Jack finds the ballet shoes in the cardboard box and then he decides to call Sharon. He is happy to hear that she made it out of her room and into the restaurant at the club, but he asks her to meet him somewhere else.

Phyllis looks at Nick and gives him an excuse not to join her, Summer and the Baldwin’s at the Harvest Festival. When Michael comes along Nick says he knows the secret to eating the candy apples so he decides to go with them after all.

Katherine, Murphy and Pearl are at the Festival too. Murphy calls Joe Jr. on the phone telling him she is bringing in the blue ribbon for the best pie. Joe Jr. tells Katherine to tell Pearl next year he is entering and she is going down. They all laugh. When Pearl starts to take off for the smoked brisket contest she tells them to wish her luck. Katherine is surprised that she is able to find herself smiling today after all that has happened with Victor and Colleen. She says she never thought she would ever be able to smile again but thank God she was wrong as she hugs Murphy.

When Billy and Mac arrive out at the cabin he can’t help but think about Colleen. Mac wonders if they should leave but he says no, they can just make some more good memories there. Just as the two of them start kissing each other they are interrupted by Chloe and Chance. Chloe says they just came from the Festival and she reminds Billy that he is not the center of her universe after she denies following him there. While Billy and Chloe argue, Chance and Mac talk about the weather.

Sharon meets Jack at Colleen’s house. She says she is sorry she didn’t come to the funeral. She explains that she and Nick scattered the baby’s ashes and now she and him are going their separate ways. She says grief has taken them to some dark places and it is a relief to have gotten through it as nothing more than friends. She tells Jack she considers him her friend as well. She says she is so lucky to have known two great men who are still there to support her. He says he has said enough good byes for a lifetime.

Everyone seems to be having fun at the festival. Nick mopes around thinking about the daughter he has lost but he doesn’t want to leave and ruin Summer’s day. They talk about how well Summer is doing. He says sucking it up and eating some BBQ is the least he can do for his wife that is a fighter. She says she is indeed a fighter. She says she was born to be, she will always fight for her family. He says he will be right there with her. She says she knows he will.

While the kids are at the petting zoo, Michael and Lauren spy on Nick and Phyllis and they can see that things are going well for the two of them. They think Phyllis deserves 100% of Nick. Lauren can’t help but remember though how Nick left Phyllis to pursue Sharon. Then to change his mood Michael makes a joke as Katherine and Murphy come up. They all laugh and then Katherine asks how Nick is doing.

Finally Phyllis’s attempts to cheer Nick up, pays off. He says if she wants to hear about them scattering the ashes he will tell her. He tells her about how they let go and facing it head on was the right thing for them to do. He says now his job is to keep a smile on Summer’s face. . Phyllis says good so how about winning her a cow. They head over to the hoops game as they debate which one of them will be winning Summer a prize. Michael comes around the corner eating some pie. He is a happy guy as he asks if Nick just stepped in what he thinks he did.

Jack tells Sharon he broke the casserole dish but there is still plenty of food to eat. He says he is in charge of finding a tenant for the house. He asks her would she like to live there. She asks if this is too weird. She says Brad was a good friend of hers. As she thinks about it she says Brad would probably get a kick out of it. She says there would be no more room service or waiting for her life to start. She decides that she would love to live there as she hugs Jack telling him he always seems to know just what she needs.

Billy and Chloe continue to argue. Chance stands up for Chloe to Billy. Billy warns Chance to run away from Chloe while he can she says she has heard enough. Mac joins in wondering why Chloe is there as though she owns the place. Billy thinks this is bizarre like stalker bizarre. She tells Billy she is still an Abbott because they are not divorced yet as she throws the keys at Billy. Mac asks, “You’re not divorced?” Billy says he has signed and they are waiting on a stamp. Chance says there is a glitch and then is surprised to hear that the glitch is actually that Chloe hasn’t signed yet. Chloe pulls Billy over to talk privately as she explains she hasn’t had time to sign the papers yet. She was hoping to have some private time with Chance tonight. Billy isn’t very taken by this as he goes on saying they are still married and she brings her boy toy to his family cabin to get lucky? He starts to say something but holds back.

Jack is still having a hard time accepting that Colleen is gone but the Mustache gets to live on. He says sure he took some bullets for him but he did start the whole thing. She tells him he knows how she feels about Victor. Sharon tells him that she isn’t making excuses but she feels that Patty made her own choices. Jack tells her that Patty doesn’t even know what year it is now. He feels guilty for his part in Patty’s downfall though. They both say they aren’t lucky at the love and marriage thing obviously and Sharon is planning to be alone now for the next 20 or 30 years. Jack thinks it is a shame on behalf of men everywhere. She says she just wants to be whole, on her own, not half of a whole.

Everyone is still having lots of fun at the festival. Katherine and Murphy head off with Michael and Lauren for some brisket leaving Phyllis promising to do whatever it takes to make Nick feel better as she kisses him.

Mac and Chance both unpack their picnic baskets and start talking about the weird chemistry that seems to bond Chloe and Billy together besides Delia. Mac is really secure in her relationship with Billy but she is annoyed that their alone time has turned into the Billy and Chloe Hour! When Chloe mentions Chance’s big hands, Billy tells her he thinks it is time she and Chance leave so he and Mac can have their alone time to talk. She asks what they have to talk about. He tells her about his resignation from Jabot. Chloe sarcastically remarks that he just can’t seem to commit to anything can he.

Murphy is having trouble winning a prize at his own festival. Katherine says she has to go massage Murphy’s ego. Phyllis asks Lauren if that is going to be them years from now. Lauren tells her she can only hope so. She sees that Nick seems to be having a good time. She tells Lauren not to look now but how come Michael can’t toss a ball into a cup. Phyllis laughs as she calls him a spaz. Michael starts getting frustrated because he can’t win a prize either. Nick talks with Michael as he continues trying to put the balls in the cups. Michael tells everyone it has to be rigged, as they laugh.

Sharon is feeling at home in the Charlton home as she looks forward to the freedom she will have there. She realizes that the psych hospital did help her and she even signed up for a bereavement group. Jack tells her he is so proud of her. She says the past does not have to own her or Jack. She tells Jack he needs to let it all go, Victor, Patty, she says just let it all go.

Phyllis and Lauren have no problems getting the balls in the cups and they win large stuffed pigs. The men are left carrying the kids around but they are happy. Pearl is happy to have won two blue ribbons. Katherine hugs Pearl and Murphy walks up and hands Katherine a stuffed toy. They all get together and have their pictures taken and then they hit the dance floor as the song “Oh What a Beautiful World” plays.

Noah says it is kind of weird being there again after yesterday. Sharon tells Noah that she has been offered the house to rent. She says there is so much room and she is tired of the club suite anyway. She asks Noah if he will stay there with her but not for him to look after her. It would be so she can be a mom and look after him for a change. She says she is his mother after all. Noah agrees to stay there but only if he gets to pick out what room he wants as he hugs her.

As Billy and Chloe continue arguing Chance says he has had enough. He tells Chloe they need to grab Delia and go into town. Billy questions that asking “My Delia?” Mac jumps in and suggests that she and Billy leave. Billy says that Chloe is leaving at the same time Chloe says that Billy is leaving. Billy tells Chloe to go home with Mr. Big Hand. Chloe says NO, she is still an Abbott and she is staying.

We see Phyllis and Nick talking about what a great day they had. Then we see Sharon showing Noah around their new home discussing who will get the master bedroom. Sharon looks out of the patio door and she actually looks happy. Now that Jack is back at home, he realizes that Sharon is right. It is time to let go. He picks up the newspaper to read the headline about Patty being incarcerated. Then we see someone reading the very same article. It is a woman that looks exactly like Patty with dark hair though. She says, “Oh Patty, No, you didn’t!”

Jan Barrett

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