Esther catches Katherine when she is coming in and tells her what Jill is up to. Katherine marches in and confronts Jill, Cane and Billy. Jill scolds Esther telling her that she just wants what is best for her mother.

Lily assures Anna that she is ok about Cane being with Cloe now. She tells her she has even been texting with someone. Cloe comes in loaded with packages and asks if she can put her stuff down for a minute. Lily invites Cloe to sit down when Anna goes to get a muffin. Cloe says the baby is getting heavy.

Michael comes back from Canada and tells Eden that he has a handle on things now about how things happened with Lowell. Eden hugs Michael when he gives her a digital camera as a gift for her to use on her trip.

Michael tells Nick and Victoria and Phyllis that the magazine has refused to reveal their source. Nick plans a fraud and libel suit but says his father can’t file it saying he would be walking into murder charges. Whoever did this had access to Victor’s handwriting. He said lots of people has that and lots of people hate Victor but two names in particular, Jack and Adam.

Ashley goes to the church in France looking for Victor. She shows the priest Victor’s picture but even though he admires the picture he says Victor’s son Nick asked him not to speak to anyone about his father. He tells her Victor suffers but he has left. Ashley asks if he has gone for good and where to. The priest doesn’t know. Victor left without saying good bye.

Jill tells Esther this is a family issue, Katherine raves about Esther’s loyalty to her and then tells her she can go saying she will be fine. When alone Jill tells Katherine that leaving town with Esther is not the answer but her going to a doctor is. Jill tells her that a petition has been filed requiring her to have some tests done. Katherine tells Jill she is out of her mind. Jill tells her that if she refuses she will be voted out of Chancellor Industries.

Cloe talks about the pregnancy every time she is around Lily. Anna mentions that Lily has a new boyfriend which catches Cloe’s interest. Just as she says she wants to know about this Cane and Billy come in. Cane looks uncomfortable and when Anna walks away he remarks how good Lily is with kids. Billy likes just being Uncle Billy. Lily says Cane will be a great Dad.

Victoria talks to Phyllis about Victor. She tells her not to go off on Adam just as Adam appears. Phyllis says hi to him. She comments that he is in a good mood today. Adam says he has good reason to be because he became engaged today. Heather is wearing his ring now. Phyllis remarks about how Heather must be supporting him and when he insinuates that he has a job Phyllis says that is great to hear. Now Phyllis and Victoria are both thinking he is behind this thing with the journal.

Katherine refuses to see a neurologist and then accuses Jill of just wanting her out of the way saying she resents her power. Jill says she just resents the way her mother treats her. She knows she is scared. Jill tells Katherine that she loves her. Katherine insists that she is not fading away. Jill asks her how bad will she let it get before seeing a doctor.

Ashley looks around the room that Victor stayed in. She sits on the bed. Under the pillow she found a prayer card.

Jill kneels before her mother and tells her she just wants her mother back. Katherine says she isn’t sure she can trust her but she agrees to keep this appointment.

Phyllis is curious how Adam could afford the ring Adam got for Heather. She calls Mr. Drake pretending to be Adam’s assistant saying the check didn’t clear. Hanging up Victoria says they definitely paid Adam. When Victoria stands Phyllis says she wants to do it as a going away present.

The priest tells Ashley about the Saint that Victor has been reading about. He says he protects those that are falsely accused and children. Ashley says she knows he is in agony and she is there to try and help him but she doesn’t know where to begin.

Cloe jumps in saying she knows all Tyra’s people and has pictures on her phone to prove it. Billy asks for an update about Lily’s new boyfriend. Lily laughs when she assures Billy she doesn’t have a new boyfriend. She hasn’t talked to Sonny in a while now. Cloe suddenly starts talking about her and Cane being together and about her being pregnant with his child making Lily’s smile face. Finally Lily snaps and says she gets it, and she wins. She says Cloe is having Cane’s baby, and she is living in her and Cane’s house and she is wearing her ring on her finger. She tells Cloe she can stop trying to prove how tight the two of them are. Cloe act dumbfounded asking why she is upset since she is the one with the hormones.

Katherine calls Nikki for some advice. Nikki tells her to have the tests done but on her terms. She tells Katherine she is the most formidable woman she knows so she needs to make sure she stays that way.

Michael and Lauren go through some tapes after Gloria leaves. When they listen to the tapes Michael recognizes one of the voices and he says that is Gloria. He says Gloria is Tonya and she gave evidence against his father. Michaels is shocked as he leaves her an urgent message to call him right away. Michael says it is her. She is the reason Lowell has been running all these years but why. Lauren has to wonder now if Lowell might be guilty. Michael says he is convinced that he isn’t.  He wonders how could Gloria lie and vows that she will tell him what’s going on.

Victoria marches into Adam’s suite to confront him telling him to be half the man their father is and admit what he has done. Adam asks half of what? Half a murderer? He says he is not their father, he is her father and Nick’s. Adam admits that yes he found the journal at the ranch. Victoria says Victor did not kill Walter Palin. He says this is not his problem. She asks why he is doing this. He blames all of them for how they treated him. He said when he found the journal he said screw it, if he can’t have the family he may as well have this.

Phyllis has a surprise for Nick so she tells him to close his eyes. She whispers in his ear that Adam sold the journal to the magazine. She talks him out of heading straight for Adam. She says he needs to go to France and she will take care of Restless Style. She says she needs him though. He says not as much as be needs her, as he kisses her.

Katherine knows Nikki is lying about being in London on business so she admits she is there begging Ashley to help save Victor. Katherine tells her that was a brave and selfless act. Nikki says she isn’t sure if Ashley will help or that it won’t be too late. She admits to Katherine that she is really scared.

Billy yells at Cloe for acting like a brat in front of Lily like she did. Cloe says the world does not revolve around Lily and her precious feelings. She says she has the right to talk about her life when ever she wants to. Billy accuses her of exaggerating about her relationship with Cane because she is so insecure in it. Lily is over at the counter saying she is leaving before she claws Cloe’s eyes out. Cane assures her that he and Cloe share nothing but the baby. Lily feels still feels like Cloe has everything. He says not everything, he still loves her. Lily denies having a boyfriend to Cane saying she hasn’t even met the guy but admits she just might want to change that.

Katherine tells Esther that Nikki told her to stay strong and healthy. Esther says Nikki loves her and so does she. She asks her to please go to the specialist. Katherine’s says but what if he says her mind is going to the dust. Esther hugs Katherine telling her she will take care of it saying she is stuck with her forever.

Gloria returns to Michael’s place. She hears Fen in the bath tub and since no one is around so she looks through the box of tapes. Michael comes in saying he doubts if her missing gloves are in there Tonya! He asks was she going to steal the tape or just listen to it. Gloria says she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He tells her he listened to the tape as he holds it up. She tells him she doesn’t care what he thinks he knows. He knows nothing. Michael yells at her to tell him the truth.

Adam says the words in the journal are Victor’s words. Victoria tells him these lies started with him and she is going to bury him with them as she walks out.

Nick is about to leave when Phyllis tells him how much she hates him leaving. He tells her he feels her with him so failure won’t be an option. She says she doesn’t feel tough and fearless. They kiss again and he grabs his briefcase and kisses her one more time before he leaves.

Ashley asks the priest if he can think of anything. He tells her he only knows that the wife of Victor’s that died lived in Paris and she had the prayer card and he reminded Victor that St Laurent still listens. She and Victor are in his prayers. Ashley thanks him as she leaves walking through the iron gates.

Jan Barrett

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