Lily has been given the OK to go out again. She is so happy about the quarantine being lifted that she asks Cane to take her to the cemetery to see Colleen since she couldn’t go to the service. Roxanne goes to Indigo with a card for Lily to ask Neil to give to her for her. Devon complains with her about not answering any of his calls or text messages. She asks him didn’t he get her message. He asks what message. She looks at him and says exactly.

Phyllis goes in to see Victor with Nikki bringing him a bag of food. She is surprised to hear that Victor has decided to give Adam another chance by giving him a job at Newman. She tells Victor she isn’t so sure the boys can play nice in the sandbox. Victor says either way he feels it is necessary to give Adam another chance.

Adam runs into Nick in the hallway and asks him what he has decided to give him at Newman besides the shaft. He asks if he is going to put him in the mailroom, or be a janitor. Nick tells him Jr. Vice President reporting directly to him though. Victoria gets off the phone and says rumors are starting that Victor is dead so they agree it is time for a press conference to set the rumors to rest. When she goes off Adam asks what exactly does a Vice President so. Nick tells him that he does whatever he tells him to do.

Gloria complains to Jeffery about Deacon double crossing her. She tells him he has no idea who he is dealing with. She starts going through his suite looking for the painting. Jeffery tells Gloria he has to admire the switcharoo and then asks what this is. He asks Cubic Zarconia? Gloria asks doesn’t he know the difference. Then housekeeping lets the police inside the room and Jeffery says they can explain.

Deacon takes Amber to Indigo against her wishes. She sits and thinks about her last conversation with Daniel. Deacon stops her from leaving when she attempts to telling her that she is way too much woman for that Mama’s boy and she deserves pretty things and to be taken to places. He reminds her that he can also still put Daniel back in jail. When the buyers walk up and join them they want to know who the girl is. Deacon tells them she is with him and that is all they need to know.

Daniel is pretty sure that amber has run off with Deacon so his plan doesn’t matter anymore. Michael says he won’t be thrown a curve ball, this is a grand slam. A man walks in flashing his badge asking for a Daniel Romalotti. Daniel smiles as Victoria walks in pointing him out as the man with the Terroni.

Victoria introduces herself and Mr. Hoffmeyer from the Sheffer Museum telling the officer that she is glad he is there to witness this. She says Daniel is the man with the stolen painting. Michael, Jana and Kevin both jump in to defend Daniel saying it was Deacon Sharpe that has the painting. Daniel and Victoria smile at each other when he tells her it is about time she got there. She tells him she is sorry she slapped him but she had to make it look real and convincing. Daniel reaches under the jukebox as he lets everyone in on what is going on. He pulls out a painting and announces ladies and gentlemen, the REAL Terroni!

Deacon and Amber are in a car with his art expert when he is told that the Terroni he presented them with is a fake. Deacon says it is impossible, he had it authenticated. They tell him it is a forgery and he is asked what he is trying to pull.

Roxanne tells Devon she has no interest in what he has to say to her after he caught him cheating with Tyra. He tells her that Lily has been going through some rough times right now and she was always the one person he always could go to to talk to. He says she has every right to hate him but he misses his best friend and asks doesn’t she miss him too?

Adam isn’t happy being placed as an overpaid clerk but claims he won’t walk away from it. He is told to take notes today at the Savaneur stockholders meeting. He reminds Nick that he can barely see but Nick says that he is a resourceful guy so he is sure he can figure it out. Phyllis comes out the room telling Nick that Victor is out of bed saying it is amazing. Nick and Adam watch as Victor walks slowly across the room with Nikki at his side. Phyllis tells Nick she has to go because something is up with Daniel as she kisses him good bye. Nick tells Victor he is doing great. Adam tells him he is doing great too. As they help him back into bed an alarm with a beeper goes off and a doctor runs in asking them all to leave the room. Nikki cries out “Oh My God!” The doctor says Victor has lost consciousness.

Mr. Hoffmeyer tells them this is the original painting and shows them an identification mark on the back. He says only he and the museum’s curator know about the mark. They say then this means that the one that Gloria gave to Deacon was a fake. Daniel says he has been working with Victoria for a couple of weeks on this. He painted about forgery which he substituted for the real one right after they got back from Detroit. He tells them how they even staged an argument to make it all look real. Michael hints that his client should be thanked for this. The officer says he is sure that the Department of Justice will want a statement on this so he makes a phone call. Daniel says the only flaw in all this is that he didn’t get to see the look on that jackass’s face when he learns that the painting he has was a fake.

Deacon is confused and disappointed to learn that his painting is a fake. His buy is mad about this saying that this canvas weave has only been used for the last 15 years and Terroni did in 1918. Amber tells the man she didn’t have anything to do with this. Deacon quickly explains that she is just along for the ride. When the buyer leaves Deacon wonders how Daniel pulled this one off. She says good for Daniel, she says he will do the right thing and so will she, including whatever it takes to prove Daniel is innocent if she has to. Deacon tells her the game is over and she can just go back to Daniel and he says he will see her around. She asks why he is giving up so easily. She looks confused herself when he leaves her there.

Lily lights a candle for Colleen in Church as she tells Colleen all about the wonderful place that she is buried which is right next to her Dad so she will never be lonely. She tells Cane that Colleen always thought the two of them were meant for each other. She turns to him and says even if she survives the cancer she can’t make any promises regarding their future together. He tells her he doesn’t need any promises or any guarantees. All he needs is her love. She tells him he is her rock. He tells her he loves her and he only wants to have a future with her. He only wants the woman he loves to open up her heart to him again.

Roxanne tells Devon how much all the years with him meant to her. He tells her he can understand that she doesn’t want to be friends with him anymore but what about his family. He tells her Anna didn’t even get to tell her good bye when they left. He fills her in on how Anna and Lily are doing. When she tells him she would really like to see Lily he tells her he’d love to take her to see her.

The police bring Gloria to Crimson Lights where she asks Michael to please tell the cops that she had nothing to do with the stolen painting. Michael tells her he won’t be bailing her out of jail anymore. Phyllis comes in just to see Daniel receiving the check for 25K as the reward money for the return of the Terroni. He says this may be the dumbest move ever but he hands the check over to Kevin to bail out his jail bird long lost brother. Kevin tells him he can’t accept it but he sticks it in his pocket before Daniel can change his mind.

… There was an interruption during the show for the news to announce the president arrived in New Orleans. They couldn’t wait 30 more minutes to show everyone. I guess it was important to show it live with him getting off the airplane. Sorry … Here it where it picked up:

Nikki tells Victor who wants to watch some TV that she forbids him to conduct any sort of business from his hospital bed. She says the kids will consult with him on everything but she will ban them from his room if they come there to do business. Victor smiles and tells Nikki he has something to say to her. She tells him later because she isn’t going anywhere.

Nick wraps up his meeting that Adam is recording. Victoria addresses her father’s health. She tells them he is not dying and he remains the CEO of Newman and Savaneur. She assures them that there is nothing for anyone to worry about. As they all start leaving Victoria and Nick talk about the upset on Victor and as they head back to the hospital while Adam types out the notes. Nick says they will update if there are any changes.

Phyllis goes home with Daniel and she tells him she is sorry that Amber chose to be with Deacon, even though she never liked Amber. Daniel tells her he really loved her as in passed tense, but it is time they moved on, but when he picks up a black garment he says he liked Amber in it as he tosses it into a box. He looks at Phyllis and asks how she could pick Deacon. While Phyllis tries to comfort him telling him he should be proud of himself for what he did. She tells him he is a hero and it was a noble thing for him to do when he handed that check over to Kevin. Amber walks in and we see Daniel and Phyllis just stand there and stare at her.

Phyllis kisses Daniel and then leaves. When they are alone Amber tells Daniel about the look on Deacon’s face when he realized he had been scammed. She tells Daniel she never wanted Deacon or the money and she always wanted Daniel. He tells her he doesn’t believe her now. He thinks she is back because her boyfriend‘s deal fell through. She tells him no, they are free now and Deacon is gone. She swears never to leave Daniel again unless he wants her to.

Devon tells Roxanne he can accept that she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. He asks her can she at least be civil towards him and she agrees. Back to Lily and Cane at the church, Cane says he remembers them getting married in this church and how she trusted and believed in him. He tells her his one big regret more than anything else is deceiving her and destroying her faith in him. She knows it was her cancer that kept him from leaving town so she can’t help but wonder if this is the good in something so awful. She says cancer has helped them understand what matters most.

Michael says the plan worked and no one went to jail. Kevin asks what about Ryder though. He says he has no body. Kevin tells Michael with or without his help, he will help his brother in any way that he can.

Phyllis is at Indigo when Deacon hits on her. When he introduces himself she ends up slapping him when she hears his name. She tells him she is Daniel’s mother and then says yeah, it is a small town. She warns him to stay away from her son or anyone remotely close to him or he will have to deal with her and then she leaves. Deacon yells out to her that it was nice meeting her. When he sits down and has his drink Jeffery watches him. Deacon makes a phone call and says they need to move to another place that is safe. He says to protect his son as he looks at the photo of the boy.

Amber keeps at it trying to convince Daniel that she loves him. She tells him everything she did was for him. She tells him she loves him and she knows he loves her too. She calls him a hero for returning the painting. He says he didn’t care about any of that after he thought she was gone for good. He tells her he has never stopped loving her and then they start kissing and he picks her up and carries her over to the bed.

Cane and Lily walk around the church and Lily asks if he can remember the poem Katherine read for them at their wedding. He tells her sure he can. They both remember their vows to each other as well as they take turns reciting them to each other again.

Adam is still at Newman in the conference room. He opens a briefcase that someone left behind and grabs a cell phone and makes a call to the enforcement division of the securities exchange commission. He says he would like to report an infraction. He says the chief executives of Savaneur lied to their shareholders today about the health of the CEO. He tells them yes he will hold.

Nick and Victoria report to Victor telling him that the meeting went well and they handled the questions they had about his health and Adam too. Nikki tells them that is enough. Nikki sends the kids off so Victor can rest. She stays at his side while he sleeps and she whispers to herself that he will recover. She tells him he has to. She doesn’t know what she would do if she ever lost him.

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