Sharon wakes up from what she thinks was a fuzzy dream of her having her baby with Nick and Dr. Taylor there. She calls a nurse to her room. She tells the nurse she has no idea how she got to the hospital from the private facility. She demands to see her baby. Sharon asks what is wrong and the nurse tells her to calm down the doctor will be in to see her in a minute. Sharon starts asking where her baby is.

Adam looks in the room at Ashley holding her baby. Dr. Taylor tells him outside in the hallway that they dodged a bullet. When he calls Adam sick he says he isn’t sick, he is just resourceful. He slams the doctor up against the wall and tells him he didn’t steal any baby, that that is Ashley’s daughter. He said Dr. Taylor better tell Sharon her baby died as he reminds him that sex offenders aren’t too popular in prison. When Adam goes in to visit Ashley he comments how Ashley should go to Memorial now. She talks to the baby telling her that her big brother is going to take good care of her just like he did her.

With the family getting together in Victor’s room, Abby says she isn’t sure where Adam is. She says she hasn’t seen him since last night. Nick whispers to his Mom asking if there has been any word from the Abbott’s about what their decision is. He is worried because Victor seems to be getting weaker.

Dr. Snyder explains to the family that there are tests necessary to take to determine whether or not Victor and Colleen would be a match. When Billy and Mac arrive he is not happy to hear that Traci and Jack are for giving Colleen’s heart to Victor. He says this isn’t what Colleen would want. Billy tells the doctor to run all the tests they want but for someone else, just don’t let his CC’s heart go to Victor. They ask Billy is he in the Twilight Zone. He doesn’t think Victor deserves to wake up in the morning. Traci tells him she doesn’t want to hear any more until the tests come back. She starts crying when Billy storms out the room.

JT goes in with the Newman’s just before Jack arrives to give them the news that tests are being done to determine if Victor and Colleen are a match. JT walks out with Victoria following him. Victor didn’t know that tests were being done. He says he is sorry that Jack’s family had to make this decision but he is very glad they did. Jack tells him not to thank them yet. He can’t seem to say anymore so he leaves saying he has to check on Abby.

Jack is surprised when he hears that Ashley and her baby have been admitted to the hospital. In Ashley’s room she gives permission for Adam to visit. She says he is her stepson and the one that delivered her baby. Ashley is told that the OB-GYN on call will be in soon to check her out. She laughs as she comments about how good she feels considering she just gave birth. Adam looks worried when they say the doctor will examine her.

Adam says he is going to check on Victor. Ashley thanks him as he leaves. Jack comes in and congratulates and says he wants to meet his new niece. He explains to her that Colleen’s heart may be donated to Victor or he will die. When the doctor comes in to examine Ashley she says she can’t right now, she has to go see her baby’s father.

Victoria finds JT in the chapel. He says all this is beyond his comprehension. He says he isn’t sure if he would hate her is she prayed for Colleen and Victor to be a match. Billy barges in and doesn’t want to here any condolences from Victoria. She says that Colleen was only someone she had to put up with because she was married to Brad. Billy tells Victoria not to pretend to be broken up over this because Colleen is gone now, all she is now is spare parts. Billy says peace is a tall order for all of them right now. Victoria leaves and when JT goes to follow her, Billy says she just pushed his buttons with the family thing. JT snaps back at Billy saying they are all suffering here. Billy reminds JT that they go way back and he knows that JT knows that this is wrong. He turns to JT and tries to get him to side with him to fight this.

The doctor says he will be back to discuss Victor’s options if the potential donor is a match for him. Victor is surprised that the Abbott’s are even considering this. Nick and Nikki both tell him that this says a lot about forgiveness. Victor won’t have any false hopes but Nikki remains optimistic. Victor wishes that Phyllis and Summer were there so he could tell them how much he loves them. Nick tells him he is sure he will still be alive when they get home. He tells his Dad that he has faith.

Sharon demands to see her baby. When Dr. Taylor arrives he explains to her that there were problems with the delivery and her malformed baby didn’t survive. Sharon argues that her baby was healthy. He tells her that some things can’t be foreseen. He says she went into early labor because her body sensed the child wasn’t viable. She still begs to be able to hold her baby. She says this can’t be happening. She says she heard her cry and she was alive. He tells her that her baby never even took a breath he is sorry to say. She cries out saying God No! He talks to her about some papers she needs to sign. She tells him not to tell him that she is gone.

When Adam sees Dr. Taylor at the nurses station he calls him over and complains about how long it took for him to tell Sharon her baby died. Dr. Taylor tells Adam Sharon bought his story. Adam tells him he has got to keep the doctor on staff from examining Ashley or he will forward that letter that Skye wrote about him.

Dr. Mangino tells Ashley she can’t be running around the hospital before she is examined. She tells the doctor she is fine but she needs to check on her husband. Dr Taylor comes in and sends Dr. Mangino off thanking him. Ashley tells him what is going on and asks can’t the examination wait. He tells her no, but he promises to be quick. Dr. Taylor looks pretty stressed out but he assures Ashley that he is just fine. He says they had quite a night last night but he really gets upset when she raves over how heroic Adam was last night with her.

Billy nags JT to help him fight Traci and Jack’s decision. He asks him if he really wants Colleen’s heart to go to Victor. He tells him he thought he loved Colleen. JT blurts out that of course he… but he cuts it off reminding Billy that Victor is his son’s grandfather. He tells Billy this isn’t about what Colleen would want, it is about what Billy doesn’t want. When Mac walks in, JT leaves. Billy says he will shut this whole place down if he has to. He insists that this is NOT going to happen.

Jack goes back to see Ashley only to hear that the doctor is trying to get permission for Ashley to go see Victor. He tells her that Victor is getting weaker by the minute but he assures her it isn’t her fault. He managed to convince her that Nikki is fine and she had been at a spa in the Rockies all that time. She had just flown in. Ashley asks if she never hurt anybody then. She thanks Jack with a hug, telling him he has no idea what he has done for her. Abby runs in crying but Jack makes her smile by introducing her to her new baby sister.

Adam can barely see but he watches the fuzzy Nick in with Victor through the window. Victoria sneaks up on him asking where he has been. Nick comes out and updates Adam on Victor’s condition and then asks him where the hell he has been. He tells them it is none of their business and seems to be provoking Nick into a fight. JT breaks it up telling them to knock it off. Nick and Victoria tells Adam to leave so he does go, telling them to consider him gone. He trips over and IV pole that he didn’t see so Victoria offers to help him up but he refuses her offer. He looks over at Nick warning him that this is far from over. He says it is just the beginning, he just doesn’t know it yet. Then we see Sharon crying in her hospital bed.

Traci runs her hand over Colleen’s hair. JT walks in looking really depressed and he tells her he didn’t come to argue or to even talk. He asks if he can just sit with Colleen. Traci tells him they would love that as he sits there staring at Colleen.

Billy makes a call requesting a large sum of money with Mac telling him this is ridiculous. He says it isn’t. He tells her that cold hard cash can stop anything. She tells him that this is what Victor would do. She grabs the phone and tells the person on the other end that Mr. Abbott won’t need that money and she hangs the phone up. She tells him that is enough. She asks if bribing someone would honor Colleen’s memory. Billy admits he feels so guilty about sending her out to the cabin and instead kidnapping Ashley against Jack’s wishes. Mac tells him he will never know if he could have gotten there in time. Billy says if he can stop this travesty he will listen to what Jack says for the rest of his life. She suggests that he starts now and listens to what Jack says.

Ashley says this is incredible, she is just like her first baby girl. Abby can’t believe all this has happened at once. Ashley promises to be a better mother and says they will all get past this. When Abby asks what about her Dad, Ashley says he will get past it too with their prayers and hopes.

Nick finds that the psychiatric facility left him a message so he returns the call and is put on hold. While on hold he and Nick talk about Adam. When the call is taken he is told that Sharon had been moved to St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital. He tells Nikki not to tell his Dad as he rushes out the door.

Traci is talking to Colleen about the weather when Billy and Mac arrive. Mac goes to update her Grandma when Jack comes in with good news. He is about to announce that Ashley had her baby just as the doctor walks in with news. She tells them that Victor and Colleen are a perfect match so medically speaking a transplant would be possible. Jack looks over at Billy not knowing for sure is this is good news or not.

Nikki massages Victor’s hands as she talks about the day after she was shot and she was in that same hospital. She remembers Victor putting her makeup on for her. She tells him she will never forget that. Victor tells her that she is the heart and soul of the family. He says he is grateful to have known and loved her. He tells her there is no one else like her. Just as Ashley peeks in Victor tells Nikki that he has never felt a greater love than the love he has felt for her. Ashley closes the door and walks back down the hall.

Adam hands Dr. Taylor airline tickets to go back to Boston. He tells him that the driver will take them to the ranch and he will give him Skye’s letter. The doctor asks is there is a catch, asking if he will be free to go. Adam tells him yes just like that. Dr. Taylor tells Adam is the most cold hearted snake he has ever met and then he asks what about that poor woman in there sobbing her eyes out because she thinks her baby died. Adam says he will take care of that one on his own.

Nick calls out for Sharon as he goes by her bedside. He tells her he got a call. He asks her if something happened. Sharon tells him in a whisper, that Faith didn’t make it. She says their little girl didn’t make it. Nick looks devastated.

Jan Barrett   

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