Nikki and Victor look into the nursery to see the baby. Nikki remembers back when Victoria was born and how she use to do things as a baby. Nikki takes pictures of the baby and then sets them up for Victoria in her room. She tells her she put them there for her in case she wants to see her son. Nikki tells her she can just hear what she is thinking, that she is nothing like her. She says but as a mother to mother she is just like her. Victor comes in and sees the pictures. He says he really like them there.

Phyllis goes to the hospital with Summer. She brings Nick a Strawberry shake with whipped crème, just like he likes it to try and cheer him up. Nick tells Phyllis that right now he has everything he ever wanted, yet now Vicky is lying there fighting for his life.

At the Senate hearing Sharon stands by Jack’s side as they start questioning him. Jill and Gloria are present at the hearing hoping Jack gets thrown off the Senate seat. While being questioned, John’s ghost appears and keeps telling Jack to tell them the truth. Finally Jack says out loud talking to John’s ghost that he can’t. Ben asks him, he can’t what? Ben tells Jack the committee is baiting him and he warns him not to take the bait but Jack loses it and tells them he didn’t what he thought was best at the time.

Ben tells Jack and Sharon that he made a copy of the audio tape of Victor and JiMin. He thinks that maybe the only way they can save his seat in the senate would be to bring forth that tape. Jack hesitates but Sharon says no, then she looks at Jack and tells him he promised her he would not do that. He thinks for a second then asks Ben if the police department has the tape. He tells him yes. Jack said then it is in their hands to do what they need to do with it. Ben tells him OK that he is the boss and walks away. Ben calls Maggie to see if they found out anything about the tape yet but she only tells him that they are investigating it now and then she hangs up on him. He tells Jack still nothing.
Gloria asks if she and Jill can testify against Jack at the hearing but is told right away that they can’t. She and Jill scheme to make sure Jack doesn’t walk away from this hearing with a smile on his face. Jill goes up to one of the committee members during a recess. She tries to worm her way in to try and get a chance to testify against Jack.

Daniel comes out and warns Jack that he spotted Jill talking to one of the committee members, buttering him up trying to get him to let them testify against him. Once the recess is over and they are back in for the hearing they play a recording of Ben talking to Maggie trying to get her to drop Jack as a suspect. The committee seems to think this is a sign of him trying to use the influence of his office to bribe an officer of the law.

John appears back with Jack taunting him. The committee has agreed to let Jill and Gloria testify against Jack. First they call Gloria and she explains who she is. She tells them how Jack was forced to resign from Jabot and then how later he secretly bought the company back putting one of his family’s long time friends, Katherine Chancellor, in a position that could have really hurt her business. Next up is Jill on the stand. She tells them how Jack’s actions stood to hurt hers and her mother’s business’s. Daniel tells Jack that he just checked with the office and they have been bombarded with calls about this. Jack says well some of those calls are from people supporting him right? Daniel tells him well he would say it is 9 to 1 against him.

Jana talked to her doctor and got the results to her cat scan. She tells Kevin she is tumor free. She tells him they said it has gone now for sure. She says though that this good news also brings bad news. Now that she is tumor free this means she will be fit to stand trial for her charges of murder. She tells him she will never be free to marry him because she will be spending the rest of her life in prison. Kevin tells her that he knows that once she goes to court the doctors will testify for her telling the judge that it was the tumor that caused her to do the things she did and now that it is gone she will be OK. He says they will not find her guilty.

At the hospital Maggie tries to question Victor. She tells him she knows that it is not a good time but she is there on official police business. He tells her that he could have her permanently placed at a desk job. She says well then eventually her replacement would have to be there to ask him these questions. He tells her to leave the hospital now. She says OK but they will be talking shortly.

Jan Barrett

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