie’s drawing as he says hiding isn’t the answer. Sharon tells him she has decided to move on and she is sure Traci will in time. She tells him to go visit with Ashley and his niece. She promises she will call him if she needs anything. When Jack leaves she finds a spot for Cassie’s drawing and as she looks at it she says “I’m doing it girls, I’m doing it”.

Nikki says Victor doesn’t need to jump back into his work too quickly. He laughs saying she is always looking after him isn’t she. She says well someone has to. He groans some but says there is no need to call the doctor. He says he has spent way too much time ion bed. He says his heart still hurts sometimes but never mind that, he wants to hear all about Nikki. He says she was building a new life for herself but she seems to have put that on hold for him. When she says that doesn’t matter right now, he tells her of course it matters to him.

Ashley talks to the Reverend about christening the baby. When she takes care of that she gets another call from a law firm that came highly recommended to her. She says she doesn’t want the divorce to drag out for years, she wants it over and done with but she wants to make sure her daughter’s get everything they are entitled to.

Nikki tells Victor she had to get away from it all. She says Denver was the next flight out and was as good as any place to get away to. She missed the kids but she has to admit it was a comfort to wake up in the morning and not know what was going to be happening. He tells her that is how he felt when he was at the monastery in France. She says she did find some peace which she still feels within her. He asks if she plans on returning to Colorado or is she staying.

Nick walks into the conference room and finds Victoria and asks what she is doing there. She tells him she is momentarily hiding from her assistant. She says she is still getting calls regarding the meeting but it isn’t anything she can’t handle. Nick thinks they should issue a second statement regarding Victor’s health and include the key parts that Victoria deliberately left out. He says their necks are on the line. She says that their Dad should be released soon and she doesn’t think the details will matter then. She asks Nick if he has seen Adam’s notes. She hates to admit it but she thinks he nailed it fast. She says maybe Adam really has really turned a corner. Nick isn’t convinced he has but Victoria says stranger things have happened.

Adam comes in with the box of Noah’s homework but Ashley shushes him telling him Faith is sleeping. She tells him that Adam moved out and is back living with Sharon now but she says Nick can come pick it up there. Adam says that is ok, he can have his driver drop it off. When Ashley goes to answer the phone he looks down at the baby. He talks to her as he picks her up telling her that he knows her first few days were a bit crazy but everything is fixed now, then says well almost everything. He tells her he screwed things up with her real Mom and will never be able to fix what he did to her, but her new Mommy is strong and capable now. He tells the baby she can count on him to always make things right. Suddenly Jack walks in and tells Adam to get away from his niece NOW.

Adam lays the baby back in her bassinet as Jack says he doesn’t want Adam’s influence anywhere near that child. He says no one is buying that he grew a new soul because he’s he has his hands on a baby. Ashley comes down fussing at Jack for picking a fight with Adam. Adam decides to take off to deliver Noah’s homework. Jack asks Ashley if she knows what he is doing. She tells him yes, he is putting into motion his master plan to deliver Noah his homework. Jack claims Adam doesn’t give a damn about Noah’s homework. Ashley tells Jack to sit down and then tells him she is divorcing Victor. He says he is sorry to hear that but if she sees a smile on him it is because he got a nursery all set up at the Abbott home for the baby. She tells him no, she plans to raise the girls at the ranch just like Nikki did when she divorced Victor. Jack is impressed and likes the idea of seeing Victor and Adam being thrown out. He doesn’t look so happy when he hears that Adam isn’t moving, he is welcome to stay as long as he wants to.

JT goes to Newman and tells Victoria he couldn’t wait until tonight, he had to talk to her now. He says he got a call from a friend on the force that moved to a security firm in New York. He says they are looking for someone to head up their corporate division and his friend recommended him. Victoria asks in New York City? He says it is only an interview but they have to know today if he is interested. She shuts the door for privacy and asks him if he is leaving her. He tells her no, he wants her and Reed to go with him.

Victor is happy when Nikki says she is staying in town. She hasn’t decided if she will go back to Restless Style or not. He says he still thinks she should go to medical school. When Nick comes in Nikki leaves so they can talk but tells Nick that Victor has been keeping something from her all day. Nick laughs when Victor complains about the changes they made to his diet. Nick tells him he wants to talk to him about Adam.

Sharon goes outside to try and get a good connection on her phone to call Noah when she is met at the door by Adam. She hands the phone up as he tells her he is only there to drop Noah’s homework off. She invites him inside so they can catch up.

JT asks Victoria how does a little brownstone in Brooklyn sound. He says they can get back to what makes the three of them work so well. He says they are surrounded but ghosts in Sharon’s old house and with Victor and everything that makes them wrong. Of course Victoria asks about her job and says that her family needs her. JT tells her that Reed and he are her family and they need her too.

Adam takes Sharon’s arm as she guides him inside through all the boxes. She is surprised to hear that he is back working at Newman. He says well hell must have frozen over while Victor was in the hospital. She tells him she is sorry, she didn’t mean it that way. She says she sees this as a second chance at a new start. Adam doesn’t know as he tells her she doesn’t know the things that he has done. She tells him she knows more than he thinks she does. She admits she knows about him and Jack forging the diary and she tells him she is so sorry he got caught up in Jack and Victor’s feud. He says to this day he wishes he had told Jack to shove it when he approached him with that. Adam tells Sharon he is the last person that would deserve her sympathy.

Jack tries to get Ashley to throw Adam out. She won’t hear of it, saying Faith has taken to him. He asks how Victor will feel about being thrown off his own property and not Adam. Ashley tells her if he doesn’t like it then he is in for the second fight of his life.

Jack doesn’t understand how she can finally see through Victor but not Adam. She gets a call from Nikki telling her about the kidney incident and Nick claims that Victor is somehow different now. She asks Ashley if she could bring Faith to visit him thinking it might help him. Ashley tells her she will do what she can. Jack doesn’t understand how she can go bring the baby for a visit today and then tomorrow give him a petition for sole custody. She tells him despite them getting a divorce she will not let her daughter be used as leverage or a weapon to punish anyone and that means him, Victor or Adam. She says the war is over and they all lost but they have to move on.

Nick tells Victor that Adam clearly knows the business world but the problem is that he is untrustworthy. He worries saying they have been down this path before if he gets his foot in the door, the next thing he will be doing is holding press conferences fighting for control. Victor assures Nick that won’t happen. Victor slowly gets up which surprises Nick. Victor says this isn’t Mexico and he is getting stronger every day. If Adam has a problem with that then he will have him to deal with.

Adam thinks Sharon is being too generous with him. He tells her he isn’t exactly a victim here. He did do time for his crimes and he still is. He admits he wanted Victor dead but when he looked at him so near death he realized if Victor died he would be nothing. He says having given so much up for his revenge, he now has to ask is that all he is about. Sharon tells him she did some terrible and selfish things herself but she was forgiven. Adam says yeah but he has ruined lives and asks if there is a point of no return. She says she doesn’t think so. She says he and Victor need to make peace. Adam thinks back to calling the securities division. He questions making peace with Victor saying that is easier said than done.

Victoria doesn’t want to move. She says her mother is back in town now and he father is recovering from surgery. She says sure Nick can manage without her but who knows what Adam will have up his sleeve. JT accuses her of choosing them over him and Reed. She says her family needs to be a united front now more than ever. He tells her they need to be a united front saying that right now they are drowning and they can’t work on it to fix it while in Genoa City. He says she is always at Newman or off buying a new painting for the foundation. He tells her not to even bring up Deacon’s name. There is a knock on the door and it is a man showing a badge saying he is from the enforcement division of securities and exchange.

Jack helps Ashley with the diaper bag asking if she is sure she is ready for this. She tells him yes and she isn’t afraid of Victor. She says ever since Faith was born she has control again of her emotions and her life. She says there is nothing she can’t handle as she goes out the door.

Mr. Kranston asks to speak to Victoria privately so she shows him to the door saying her assistant will take him to her office and she will meet him there. She looks at JT and asks if he can see now why she can’t leave. She tells him she is sorry, she has to go deal with this man. When she is gone JT makes a call saying he is in and to set the interview up.

Adam talks to Sharon about making peace with Victor. He says Victor is convinced he is out to ruin him. He tells Sharon he had no agenda in coming there today and she says that never crossed her mind. She says she is sorry he feels like he is being picked on the minute he walks into a room. She knows first hand how that is. She tells him it doesn’t last forever. He says not in his family though. Sharon tells him how Nikki used to think that she was just a gold digging tramp who tricked her son into marrying him. She mentions how Victor forgave Nick for turning him into the Feds which is a new one for Adam that never heard of it before. Sharon worries now that she may have said too much to Adam.

Nick says his Dad is getting more and more like his old self again. When Nikki goes in she finds him walking around in the room. He says he doesn’t need a team of nurses to control him, since he has the best one right here (talking about Nikki). Ashley comes to the hospital with the baby in her arms. Nick remarks on how much the baby has grown. She tells Nick she is so sorry to hear about his baby. Nick tells her that the last time they talked he didn’t bring it up so he wouldn’t ruin her day hearing about it. She tells him that no matter what happens between her and Victor he will always be Faith’s brother. She says she hopes he and his family will be a part of Faith’s life. She asks if he want to hold her. Back in Victor’s room, Victor tells Nikki he doesn’t want her to leave saying she is home now.

Jan Barrett

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