Kevin has a talk with Gloria wanting to know what is going on with the takeover at Jabot. He says he is tired of making do and he wants his share of the money but Gloria tells him he has to be more patient because when she takes control of Jabot he is going to be the first to take the gravy train along with her. When Gloria starts walking off Kevin asks her who Tanya is.

Michael is trying to find proof that Gloria was the police informant. He says according to Detective Hampton he took Tanya in for questioning but there is no tape or transcript of it anywhere. He states in a question, unless there is!

Katherine knocks on Murphy’s door and when no one answers she goes in and she finds Marge on the sofa drunk. She asks how come she didn’t phone her and Marge says she lost the phone. She tells Katherine she can’t do this. Katherine says they are just going to have to take more drastic measures.

Nick talks to the priest in Paris about his father. The priest tells him he told the woman the same thing he told him just now about his father. Nick asks what woman and he says the woman that was there yesterday asking for Victor. Elsewhere Ashley is at a café showing a picture of Victor to a waiter asking if he had seen this man.

Devon, Neil and Tyra are all going into Anna’s Halloween goodies when Karen and Olivia come in and catch them making it clear they do not approve of what they are doing.

Phyllis asks Daniel and Amber how they like their little artists retreat. They both smile saying they love it. When she tells them Billy is thinking of taking the penthouse they don’t care saying he can have it. Phyllis smiles knowing inside she hates it.

Nick calls Nikki and tells her about the woman the priest mentioned and she tells him it must have been Ashley. He wants to know what Ashley is doing looking for his Dad. Back at the café Ashley thinks back to a time when she and Victor were together. She says she hopes she can get through to him.

Michael is getting answers on the phone with Michigan Social Services who tell him that there is no Tanya Simmons in their records but they have a Gloria Simmons that received financial services assistance because of Detective Hampton. Michael thinks Gloria did this for money.

Katherine tells Marge she has reserved a bed for her at a Rehab Center saying she will have 24/7 supervision there. Katherine says she will pay in cash so the media and Jill don’t find out about it. She tells Marge to stay there and she will call her as soon as everything is set and ready. Katherine leaves Marge her cell phone and leaves for her appointment.

Nick calls Phyllis from Paris for an update about the journal. She tells him that it has been published in the magazine they expected it to be in and is selling everywhere. He tells her he is going to the church and that Ashley’s involved now. Nick tells her that Victor confessed so he must be feeling guilty.

When Gloria still insists that she isn’t Tanya. Michael plays the tape for her he asks if that rings a bell. She still says it isn’t her. After Michael drills her she finally gives in and tells Michael the truth saying they made her do it by threatening to take Michael away from her. She says she had to choose between his father and him. She says she had to protect him. He says she has to tell his father the truth. He says he will know when his star witness doesn’t testify in his defense. Michael says he won’t have his father blind sided, it’s time for the truth.

Kevin is down after doing the books saying he’d like to do more than just get by. His place is the size of a shoe box. Daniel says he loves his shoe box. They talk about what they would do if they had money. Kevin comes up with some great ideas.

At Indigo Neil is sure of his decision. He has two beautiful children and a fantastic girlfriend, so what more could he want. He says besides they can always adopt. Tyra is with Anna and she laughs when Anna suggests she marry Neil so they can be a real family. Olivia frowns when Tyra explains that she likes Neil but he loves Karen. Anna skips off and Olivia admits she was eavesdropping. She says Karen is one lucky woman. They both agree that Karen is lucky to have Neil.

Phyllis has a daydream of what it would be like if she surprised Nick in Paris in his hotel room. She comes back to reality when her assistant tells her she has a call on line 1 plus she has a lot of other things she needs to do.

Kevin thinks about the money that they burned wishing they had never done it. Daniel and Amber are surprised to hear him, but they wonder what happened to the new Kevin, the one that was looking for spiritual enlightenment. Kevin says he is disappearing along with his savings.

Karen tells Olivia that she told Neil about her hysterectomy and he is ok with it. Olivia says if he says he is then that means he is. She says he commits his whole heart. She shares some insight into Neil’s relationship with Dru. Karen watches Neil and Tyra together and doesn’t smile.

Ashley talks on the phone with Abby asking her if she wants to go see Billy Elliot. She tells her she loves her as she hangs up and then she thinks back to when Victor found out Abby was his daughter and how he told her he loves Abby and her.

Amber meets Katherine at Crimson Lights and lends her her cell phone while she goes to get tea. Katherine calls Marge and tells her she has some money and after her doctor’s appointment she will take Marge to the clinic. When Marge hangs up she mopes around and takes out a hidden bottle and starts drinking after saying, what the hell.
Amber brings Katherine some tea and has to remind her that she has already paid for it and that she has her cell phone. Katherine tells her she is fine , she is just confused when Amber heads back to work.

Lowell admits to Michael that he already knew it was Gloria saying he assumed she was threatened. He says she couldn’t risk what she loved the most which was Michael. Michael is surprised that he really isn’t mad at Gloria. Lowell says he forgave her along time ago but doesn’t want her to know he has known all along. He says he doesn’t want to shame her. Gloria walks in saying it is too late because she heard it all. She asks if he really knew and if he really forgave her. She cries as he hugs her.

Phyllis runs into a roadblock on the phone. She says she won’t get on a phone. She hangs up and snaps at everyone saying they lost their cover model for tomorrow’s shoot and she only has 24 hours to replace her.

Katherine turns down a refill from Kevin and leaves going out the patio doors. Kevin calls out to her telling her she forgot her bag but she doesn’t hear.

Tyra talks to Detective Wallace when he walks in. He says he is nervous but he invites her to go to a police function with him. Olivia jumps in offering to baby sit for her if Lily or Devon can’t. Tyra tells him then he has a date.

Phyllis gets an idea that if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain… She decides she is going to France. They can do the cover shoot there. She tells everyone not to tell Nick as she leaves, saying it is a secret.

A waiter goes to Ashley telling her he remembers seeing the man in the photo. He says it was a few months ago when he was there with Sabrina. He remembers Sabrina when she was an art curator. Ashley leaves the café after that.

Michael is still in shock. He could have ended up in foster care then thinks that might not have been so bad given Gloria’s taste in men. Lauren feels sorry for Gloria saying she can’t imagine what it would be like having to choose between him and Fen.

Kevin looks through Katherine’s bag and finds a large sum of cash. Amber sees him asking where he got that money. Kevin shoves the money back into the bag with a guilty look on his face.

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