Billy and Mac are still at the cabin and so is Chloe and Chance. Billy brags on Mac’s potato salad and Chloe thanks Chance for taking time off from fighting crime to get her favorite take out. Mac asks can’t they just go. She argues that since he and Chloe aren’t divorced yet it is still her family’s cabin too. Chance says he has had enough too and wants to go. Chloe comes up with the idea that they all play a game of scrabble and who ever wins gets to stay.

Michael goes to see Victor and tells him he sees he looks a lot better this time. Victor is sure it won’t be long before he is back at his office but he is sure that Victoria and Nick are taking good care of things. Michael shows him the contract that Adam negotiated and then tells Victor about the argument between Adam and Victoria over it. He says Adam didn’t seem to think there was a problem with it though. Victor says his famous, “I’ll be damned” and then says they will see about that.

Adam thinks back to when he was visiting Victor when he told him that he is already a good son. He decides to call for the car to be brought around to go to the hospital. Victoria and Nick come in before he leaves and she asks Adam if he is going to brag to their father about how he saved the day. Adam tells them since he lives there and they don’t it would be polite for them to knock. Nick tells him his ride on their father’s good graces ends right now.

Amber fastens the diamond necklace around her neck when Deacon knocks on the door. When she lets him in he is pleased to see her wearing the necklace. He tells her there will be a lot more where that came from and he doesn’t need Daniel to get him the Terroni. In fact he says Daniel won’t have a damn thing to say about it when he sells the Terroni tonight.

Daniel won’t let Deacon get Amber and the painting. Kevin says he doesn’t understand why Amber is even with Deacon saying she talked like she hated the guy. Daniel doesn’t think Amber is playing Deacon. He thinks he is the one being played. He says when she refused to take off the necklace it proved it to him. He says at least he found out the truth before he married her. He claims all he cares about now is getting the Terroni back to the museum where it belongs. He says Deacon can have Amber. Kevin is happy Daniel agrees to give the painting back to the museum. He tells him he has it right there. He takes down the framed art piece and finds it missing. Kevin tells Daniel he hid the Terroni behind this cheap painting but now it is gone.

Gloria is at the club with the cylinder on the table. When Jeffery walks up she asks what he is doing there. He tells her he could ask the same of her and wants to know what is in the tube. She tells him a toy for Fen as she lies to him. He asks her if she is waiting for Deacon Sharpe. He wonders if she is still working on that project that is going to get them some bucks. She tells him yes and he better get out of there as she spots Deacon walking in. He tells her sorry but he isn’t budging until she explains what is going on.

She tells him if he doesn’t want to be a crossing guard for the rest of his life he better trust her and she admits that the tube is their ticket to the big time. Jeffery’s isn’t impressed to hear that the museum is offering a 25K reward. Gloria tells him she will tell him more about it later. When he leaves Gloria tells Deacon he was just an ex of hers who knows nothing. She hands him the tube but amber is watching and then she runs out.

Nick and Victoria both lecture Adam for doing what he did. Adam is insulted that they aren’t thanking him for saving the deal and their butts. Nick accuses him of only trying to earn Victor’s trust again. Adam tells him he doesn’t want to work at Newman again and he wasn’t trying to earn their father’s trust. When he goes upstairs Nick and Victoria can’t believe him but wonder if Victor might. Victoria says she has an appointment but Nick says he will go talk to their Dad.

As they play Scrabble the fighting continues. Chloe’s first word on the board is ‘leave’ which scores 16 points. Chance keeps score and says since that was the first word of the game she gets double points. Chloe says Mac and Billy should take her word to heart.

Kevin and Daniel start doubting one another about the painting missing. Amber walks in and tells them she saw Gloria giving the painting to Deacon.

Chloe suggests that Mac and Billy finish their date at their trailer love shack but Billy is sure that Mac’s word will blow Chloe and Chance out of the water. She says how about this as she spells out ‘Divorce’, which scores 26 points. Billy tells Chance to mark that down Detective Do Right! Then Billy gives Mac a high five.

As Deacon unrolls the Terroni he says he and Amber will live like Kings. Gloria tells him to remember their deal as she wants her fair share. He tells her the buyer wants the painting before they will pay so he has to take it. She grabs it back and tells him she bets he and Blondie will leave the country and leave her to shove a broom at the nail salon. She tells him if he can’t guarantee her share then the painting will go back to the museum and Amber goes back to Daniel.

Amber tells Kevin and Daniel that Deacon and Gloria have that painting. Kevin runs out to put a stop to it and Amber tries to convince Daniel that she hasn’t chosen Deacon. She was just trying to keep her eye on him and she is not sleeping with him. She tells him he is the only one she wants do be with. She asks what she can do to make him believe her.

Victor reads the contract and asks if Adam did this without consulting anyone. Michael suggests that Victor tells Adam he needs to go through proper channels next time. When Michael leaves he runs into Adam at the door and says perfect timing. He asks Victor if Michael told him Victoria called him over to put him in his place. Adam says he understands why Victoria questions his motives. Adam says he intercepted the call that came in and then says he wants to earn his father’s trust back. Nick walks in just in time to hear Adam and he asks Victor to please tell him he isn’t buying any of that.

Gloria threatens to call the museum as she holds on to the tube with the painting. Deacon agrees to let her hang onto it until he can arrange a meeting with the buyer but he suspects that she might be trying to pass on a fake. He says he has an art expert in his suite that can authenticate it and of course she is welcome to join him. She hands it to him and says she would be delighted to attend his meeting. She stops off at the bar and hisses at Jeffery that she will meet him at the penthouse but before she can go up with Deacon, Kevin comes in and tells her to hand it over to him NOW!

Amber swears on her life to Daniel that he is the only man for her. He tells her to go pack her things and if eh is there when he gets back he will believe her. She asks where is he going. He tells her to get the Terroni. He tells her he doesn’t need her help. He tells her if she wants a life with him she has to stay out of this. He asks if she understands twice. She tells him she will be there waiting for him and that she loves him. He tells her as he heads out that he loves her too.

Nick asks Victor if Adam explanation of what happened included that he never bothered to call him nor Victoria. Adam states that there just wasn’t enough time. He had to make the deal then and there. He says Nick and Victoria have been busy at the hospital and with Nick losing a baby. They ask how he knew that. He says he isn’t deaf and he just thought that Nick’s plate was full. . He says if he has overstepped then he is sorry and it will never happen again. Victor decides to authorize Adam’s activities. Nick asks if his Dad is serious. Victor thinks Adam deserves a chance to prove himself.

Gloria tells Kevin she doesn’t have the painting he is demanding from her. She pulls Kevin to the side and tells him he will get his share of the millions coming her way. She tells him to let her handle this and he won’t be sorry. He tells her he already is sorry as Gloria walks off. Jeffery asks if he heard the word ‘millions’. Kevin tells him to stay out of this. Daniel comes in and tells Kevin that he will handle Deacon. He tells him to call Michael and the cops and meet with them at Crimson Lights and then come to Deacon’s suite. Kevin asks Daniel what is going on but when Daniel heads upstairs he decides to do what Daniel told him to do.

Victoria tells Deacon the art expert she brought over is trustworthy. Gloria comes in and asks if she missed anything. Mr. Sullivan tells Deacon that the painting is the real thing. When Deacon puts it back into the tube Gloria takes it and leaves with it after telling Deacon she will be waiting for his call. When Mr. Sullivan leaves Victoria scolds Deacon for trying to sell a stolen painting. He tells him she could call the cops or she could just wait a few hours and get the painting and one of the biggest dealers in stolen art. Daniel walks in not believing that Deacon gave Gloria the painting. He tells Victoria off for getting into bed with this louse. He asks her what did deacon promise her but she slaps him and then marches out. Deacon smiles as he says “Ouch”.

Billy says he has a word but it won’t score big. He spells out the word ‘sex’. He says this is the real reason Mr. Big Hands came to the cabin. He tells Chance it must be hard having sex in that big mansion without being caught by either one of their mothers. Chance comes up with a word now, ‘virgin’ and asks if there is a problem with that one. Billy says that isn’t a word, at least not in the cabin anyway. Then Billy is shocked when he realizes Chance is a virgin.

Nick asks what Victor wants to give Adam another chance to do, put Victor back in prison or to bring Newman down. Victor says he isn’t reinstating Adam without some serious stipulations. He says he will be in a lower level and he will have to report to Nick and Victoria. He says one misstep and he is out. Adam appreciates the opportunity but he says this was not what he was after. Victor says he is giving Adam another chance so he can redeem himself so he warns Adam to watch his step. Adam says if he takes this deal he will prove to one and all that he is trustworthy. He says it will be different this time. When they ask Adam to leave, Nick tries to talk Victor out of this but he fails. When Victoria comes in she isn’t too happy to hear the news from Adam. She tells Victor that didn’t want to believe Adam but Victor tells her he wants them both to believe it.

Amber is all packed up in Deacon’s suite when she calls and leaves Daniel a message telling him she is on her way to meet him right now. She tells him she will prove to him that he is all she ever wanted. When she opens the door, Deacon is there facing her. He figures out that with Daniel’s timing earlier that he thinks Amber is still in touch with him.

Billy teases Chance asking how come they didn’t say anything. He says he feels bad now. He and Mac could have taken off for 15 minutes and let them knock it out. Chloe tells Billy he is so sick. Billy teases her for coming up there to be his first. She tells Billy he has no idea how she and Chance connect. He says she is right he doesn’t but he says Chance picked a good teacher. Chance jumps in saying that is enough.

Gloria is enjoying a glass of champagne to take the edge off a very stressful day. Jeffery comes along and asks if her cut in this deal is out of the 25K or a million. He warns her not to try and outsmart her. She calls him lover man as she tells him it was supposed to be a surprise. Jeffery takes out the painting and when he unrolls it he finds a painting of a clown with ‘You Lose’ painted across it.

Amber tells Deacon that Daniel is through with her. Deacon thinks she told Daniel about his plan just to get back in his good graces. She suggests that he goes to the bar while she settles up at the front desk. He asks her where was she earlier when she says in the shower he doesn’t believe her. He says isn’t going to let her out of his sight until they leave town.

When Michael meets Kevin at the coffee shop he is happy that Daniel finally realizes how a good client should behave. When Daniel arrives he is upset when he sees that amber isn’t there and figures he has been played yet again.

Chloe tells Chance they can just go as she gathers their things. Billy keeps teasing Chance saying they all have a first time but usually it is before they reach middle age. Mac tells Billy to stop it. Chance asks Billy how does sleeping around work for him. He says he is going for something real and he isn’t ashamed to admit it. He says he actually likes Chloe for who she is and for how she is with her daughter and even for her weird acceptance of her baby’s father. He says she deserves more respect that Billy can muster. He kisses Chloe on the head and then declares Billy the big winner tonight. When they leave Billy says that was the second time Chance stood up for Chloe tonight. He asks Mac what she is so upset about, they won!

Victoria talks to Victor about Adam being rewarded for having no family loyalty. She says she is sorry ad doesn’t mean to upset him. Victor says he isn’t the one that is upset and he is not giving Adam the keys to the kingdom. He tells her Adam was very helpful during Ashley’s pregnancy. She asks but to allow him back into the company he tries to ruin is questionable. Adam watches through the window as Victor explains to her that he just wanted to give Adam a second chance. Suddenly Victor grabs him heart. The doctor runs in shouting that he has gone into V-Fib as she uses paddles on him to try and jump start his heart. She turns to the kids and says she is so sorry. Victoria shouts out No! Dad!  She shakes him as Nick yells at Adam to get out. Adam says he is his Dad too. Nick tells him now that Dad is gone he is nothing to this family. He tells Adam he doesn’t ever want to see him again. As Adam looks through the window, Adam says Nick better get use to him because he isn’t going anywhere. Luckily we see that that was all a dream, well Adam’s dream. He stands there watching Nick and Victoria standing over their Dad.

Jan Barrett

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