After sending Billy home the Abbott’s start cleaning the mess. They all agree that Billy did a great job putting this together for Colleen’s service. Ashley says she is anxious to to get back to the baby. As soon as she says that the hospital calls telling her she can take Faith home now.

Sharon asks Nick what he is doing there at the cabin. He tells her it was his baby too. He tells her he can’t help but wonder though why would she do this without him.

Patty is excited when Paul goes to visit her. She asks him if she can come home now and promises she will be a good girl. Paul tells her she can’t and that it was Colleen’s funeral service today. At first she asks who is Colleen but when Paul says she was Traci’s daughter, she is amazed to hear that Traci had a baby and that would make her an aunt. She says well she and Jack hadn’t been married that long but maybe that will happen for them one day. When Paul goes out the room the doctor talks to him it brings tears to his eyes. He tells Paul that Patty has had a complete psychotic break and he gives no hope that she will ever come back. Paul looks through the window at his sister and looks so sad.

Victoria walks in at the ranch and catches Adam on the phone making a business deal for Newman and she asks him what the hell he thinks he is doing. He covers the receiver and tells her he is saving a Newman deal. She snaps at him telling him to hang the phone up.

When Nikki is allowed to go back over to Victor he weakly tells her that he is fine. The doctor tells her that the seizure should be an isolated incident and it shouldn’t happen again if he is careful and takes his medication. When the doctor leaves Victor doesn’t want water but he would like to see his newborn baby.

Ashley tells Traci she does need one thing for her baby and that would be a Godmother. Traci answers right away without hesitating that she would love to be her Godmother. When Traci goes upstairs to go through some of Colleen’s things Ashley tells Jack who offers to go with her to pick up the baby, that Traci needs him. Jack asks where things stand between Ashley and the Mustache. Jack thought he detected an all is forgiven in her voice but is relieved when he hears that that is not the case although she hardly thinks this news is something they should be celebrating. Jack says he hopes she will be bringing Faith home to the Abbott home. She tells him not to push her, she will do what is best for them.

Nick talks about how much the baby meant to him. He asks Sharon how she could deprive him on the only tangible evidence that she even existed. He says she is sorry he wasn’t there when she and Faith needed him. Sharon says she is not trying to punish him, she was only trying to spare him more pain but she realizes now she was wrong. She tells him those are Faith’s ashes, as she shows Nick.

Nikki holds Faith up to Victor saying she looks so much like Nick did. Ashley comes storming in to take her baby back. She asks how Victor can possibly wonder why she is so upset. She asks how can he after what all she has been through. She explains the horror she felt when she found the baby gone from the nursery. When Nikki starts to walk out she says she hopes that Ashley will remember where she is and that that baby is Victor’s daughter too. Ashley snaps at Nikki telling her that it is between her and Victor and is of no concern of Nikki’s. When Nikki is gone Ashley says she is extremely upset.

Michael is summoned over to referee at the ranch. Victoria tells him what she caught Adam doing. Adam tells him his side of the story. He says he could have let the deal fall apart or save it. He says he picked up the phone when Mr. Kagawa started to leave a message. He says it seems that Victoria and Nick didn’t cover everything at the office since they have been gone. He says something slipped through the cracks and he saved the company millions. Victoria snaps at him that he does not work at Newman nor does he represent the company. She says she wants to put a stop to any unauthorized deals Adam has made. Adam gets mad and punches the wall saying damnit Victoria. He swears he wasn’t up to anything. She says well they are going to make sure it is the last time.

Traci thanks Lauren for the sizeable donation that she made that will go to an art scholarship in Colleen’s name. She thanks Paul for coming. He tells her he wanted to come to the service and he should have but he still feels so guilty for not stopping Patty when he had the chance. He cries as he tells Traci how sorry he is. Traci tells him that she always thought of him as a friend and so did Colleen, and now none of that has changed. He tells her that Patty never meant to hurt anyone. He says the last 25 yeas are a complete blank to Patty and they say she may never come back. Jack thinks Patty is acting to build up herself an insanity defense.

Sharon stands to look out the patio doors at the cabin. She talks out loud to Cassie asking her to look after her little sister for them. She says one day they will all be together again as a family again. Nick joins her as they take the ashes and walk out.

Adam feels that Victoria’s reaction only proves how out of touch she is. He tells her to look at the papers, full of speculation and rumors on Victor’s condition. Michael hands Victoria the faxed contract with Adam’s changes on them. Adam just stands there rolling his eyes as Victoria looks over them.

When Paul gets to the hospital Nikki updates him on Victor’s condition and then tells him that Ashley is in there visiting Victor now. He asks if she wants to get out of there saying a break would do her some good.

Victor tells Ashley he doesn’t know why she would worry. He says he loves all his children more than anything. She apologizes for overacting. She tells him he has been good to most of his kids. She says she finds it very disturbing at how he treats Adam. He reminds her that Adam tried to frame him of murder. She tells him she hasn’t forgotten that but she thinks he has paid his dues. She says if it weren’t for Adam, whom she calls her loyal friend, they wouldn’t have Faith. She says Victor’s letter spoke of second chances so she asks how come he can’t give Adam a second chance. Victor just ignores her question by asking how Abby is. Ashley says she now realizes that the man she has loved for most of her adult life is no hero after all. She says it was just a lie, an illusion. He tells her he loves her and he always has. Ashley tells him there is one person that he loves more and she isn’t speaking about Nikki. She says she is talking about himself. She tells him the marriage is over, she is filing for divorce.

Paul takes Nikki to Crimson Lights and orders her a sandwich. He tells her she needs to take care of herself. She thanks him for looking after her. She smiles at him as she eats. He tells her she is practically living at Victor’s bedside. She knows the kids will need a lot of help while Victor recovers from this. She tells Paul she appreciates him coming to find her. She tells him she still wonders what happened to all those letters though.

Victoria admits that the deal Adam made looks ok but she still hasn’t changed her mind about how she feels about him. Michael says Adam, he can’t blame them for not trusting him. She finds it hard to believe that he just happened to be there when Mr. Kagawa called. She thinks he managed to con the man like he has everyone else. Adam tells her he isn’t just some yahoo. He reminds her that he graduated from Harvard second in his class. He tells her that Nick has a BA from a local university and Victoria has never even taken a class. He says he has more experience and education that the two of them combined. He thinks that the least she could do would be say thank you.

Victor tells Ashley he wouldn’t have chosen to part without them trying to work things out but Ashley sees no hope for their marriage. He tells her he won’t fight the divorce as long as she allows him to be a part of their daughter’s lives. She says she will never deprive them of their father. She says part of her will always love Victor and the two girls will always be a bind that they will share together. She takes his hand and tells him good bye. He says good bye to his beautiful Ashley when he lies there alone.

When Nikki is done eating she asks Paul how he is doing. He says it hasn’t been the best of days for him. He tells her about his visit to Patty.  He explains the condition she is in now. He complains about him letting her escape and now because of that Colleen is dead. Nikki tells him this isn’t his fault. She says no one is to blame that his sister has a mental illness.

Jack goes to see Patty who is absolutely delighted to see him as she hugs him. She tells him she knew he would come. She says she has missed him so much. He asks if she remembers him and she says of course she does but she asks how he could say such a ridiculous thing.

Sharon tells Nick she loves the spot he chose to spread the ashes. She says by the stream, the water was so clear. He says he found it peaceful like the place where faith is now. They agree that they did it right this time. Sharon says now she can move on. When they go inside they both look at the place where faith was conceived. She heads out the door and even though he hesitates Nick follows her out.

Michael is ready to leave when Victoria says she supposes she should thank Adam for repairing all the damage he did to Newman. She says he should have called her or Nick instead of taking it into his own hands. Michael can see both sides in this, but Adam’s actions backfired with his sister. He says on the other hand the contract is viable so now she can jump in and continue to deal with Tokyo. She thinks Adam should leave now that he is free before she finds a way to have him thrown out. Michael tells her that is up to Victor though, not her. Adam says curses foiled again. She warns him that she will be watching him so she tells him not to ever pull this crap again as she stomps out. Soon after Ashley comes in telling Adam she has brought his sister home.

Nikki thanks Paul for taking her out of there for a while saying the change of scenery was good. He warns her to watch her heart, saying her friend in there has a history of breaking it. When she starts inside the room a nurse is coming out. Victor calls out to Paul and thanks him for finding Nikki. Paul says he did it for Nikki. Victor says he understands. Paul tells him about the facility Patty is in a padded cell in a hospital for the criminally insane. He says it doesn’t cater to its patients like Memorial does. He asks how she is doing. Paul tells him she has completely lost her mind and more than likely will never recover. He tells Victor that the silver lining in this for him is that she has forgotten that Victor even exists. With that said he turns around and walks out.

Jack wants to hear Patty’s story. He asks why she doesn’t deserve to be in a place like this. She tells him she didn’t think their honeymoon would be like this. She says it is a bit drab with no windows. She would rather be warm and sunny wearing that teeny tiny bikini that he likes so much. She asks Jack if this is one of his silly little jokes. She accuses him of teasing her saying he made her wait for him there and now he is going to take her somewhere else. Jack can’t believe what he is hearing from her.

Now Jack is at the club as he orders a double scotch. He spots Sharon as she comes in while she is testing someone. He ignores her but then she sees him and just ignores him as well as she heads upstairs.

Nick and Victoria talk about the babies that they have lost, Faith, and the baby Sharon and Nick lost 8 years ago and Victoria’s daughter Eve.  Finally Victoria tells him why she came over to talk to him. She tells him about catching Adam finalizing a deal for Beauty of Nature with a Tokyo department store. She says Michael says the contract is useable but that isn’t the point. She says Adam is trying to weasel his way back into the family business.

Once Ashley gets Faith down for a nap, she goes back downstairs. She tells Adam she is going to stay at the ranch to keep things stable for her girls. She says she is still Victor’s wife for a little while longer. She tells him though she is filing for a divorce though. She says she is going to claim the ranch as her and the girls’ home. She tells Adam he can stay there too and as her friend she would like him to be faith’s Godfather. Adam doesn’t know what to say. He claims that some think he has overstayed his welcome already. Ashley tells him to hang in there and she did put in a good word for him to Victor. She says things might turn around.

Nikki says she hopes Paul didn’t upset Victor. Victor understands that Paul is worried about his sister. He tells Nikki that Ashley has promised she would let him remain a part of his daughter’s lives but their marriage is over. He tells her that he and Ashley are getting a divorce.

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